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Very dodgy - they seemingly modify vehicles to improve asset value and saleability

Please see extract of response from Pickles, by review from my husband below:

"Please note that....We sell on behalf of our Vendors (asset owner). We do not service or modify these assets as they are sold in as "as is, where is" condition. We also do not warrant the condition of the assets (vehicles), nor do we undertake mechanical inspections of these assets."

My husband received an email from Pickles that looked like it was for staff and it reads as follows:

Pickles Auctions now has the delegated authority to approve expenditure up to $1500 for the following items:

- keys
- minor mechanical repairs
- cleaning and detailing
- minor exterior touch-up
- safety and worthiness fixes

If Pickles Auctions determines further rectification and refurbishments costs would be required to increase asset value or saleability, they may apply to have costs approved....

Pickles Auctions must manage the asset expenditure to a minimum, only spending money to increase saleability and return where responsible to do so.

Pickles Auctions will manage asset sales to achieve the best possible result for customers....

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Online bidding

Started bidding for a vehicle online, end time for the auction was 1:00pm. Two minutes Earlier I was out bid and remaining time changed to 3 minutes. I bid again and the remaining time appeared 9 minutes. I was outbidded within next 5 minutes. Now it is way pass 1:00pm. By the time auction finished it was 10 past 1 PM. This is very shonkey and cheap way to run business. I will be reporting this to fair trading soon. I would recommend all victims registering their experiences to fair trading. This is zero star service. They steal petrol, foot mates and for some reason spare wheels are always worn out. ....

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Hi Sam, Thanks for your post and comments. What you have described is actually a feature of our Auction service. Firstly, every PicklesONLINE sale has a scheduled end time. All lots within the sale are scheduled to end at the sale’s end time. However, if there is any late bidding activity against a lot then we will extend the end time for that lot, by 10 minutes. Each additional bid will extend the end time by a further 10 minutes. Bidding closes if there are no additional bids placed within 10 minutes after the final bid, and is after the scheduled end-time. Therefore individual lots within a sale may end later than the sale’s end time – and at different times than each other. Extending a lot's end-time provides all buyers with the opportunity to respond to late bidding activity. It is in place to prevent bid sniping. This is where bidders wait till the very last minute to overbid other buyers. By utilising this process it means all buyers have a fair and reasonable chance to bid on the asset they wish to purchase. As for your other comments. We do not steal petrol, mats or any other parts/accessories. It's actually part of our staff policy, and is punishable by instant dismissal should any staff member be caught removing any items from an asset without the Vendors authorisation. Please understand that (for the most part) we are selling an asset on behalf of a Vendor (car owner) and quite often these cars come to us with little or no petrol and/or missing parts/accessories. These are pre-owned (used) cars and you can expect that tyres will not be brand new, nor batteries etc... We are not a car dealer, so we do not fill the car with petrol, we do not replace any missing parts and we do not repair any pre-existing damage. This is an auction where you are bidding on an asset in its current condition. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the asset is of a quality and condition that you are prepared to accept prior to bidding, understanding that we do not modify, rectify or repair these assets. I hope this makes things a little clearer about the Auction process, and I hope that in future, armed with this knowledge you will find your Pickles experience vastly improved. Regards, Pickles CxThank you for taking time to reply. I bought honda civic years back from pickles auction on site. While inspected the car personally it had fabric Matt's and I clearly noted amount of damge vehicle had. Next day upon collection of the vehicle it was without Mat and had fresh scuff Mark's on rear bumper. I took this to the reception where no interest was shown. If you guys increment online bidding 3 minutes earlier bid with 10 minutes every time that means its unfair . Please mention this clearly on your end time section how it will end. 12 o'clock means 12 o'clock if bidding initial price starts with $5000 how can you justify 9 minutes increment on bid made in last 3 minutes. This is clear breach of business ethics. Due to this reason it is called shonkey practice...

Great outcome

Didnt realize that the salvage vehicle that I purchased at auction was advertised as noisy engine, when I went to pick it up the engine was shot.Pickles withdrew the sale and gave me a full refund Amazing service Thankyou

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Deception and lying

Pickles lied to me after selling a car with major fault in it. Car Gearbox was gone. When I contacted pickles they said bec i driive the car away from pickles they won’t take it back. In reality I had towed it. When I told them I towed it. Then they said because you serviced the car they won’t take it back. How does that make sense. It sounds to me as if they ripped me off..

