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ALDI Gardenline 50cc Chainsaw (Aug 2011-2015)

ALDI Gardenline 50cc Chainsaw (Aug 2011-2015)

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14 reviews

    I tryed to break it


    I've tryed to destroy mine added s longer bar n chain used it on only large iron bark logs (1m+ round) n it's never missed a beat. Starts easy. Only complaint is it vibarates like a mofo n is thirsty af but what do u expect for 100 bucks.. the stihl saw has required more maintenance but I guess it is older

    Date PurchasedJan 2015


    Starts everytime... good little chainsaw for under $100

    Date PurchasedMar 2015


    Burnt for the last time

    Date PurchasedAug 2015
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    Dissapointment Extreme


    I use chainsaws a lot, thought this was a bargain so bought one. Recoil is extreme, hard to start and runs for about 2 minutes then cuts out, chain is as blunt as you could get and keeps coming extremely loose. Really cheap quality and not even worth the cheap price it's sold for. This thing is going in the bin and a real waste of money on my part. Would take it back to Aldi and ask for a replacement, but can't see the point as from these reviews it seems they are all the same. One to avoid and will not be buying anything similar from Aldi in future, had my eye on a pool pump but this has really put me off cheap products.



    Not bad but no Stihl or Husqvana


    This saw didn't start out of the box.

    After finding it had no spark but with a secondary coil voltage (digital multimeter set at 20ohms between the boot and ground), I replaced the crappy plug with a champion and it fired first pull.

    The carb settings were not helping either. Screw the High & low jets all the way in and then back out 2 turns for high and 1.5 low. After powering up to full throttle, lean off (screw in) the high until the engine is developing its full RPM possible then out .25 so as to not run too lean. Next? play with low to get a stable idle.

    It's actually not a bad junk saw (the one you'd lend out to friends or leave in the rain when camping) for the price.

    S J

    S JSydney

    Had So Much Promise



    • 3 reviews

    Yet To Let Me Down


    Absolute crap


    I bought the chainsaw and from word go it would not start just about ripped my arm off took it back to aldi replaced it and the same thing happened wouldnt start avoid like the plague rubbish.


    Wiz.auWoden 2606, ACT

    • 9 reviews

    Same as the others...hard to start, won't start hot.

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    Petrol Chainsaws

    Find out how ALDI Gardenline 50cc Chainsaw (Aug 2011-2015) compares to other Petrol Chainsaws

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    ChezapieSydney, NSW

    • 4 reviews

    Too heavy!!


    This is no 'lightweight'. I thought this tool would be the answer to my needs, a motorised electric pruner (reducing petrol weight) with telescopic variable reach plus a section of the blade that could be angled for what I thought would be perfect to trim the top of a hedge from ground level. Not so, the 'angle' was wrong for a horizontal prune but above all else, the entire tool was much too heavy to even lift let alone operate, even my husband couldn't life it.
    The concept
    Too heavy

    A Bloody beauty.


    I've had one now for well over a year and no problem with starting at all, I live in the country so use it often for fire wood and have cut big trees down with it never a moments trouble if ever it dies I'll buy another one no problem, and the chain sharpener I bought at the same time is also a beauty also no problem. and the oil leaking is a hazard with all chain saws Ive found over the years just sit them on a small drum and catch the oil to re-use.
    Light easy to use, always starts.

    Gardenline 50cc chainsaw fine when fixed


    If you can be bothered doing a few repairs this is a good saw. 1. A gasket needs to be fashioned behind the the plate behind the chain bar, I used 1mm double sided tape from bigW, Do Not replace the retaining screw. 2. O rings need to be fitted to air filter, 31mm under filter a 5 mm on top. 3. Starting is not explained correctly in the instructions. While holding throttle in the full throttle position, pull out choke fully, let go of throttle then the choke, pull cord 2 to 3 times, push in choke, should then start easily.
    Light and powerful
    Not finished properly from the factory


    When working it works


    When it works it does well, plenty of power and fairly light weight. However, it is a terror to get started. It takes a lot of effort. It cannot be stored with oiler in the chain oiler as it leaks. The pull starter breaks. Could be resolved if was easier to start.
    Light weight and cuts well when started
    Hard to start, pull start breaks, leaks from the chain oiler

    Gotta Agree


    My review is similar to the last two reviews. It is a great little saw if you can get it started. It does leak chain oil when stored. However the most damming thing about the saw is trying to get is started. After getting caught with a hedge trimmer that would not start, I was not going to get taken again and returned this for refund. I will give Aldi that, no questions asked, returned with cash refund.
    Price and lightweight.
    Very hard to start initially and would not start at all after that.

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    it worked fine for some time.after that fitted new spark plug and reset fuel air mixture,its good now.

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    Questions & Answers

    Michael N.

    Michael N.asked

    Gardenline 50cc Chainsaw (Aug 2011-2015)

    How do I remove the chain drive sprocket wheel to access and seal the panel screwed onto side of oil tank to stop the chain oil leaking out?

    No answers


    Gardenline 50cc Chainsaw (Aug 2011-2015)

    Hi where can I buy the chains to suit this model can’t seem to find them anywhere. What is the part number please

    No answers


    Gardenline 50cc Chainsaw (Aug 2011-2015)

    How to change the chainsaw? How to tighten the chain ? Any user manual for this chainsaw ?

    1 answer

    When we tried our with no success initially, I noticed that the on symbol (I) was directly under the word STOP if you look closely. We put the switch the opposite way to which we had it and it started. The trouble is can’t remember which way we had the switch first. We’ll find out today. Also if you keep pressing the fuel bubble you may flood it, so let it rest a while before trying again.

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    CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
    Price (RRP) A$179.00
    Bar Length45 cm
    Engine Displacement50.1 cc
    Special Buy Dates
    • 4 Aug 2011
    • 4 Aug 2012
    • 3 Aug 2013
    • 16 Aug 2014
    • Aug 2015
    Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
    Release dateAug 2011
    Discontinuation dateAug 2015
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