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I have purchased two cars, lovely experience

I have purchased two cars from Pickles in Hobart now, couldnt recommend it enough. 2006 VE commodore that ran almost flawless for 10 years and now a Hyundai i40 that has run faultlessly for 3 years.

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Staff very unhelpful

Staff very unhelpful, l am new to the bidding online, was going through the online sales but to my surprise got an email that l had won a bid for a car was't sure I looked at, anyway called belmore office and was told l had pressed on the bid button, the person I spoke too said he would lodge am error bid complaint , maybe I could get some of my money which was taken from my account back. It going to two weeks but no one had called. I have called the office severally but what l get told each time l call is someone will call you back.

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Hi Okay, Can you please provide me with any and all details and I will follow this up for you. You can email me at cx@pickles.com.au. Please include a copy of your invoice. Regards, Pickles CxThanks CX for following this up promptly, really appreciated.

Customer Experience was able to sort everything out

Filed a review with Pickles. Customer experience was able to get back to me.
After a few emails of requesting more details from me (all within a day)
The manager was able to resolve everything and a satisfactory resolution was met.
Would buy from Pickles again as this was just an unlucky lemon which got resolved straight away.

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Pickles Auction Wagga misleading

I brought a car from Pickles Auction yesterday, the female car manager told me that the car did not need a blue slip because it just had ran out of rego and they had a pink slip for it and I could get it registered straight away. However after I purchased it and tried to get a Green slip, I couldn't as it needed a blue slip, I rang this female car manager at Pickles Auction Wagga and she said the pink slip had just ran out and I now needed a blue slip at my cost if I wanted to register the car. After been told the rego had just ran out and the pink slip she had for the car was fine, I realised that 42 days after a car ran out of rego is not " Just ran out of rego". They failed to disclose to me that it needed a blue slip and that the pink slip they showed me was not valid. Very disappointing, I felt I was misled.

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Zero Communication - Left Deposit & They Sold the Car on me Due to Their Own Failures

Very poor communication between Finance Section and the Cashier Department. They canceled the transaction on me as it fell outside the parameters of given time frame. No one ever contacted me telling me this information??? That's fine, if your team cannot get approval for finance within your own time frames, just advise me of your own incompetence and I would've paid cash the following day as I had the funds, not to mention the Broker already knowing this information. Don't give a 5 day time frame and expect to take 2 weeks given the special consideration (ABN had not been over 2 years old). I walked in prepared to pay directly via bank check after I was notified, this was also after the broker had requested me to hand over to a third party software all my bank statements which required me to give them access to my Internet banking Login Username & PASSWORD (breach of confidentiality)??? and the car was gone? The sales service was half descent, but again, finance and Cashiers are 5 meters apart and are clueless at what they're doing, again 0 communication and terrible service on their behalf.

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Hi Daniel C, Very sorry to hear fo your poor service experience. It is our expectation that all customers have a wonderful experience when using our service and it would seem their has been some sort of failure here. It is certainly not in our interests to prevent any customer from purchasing an asset. I would ask if you could please provide me with any and all information you have relating to this transaction and I will investigate this for you and provide the outcome by responding to this post. You can email the details to me at cx@pickles.com.au Kind regards, Pickles Cx

Worst experience ever, Horrific negligence, Zero accountability.

Test drove Car, Was in perfect condition near new as described.

Purchased and on date of pick up battery was dead. Staff at Pickles attempted to jump start the car and in doing so caused significant electrical damage. Staff advised the car was still safe to drive and just needed a simple computer reset to remedy.

My pregnant wife drove car 4 hours home with no idea that she was driving a significantly compromised vehicle. The car manual states to under no circumstances to drive while (!) light is on. Local mechanic took a look and found the entire computer had been burnt out and as a result, The car had no ABS brakes, No airbags, No handbrake, No traction control, Nothing!

Pickles took zero responsibility and just hand-balled us to a insurance/warranty provider. Neither pickles nor the warranty provider would accept any responsibility. Only option we had been given was to get the damage repaired under warranty. A process which took a considerably long time, during which we had to constantly juggle taxis and hire cars at our own expense for nearly 4 weeks.

During the whole course of the repair the only person who would give us updates or return or emails/calls was the mechanic. Pickles and the Warranty company just didn't show a single shred of empathy or concern over the situation they caused.

As a direct result of Pickles and the advice they gave my wife she was placed in an incredibly dangerous situation. We experienced financial hardship having to organize alternative transport. I never want any interaction with Pickles again and have been telling everyone I know about this experience.

