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Air Wick FreshMatic

Air Wick FreshMatic

2.4 from 46 reviews

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Gave me very high blood pressure

This has to be the most frustrating machine out there. I spent days trying to get it to work and even after watching YouTube tutorials, it still doesn't work. My blood pressure was so high I couldn't see!

Purchased in August 2019.

Faulty product

I purchased an Airwick Freshmatic years ago, and it is still working fine. A white one, where the whole body opens for installing refills. I bought another a few years later for another room... one of the brown stone coloured ones. It didn't work so I threw it out. Yesterday I bought another, with the cherry blossom refill included, as it was on special for $10.00. The design has changed so that it opens in the middle and the batteries go in the top. It hasn't worked yet. I tried the included batteries. Replaced them with new batteries. Installed them in every possible combination to make sure I had them the right way. Opened the unit, closed the unit, checked the nozzle is facing out through the hole. All is correct. Now I'm just annoyed with Airwick. Don't they check these things before they put them out there? what a waste of money. Twice! Do they not read reviews?

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths for $10.00.

Waste of money.

So disappointed in this product I bought it yesterday. It sprayed once when I put it together and then stopped. I picked it up and it sprayed then stopped again... It’s going back tomorrow.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $10.00.

from 5 star to NO star to a GLADE consumer

If I could give it no stars I would. Been using Freshmatic for over ten years. The original product were well made and a quality product. The new model "ultra" has non brand generic batteries , ok super cheap crap, and the freshmatic it self falls apart in your hands. It has no testing switch. the setting mechanism has no real directions just little marks. it is made in china but I have seen many quality products made in china. The Ultra is so cheaply and poorly made that it is JUNK. It probably cost 50 cents to make. I will now buy only Glade products from now on.

Purchased in March 2019 for $9.97.

AirWick Airmatic is junk, sorry!

It leaks as soon as the bottle gets lower in Pressure. The mechanism goes very good with full strength battery and a fully loaded freshener spray bottle. The problem is that there mechanism returnes to the top position by the pressure in the spray bottle. When the bottle gets to half full or lower, its internal pressure is only able to bring back the mechanism very slowly and creating a liquide leak at the top of the bottle. Then a few days later the liquide runs down the bottle and makes wonderful stains on wood furniture and any other bottom object. This is Junk made in China !

Purchased in June 2018 for $13.00.

Absolute rubbish

Do not waste your money. This spray worked once. Even my son who is an accountant could not get it to work again. After trying time after time of trying to get it work we did the only thing this freshmatic spray deserves... straight in the dustbin... save your money

Smells great and keeps my room consistently fresh

I love the smell of the cherry blossom fragrance and with the freshmatic I can have it continuously sprayed as often as required. It comes with 3 time interval settings, with the middle one approximately every hour which lasts me about 1 month.


Air Wick Freshmatic worked and sprayed with the can inside for a while, then it made a spraying noise but no scent came out (canned bottle still had lots of liquid left inside); then eventually just stopped spraying at all. Batteries were not worn out either. Had to throw it in the bin after me and family attempted many times to fix the problem. I won't buy again. Same happens with other automatic air fresheners, they stop working not long into buying them, they are a waste of money, I'd rather just manually spray air freshener than have to go through the problems with these products. I really like the idea of automatic air freshener but until the machines are fixed they will be no good for anyone.


For 9 months I had crazy symptoms. One eye crossing, dizzy, uneaseyness. These happened one a week for 9 months. I had 2 ct scans, 3 MRI, optamologist, pediatrics that specializing in eye crossing. Neurologist with several test, Emergency Room. Then one day as I sat in bed trying to figure out what was causing this, I heard a post from a air wick on my dresser. I thought it couldn't hurt to try. I shut it off and took it out of the bedroom. It has been 2 months since and no more symptoms.

Works for the first spray then not again

Very disappointed after paying $12 for this product and it sprays once when you put the batteries in and then not again. I used new batteries as well as the ones provided looked dodgy. It is a shame because the fragrance is lovely.