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Hi Har, Thanks for posting your review. I'd like to understand a little more about the issue you have described as it's a little unclear what you bought and how. Can you advise: which branch you purchased from; Auction or Fixed Price (PicklesGO); type of sale e.g. General Motor Vehicles, Repossed, Fleet/Lease, Salvage, etc...; Age and mileage of the car. This will help me define our and your responsibilities relating to this purchase. You can either post your response here or email me at cx@pickles.com.au Regards, Pickles Cx

Pickles Auction is Terrible to deal with.

Hi guys,

be very cautious when buying from pickles auction as I got very bad experience today. so below is my experience describe. I am from Sydney.

I purchase Toyota Kluger from Pickles Sunshine Branch. bought it on online auction. Made full payment same day they received payment next day. Send someone to Melbourne from Sydney to pick up the vehicle. while picking up found out things are missing from the car and wasn't describe on report. they gave us 2 choice.
1. they will refund full money including deposit.
2. or they can give me credit of $300.

where I accepted option 1 and they asked to send email to Person called Alexander Silver account manager. and Email was sent on the same moment to Alexander. since then they didn't return the money to my account and keep telling me they have done the transfer this morning. since one week they are saying same thing.

now today they said the missing parts they have ordered from wreaker and I have to purchase the car. if I don't purchase the car then they will not pay me my $1000 deposit. I have already loose the money since I have send someone to pickup the car and person come back urgently by Air. I told them they have to pay my lose of $1000 instead.

Please Guys never trust this Doggy company where the commit on something and not deliver. they think people are Idot.

My contact number is 0430505346.

Kind Regards,

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Hi A Ray, Apologies for the inconvenience caused you. It would seem there was a communication breakdown during this process and for that, I would like to apologise. I understand however that this has now been sorted for you and that you have been provided with a full refund. It is our objective to ensure all customers have nothing but a brilliant experience when they use our service and it would seem that on this occasion we have not met your, or our expectations. For this, I apologise, and can only hope that this poor experience does not deter you from using our service again in the future. Regards, Pickles CX

Trying to use this online site is too difficult.

I went online to see what was offering and found a vehicle that was of interest. It then started I had to log in and at sometime in the past there had been an attempt to purchase something from Pickles. So I typed in my email and a standard password that I use on sites similar to Pickles and it was accepted. The problem was that no way would Pickles accept me as a buyer. An absolute insult given my credit rating is spotless and more to the point Grays on Line have never rejected me in fact over the last 3 Years my Company has spent in excess of $500,000.00 with Grays and paid within 2 days of invoice date. To sum it up I will never attempt to go to Pickles on line site again.

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Hi Rex, Thanks for posting your comment. I'm not entirely sure of what has happened here but sufficed to say we don't prevent people from using our service for no reason. I can only assume that one of two things has happened here. 1) is that there was an issue with registering you for the auction, or 2) for some historical reason you are unable to participate in our auctions. I don't know the actual reason but am happy to investigate this for you. Provide me with your details and any relevant information so that I can pursue this for you. You can contact me at cx@pickles.com.asu. Regards, Pickles Cx

Description is never true

Stay away from Pickles, they are dodgy as hell. Bought a mower, description said diesel, working. They had to fork the mower onto my trailer because it didn't work, never has worked, should have been sold for parts. it wasn't diesel and refuse to refund. Worse than graysonline and that's saying something. Shonky crooks. Not the first time they have been dishonest but it'll be the last I wont be back and I have cancelled my membership. If there were negative stars I would have given that.

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Bought a car from Salvage that stated "theft recovered" ..Could not of been theft recovered because the Automatic transmission was not engaging, car only had 103000klms, I Contacted the specialist mechanic who serviced this particular rare model of a car and.. His words "I know the car and it had a failed transmission" to his knowledge the car was not going to be repaired and the owner traded the car in to a dealer, (previous owners details were in the glove box...so I simply gave him a courtesy call) he stated it was traded in to a dealer with the knowledge of the failed transmission. Dealer passed the car onto the auctions...auctions marked it as theft recovered and to my surprise no keys! This car is impossible to steal. No damaged to ignition or door locks(had expensive keys cut and programmed) the locks work perfect and again..no evidence of theft damage anywhere to locks. ..Haven't taken the matter further and simply accepted I got burned by Pickles and to avoid the "Mafia"