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It’s either bad luck or deception.

Took two days for anyone to return my calls to organise freight and payment, Had it blue slipped needed all tyres replaced even after reported fair tyres, best bit is the car arrived, engine light on choking in white smoke. Not reported In condition report. (Complete mess absolutely horrible)

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Poor service

Attended at prestige auction 23/7/19 and had a vehicle referred for purchase
After a couple of minutes was old price referred was acceptable and was walked over to an office area and told to wait outside
No seats and I am aged. I told the gentleman Craig I would transfer the money in full today
Waiting waiting waiting and cue jumped by others escorted into office
I asked male in office if someone could serve me or could I go to front office to pay and he said no
Another staff member approached me as he could see I was getting upset and he went away to bring Craig back to me
Craig was then on the phone so I approached him and said I just wanted to pay for the referred vehicle and go could someone please serve me or I would leave
He said I would be banned if I did not wait to pay. I refused to wait a further half hour as prestige auction finished so it looks like I'm banned

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Hi Clive, I'm so very sorry to hear of your poor experience. Please accept our apologies for not providing you with a level of service that meets your (and our) expectations. I'd like to investigate this further and would appreciate it if you could advise which branch this took place at and any information on the lot you were bidding. You can email this info to me at cx@pickles.com.au and I will look into this for you. Kind regards, Pickles Cx

Scammers !!

Oh! what an experience, bought a land rover from these scammers, condition report mentioned the tyres were fair, and there is a complete service history, got the delivery, the car was not serviced from 2 years no mobil oil, tyres were cracked all 4, took the car back, the mechanic at pickles Ray was super rude and advised the tyres are fair condition when it clearly were cracked and ripped from the centre, asked him to put that in writing which he totally rejected to do so, that was my last car i will buy from you scammers, my lawyer will serve you the notice for defaults though.

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Hi Vik, I am very sorry to hear of your poor experience. I'd very much like to investigate this issue for you. Can you provide me details of this transaction (copy of invoice would be most useful) by emailing me at cx@pickles.com.au, and I will follow this up and come back to you. Regards, Pickles Cx


I am really happy to , I really appreciate pickles manger to contact me , thanks thanks thanks I am really happy to , I really appreciate pickles manger to contact me , thanks thanks thanks

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Will never buy from again.

Purchased a Ford BA wagon on gas, checked water before driving home and realised it had no water in the radiator bottle, I tried to fill up and the water came out faster then I could pour in from a rusted out of a welch plug mounted between rear of engine and gearbox. No mention of this damage before purchase, no refund or help given

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Hi Chris, Very sorry to hear of this frustrating situation and apologies for the inconvenience it has caused you. I'd like to assist if I can, and need to know a couple of details...namely, did you purchase the asset through Auction, or Fixed Price? Also can you email me at cx@pickles.com.au with any additional info (copy of invoice, picture of the damage, cost to repair, etc...) any and all info would be helpful, and I will investigate to see if I can assist. Regards, Pickles CxHi again Chris, Thanks for providing more information on this transaction. Unfortunately, as this issue relates to a purchase made 3 years ago, there is little I can do to assist now. However, I would like to sincerely apologise for our lack of support when you first raised this issue with our staff at the time of purchase. We should certainly have been more supportive and communicative, so again, we are very sorry for this obvious lack of customer service. Kind regards, Pickles Cx

Worst idea ever

I have a car from pickles a repairable write off ( repaired )
Apparently it was a HSV - later finding out no build number - no HSV
The body and the vin don’t match the type of car it is.
The engine also is of another car and head gasket was blown
The ECU was stuffed and of a different vehicle causing the heads to crack nearly completely blowing the engine I was able to save it. Costing $5,600 including replacing ECU components and computer programming.
Non genuine hsv and non matching vin no history of repairs for the VIV
Waste of money 13k in total loss

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Hi Donna, Very sorry to hear of your poor experience. Could you perhaps share some of the detail of this transaction with me as I'd like to see if there's a possibility for me to assist? You can email me all the details at cx@pickles.com.au. Kind regards, Pickles CxHi there Cx have u got a number I can contact you on or a name I can perhaps address the email to please Thank you DonnaHi Donna, Sorry I haven't responded till now. I'm unable to publish names or contact numbers on this forum (policy). If you simply email me at the aforementioned address I will get the email and respond to you directly. Regards, Pickles Cx

Poor car inspection report by Brisbane Geebung

Inspection report didn't mention huge dent on boot. I traveled 600 KM's to pickup vehicle as i couldn't do on site inspection. Manager's attitude was terrible. Blamed me for not viewing pictures properly. Never accepted their fault. Picture and inspection report attached for reference. Never trust them.