Two out of three means "bad"

I've bought three. The first one worked fine for several months but the two halves loosened fairly quickly and I had to hold them together with elastic bands. I'd bought a second one at the same time as the first, so put it into use when the first one became so loose, even with the elastic bands, that it stopped working. The second one never even began to work. The red trigger mechanism seemed jammed and unable to move - and, yes, I did try new batteries. I went without one for awhile but kept an eye on them because I was looking for some kind of replacement. I eventually noticed a new design of the same product whereby the body of the item was split horizontally rather than vertically. I bought one and assembled it as directed. It sprayed once only despite my reassembling it several times, each time getting one spray. I won't buy another.

Omg I thought I was crazy and getting after my kids who keeps opening the spray everyday

Updated it;

Malfunctioning products that's all I can say and I'm not crazy Lol.. Y'all had me thinking I had bad kids and I was crazy.. Please send me my money back,
I don't have my receipt anymore what do I do. Can't you just exchange it???

Waste of money

Just bought the cherry blossom airwick freshmatic. It does not even work. It sprays once when you put it together then stops. This product is faulty. Very disappointing and waste of money.

Spray action keeps failing

I've used these since they were released on the UK. They always worked fine until recently. They spray briefly then just stop. Total waste of money! Maybe the Design has been changed?

Bad Design or Defective Device...Either way it's not working

After each spray, the top of the device will lift itself up on its own and it no longer can spray. I have to twist it back to close it if I want it to spray again. Not sure if I got a defective device or if the design is flawed. I spent $12 already on a device that doesn't work so I don't feel like spending another $12 to see if it's the device or the design.

Can't live without them.

Well where do I begin. My home is naked without these. I basically go bankrupt buying them because the price goes up all the time. But I dont care. I have 5 in my home. I love the fresh smell the changing smells. Most of the times I have different ones through my house. So when you walk thru it never smells the same. Please don't think I'm a smelly dirty person. I love the smell of clean. I could not live without them. Thankyou airwick. And for those who haven't tried. Seriously you have to. You won't regret it.

Popping apart

I have two air wick and both constantly pop apart I'm finding this very frustrating does anyone else have this problem .I'm just constantly putting them back together only to have it happen over and over .

Not so much bad, as very annoying

I doubt anyone will even look for a review on this particular product, and the only reason I am writing a review is to warn people about one very strange fault with the product. I bought the Airwick Freshmatic with the lavender scent. I assembled the unit and waited for the automatic mist thing to happen. I actually forgot about it, until a weird sound made me jump because I really thought someone was in the room with me! Someone with a very bad cold!!! When the unit releases the mist it makes a sound like someone making a very LOUD double-sniff/snort type noise. It's really quite comical - however I'm afraid it's something I'm not prepared to live with for 6 weeks! I swear if you had it installed in your bedroom the sound (every 10 minutes) would most likely wake you up! Such a shame, because the lavender scent is lovely.

Signature reed diffusers

Have used a few airwick products, which they have all being relative good.
Except for one. The reed diffuser airwick signature vanilla bean and white truffle is the WORST smell i have ever come across with scents , reed diffusers , candles and perfumes.
Guests had commented on the over powering reed diffuser , so in the bin it went !
Safe to say, will never ever buy that again. Jay

A client-focused organisation!

My Airwick Freshmatic I-Motion dispenser stopped working after I replaced the first can of freshener. The call support person was helpful and arranged for the product to be picked up, repaired and returned to us without cost. But they didn't do just that... they replaced my old dispenser with a brand new one as a gesture of goodwill as mine was an old discontinued model.

I'm impressed by their customer care and pride in their reputation for manufacturing superior products worldwide.

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Questions & Answers

Put in good batters wot spray?
No answers

With time, I’ve got a dark oily stain on my couch from the Airwick just spitting out this oily residue. Any ideas how to remove this off my couch? I love Airwick dispenser, just need a fix for leaving an oily residue on everything.
No answers

What gets this product off furniture?. It was sitting over my TV & now I have noticed it is leaving spray on it. I have moved it to a new location. Any ideals?
3 answers
Maybe just wipe over with damp cloth. You can buy stuff to clean your tv screen make sure you use a really soft cloth.I have tried this, with no luckTry a little white vinegar diluted with water on your cloth. Test on small area first? God knows whats in that spray i read where these products are making pets sick as some of the air freshener ingredients formaldehyde & Pthalates.

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