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Hi Ricci, Thanks for posting your comment. Although I don't know the specific details of this asset I think it's fair to say that we have not been deceptive in any way. The simple issue is, we don't know the history of any of the assets we sell on behalf of the asset owner (Vendor), other than the information they provide us. If we had listed it as 'Theft Recovered' then this is what we would have been advised by the asset owner, whether an Insurance company, a dealer or a private vendor. Also of importance, is that we don't undertake any form of mechanical inspections on any of the Salvage assets we sell on behalf of the owner. And we certainly don't undertake forensic analysis to determine if assets are genuinely stolen or not. Furthermore, if it is in our Salvage Auction then it is usually either a stat write-off or repairable write-off. What this means is that the asset (car) is in a state of disrepair to the point that it cannot be sold as a 'genuine used car' as it does not comply with roadworthiness. If you are buying any Salvage asset then it would be reasonable to assume that the asset has some form of damage or mechanical issue that makes it not suitable for anything other than for parts (stat write-off) or to be repaired (repairable write-off) which usually means it needs work done to get it to a state of roadworthiness, even including faulty transmissions. Simply put, we rely on the integrity of the asset owner (Vendor) to provide whatever detail is relevant. Always, the onus is on the buyer to ensure what you are buying is of a condition and quality that is commensurate with the amount of money you are prepared to bid (pay). Mafia no! Familia ci! Regards, Pickles Cx

Dozens of items not listed on the condition report - Stay away from Pickles!!!!

My wife and I bought a car from Pickles (Sunshine) in December 2018 and believe we were completely dudded. We paid over $15,000 for a Honda from the Government Fleet list that had six minor items listed on the condition report.

When we drove the car out from Pickles we noticed the warning indicator did not switch off with respect to the key battery and rear parking sensors. We pulled over and took videos and photos of all the things wrong with the car that were not listed on the condition report. The video included the km's and we did this so there could be no dispute that the car was in that condition just after leaving Pickles.

We noticed dozens of issues with the vehicle that were not listed in the condition report. Literally every panel was damaged and there were numerous issues mechanically and inside the car that were not listed.

We raised our concerns with Pickles and they initially ignored us. When we followed up further, we started receiving dismissive responses. Eventually it reached a point were we stated we would progress the matter to VCAT, at which point a manager emailed us indicating that "If Pickles has made an error we will certainly make good of that...".

This progressed and it seems that as soon as the same manager realised they may have made an error and they would have to make good on the error, they simply disappeared. Today I sent an application to VCAT to seek their assistance and I will keep everyone updated.

Please see below most of the issues NOT listed on the condition report. If it is proven that Pickles sold the vehicle with that many problems not listed on the condition report they will obviously have to close down as no one will ever buy a car from them once the truth about their practices is known and published.

The items we are alleging were not noted on the condition report, with respect to the inside of the vehicle are as follows:

- Front driver carpet - Worn through, most likely where heel of driver wearing shoes, boots or the like rests.

- Front driver door - Bottom part is completely covered with scrapes, most likely from driver wearing shoes, boots or the like hitting the door every time they have exiting the vehicle over a number of years.

- Front passenger door - About ten scrapes/dents where the holder is, where it looks like some sort of mechanical equipment was stored tightly over a period of time and was pushing against the door as the car bumped and the like.

- Front gear lever console - White, resin stain in front console in front of gear lever console.

- Front gear lever console - About a dozen scrapes/dents at the front of the that are clustered. It looks like someone was storing some sort of metal equipment in front of that console and it was banging.

- Centre console glove box - About ten scrapes/dents inside the lid of the centre console glove box - never in my life have I seen that in a car. Again, it looks like this console was used to store some sort of metal equipment that was stored tightly while the car was bumping around.

- Passenger seat (Left Rear) - Clear resin stain on passenger seat (which I think has been removed from scrubbing). Although, with resins stains this could come back with degrading or discolouration over time.

- Warning indicators on dashboard - One for remote key battery and the other for the rear parking sensors.

The items not noted on the condition report, with respect to the outside of the vehicle are are follows:

- Wheel (Rear Passenger) - Alloy wheel dented/scraped. Although the damage to this wheel is less than the other, more than 50 percent of the rim is still scraped/dented. The amazing thing is that some of the damage is exactly the same as the wheel on the front right ie a yellow substance, paint or the like has scraped onto the rim when the wheel is hitting what looks to be the same thing.

- Quarter panel (Rear right) - About 10 scrapes.

- Passenger door (Right) - There are what look like two resin stains, one about a foot long. Scrapes.

- Driver door - Scrapes, some large.

