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funny way of auctioning

What these guys do id they have a secret reserve. Even though the vehicle might start at zero in an online auction, even if your the highest bidder, you still wont win the goods. I got a call saying that the vehicle didnt meet the reserve. They wanted more money to purchase the vehicle. I found this very misleading and told the fellow so. If you have a reserve then start the auction on the minimum you want. If it doesnt sell then the market is telling you your reserve is to high. Dont actually place a $0 start and then cry once it doesnt go high enough? They are using auction like marketing bait.

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One of the dodgiest companies

They sold my vehicle without my permission, I went over seas for 10 days, and in that time they called me 3 times and emailed me once with a very under estimated quote on my vehicle for $1,500 than sold it for $4,000 the next day.

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Don't bother

Call they don't answer
Pay for item day before pick up send a tow truck he's sent away haven't received payment yet.
Send remittance as a regular buyer.
Never deal with again after 20 years of buying cars. What a joke.

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Providing false information

I purchased a Bmw 328i from Pickles Geebung Queensland. I was informed that the timeframe was 7-10 days delivery. Payment was direct deposit into Pickles account and cleared on the 15th of February. I was then informed that delivery date of the vehicle would be on the 6th of March.

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Never to buy or recommend to someone

Very dishonest. Sold a car with a preexisting audio issues. Realised it just after paying for the car. They refused to rectify, though the sales guy thought it was morally wrong to refused to rectify since I just bought the vehicle and it's an expensive vehicle. They also admitted that it was a preexisting conditions but they won't fix it for me. Very disappointed.

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Very disappointing, selling write off cars without information disclosed

Beware of buying vehicles at PicklesOnline.. I have had the worst purchase experience of my life. The car I won online turned out to have a major engine issue (blown head gasket) that would require engine replacement soon after driving out of Pickle’s site. In other words the car was lemon. Pickles did not disclose information re :blown head gasket other than only a statement with “mechanical issue required”, and made it look like an overheating engine on account of empty coolant. This issue emerged a week after spending extra $1330 on service and rear shock absorber change. Overall I spent around $5500 for the car. Pickles offered to sell the car on SALVAGE auction for me even though it hadn’t been listed as salvage in the first place, or to refund me for $2000 (apparently showing good faith) in return of the vehicle. Accepting $2000 I have made a loss of $3500. I don’t recommend anyone to buy a car from Pickles. They were aware of the issue with the car but did not reveal it at the time of sale. I found their business is utterly dishonest being only interested in getting your money without any responsibility.

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I bought a caravan by online auction. I relied on their damage report and description. I then got it freighted over and discovered that there was damage that was not listed, parts were missing (stereo stripped out), fridge not working, and no keys. None of that was mentioned. They are refusing to compensate me for any of that. Given the massive fee they charge buyers this is pretty rude I think.

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Good Experience for Experienced Buyers

Had many cars but never bought a car from an auction house type operation before. If you are expecting a dealer experience this is not it. Bought a recent model we sought from their fixed price inventory at the Sunshine location. The price was fair for a vehicle that appears to be in excellent condition, well taken care of, and reflects the 'inspection' paperwork. Nothing was hidden but one needs to pay attention. The fixed price cars are not bargains but prices seem fair. You do not get to test drive because vehicles can be out of registration and all are in a large warehouse; you can only start them. Not a place the naive should come. The 7-day buy back has a lot of gotchas making it unavailable for any but cash buyers. The 'sales' staff were as good as any in explaining the process, showing the vehicle records in the computer, and so on, as were the office staff who took money and arranged delivery. It was all good.

Bottom line is read what Pickles is and how they sell, and if attending an auction how auctions work (eg as is where is, caveat emptor) that somewhat applies to their fixed price offers. Appears many vehicles are corporate cars just out of warranty or at the end of leases.

They don’t consider the situation

Anyone bid on any car need to be 110% sure what he/ she is bidding on otherwise a little mistake can cost you $$$$ specially for new players as the auction people don’t consider your situation even if it’s a clear mistake that’s their ruthless policy
Which happened with me and costed me 1000$$
Plz guys very careful specially if u bidding online
And also if the problems in the car are not mention than plz don’t buy it thy only mention the issues which are not big problem
But big issues they don’t mention and if u buy such a car it will cost you more than buying a decent car from our side
nothing against the company it’s just cautions for the buyers
Company will do what is best for themselves
So the buyers should do what ever is best for themselves.

Deeply saddened :(

I am so upset with how the process was to try and sell my car to pickles. I did the diy insect on the app which included many images of every aspect of the vehicle. I was then offered a price for my car and accepted the offer. As my car is financed I needed to pay the gap. The lady I spoke with told me to pay the gap and provide the receipt and payout letter from the financial institution and then to drop the vehicle at the branch for payment to be processed. 3 days after I drop the car at the branch I am then told my car is covered in hail damage and that the offer has now been reduced by 2000. I cannot see any hail damage on the vehicle personally so this was a huge shock to me. I had to get a personal loan to pay the gap in the finance and had no extra money to pay any more and take the new offer. I am now stuck with the finance of the car and the personal Loan while being on maternity leave. This has left me in severe financial hardship :(. I should not have trusted the process and paid the gap in the finance prior to dropping the vehicle off as I was asked to.

