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Sensitive teeth begone!

This is great stuff. After spending over $300 at the dentist, with the pain in my teeth continuing, I found this great product whilst looking for an alternative. I have been using it for long time and would recommend it to everyone. It's definitely the best thing I've come across for sensitive teeth without a doubt

Purchased for $12.95.

Sensitivity Improvement Yes
Whitening Improvement Yes

Has helped alot

Recommended by my Dentist. Biomin has helped to reduce sensitivity and strengthen tooth enamel from a few years worth of damage avoiding fluoride toothpaste. The whole family uses it. Three tubes lasted 9 months. Teeth are shiny, clean, and seem to be whiter. Would recommend this product for healthy teeth and gums and as the simplest way to avoid painful drilling sessions at the dentist.

Purchased .

Sensitivity Improvement Yes
Whitening Improvement Yes

Seems great so far.

This is great stuff. I've tried mixing my own remineralising toothpastes in the past. Biomin is already providing relief from sensitivity and my teeth seem cleaner than ever. Looking forward to the long term benefits.

Purchased .

Sensitivity Improvement Yes
Whitening Improvement No


My dentist recommended a similar toothpaste to strengthen my teeth and to reduce sensitivity. The low fluoride composition and clinical data persuaded me to try BioMin F instead. So far no more sensitivity issues. My husband has problems with cracked teeth in recent years - early days but already his teeth cleaning routine has ramped up just by using as directed. We like the super clean, smooth feel after BioMIn use. Not too minty, low foaming and doesn't taste chemically like many toothpastes. Giving a tube to frequent traveller daughter for better dental protection when away. Hope it will become more widely available in pharmacies.

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Hi KAH, awesome news we are able to assist with your dental issues. We would love to supply your local independent pharmacy, (we are too small for chains.) Ask them to contact us at BioMinToothpaste@LAZARK.com.au and we will organise the rest.

Best toothpaste available!!!

Found this toothpaste by chance on Reddit and began researching the main compounds in the Biomin technology. Bought a tube to give it a try and WOW! My teeth literally get squeaky clean! I used to use a name brand sensitivity toothpaste twice a day but no longer need too. My teeth suffer from demineralization even though I take great care of them. Will report back after using for a few months and my next checkup. They already feel much stronger and are definitely whiter.

Perfect for tank water

Since moving to a house with tank water we found that our children’s teeth health was suffering. Biomin has restored the health of our children’s teeth. We have been using this toothpaste for a year and would recommend it to anyone who does not have access to town water.

Excellent product

I have used BioMinF for 10 days and my teeth feel firmer already. I shall continue to use BioMinF as performance so far has been excellent.

Relieved sensitivity

We use as directed, and let the paste sit on our teeth for 2 minutes before spitting. The bioactive glass particles have relieved what sensitivity I had before starting Biomin F. I will likely be a lifelong customer.

One complaint in the ingredients. I would prefer they remove or find better alternatives for the following ingredients: Ace K, titanium dioxide (I'd rather have no abrasiveness beyond what is absolutely unavoidable), aroma (useless -- I don't care how my toothpaste smells, SLS (it's not that foamy already, and I don't care if it is anyway).

Made a HUGE difference

I love BioMin F. I have noticed a tremendous difference in the whiteness and comfort with my teeth. We have nothing like this in the US and found it by chance. I ordered the 5 pack to save on shipping to the US, worth every cent. LOVE IT!

It's doing wonders as a high level athlete.

I just had not realized.. simply a break through!
This toothpaste is a great companion to my triathlon training. Not sure how it works, but no more feeling dehydrated, onsets of migraines after long distance training.

results and pleasant taste

Loved that the flavor was not overpowering. Pleasant taste, takes time to get used to not to wash the paste out but can feel the teeth are not sensitive anymore. Loved it !

This product has worked very well for me I advise anyone with enamel or decay issues to give it a go

Ive had issues with decay, unexplainable acidity and enamel loss for a few years. I’ve tried many different dentists, toothpastes natural and chemical based. Also tried rinces, coconut oil and extra calcium in my diet with no fix. Until I found biomin on eBay. My problem isn’t cured but it has definitely helped with the amount of decay and discolouring and transparency of my teeth after using it day and night for about a month. Some of the decay has changed from dark orange to light yellow/white and gums look healthier also. It has helped with receding of my gums. And also has helped sensitivity. I’m planning on continued use of this product to see if it helps with more time. No dentist has been able to figure out why my teeth are wearing away so this has been a god send to help recover small amounts of damage! I’ve no side effects for using this product

Amazing toothpaste!!!

I first got 2 tubes of toothpaste to check it out, and wow it's amazing. My teeth are whiter and I feel that my teeth are getting better. It's all thanks for biominf toothpaste! The other benefit I found was that I had some hard plaque that fell out while using the toothpaste which was amazing considering the other toothpaste brands never did anything close to that. Also since I got it and raved on to the family about it my mum has bought the toothpaste and she really loves it. As for any side effects, I didn't notice anything wrong with it so no cons included apart from the fact that when it's finished you need to order online and I can't buy it in any store in Brisbane but that's not a major issue. I recommend this product to anyone that is sick of the major brands that dentists tell you that you have to use.