- Quarter panel (Front right) - About 100 small scraps that look like look like they done while someone was resting against the car repeatedly with tools on their belt or metal on their clothes. Perhaps even metal equipment leaning against the panel. Surprisingly, the scrapes were all just above or below the small dent and they aren't noted.

- Bumper bar (Front) - There are hundreds of smallish resin stains or dents or some type of marking. There are clumps of white resin, paint or the like under where the registration plate is screwed in that someone seemingly tried to clean but failed to clean from that point. The stains/dents seem to emanate out from there and it it looks like something that was splashed or spray, then cleaned, leaving the marks or indentations.

- Bumper bar (Front) - Large white paint stain scraped on.

- Front grill - It is minimal, but there is clear accident damage to the front grill were it is cracked and had some of the black layering come of.

- Bonnet - One stone damage that looks like it is rusting.

- Quarter panel (Front left) - Many scraps, some the length of the panel.

- Front passenger door - Scraps, some 2 to 3 feet long.

- Passenger door (Left) - Scraps

- Quarter panel (Rear left) - Scraps, some 2 to 3 feet long.

- Boot - White resin or paint stain just above the Honda symbol. It is like someone repaired the car and it was leak under the tape or again it could just be one of those unexplained resin stains.

- All doors - The metal frame around all four door windows, especially the large sections in the middle of the car have some sort of strange discolouration. I would call it sun damage, but it must be extreme sun damage and I find it hard to how a car this new can have this discolouration on the paint work.

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Hi Michael, Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask, did you inspect the asset prior to purchase? In all cases, the onus is on the buyer to ensure that the asset you are purchasing, is of a quality and condition you will be satisfied with, and that is commensurate with the bid, price you wish to pay. Please note that (for the most part), we do not own the assets we sell. We sell on behalf of our Vendors (asset owner). We do not service or modify these assets as they are sold in as ‘as is, where is’ condition. We also do not warrant the condition of the assets (vehicles), nor do we undertake mechanical inspections of these assets. The Condition Report we provide is based purely on an external examination where we identify significant and obvious cosmetic damage. Please understand we are unable to identify every detail of each asset. In all cases, it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the asset is of a quality and condition that meets your expectation, prior to purchasing. We allow customers pre-sale inspection opportunities and even encourage them to engage their own mechanic if they wish to check the vehicle for mechanical issues. There is also the log book or service history available in most cases, this is important as it will tell you how well the asset has been cared for, tell you how frequently and when it was last serviced, it can also point you to (based on the age and mileage) what components or consumables will need replacing at next service. Importantly, prior to participating in the auction did you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions by which our auctions operate? If so, did you note the following clause/s: 18. Auction of Used Motor Vehicles and other goods (a) The Purchaser acknowledges that: (i) the Auctioneer is unable to, and does not carry out an inspection of the Lots offered for sale; (ii) the information that the Auctioneer has in relation to each Lot is information provided to the Auctioneer by the Seller of each Lot (including, in the case of Motor Vehicles, any inspection, condition, pre-auction reports or other information as to the condition of the Motor Vehicle); (iii) the information provided by the Seller in relation to each Lot is not guaranteed by the Auctioneer; (iv) it must satisfy itself as to the condition, description and state of repair of the Lot prior to the Auction Sale; (v) in the case of Motor Vehicles, it may not rely on the category in which a Motor Vehicle is sold as a representation as to the condition or registrability of the Motor Vehicle; and it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to check the Written Off Vehicles Register prior to an Auction Sale to satisfy itself as to the registrability of the Motor Vehicle; and (vi) if a dispute arises in relation to this information, the Purchaser will exclude and indemnify the Auctioneer from any such dispute (including costs on a full indemnity basis by any costs incurred by the Auctioneer in relation to such dispute). These terms and conditions are readily available and transparent for all prospective sellers and buyers alike and can be viewed on our website and are clearly detailed and visible at our premises. I’d also point out that these T&C’s are commonplace to almost all auction type businesses and are not a ‘get out of jail free’ card but are the terms and conditions by which our auctions operate. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the Purchaser/Seller to be fully aware, and understanding of, the terms and conditions by which our auctions are run. Regards, Pickles CxFirst of all, it the car wasn't bought at auction. Second of all, your manager asent me an email highlighting that Pickles do many things to increase asset value or saleability of vehicles.

Good product good service

I purchased a "Fixed Price" car through Pickles. I know they mainly do auctions, so perhaps there is an issue only with their auctions leading to the poor reviews here? I found Pickles to have genuinely helpful sales staff and the entire team were wholly professional throughout. My only issue was a minor fault with the car which Pickles diagnosed and rectified to my satisfaction immediately while I waited. Also they do not negotiate on Fixed Price vehicles, but I was still happy with what I paid.

