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American Express Platinum Edge

American Express Platinum Edge

2.5 from 53 reviews

Amex is totally a joke!!!

For all existing cardholders that are saving up the points to transfer to one of the airlines program, you guys are about to get ripped off big time! Effectively your points will get halved, this is so unfair from amex. Dont mind they change the points system after 14 Apr. but it is so unfair for all points that are already earn that will get affected. Totally stupid.

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So far so good

I have been using Amex Platinum Edge for a couple of years. Paid the annual fee but I got it back through the $200 travel credit that I can use for my trip bookings (flights or cars or accommodation). I like using Amex as it gives point rewards and we get triple points for groceries shopping. Amex also has special offers from various stores, but sometimes some stores still do not accept Amex cards or will charge a % surcharge if I paid by Amex card.

Less than useless in an emergency overseas. Harrassing phonecalls every 2 minutes. Negative 5 stars.

I recently went to Thailand to undergo hernia surgery (long story). I was slated to be there for a month in order to recover before returning to work in Australia.
So pretty much my first day in Bangkok, the ATM ate my Westpac debit card, my main card. Ever tried dealing with a Thai bank to get a card back? Language problems, and the legendary Thai ability to not really care about foreigners, all put into the too hard basket.
Not to worry, I'd grown up at a time when Amex services were legendary. My Dad had wonderful stories about Amex going the distance, and I'd seen firsthand how friends with Amex cards while I was travelling in South America in the 1980s were treated like gold when they had issues. Above and beyond. The local office could never do enough to help, even when it was beyond the scope of their responsibility.
So I had no problem signing up for Amex to use as an emergency card while traveling, even though almost nobody accepts them, particularly in Asia. The benefits, I thought, would be worth it.
So without a Thai SIM card, and no money to get one, I borrowed a phone and called Amex to discuss options. I'd tried a bunch of ATMs which showed the Amex logo for cash withdrawals. Declined. Contact card issuer. OK. I'd transferred thousands onto the card, shouldn't have been a problem.
Anyway, I finally got through to somebody, who advised me to try again, cash withdrawal should be fine.
I tried again several times, no go.
Then I had to go to the hospital. Luckily, they accepted Amex (with the obligatory extra percentage to cover Amex's shafting of all merchants - delayed payment, added overheads to them to accept the card etc.). For a procedure that cost me around AU$7000 or so, percentage adds up, in combination with the low exchange rate I was getting for Thai Baht, my budget blew out.
I could barely walk, and was in too much pain to really enjoy getting the runaround.
And I still had no cash. No food, no phone. I could still internet bank via WIFI, but because I'd canceled my Westpac card and had another one issued with a different number (which I didn't know), I had some issues transferring money to the Amex. My accommodation was fully paid up, but that was it.
Borrowed a phone a few more times, contacted Amex, was given misinformation again, finally transferred to Amex Australia, after the transfer was botched several times, only to be told that I would be unable to do a cash withdrawal. Somehow, they apparently canceled all cash advances off Amex cards internationally, despite banks like Bangkok Bank and a number of others showing Amex cash advance facilities. Even foreign supermarkets like Tesco Lotus which showed Amex logos on their doors and website wouldn't accept the card to buy groceries.
Can I come into an office and find a solution? No.
Is there any way you can assist me in this crisis? No.
Any advice? No.
Treated like an idiot for even suggesting that cash advance is an actual service they used to provide.
The only places that accept Amex in Thailand are typically double the price of the place next door which doesn't take the card.
On a very tight budget, I had to buy food at restaurants generally four stars and above. My very limited reserves were dwindling. In a country where you can grab a good meal of street food for coins, I was spending $30 for lunch.
I made it through. My marriage didn't.
Back in Australia, because I'd blown out my finances, I missed a payment. I'm good for it, it's coming.
I work 12-14 hour shifts in the mining industry as a contractor. No work, no pay. Highly fatiguing, potentially a very dangerous job.
I finished a night shift at 6am this morning. I had to leave my phone on for a family emergency. Just after I nodded off, I get a phonecall which woke me up. Nobody there.
I slip away again, and just manage to doze off when the phone rings again. Nobody there.
Over the next 3 hours I get call after call. Eventually, there is somebody there (a Filipino call center).
I explained that I am a shift worker. I need my beauty sleep so I don't ruin $200 million worth of plant and take out half my crew due to ineffective fatigue management. I hang up.
They keep calling. I keep hanging up. I turned off my phone, and missed the family emergency.
In the end, I had to call management to say that I can't come in because I'm fried and can't get back to sleep. This always goes down well, especially when we are short crewed anyway. Everyone has to work harder, production targets may not be met, my name is mud, and I lose a day's pay worth roughly three times the amount that they want me to pay.
Many thanks American Express.
If I could give this company a negative star rating, I would.
If I could dump a container load of angry bees into their shiny corporate HQ lobby, I would.
As soon as I possibly can, I'll be closing this card with extreme prejudice.