From one very upset struggling mother.

How buying from Pickles really is from someone who knows.

I'm in the car industry and have bought about 50 cars from pickles in 2 years but NO MORE. Pickles simply aren't interested in happy customers, they are ONLY interested in getting your money. Their very high multiple fees (for doing nothing) on top of the bid price demonstrate this and those fees (admin fee, processing fee, online bidding fee etc) have been repeatedly increased. As so many people have already written Pickles whole structure is to avoid any responsibility for their staffs mistakes and they go to great lengths to conceal things you would and should know or be told. Take it from someone who really knows, DON'T buy from Pickles, I don't anymore at all. Oh and any good comments will almost certainly be written by Pickles staff.

Best car buying experience I've had.

I brought a fixed price car. Ex lease Kia carnival,
I took the whole family with me, rocked up and asked a sales person to direct me to the car, sales person was great, just gave us the info we needed and left us alone with the car as long as we needed it. It was great that he left us to to think properly had have no pressure. Came with 3 month warranty and it made the 5hr trip home with out problems.
Got it serviced the next day and came up trumps.
I've read all the bad reviews on here before I went and I think if you stick with the ex Gov/lease car's that have been thru the fixed price section, you are off to a good start. Leave the car's that go straight to auction to the professionals.
So all parties happy here.

Smooth transaction.

I read a lot of reviews and information on buying cars at auction before I decided to take the plunge. There's a lot of negativity around this company so I figured I'd offer some balance.

Buying a car at auction requires you to do a fair bit of homework if you want a smooth process. You need to know the rules, you need to know what your buying, you need to know what is a good price, you need to understand the auction process, you need to understand how to pay and by when, does the car come with rego, do I need to get a permit to drive unregistered? etc.

If you're not willing to do the work to understand the process; then go and have your hand held by a dealer and pay a few thousand more for the pleasure. If you are willing to put in the effort there are deals to be had. Ignore some of the negative reviews on here as most of the time people don't understand some aspect of the process and their expectations were not met, so they vent and rant.

That is all.

Simply the best experience

What a 5* experience: I used the instant offer to sell my car on Friday, phone call on the same day arranges Saturday to inspect the car. The services were amazing, polite security, friendly Inspector (Jack). I waited just 20 mins, then they accepted the offered price on the internet. On Tuesday morning, I got the money. Wow, just wow.

Useless service and take ages to pay

Just sold my navara dropped it off on monday and told i would get money in 24-48 hours. 8 days later still no money and when i contacted them was told they put someone else's name on the bank transfer so it couldn't be processed.
Also bought a ute a couple of years ago which was sold with 13 months rego on the sticker but turned out the sticker was fraudulent and wasn't registered at all( which i only found out when i was arrested for driving an unregistered vehicle pickles washed there hands of it and told me contact vendor but wouldn't tell me who vendor was. Absolute crap

They hate customers with pasion, and even more cars which they break and have no responsibility for

I bought a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 with 5.000 km on the ODO. It was from salvage but no wovr. Everything perfect but would not start (turned out to be only an ignition key problem). But these guys handled it with a forklift as I saw with my own eyes on the day of pick up. They dented the tail shaft, ripped the bracket of the fuel tank, and bent the transfer case mounting bracket and put the transfer case out of allignment making it totally not drivable after that... That's why they say "damaged all over" - They put the damage there...Later they denied any responsibility by saying that the sale is between you and the seller and pickles is only an agent who is immune from any responsibility as per the terms and conditions. Ha ha how convenient... These guys hate the cars, and push customers around. Go to Manheim if you can. In sum, pickles is a one big fat stupid cow that should not even be anywhere near cars. Wrecking yards treet cars nicer than these cattle mob.

What an awful experience. Avoid like the plague

I won an auction for a Ford Territory online. I took a morning off work to go and collect the car, several days after doing the bank transfer for the funds. Got there in the morning to be told that the funds hadn't come across, there was nothing they could do and I was sent away - even though I was told by their accounts person days earlier that it would be no problem in my timeframe.

I got a ride to the nearest train station (as I was relying on picking up this car) but continues to call someone in the accounts department at Pickles repeatedly until I finally got through to someone. That person then told me that the funds HAD come through and they couldn't explain why the first person told me the incorrect information and sent me away.

OK, accidents happen and even though i'd already left - I went straight back again. I was even told over the phone that the car would be ready when I got there to make up for the inconvenience.

30 minutes of waiting later, the car was finally brought out.

