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Easy bidding

Have used Allbids previously and it is easy and the progressive bidding is good.
The staff were very helpful and the transaction was went without problem.
The website is easy to navigate and the photos give a good indication of the condition of the item you are looking at.

Store LocationFyshwik


It's always fun to buy online with Allbids - bidding is easy and quick. What you see is what you get and I have been very happy with their service when buying or selling. I have every confidence with their descriptions of goods, which is always accurate and supported with excellent photographs.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationFyshwick

Very happy

Buying on allbids is easy and convenient. The staff are always happy and helpful with all my questions. I am happy with my purchase and will definitely buy online again.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationFyshwick


allbids are great to deal with nothing is a problem for them i love dealing with them and will keep
on buying things from them always very helpful and the stuff i have sent to me is packed very well too

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Customer Service
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Highly professional

Great online auction website, accurate description and pictures of goods but best of all; professional and friendly customer service from the people assisting with any enquiries and pickup of goods.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationAllbids

Well managed auctions

The whole process is well managed by friendly and capable staff. Any glitches in the processes such as credit card not paying for no apparent reason are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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Great people to deal with

Great organisation and helpful staff, Allbids makes it very easy to bid on auction items. Have not sold anything this way as yet, but going to give it a try.

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Great auctions

Another year of excellent bargins and great service. Best action house ever.
Well managed bidding process. Auction items are exactly as described, pickup or delivery is easy and efficient, and always friendly service.

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Easy buying experience

purchased a car on a whim and was surprised how easy it is I won the auction 7:30pm and was greeted the next morning at 9:30am at the warehouse by friendly staff and drove away by 10:00am big thumbs up for me.

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Great value scaffolding purchased saved $$$ hundreds.

The moment I arrived at Allbids in Canberra the staff were very helpful. In fact, they went out of their way to add value to my purchase.
The whatehouse is super clean and organised. Drive in, drive out with your car or trailer is just a great initiative. So for people picking up items with a trailer don’t stress with parking.
Thanks guys.

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Professional service and great products

The people who work there are super friendly. Place set out well so you can look around at your leisure. My one negative point if there was one, is the high buyers premium added to each purchase

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Very good.

Some times the items you are after come thick and fast but once you know the swing it is really good, love it.

Great friendly staff with accurate product description

User friendly, great staff that are always eager to assist . Product description was very accurate. extremely happy with what I purchased for a bargain price

Very user friendly

I find the site very easy to use and the notifications and support is terrific. The staff are very helpful and friendly, excellent auction site

Excellent staff and processes.

Goods were as advertised, process for bidding and collection works very well, staff pleasant and helpful. Well organised business model with good people.

Great tables

I recently bought 3 side tables from Allbids and I can’t tell you how good they are. Really good quality and so inexpensive.

Great bike

Just won an excellent bike on AllBids. Went to pick it up yesterday. Staff were curteous and helpful. Bike was as described, in great condition and my son loves it. This was my first time winning a bid and visiting the warehouse.

Not good to deal with.

Really really bad and expensive comparing to others such as the auction barn next door. No communication, no customer service. Some of them are arrogant and rude. It's confusing and some descriptions do not match the items.

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Hi "the Buyer" Really sorry to hear this. I own ALLBIDS and I'm constantly working on better systems of communication and service and we have been improving - so this really upsets me. Its not easy considering we deal with over 300 vendors and 5,000 buyers every month but we can always improve and we need feedback when things have not gone well. So thank you. Can you let me know what happened and perhaps I can help resolve any issues and provide and by doing so you could identify where I can make further improvements. I'd be really grateful for more feedback. I'm on rob@allbids.com.au if you could email me or call Rob Evans in our office 02 6239 2262 Best regards, Rob

Bad experience

Not recommended to deal with . Brought a ute off them and they didn’t notify of a faulty 4wd system also the Ute has hail damage everywhere .

Good experience locally in Canberra

Smooth experience with good administrative support in terms of payment and collection. Easy purchase in Canberra. Easy to recommend to local buyers.

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Questions & Answers

Hello my name is Jane I would like to purchase a car online from allbids sight unseen. Having a look at the vehicle is tricky considering I am over 500 km's away. I realise if I did make a purchase I would be taking a huge risk and trying to decide if that risk is worth taking or not. Could anyone provide some advice, assistance or experience in purchasing cars from allbids? Thank you
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Hi Jane, We try to describe the vehicles as best we can so you can feel comfortable in your purchase. However we don't own the vehicles nor are we mechanics so we do our best to provide as much information as we can. You are more than welcome to organize a mechanic to come and inspect the vehicle during our open hours, and please make sure you read through the description thoroughly as not to miss any circuital info. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call on 02 6239 2262 so we can answer them straight away. Regards, Allbids Team

Hello my name is Joanne and I would like to sell a car. Could you please let me know the process? Cheers
1 answer
Hi Joanne, selling a vehicle with us is extremely simple. All we need is proof of ownership (registration papers). When you bring the vehicle in our Car Manager will have a word with you to gain further knowledge of the vehicle, service history etc. We will provide a detailed description of the vehicle, take photos and list unreserved online. Once the vehicle has been paid for, we transfer funds to your nominated account. To list a car on our platform the fee is $275, payable upfront. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions on 02 62392262.

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