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Hi Gareth, Thanks for the rating and your great comments. I'm very glad to hear you are happy with your purchase. Fixed Price (or as we refer to it, PicklesGO) is more and more a preferred purchase option for our customers. And yes, unfortunately, we are unable to negotiate the price, as the Vendors (car owner) have defined that the price is what they have set and are not open to negotiating. Saying that however, these prices are still well below market price. Again, thanks for the comments, and hope to see you back again. Regards, Pickles Cx

funny way of auctioning

What these guys do id they have a secret reserve. Even though the vehicle might start at zero in an online auction, even if your the highest bidder, you still wont win the goods. I got a call saying that the vehicle didnt meet the reserve. They wanted more money to purchase the vehicle. I found this very misleading and told the fellow so. If you have a reserve then start the auction on the minimum you want. If it doesnt sell then the market is telling you your reserve is to high. Dont actually place a $0 start and then cry once it doesnt go high enough? They are using auction like marketing bait.

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Hi Matt, Thanks for your comment. I can assure you that our practices are not misleading. And in fact Reserves are common for most auctions (exclude the likes of eBay and Gumtree etc…) You can probably appreciate that if you were selling your car through our service you might want to set a minimum price so that your car does not get sold well below your expectation, same applies to our Vendors (Vendor is the owner of the asset, assets are not usually owned by Pickles). If you think about real estate agents who run house auctions, the process is the same. The owner will want a minimum value for their house, so they set a reserve with the property agent. If the house reaches the reserve, then the highest bidder will win the auction (house). If the reserve is not reached, then the property agent will engage with the house owner to ascertain whether they wish to reduce the reserve and accept the highest bid. Often the owner makes a counteroffer to the highest bidder. If not, then the house is passed in (not sold). Our vehicle auctions pretty much operate the same way. The Reserve price is set by the Vendor (asset owner), not by Pickles. We provide the Vendor with a valuation which is an indication of what we believe the asset should reach at auction, but ultimately, it is the Vendor who decides what the reserve price is set at. In an auction, one of three things will happen. 1. SOLD: in this situation the highest bid has reached or exceeded the Reserve price and the highest bidder at ‘hammer fall’ has won the asset. 2. PASSED IN: this is where the highest bid did not reach the reserve price. In this situation the asset is held back and may be placed in another auction at a later time or, the Vendor may decide to remove the asset from auction. 3. REFERRED: in this situation, the highest bid may have come close to but did not reach the Reserve price. When this happens, the highest bid is referred to the Vendor, they will then decide to either accept or decline the highest bid, or make a counteroffer. If no agreement is reached between the highest bidder and the Vendor then the Vendor may decide to place the asset into another auction at a later date or, remove the asset from auction. What can sometimes cause issues and concerns is a lack of knowledge and understanding, more commonly caused by a lack of due diligence in researching and understanding the Terms and Conditions by which the auction operates. If you did read, and understand, the Terms and Conditions of participating in one of our auctions then you would have noted the below clause under 10.(b)(iv) RIGHTS RESERVED (b) The Auctioneer reserves its rights: (iv) to not disclose the existence and/or quantum of the reserve price (if any) of a Lot prior to the close of bidding or withdrawal of the Lot; I'd like to point out that this information is neither hidden nor undisclosed, it is readily available to all, online at our website or on-site at every branch. It is entirely your responsibility to familiarise yourself with these T&C's, from this you can then determine if you wish to participate in an Auction, or not. If you do decide to participate in one of our auctions, whether you have read the T&C's or not, you are by default, accepting of the T&C's. Ultimately, we cannot be held responsible for those who choose to participate in an auction but do not make an effort to understand the process by which the auction operates, or by familiarising themselves with the Terms and Conditions of participation. I hope that gives you a little more clarity and comfort about Pickles and the options available to get your next car. Regards, Pickles CxHey thanks for your reply. It is misleading. You start an auction at zero. If you think it’s important to have a reserve disclose it. Here’s a disclosure for you- This item has a reserve and if you win the auction it doesn’t mean you will win this item as we have a price in mind that you cannot see and we will not tell you. If you pay more than the items value we are happy and let you take the item and you don’t know the difference. If you win the bid (market value) but the item is below a number we don’t tell you then we will ask you to pay more for the item you just won in the auction. Or instead of confusing people you could just say what the reserve is i.e a starting price and the auction could start from there? That way your not using trickery. It’s sort of like saying we have a house for sale that is valued at xx. The only reason I’m interested is because it’s valued in my range as xx but when I get there and there now lots of people there thinking it’s also in their price range but the auction finishes twice the advertised ‘expected price’. This is more about marketing than anything else and yes, it is deceptive.Hi again Matt, Again, please understand we do not set the reserve price. It is the Vendor (the actual owner of the car) who decides whether the asset has a reserve price or not, and what that reserve price is. We do not publish this price, as the vendor usually does not want this disclosed. A good reason for not publishing this price is to help define the true value of the asset. Quite often, a vendors expectation of what their asset is really worth is not reflective of what the market is prepared to pay. If the asset does not sell at 1 or 2 auctions due to a high reserve then usually the vendor will reduce this reserve after the realisation that the market will not pay the asked reserve price. It's also important to understand that on many occasions when an asset is 'referred' (did not reach reserve) the vendor may accept the highest bid price or may negotiate a price with the highest bidder (this price may also be below the reserve). If a reserve price was set up front then there is no chance for a prospective buyer to secure that asset below the reserve price. In all cases it is you, the buyer, who decides the real market value of the asset, as its the buyer (bidder) who determines the assets worth based on what you are prepared to pay for that asset. This is not some tricky marketing ploy, it is the way that our, and most auctions operate. We have thousands of auction buyers who regularly use ours and other auction services, all of whom fully understand the process and that a reserve price is common practice. BTW, we do also sell assets with no reserve price, these are clearly defined as 'Unreserved' auctions, if not identified as 'Unreserved' then you can assume assets in that auction will have a reserve price. I do hope this helps you to better understand the auction process. Regards, Pickles Cx