Not only was there considerably more damage around the outside and inside of the car than was stated on the condition report - but the entire screen/climate/reverse camera system was completely dead. I brought this to the attention of the reception who, after another 20 minutes, was able to get the manager out to look.

The manager took the car out the back to the "mechanics" for ANOTHER 40 minutes before coming back to tell me that, yes the system was broken but they could not offer to repair it or compensate me for the damages. I was told my options were to accept it as is or to cancel the sale.

I ended up spending 4 hours in total at this ridiculous place to end up with no car and being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Would give them zero stars if it were possible.


Pickles Fixed Price Car

I had a good experience buying a fixed price vehicle. Joshua was excellent and the vehicle presented better in person than it appeared online.

Sell problematic cars without taking responsibility

Never buy from them again. Could not start the car after driving out of the auction site. Have to toll my car straight to mechanics for repair. Not sure how much more need to spend may be thousands.

A 4x4 Ute

We went in and have a look for a new work Ute for a new man at pickles they were very helpful with it

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Questions & Answers

How do I see past auction results?
No answers

Hello, I locate in QLD, Gold Coast and I want buy written off car from auction in Tullamarine (VIC) ONLINE. How it is possible to transport car to Gold Coast to me? I will not be able to come to Tullamarine. Thank you!
1 answer
Hi Alan, Transport can certainly be arranged. Simply contact Tullamarine branch on 03 9338 8899 to discuss options and costs. Regards, Pickles Cx

If I buy a Car and found out it has problems such as in the engine etc which was not mentioned in your vehicle condition report would you'll accept the repair cost or would you'll refund ?? Since I saw many negative comments about pickles.
1 answer
Hi Dinuban G, Thanks for your question. The first thing to understand is that we are an asset remarketing company, not a motor vehicle dealership. What that means is, we sell assets (cars, trucks vans etc...) on behalf of our Vendors (the owner of the asset), for the most part, we do not own these assets. Our service is based on providing an avenue for someone who has a car to sell (Fleet, Lease, Finance and Insurance companies, Manufacturers, Private owners etc...), to connect with 1000's of buyers. We facilitate this sale process by way of Auction, Fixed Price sales, Tenders etc... We don't repair, recondition or modify the assets we sell, they are sold in the condition they arrive to us in (save a detailing). We do not undertake mechanical inspections of these assets unless requested to by the vendor, or a potential buyer. This can be done at the requester's expense. Our condition reports detail any physical external damage [paint damage, dents, scratches and marks, as well as tyre condition]. We do not undertake mechanical inspections, therefore, no detail about the mechanical condition will be listed, as it is unknown by us. We strongly encourage all buyers to physically inspect any asset they are interested in prior to bidding/purchasing. We make all cars available for inspection at our yards. We also provide you with log books and service history (where applicable) as this can help you understand whether the asset has been maintained and serviced regularly. Although we are unable to offer test-drives (we are not insured for this as we don't own the assets), we do allow buyers to turn the car on and start the engine, this allows you to check the running of the engine, review warning lights and check electrics, etc... We also encourage buyers to engage their own mechanic to do onsite mechanical inspections. At the end of the day, the onus is on the buyer to do their due diligence! That means to ensure the asset is of a quality and condition you are prepared to accept, prior to participating in an auction or buying outright (Fixed Price). Assets sold at AUCTION do not come with a warranty. In some cases (where applicable), the balance of a manufacturers warranty may be transferable, however, you would need to check this with the respective branch. Assets sold at PicklesGO (Fixed Price) come with a statutory 3-month warranty. Additional extended warranty may also be purchased at the buyer's discretion on assets where additionally warranty is applicable. Again, in some cases the balance of a manufacturers warranty may also be transferable. We are very fortunate that most assets we sell are from reputable businesses/companies that maintain a regimented service program for their cars and are typically well maintained with good service history. But you always need to consider that these are all used assets (cars) and they will have been driven and cared for only as well as the previous driver/owner. We cannot know and identify any issues (mechanical or other) that are not brought to our attention by the Vendor. So again, your diligence in ensuring what you are bidding on/ buying is of a quality and condition you are happy with is paramount. My recommendation, if you are a first-time buyer, is to try our PicklesGO offering, this is where you can buy an asset at a Fixed (non-negotiable) price, that is usually well below market price. You'll get to see 100's of cars, inspect them, talk to a salesperson if required (they won't hound you) and discuss finance, warranty and purchase options. In regards to reviews (particularly on this forum), unfortunately, it is human nature to shout louder about the negative rather than the positive, this forum is a great place for people to vent. I can tell you that we survey all buyers every week and from the 1000's of responses I have to date, the vast majority are overwhelmingly positive. We literally have thousands of happy customers who buy from us again and again, and they refer us to their family and friends as well. Sorry for the long-winded response, but it's not easy to convey this all in a simple one or two lines. I do hope that this has been helpful. Regards, Pickles Cx

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