Hi Obaid, Thanks for posting your review. I would like to investigate this further for you. Can you please email me details of the transaction (copy of invoice would be helpful), as well as the photo of the damage and I will follow this up for you. You can email me at cx@pickles.com.au. Regards, Pickles CxEmail sent.

Pickles is pickled

I won an auction at Pickles Wagga Wagga during the week. I rang the Wagga Wagga branch on three occasions to arrange payment and pick up of the vehicle on Saturday 22/6/19. Arriving after a three hour drive this morning only to be told I they had no idea where the vehicle was, and their policy is no collection of goods on a weekend. The manager was contacted by phone, and was abusive to me. Don't trust them and be careful if dealing with the branch manager, [Name Removed], he can be quite aggressive.

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Hi Brendan, Firstly, allow me to apologise for the late reply. It would seem I have missed your post (until now), so apologies for the tardy response. Most importantly, please accept our sincerest apologies for the poor experience you have had. You have highlighted a number of issues, all of which are well within our control and we totally accept our responsibility for this lack of customer care. Please know that your feedback will be discussed internally in an endeavour to rectify some of the poor service issues you have experienced. I thank you for your feedback via this post, and again, apologies for the inconvenience caused you. Kind Regards, Pickles Cx

Horrible Experience - Buyer beware. Completely dishonest and unethical conduct at Belmore branch

I bid and won an online auction for a used 2007 vehicle in early May 2019. The description of the vehicle gave the impression the car was driveable and able to be registered with no major faults, and even went into detail about minor marks and scratches, but failed to mention that the car was leaking both engine oil and transmission oil and the transmission was damaged to the point where the car would not even start in Park. Pickles staff would have had to have known this whilst moving the car around their auction floors.

I only learnt about the faults by requesting a blue slip to be done onsite before they shipped out the car. Pickles Belmore branch staff strongly tried to persuade me numerous times over the phone NOT to have the blue slip done on their premises. It was at this point I became suspicious, and later realised that Pickles staff knew full well about the poor condition of the car and were dishonestly and unethically trying to hide the facts from me until the vehicle had left their premises. I persisted with requesting the blue slip to be done onsite before shipping out the car, which revealed major faults including an inoperative transmission. I was devastated and immediately applied for a refund within Pickles' 7 day framework.

After initially being told I could not get a refund, numerous emails later, Pickles eventually refunded some but not all of the money I paid them. They refused to refund my initial $500 deposit. I then lodged a bank dispute to recover my $500. To add further insult, Pickles then incorrectly debited my account AGAIN for another $500 without my knowledge, which my bank is now disputing. I will be escalating the matter to the relevant authorities including NSW dept of Fair Trading, NCAT and investigating legal action unless I get my money back.

Pickles' stance is that they try place all responsibility on the buyer to ensure the car is ok and have all manner of fine print attempting to cover their dishonest practices to this end, however, no terms and conditions of theirs can void NSW consumer law which states:

"Businesses are not allowed to make statements that are incorrect or likely to create a false impression.

It makes no difference whether the business intended to mislead you or not. If the overall impression left by a business’s advertisement, promotion, quotation, statement or other representation creates a misleading impression in your mind—such as to the price, value or the quality of any goods and services—then the behaviour is likely to breach the law."
- Excerpt from ACCC website