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Hi Alisha, great news BioMin F could help improve your teeth and make them whiter. We are visiting Brisbane next Jan to educate dentists on the technology in BioMin and sign up some pharmacies.

Effective & pleasant to use

I like the science behind this toothpaste. I'm lucky enough not to have had any cavities but the dentist had started to comment about shadows that were starting to look like the beginning of decay - since using BioMinF, I've been to the dentist twice with no comments or suggestions to have x-rays & last visit she said that my teeth were looking great :-) My teeth seem to feel cleaner too vs. when I used a well-known brand.

Teeth-saving Toothpaste

This toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling like I've just come out from a cleaning session with my dental hygienist: smooth and sparkling. Finally a brilliant innovation in the world of dentistry.

My dentist agrees this is space age toothpaste

Started using this about a year ago after doing tons of research on a "better" toothpaste.

The results have been amazing. No sensitivity anymore, and my dentist has been blown away by the results. She uses some sort of water blasting thing, and is able to turn it all the way up without any issues with me screaming in pain from sensitivity. Apparently everyone else would go nuts at the level she runs it! Plus, absolutely no cavities or other issues.

I'm sold. The higher cost of this offsets dental repairs easily.

Toothpaste to smile about

For all those times I’ve been brushing my teeth with oral B, Colgate, white glo, activated charcoal, beer and bourbon, I could of been using BioMin toothpaste. All those times I missed out on all that fantastic remineralising benefit, has aged my teeth almost 100 years.

Thank goodness my partner brought me these for my birthday three months ago. I never heard of a toothpaste that can strengthen teeth while you sleep and don’t understand half the science of it, but I was very fascinated. I tried it and used as instructed, which meant just spitting after brushing and not rinsing. Was I amazed at what it had done to my teeth.

Before I would talk with my mouth as closed as possible, but now i open wide, smile openly and show my teeth proudly. After a few months of using this toothpaste my teeth was noticibly whiter, brighter and stronger. I was intrigued by how quickly it relieved my teeth sensitivity. Of course, I had to use it consistently for 2 months to notice a real difference.

Wish I found this toothpaste earlier, as it would of saved me from some cavities and preserved my natural beauty. I would of still been the same handsome fellow that my partner and the public loved, if my teeth stayed almost as immaculate as it was 7 years ago. Oh well, better late than never.

Still noticing minor improvements to my teeth, even after 3 months, which is surprising. People thought I got dental works but all I did was brush my teeth twice a day with BioMin and cut out coffee, cigarettes and red wine. I even had my mum call me a ‘pretty boy’ for the first time in 10 years, which is amazing.

I do believe BioMin toothpaste is the real deal. I’ve never used anything as good on my teeth as BioMin toothpaste. Who would think that one tube of paste can bring so much happiness. Will keep brushing my teeth with BioMin.

The future of toothpaste!

My mum told me about this toothpaste after hearing its raving reviews. Having had numerous expensive trips
to the dentist, I was eager to try this, to see if it would help my teeth issues. I have been using this toothpaste for over 2 years and have seen great improvement in my teeth cleanliness, breath, and overall teeth health. I would recommend this product to anybody and I will
never buy regular toothpaste again!

Amazing product

I love this toothpaste it helps to keep cavities st bay and helps my tooth sensitivity too. Just bought another bulk order as I am now getting my partner to start using it as I love it so much myself.

Could be dangerous.

This toothpaste is absolute garbage..i spent over $99 on the package ..The instructions say don't rinse your mouth with water after brushing ..After a few days your tongue has a burning sensation that doesn't go away until you stop using it , and it also gives white spots on your tongue and inflamed papillae's which takes a week to go away after you stop using it ..They say don't rinse after brushing so you are pretty much swallowing what's in your mouth while you sleep, The Product has Titanium Dioxide in it which many studies say causes cancer.. why would i want to have titanium dioxide in my mouth all night while sleeping.., If it makes your tongue feel like its burning and gives white spots who knows what its doing in your stomach.... .. ... This is just a pyramid scheme product that promises you results you wont get .....i will stick to the big name trusted brands in the supermarket.... These go in the bin. Good riddance.

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Dear Roger, We take your complaint seriously, can you send an email to BioMinToothpaste@LAZARK.com.au so we can try and determine the cause of your complaint. We have sold to tens of thousands of customers and not had this feedback, the thought is you may have an allergen to an ingredient. With regards to titanium dioxide, it is in most toothpaste sold today. The recommendation to not rinse is as per ADA (Australian Dental Association) guidelines.

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Where can l buy viomin f in London?Any pharmacy or supermarket ?
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HI Terry, I'm in Australia, to the best of my knowledge, you can purchase Biomin F from: https://biomin.co.uk/ in the UK. The Biomin F website also provides links to where you can purchase the toothpaste: https://www.biomin.co.uk/where-buyHi Terry, In the UK if you call Serve-ice on 01483. 751789 their customer support line will be able to advise of a local pharmacy who can supply you. Regards Les


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