The Best Card for Grocery Shopping at Coles, Woolworths and IGA

If one regularly shops and spends lots of money at Coles, Woolworths or IGA, then the Platinum Edge card is a must have as - at 3 points per dollar spent - one effectively gets a tax-free 3% bonus on all purchases. This is also the case for buying alcohol at liquor stores attached to Woolworths and IGA, but not for purchases from Coles Liquorland.

Before applying for this card, check out the possible Bonus points offers at Points Hack or the referral links at the Australian Frequent Flyer site, where one can pick up bonus points of anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 points. I value the points at about one cent per point, though when converted to other airlines' points and used for upgrades, other people value them much higher.

The card costs $199 a year, though if you get it through say a professional association, it only costs $149 a year.

There is an annual $200 Travel Credit - if one joins the Ascent scheme - which can be applied to flights, hotel accommodation or activities/excursions listed at the Amex travel site. One warning though - last year I was trying to book a hotel in Bangkok for a night, and it was full price at the Amex site, whereas it was $100 cheaper at Booking.com. Then I noticed that there were no specials at all on the Amex site. Puzzled I got the site up in another browser, and then all the lower price specials were there, similar to the Booking.com site, and I then booked the room using the Travel credit. Beats me why my browser wasn't showing the sale prices.

One gets three options with the Amex Member Rewards (MR) points
a. Keep them as Amex MR points, or
b. Transfer them to Qantas points and forego the Travel Credit, or
c. Join the Ascent Scheme, get the Travel Credit, and transfer them to other airlines, the most popular probably being Virgin Velocity points, who regularly have 15% bonuses on transfers.

If one wishes to fly with the points, one will probably transfer them to Qantas, Virgin or other airlines. But if one wishes to use them for hotel accommodation, they are much better value kept as Amex points (worth a cent a point), than transferring them to Qantas or Virgin and then trying to buy hotel accommodation with their respective points (worth 0.5 to 0.65 cents a point).

The complimentary Travel Insurance offered with the card is somewhat annoying to me. It requires the flights to be purchased on the card - which can be a big spend on the card, not to mention associated surcharges for using Amex - whereas many other cards only require spending only $500 or $1000 on the trip (CBA cards require zero spend). But more annoying, when I tried to pay for pre-existing conditions, the insurer Chubb rejected me for the same conditions that other insurers like Allianz had accepted me and my additional payment. So one has to be healthier to use the complimentary Travel Insurance. Still, the Travel Insurance offered by this card is extremely better value than buying it outright from the same company.


UPDATE: Unfortunately, from 15 April 2019, American Express are devaluing their points redemption value. For example, if one had 20,000 Member Rewards points, they could be converted to 20,000 Virgin Velocity points or buy $200 worth of a hotel room hire at their site. From 15 April, they can only get converted to 10,000 Velocity points or buy $100 worth of hotel room hire.

This still leaves the Platinum Edge card earning more points of value on grocery shopping than any other card I know - but the very generous times are gone.

Customer Service
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Application Process
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Customer Service is Appalling and Arrogant.