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Hi Jonathon, Thanks for posting your review. Obviously, there’s a lot in your review, but I would like to first start by saying that… If you have participated at a Pickles Auction you would have had to agree to the following statement… “I have read, understood and agreed to abide by the Terms and Conditions” Now I don’t like having to refer to T&C’s (because people rarely take the time to read them) but, these are quite simply the rules by which Pickles (Auction or Fixed Price services) operate. They are there to HELP customers new to our business to understand the what, why and how of our service(s). By accepting the T&C’s you have stated clearly that you have read, understood and accepted the T&C’s by which Pickles operates, including your acceptance of the following clauses: 3(c). All Lots are bid on and purchased on an ‘as is, where is’ basis. 18(a). The Purchaser acknowledges that: (i) the Auctioneer is unable to, and does not carry out an inspection of the Lots offered for sale; (ii) the information that the Auctioneer has in relation to each Lot is information provided to the Auctioneer by the Seller of each Lot (including, in the case of Motor Vehicles, any inspection, condition, pre-auction reports or other information as to the condition of the Motor Vehicle); (iii) the information provided by the Seller in relation to each Lot is not guaranteed by the Auctioneer; (iv) it must satisfy itself as to the condition, description and state of repair of the Lot prior to the Auction Sale; It is entirely your responsibility to know and understand these T&C’s. In regards to your (specific) comments… “The description of the vehicle gave the impression the car was driveable and able to be registered with no major faults…” Apart from the condition report (which is a report based on the external condition of an asset; i.e. Paint, dents, bumps scrapes, tyres and rims etc…), we make no statements at all to the mechanical condition of the assets. I refer you to clause(s) 18(a) (i - iv). This is more likely to be an incorrect assumption, not a False or Incorrect statement (refer ACCC) as no statement to the mechanical condition has been made. “and even went into detail about minor marks and scratches, but failed to mention that the car was leaking both engine oil and transmission …” Yes, as previously mentioned, our condition reports are reflective of the external/visible elements of the asset. We check things like paint condition, dents, dings bumps & scratches, tyre and rim condition, whether the asset has keys etc… We do not check the mechanical or electrical condition of these assets. Clause 18(a) (i) “I was devastated and immediately applied for a refund within Pickles' 7 day framework” There is no such thing as a Pickles 7-Day framework. What we do have is a 7-Day Buy Back Offer, but this is only applicable to select assets that are sold through our Fixed Price service, not Auction. “Pickles eventually refunded some but not all of the money I paid them” If you have been provided a refund, then this has been done as a sign of goodwill by the branch/manager, and not through some specific obligation, as there simply is no such obligation required under legislation or by the T&C’s of sale. “They refused to refund my initial $500 deposit.” Yes, you will forfeit your deposit. This is normal practice when a buyer breaches the T&C’s of sale and reneges on their commitment to proceed with the purchase of an asset bid on and won at Auction. Please consider that by bidding and winning the asset, then reneging on your commitment to purchase, you have prevented other prospective buyers from winning that asset. The asset would then have to re-lotted for another auction incurring delays and additional costs. Ultimately, the forfeit of any deposit is for the purpose of recovering costs incurred when a buyer fails to meet their obligations. "Pickles then incorrectly debited my account AGAIN ..." Please provide details, as if this is the case then we would certainly refund any double-up error. Email me at cx@pickles.com.au. Ultimately, we cannot be held responsible if you have chosen to participate in our Auction or Fixed Price services but have not familiarised yourself with the T&C’s of participation, understood the process(s) by which the auction operates or defined what your responsibilities and obligations are as a buyer. I realise that all of this is unlikely to alleviate the sense of frustration you have had, and for that, I am very sorry. Our objective as a business is to provide a World Class service experience for our Vendors and Buyers, and although we don’t always get it right, for the most part we do provide a valuable and respected service. Regards, Pickles CxAs suspected, you try hide behind all your terms and conditions but fail to address the fact that Pickles Belmore staff well and truly knew the poor mechanical condition of the vehicle all along and acted dishonestly when they tried to strongly dissuade me from conducting a Blue Slip on your premises. Over the phone, Kim at Belmore branch tried at least three times to talk me out of getting the blue slip done, as she knew the blue slip would reveal all manner of severe mechanical issues. This was completely dishonest behavior and forms the crux of my complaint. Ask her directly to confirm her version of events. Who writes your online vehicle descriptions - Pickles, or the owner of the vehicle? Can you honestly say that your staff did not notice the car not being able to even start in Park? If you are so confident in your integrity and 'goodwill', state a simple yes or no to this question clearly in writing here, for all to see. You tried to flog off a lemon of a vehicle in an online auction whereby it would be very difficult for the buyer to carry out all required mechanical inspections in time. In short, I trusted Pickles to act honestly and ethically but was severely deceived, and now you act like withholding money I have paid you in good faith is doing me some kind of favour? I have emailed you my bank transaction records.Hi Jonathon, Thanks for the response. I received your email relating to the potential double-up of invoicing and will investigate and come back to you. In the interim, can you advise the outcome of your bank's investigation? Three questions: 1. Did you inspect the asset prior to participating in the Auction? The pre-inspection is important, as this is your opportunity to determine if the asset is of a quality and condition that meets your expectation. Remembering, you were bidding on a 12yo car (probably with in excess of 100,000kms), so it would be fair to say it will likely have some form of wear and tear and may require some servicing. 2. Did you read the Terms and Conditions PRIOR to registering to bid? We do not hide behind our T&C's. Terms and Conditions are the norm for almost every type of business. They are there to HELP you understand how a business/service operates and defines the obligations of the business and customer so you can make informed decisions about whether to use that business/service or not. Unfortunately, some people simply don't bother to read them, and this is where problems are caused, as they make assumptions based on their experiences or understanding of other businesses. The T&C's are very important from the perspective of understanding that we are NOT a car dealership (this is quite often a mistaken assumption). Therefore, we do not operate or offer the same services as a car dealership. 3. Did you note the Damage Disclaimer at the bottom of the page on the asset (every asset) you were bidding on? It reads clearly: Please Note: This description indicates the motor vehicle has a body appraisal based purely on an external walk around. There may be other damage that is unsighted or mechanical issues that will not be contained in the description and it remains the buyer's responsibility to inspect the motor vehicle and be satisfied with the condition and state of repair. Whilst every effort is made in the preparation of this description, it is a 'guide' only and no guarantee or warranty whatsoever is made as to the accuracy of the information contained within. This is not a 'get out of jail' card. It is there to help you understand what we have provided in the way of condition information, and what your responsibilities are. Once again, I realise that you may consider this all unreasonable, but I'm not sure how much more clearly we can communicate this information. Obviously, we can't force you to read it, but if you participate then you will have agreed to abide by the T&C's. I'll come back to you re my investigation of the invoicing issue. Kind regards, Pickles CX