One of the dodgiest companies

They sold my vehicle without my permission, I went over seas for 10 days, and in that time they called me 3 times and emailed me once with a very under estimated quote on my vehicle for $1,500 than sold it for $4,000 the next day.

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Hi Jake, Thanks for posting your comment. Can you please provide me with more information about your vehicle and the circumstance surrounding the sale, as it's not exactly clear to me what has happened. It is not possible for us to sell any asset without the owner's consent so I'd like to know more detail about the interaction. Please provide the following details; Name Address Asset make and model Branch involved Sale number, Lot number or Invoice number Date of sale You can contact me at cx@pickles.com.au Regards, Pickles CxI was told by one of the reps that any communication between myself and pickles has to be through a lawyer, completely disgusted by the way I was treated, and laughed at when making the call. I will email information now.Hi Jacob, I have now had a chance to review the details of your transaction as well as discuss this with the branch involved and can advise the following. Your asset arrived at our Acacia Ridge premises on 10/08/2017. On or before the 18/12/2017 your Insurance company advised that your insurance claim would not be upheld. Subsequently, we attempted to contact you on the 18/12/2017 via phone (not answered). We contacted you again by email on the 18/12/2017 advising that a Tender offer of $1500.00 had been made and would you accept this offer. At this time you advised you would come back to us to accept or decline (no response was received). After receiving no communication from you we again called you on the 21/12/2017, (again no answer). We then attempted to email you again on the 22/12/2017, (with no reply received). On the 29/12/2017 after receiving no correspondence from you we sent you an ‘Unclaimed Vehicle - First & Final Notice’ advising; You had 14 days to collect the asset (with no charges applicable), or accept a buy-out offer of $1500 (valid for 14 days from the 28/12/2017) or, if no response was received within 14 days from the date of the letter that your asset would be sold under the ‘Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1967’. Unfortunately, no response from you was forthcoming. On the 16/01/2018, after having no response from you a decision was made to lot the asset for sale under the ‘Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1967’. On the 18/01/2018 a successful bid was received and the lot was sold to recover costs. On the 19/03/2019 (some 15 months later) you contacted us to advise you would accept the $1500.00 offer. Of course, by this time the offer was no longer valid and the asset had been disposed of through auction and all funds were forfeit. I do appreciate your explanation of being unavailable for 10 days (overseas), however, there was a full month in which you could have responded. I have also been advised that in conversation with you on the 19/03/2019 that you advised that you did receive the First and Final Notice and had not responded to it as you had misplaced it. I consider that we have done everything in our power to communicate with you and keep you abreast of the situation in regards to your vehicle as well as provide ample opportunity for you to recover your vehicle prior to us having to take action to dispose of the asset to recover costs. I appreciate that this is not the outcome you were hoping for and you will be upset at this, but I need you to understand that our business is fast moving with thousands of assets (cars) coming and going regularly and we simply are unable to store assets in our yards for extended periods in the hope the client will eventually make contact with us. I now consider this matter closed. Regards, Pickles Cx

Don't bother

Call they don't answer
Pay for item day before pick up send a tow truck he's sent away haven't received payment yet.
Send remittance as a regular buyer.
Never deal with again after 20 years of buying cars. What a joke.