Go down to Woolies last Wednesday to get a carton of cigarettes and my Amex Card is declined 3 times. Not very embarrassing at all. Lucky I had a Visa Card as well. Get home and log into my Amex Account and it says it has been suspended. So I call them to find out why. She says they have received a negative credit report on me from a place I never heard of called Equifax and I need to contact them. She gives me a number to call. Has given me the wrong number. Call back and of course because they are in the Eastern States they are closed. Fuming by this point. Get up early on Thursday and ring again, this time the credit section of Amex. I ask the guy how they can do this without even notifying me first of all, second I have never defaulted on a payment to them or anyone else in my life and third I pay the balance off my Amex in full every month. Starts going on about how great this is but can't do anything about it as this is there policy, I have to get it cleared with Equifax. Ring Equifax, they can not tell me anything over the phone I have to order a credit report, pay $79 to receive it in 1 business day or wait up to 90 days for the free one. So I want to know wth is going on and pay. Next morning get the report and some electronics equipment rental place in the eastern states who again I have never heard of, has me in serious default with them and so they have for what ever reason listed me and sent it in. Ring Equifax. I can ring this place and try and get it sorted and if they agree it is not me, have them correct it and I could have a cleared credit report in 5 business days or lodge it with them and they will investigate will take 30 business days. Ring myself. Turns out different middle name and address in Melbourne, I am in Perth but I cop it anyway. They did believe it wasn't me and said they would send the correction that day. Meanwhile I still have to wait 5 business days for a cleared credit report then send to Amex before they unsuspend my card. How the hell in this day and age can it take 5 business days for a click of a button. Ring Amex and go off and told I am such a valuable customer but still will do nothing until they receive the report. Just for a laugh to see if they have maybe done anything in less than 5 days log into my account but no of course my card is still suspended but then up flashes for the third time (have also received in the mail) an invitation to increase my credit limit. Hahahahaha what a bloody joke this lot are. Seriously considering just ditching them altogether now. Just a bloody joke how this can be done to you without anyone even bothering to contact you from any of these companies before they go ahead and ruin your credit rating when it is not even you that is at fault. After reading the overwhelmingly negative reviews and awful experiences so many people have had with this Equifax I am now going to contact the Ombudsman about both them and American Express. Surely there has to be something that can be done about this.

So today March 1, after years of being with American Express I have cancelled my card and account with them and will never return. After doing all the running around to sort this out, I am told today by Equifax that this mistake has been cleared up by the company that listed me as being in default, but only after requesting to speak to a supervisor as she originally tried to tell me they had received nothing, but I had to pay another $80 to receive a cleared report in 1 business day or wait 10 days for a free one. Why? When I had just paid $80 to receive one simply to find out who it was that had listed me as being in defaut so I could get that sorted. Rang American Express to see if they could help me and check to see that I was in fact in the clear and it was a mistake and lift the suspension but no can't do that I have to send the report when I get it. Unbelieveable, so I have paid the balance and cancelled the card. Did ask about a refund for the annual fee of $195 which I have just paid, 34 days ago but again no it has been more than 30 days. This would have to be the worst institution in the world as far as how they treat their customers. If you are considering having any type of account with American Express please don't or think very very seriously before you go ahead.

Appalling customer service that leaves you stranded

I recently closed my Amex account after 12 loyal years. I had a large purchase to make and “overpaid” my credit card to cover the funds. Yes - I wanted the points and purchase protection offered by Amex.

To my dismay this caused no end of heartache. My account was frozen due to being seen as a credit risk. Customer service could only help between 9-5pm AEST Monday to Friday regardless of where I was calling from.

I requested that my direct debits be processed as usual to which Amex blatantly refused.

After multiple phone calls I was advised that my Amex card would remain frozen until my next credit card cycle.

Was I notified of the account freeze? Absolutely not and instead faced the embarrassment of a bounced card at a restaurant amongst friends.

No apologies, no attempt to negotiate. Arrogant and disgraceful despite an excellent credit history for 12 years. They made a handsome profit from my annual card fees and commission from all the merchants I shopped over the years.

Don’t be fooled by the lure of their points scheme. There is no international support when you need it most.


We purchased our return tickets with a Platinum Amex card prior to leaving Australia. A little while into our trip, we decided to cancel our refundable tickets home and purchase new tickets with a different airline as we could get a better deal. On contacting Chubb Insurance who underwrite the card, we were told that our travel insurance would be voided because in the event of a claim, the original return ticket would not be used. This seems very slippery to be for a $1200/ annum card. We plan to cancel it.

Poor rewards

Travel prices are hiked.
No more free flights.
Travel team are rude and condescending.

All my mates and i are now switching to westpac which offers more.

Worst Customer Service I've Ever Come Across!