Very dodgy - they seemingly modify vehicles to improve asset value and saleability

Please see extract of response from Pickles, by review from my husband below:

"Please note that....We sell on behalf of our Vendors (asset owner). We do not service or modify these assets as they are sold in as "as is, where is" condition. We also do not warrant the condition of the assets (vehicles), nor do we undertake mechanical inspections of these assets."

My husband received an email from Pickles that looked like it was for staff and it reads as follows:

Pickles Auctions now has the delegated authority to approve expenditure up to $1500 for the following items:

- keys
- minor mechanical repairs
- cleaning and detailing
- minor exterior touch-up
- safety and worthiness fixes

If Pickles Auctions determines further rectification and refurbishments costs would be required to increase asset value or saleability, they may apply to have costs approved....

Pickles Auctions must manage the asset expenditure to a minimum, only spending money to increase saleability and return where responsible to do so.

Pickles Auctions will manage asset sales to achieve the best possible result for customers....

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Hello Vicky (and Michael), Just wanted to advise you of a few points in relation to your recent post/comments, and of your husband’s original post. Firstly, in our response to Michaels original post, there was an omission on our behalf, of a very important point relating to the statement ‘we do not service or modify these assets…’. It should have included the comment ‘(unless requested to by the Vendor or Buyer). This was an omission and we do apologise for this. It is important to note that, in an effort to gain a better return on their investment, some Vendors (not all) will make improvements on their asset to enhance the assets saleability, e.g. cleaning and detailing, replacing missing or damaged components, minor repairs, roadworthiness inspections, etc.… In some cases (if not done prior) they will engage Pickles to do this work, at their cost. What Michael received from us in error (and what you have subsequently posted as an excerpt in this forum) is actually a copy of a communication from one of our Key Vendors (not Pickles) stating a change in their policy and processes around expenditure approval for these improvements. As the content you have posted is in fact, not that of Pickles Auctions Pty. Limited, is actually not relevant to your transaction, is entirely taken out of context and is in fact the instructions of a Vendor (Banking Corporation), I would respectfully request, given you were not the intended recipient of this email, that you remove this content from your post, as it is both incorrect and misleading in its representation. You are hereby notified that any dissemination or copying of this email and attachment(s) is strictly prohibited. If you would like to discuss this further you may contact me at cx@pickles.com.au. Regards, Pickles Cx

Online bidding

Started bidding for a vehicle online, end time for the auction was 1:00pm. Two minutes Earlier I was out bid and remaining time changed to 3 minutes. I bid again and the remaining time appeared 9 minutes. I was outbidded within next 5 minutes. Now it is way pass 1:00pm. By the time auction finished it was 10 past 1 PM. This is very shonkey and cheap way to run business. I will be reporting this to fair trading soon. I would recommend all victims registering their experiences to fair trading. This is zero star service. They steal petrol, foot mates and for some reason spare wheels are always worn out. ....