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Hi John, Please accept our sincerest apologies for the poor service experience you have had. We are constantly trying to improve the communication with our customers and it's fair to say we are still working on ways to improve this. Payment processing is also an issue from time to time, not usually because of us however, sometimes a banks ability to process payments simply doesn't happen as quickly as we'd like. And as you'd be aware, we have to pay the Vendor and until all funds have been received we are unable to do this. This is why a remittance is not actually acceptable as confirmation of payment (sometimes payment is delayed and even worse, cancelled). Again, please accept our apologies that these procedures have caused you inconvenience. Please understand that our ability to meet (exceed) the needs of our customers is always our objective, not least for the fact, you are our business. Regards, Pickles Cx

Providing false information

I purchased a Bmw 328i from Pickles Geebung Queensland. I was informed that the timeframe was 7-10 days delivery. Payment was direct deposit into Pickles account and cleared on the 15th of February. I was then informed that delivery date of the vehicle would be on the 6th of March.

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Hi Beny, Thanks for posting your comment. Please accept our apologies for the inaccuracy of the information provided surrounding the delivery of your vehicle. I can understand your frustration at being told one thing and experiencing another. Transportation timelines can be a cause of frustration, due mainly to the fact that we provide a general guideline (7-10 days) which sometimes is inaccurate due to any number of reasons (sometimes beyond our control). However, we should have been better at advising you that this is a guideline only, and communicated clearly that the final delivery timeline would be confirmed at the time of receipt of payment. Again, please accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience and please know that this issue will be raised with our transport department. Regards, Pickles Cx

Never to buy or recommend to someone

Very dishonest. Sold a car with a preexisting audio issues. Realised it just after paying for the car. They refused to rectify, though the sales guy thought it was morally wrong to refused to rectify since I just bought the vehicle and it's an expensive vehicle. They also admitted that it was a preexisting conditions but they won't fix it for me. Very disappointed.

Return Claim MadeNo

Very disappointing, selling write off cars without information disclosed

Beware of buying vehicles at PicklesOnline.. I have had the worst purchase experience of my life. The car I won online turned out to have a major engine issue (blown head gasket) that would require engine replacement soon after driving out of Pickle’s site. In other words the car was lemon. Pickles did not disclose information re :blown head gasket other than only a statement with “mechanical issue required”, and made it look like an overheating engine on account of empty coolant. This issue emerged a week after spending extra $1330 on service and rear shock absorber change. Overall I spent around $5500 for the car. Pickles offered to sell the car on SALVAGE auction for me even though it hadn’t been listed as salvage in the first place, or to refund me for $2000 (apparently showing good faith) in return of the vehicle. Accepting $2000 I have made a loss of $3500. I don’t recommend anyone to buy a car from Pickles. They were aware of the issue with the car but did not reveal it at the time of sale. I found their business is utterly dishonest being only interested in getting your money without any responsibility.

Product Quality


I bought a caravan by online auction. I relied on their damage report and description. I then got it freighted over and discovered that there was damage that was not listed, parts were missing (stereo stripped out), fridge not working, and no keys. None of that was mentioned. They are refusing to compensate me for any of that. Given the massive fee they charge buyers this is pretty rude I think.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Good Experience for Experienced Buyers

Had many cars but never bought a car from an auction house type operation before. If you are expecting a dealer experience this is not it. Bought a recent model we sought from their fixed price inventory at the Sunshine location. The price was fair for a vehicle that appears to be in excellent condition, well taken care of, and reflects the 'inspection' paperwork. Nothing was hidden but one needs to pay attention. The fixed price cars are not bargains but prices seem fair. You do not get to test drive because vehicles can be out of registration and all are in a large warehouse; you can only start them. Not a place the naive should come. The 7-day buy back has a lot of gotchas making it unavailable for any but cash buyers. The 'sales' staff were as good as any in explaining the process, showing the vehicle records in the computer, and so on, as were the office staff who took money and arranged delivery. It was all good.