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Hi Sam, Thanks for your post and comments. What you have described is actually a feature of our Auction service. Firstly, every PicklesONLINE sale has a scheduled end time. All lots within the sale are scheduled to end at the sale’s end time. However, if there is any late bidding activity against a lot then we will extend the end time for that lot, by 10 minutes. Each additional bid will extend the end time by a further 10 minutes. Bidding closes if there are no additional bids placed within 10 minutes after the final bid, and is after the scheduled end-time. Therefore individual lots within a sale may end later than the sale’s end time – and at different times than each other. Extending a lot's end-time provides all buyers with the opportunity to respond to late bidding activity. It is in place to prevent bid sniping. This is where bidders wait till the very last minute to overbid other buyers. By utilising this process it means all buyers have a fair and reasonable chance to bid on the asset they wish to purchase. As for your other comments. We do not steal petrol, mats or any other parts/accessories. It's actually part of our staff policy, and is punishable by instant dismissal should any staff member be caught removing any items from an asset without the Vendors authorisation. Please understand that (for the most part) we are selling an asset on behalf of a Vendor (car owner) and quite often these cars come to us with little or no petrol and/or missing parts/accessories. These are pre-owned (used) cars and you can expect that tyres will not be brand new, nor batteries etc... We are not a car dealer, so we do not fill the car with petrol, we do not replace any missing parts and we do not repair any pre-existing damage. This is an auction where you are bidding on an asset in its current condition. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the asset is of a quality and condition that you are prepared to accept prior to bidding, understanding that we do not modify, rectify or repair these assets. I hope this makes things a little clearer about the Auction process, and I hope that in future, armed with this knowledge you will find your Pickles experience vastly improved. Regards, Pickles CxThank you for taking time to reply. I bought honda civic years back from pickles auction on site. While inspected the car personally it had fabric Matt's and I clearly noted amount of damge vehicle had. Next day upon collection of the vehicle it was without Mat and had fresh scuff Mark's on rear bumper. I took this to the reception where no interest was shown. If you guys increment online bidding 3 minutes earlier bid with 10 minutes every time that means its unfair . Please mention this clearly on your end time section how it will end. 12 o'clock means 12 o'clock if bidding initial price starts with $5000 how can you justify 9 minutes increment on bid made in last 3 minutes. This is clear breach of business ethics. Due to this reason it is called shonkey practice...Hi again Sam, I understand your scepticism, but as previously mentioned we do not remove items from the assets we sell. Mainly because the asset does not belong to us, we are selling it on behalf of the owner. On rare occasions, the Vendor might remove items if they decide they are not to be sold with the asset. This is usually done well before we market the asset, but can occur after the fact. But as previously mentioned, this is rare. As for the bumps and scrapes, if our staff have caused any damage to an asset whilst in our possession we will make good. It's our policy. In regards to the extended bidding time. I appreciate you think this is not a useful function, but for most of our bidders this is a very fair and valuable feature of our auctions. It simply means all bidders have the opportunity to secure an asset at the price they are prepared to pay. We accommodate late bidders to ensure that those wishing to purchase any asset have the opportunity to do so, it also means the vendor can get the best return on their investment. I accept that this explanation may not be to your liking, but I want you to know that everything we do is always in the best interests of both our vendors and buyers alike. We totally understand that our business relies on both for our survival. Regards, Pickles Cx

Great outcome

Didnt realize that the salvage vehicle that I purchased at auction was advertised as noisy engine, when I went to pick it up the engine was shot.Pickles withdrew the sale and gave me a full refund Amazing service Thankyou

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Hi Ben, Apologies for the very late reply to your post. Just wanted to say thanks for the great 5-star rating and the review. It's greatly appreciated. Glad we could be of assistance and very sorry the asset was not in a condition that met your expectation but happy to hear we (the Vendor) were able to assist in this situation. We look forward to being of service to you again in future. Regards, Pickles Cx

Deception and lying

Pickles lied to me after selling a car with major fault in it. Car Gearbox was gone. When I contacted pickles they said bec i driive the car away from pickles they won’t take it back. In reality I had towed it. When I told them I towed it. Then they said because you serviced the car they won’t take it back. How does that make sense. It sounds to me as if they ripped me off..

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Hi Har, Thanks for posting your review. I'd like to understand a little more about the issue you have described as it's a little unclear what you bought and how. Can you advise: which branch you purchased from; Auction or Fixed Price (PicklesGO); type of sale e.g. General Motor Vehicles, Repossed, Fleet/Lease, Salvage, etc...; Age and mileage of the car. This will help me define our and your responsibilities relating to this purchase. You can either post your response here or email me at cx@pickles.com.au Regards, Pickles Cx

Pickles Auction is Terrible to deal with.

Hi guys,

be very cautious when buying from pickles auction as I got very bad experience today. so below is my experience describe. I am from Sydney.

I purchase Toyota Kluger from Pickles Sunshine Branch. bought it on online auction. Made full payment same day they received payment next day. Send someone to Melbourne from Sydney to pick up the vehicle. while picking up found out things are missing from the car and wasn't describe on report. they gave us 2 choice.
1. they will refund full money including deposit.
2. or they can give me credit of $300.

where I accepted option 1 and they asked to send email to Person called Alexander Silver account manager. and Email was sent on the same moment to Alexander. since then they didn't return the money to my account and keep telling me they have done the transfer this morning. since one week they are saying same thing.

now today they said the missing parts they have ordered from wreaker and I have to purchase the car. if I don't purchase the car then they will not pay me my $1000 deposit. I have already loose the money since I have send someone to pickup the car and person come back urgently by Air. I told them they have to pay my lose of $1000 instead.

Please Guys never trust this Doggy company where the commit on something and not deliver. they think people are Idot.

My contact number is 0430505346.

Kind Regards,

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Hi A Ray, Apologies for the inconvenience caused you. It would seem there was a communication breakdown during this process and for that, I would like to apologise. I understand however that this has now been sorted for you and that you have been provided with a full refund. It is our objective to ensure all customers have nothing but a brilliant experience when they use our service and it would seem that on this occasion we have not met your, or our expectations. For this, I apologise, and can only hope that this poor experience does not deter you from using our service again in the future. Regards, Pickles CX

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Hi, I bought a caravan from Pickles. When it was delivered the gas bottles were missing. They were in the auction photos. When I rang Pickles up they told me they are not allowed to sell gas bottles. They were specific gas bottles for the caravan so the special cover goes over them. I want the gas bottles returned. Regards Helen
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Hi Helen, I'd like to look into this for you. Can you please provide me with a copy of your invoice and any additional details so I can follow this up with the branch. You can email me at cx@pickles.com.au Regards, Pickles Cx

Bought a bike from pickles in Melbourne, done a ppsr and it states it still has money owing on it. It’s been 10 days since the contract was settled. Also being the first time buyer, I’m not sure where I stand. Do they have x amount of time to pay or it’s up to me?
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I would say you should contact them, as they can play very smart, without you fully understanding the auction terms, it can be laid upon you, but give them call they should preety much tell whats on with it.Hi Dnk, Please provide as much detail about the asset and transaction as possible, a copy of your invoice will suffice. You can email me at cx@pickles.com.au and I will look into this for you. Regards, Pickles CxHi Dnk, Thanks for providing the information I needed. As per our email conversation, the vendor did not make us aware that there was an encumbrance on the asset at time of listing for Auction (which is their obligation), subsequently, they have rectified this. Therefore I can advise that there is clear title on this asset. We do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and can advise that we reinforced with this Vendor their obligations under the terms and conditions of sale. Kind regards, Pickles Cx

What are your daily storage fees for cars that are being auctioned?
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No idea broHi Melbrev, Apologies for the late reply. In response to your question: There are no applicable storage fees for assets (cars) that are being auctioned. Storage fees are only applicable once an asset (car) is sold (purchased) and has not been collected within the required time-frame. If you bid and win an asset at auction then you will pay a deposit on the spot. The balance of payment is then due within 24 hours. Once the balance of payment is received you will then have 2 days (48 hours) to arrange for collection of the asset. If the asset is not collected within that 24 hour period then a daily storage fee becomes applicable. That fee is charged at $66.00 per day. I hope that answer was helpful. If you'd like to know more then you can visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section of our website, located at https://www.pickles.com.au/about/frequently-asked-questions Kind regards, Pickles CxI had my car repossed and sent to pickles for auction, it never sold, so I've paid the overdue and am picking it up. I was told I'd have to pay for storage costs plus gst if they are applicable. So there are no storage fees?

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