Bottom line is read what Pickles is and how they sell, and if attending an auction how auctions work (eg as is where is, caveat emptor) that somewhat applies to their fixed price offers. Appears many vehicles are corporate cars just out of warranty or at the end of leases.

They don’t consider the situation

Anyone bid on any car need to be 110% sure what he/ she is bidding on otherwise a little mistake can cost you $$$$ specially for new players as the auction people don’t consider your situation even if it’s a clear mistake that’s their ruthless policy
Which happened with me and costed me 1000$$
Plz guys very careful specially if u bidding online
And also if the problems in the car are not mention than plz don’t buy it thy only mention the issues which are not big problem
But big issues they don’t mention and if u buy such a car it will cost you more than buying a decent car from our side
nothing against the company it’s just cautions for the buyers
Company will do what is best for themselves
So the buyers should do what ever is best for themselves.

Deeply saddened :(

I am so upset with how the process was to try and sell my car to pickles. I did the diy insect on the app which included many images of every aspect of the vehicle. I was then offered a price for my car and accepted the offer. As my car is financed I needed to pay the gap. The lady I spoke with told me to pay the gap and provide the receipt and payout letter from the financial institution and then to drop the vehicle at the branch for payment to be processed. 3 days after I drop the car at the branch I am then told my car is covered in hail damage and that the offer has now been reduced by 2000. I cannot see any hail damage on the vehicle personally so this was a huge shock to me. I had to get a personal loan to pay the gap in the finance and had no extra money to pay any more and take the new offer. I am now stuck with the finance of the car and the personal Loan while being on maternity leave. This has left me in severe financial hardship :(. I should not have trusted the process and paid the gap in the finance prior to dropping the vehicle off as I was asked to.

From one very upset struggling mother.

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I accidentally bid on a car and won just this morning, never done an online aution before and thought i could put in my amount i wanted to bid but when i pushed the button it just bid the next number and i won the item, i didnt want the car, was just seeing how it works, what happens now? this is in belmore nsw as i type, there is another car im interested in, im stressing now, HELP
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Hi Anthony, Please contact the branch immediately, it will be at their discretion how to proceed. Belmore number is (02) 9704 6669. FYI...by participating in the auction (bidding), whether by accident or not, you have entered an agreement to purchase under the terms & condition of participation. Therefore if you cancel the sale you may be subject to a forfeit of any deposit made. By bidding and winning the asset you have prevented other potential purchasers from winning that asset. The asset would now need to be re-lotted for another auction, incurring additional admin and processing costs and time delays for the Vendor. Regards, Pickles CxWe have been ringing now many times since yesterday morning and keep getting told they would call us back but they dont..today they said they would call back again but they didn't...I understand the agreement but it was a genuine mistake and also understand I can be up for fees but ignoring us with so many attempts to speak with someone is just making us stress even moreHi Anthony, Can you please email me at cx@pickles.com.au with your contact details and any relevant information about the sale, (including details of who you have spoken to at the branch) and I will follow up for you. regards, Pickles Cx

what sort of price does a written off water damaged toyota prado fetch on esalvage
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Hi Joe, It's difficult to put a price on it as there are so many variables, age, mileage, condition, nature of water damage etc... it also depends heavily on the buyers in the room and online on the day. Best advise I can offer is to contact your nearest Pickles Salvage Yard and have them provide you with an estimate of what it could potentially reach at auction. Sorry I couldn't provide you with a definitive answer. Regards, Pickles Cx

Hi, If I purchase a car in your Auction and then change my mind. How much should I pay as the cancellation fee? Thanks
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Hi Moj, If you are participating in an auction you have (by default) agreed to the Pickles Terms and Conditions of participation. Part of these terms and conditions state that if you are successful in winning a lot at the auction you are committed to purchasing that asset. To not proceed with the purchase is a breach of these T&C's and you would forfeit any deposit paid. By bidding and winning the asset you have prevented other buyers from successfully securing that asset. By not proceeding with the sale the asset then needs to be re-lotted for another auction which equates to time delays for the vendor (asset owner) and additional costs incurred to reprocess the asset for auction. I hope that explanation helps. Regards, Pickles CxThanks for your answer. but if I haven't paid any deposit then do i need to deal with the branch or is a fix price to pay ?Hi again Moj, Apologies for the late reply to your last post. Yes, please contact the branch, they will advise what the procedure would be and advise if any costs would apply and what they would be. Regards, Pickles Cx

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