The travel department are rude and condescending to their customers. They will also happily hang the phone up on their customers midway through a call when you're politely explaining why you're not impressed by the way they are talking to you.
When you later call the complaints department, the team there will put you on hold for 20mins till you hear a voice on the line say "the people you are calling have evacuated the building, please call back next time"; or they'll inform you that a manager will call you back in which they never will! Never been treated so poorly by a company before! Absolutely Appalling!!

Overpriced, $200 travel voucher useless, can't use in most SA stores, terrible resolution of fraudul

I was a big fan 20 years ago. The $200 yearly fee was offset by the free flights. The (up to 5%) extra charge for using AMEX meant you had to have two credit cards, check the store mark-up, and check if the store even accepted AMEX in South Australia. Then decide which card to use. Fortunately we didn't ever have to use the bonus warranty, as the reviews indicate that AMEX wont honour it. We did try to use our AMEX travel insurance a few years ago, they refused, and we had to initiate a claim through the smalls claim court to resolve it. All found in our favour. I should have cancelled there and then. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer and had other priorities. Credit where it's due, they gave us some flexibility in redeeming our flight and extended the use by date. After lots of to and froing.
I made phone calls, and had lengthy emails with the Royal Australian College of GPs so my membership at RACGP would not be renewed. I had cancelled my medical registration and wasn't even eligible to be a member. Through an oversight the RACGP still processed my fee. I sought reversal as a fraudulent transaction. Sent copies of all emails and AHPRA emails, including confirmation from RACGP that I would not be charged. AMEX found in favour of the fraud, with no further information from me. They based their decision on a tax receipt, printed by RACGP. The credit card they withdrew from had been cancelled fifteen months earlier. So AMEX charged my new account. RACGP refunded the money, to AMEX the next day, after forcing me to again threaten legal action. I contacted AMEX to complain and prove the transaction was fraudulent. Two months and no contact.
I decided to use my travel voucher, which has replaced the free flights ($200) and then cancel my membership. Difficult to book, and must pay AMEX's rates. Online, and direct hotel $119 per night. AMEX rate $192 per night. I'll just use it for one night. My friend is travelling here from Perth to say our last farewell as I have very few days left. Do not use AMEX platinum. You've been warned by a doctor who was a Pride of Australia Award finalist for care and compassion. Not that it makes my opinion more important, but I hope it adds to my credibility. Make the most of your lives. Practice love, kindness, compassion and friendship. Make the most of every day, and hope you earn good karma.
Don't be foolish enough to ignore everyone's bad press on AMEX.

Great Card, Great points and conversion rate BUT travel credit is big WASTE and BAIT!!!

I love Amex and always wanted to have one, don't know why but always did. Finally in 20174 got approved for Amex platinum edge card;
Straight to the numbers:

 3 points per $ on major supermarkets, so if you spend roughly $200 on groceries then $10400 spend over 52 weeks gives you 31200 points;
 2 points per $ on fuel purchase, so if you fill up $50 a week $2600 spend over 52 weeks gives you 5200 points;
 1 point per $ everywhere else, so considering your petty expenses are about $50 a week $2600 spend over 52 weeks gives you 2600 points;

CATCH: 0.5 points per $ on utilities and government expenses such as council rates and or ATO bills etc, so here is the catch: If you use your card straight then you will earn at a rate of 0.5 per $ HOWEVER if you can find a way around it such as using PayPal for any of your provider who accept PayPal then the earn rate becomes 1 point per $ as PayPal is recognised as a general retailer and I am lucky enough to have PayPal for most of the retailers and utilities except a few so considering your spend in this category is roughly $500 a month then your spend over 12 months is $6000 and doing a 50/50 spread gives your $3000 @ 1 point 3000 points and remaining 3000 @ 0.5 per $ gives you 1500 points;

INSURANCE: You and your family will get Complimentary travel insurances if you buy a return ticket on your card and that is a saving of roughly $200-$300 if you take out this insurances separately through the same provider so that and above kind of balances out the annual fee of $195 making it a worth to have card;
 Other insurances such as extended warranty by 12 months, purchase protection and price guarantee. My favourite is extended warranty.

 Amex is again a real winner here as 13500 points will give you $100 groceries card and the same can be picked up for 18900 points with Citibank or 20000 points at HSBC.

 Overseas Travel Insurance, Extended Warranty, Purchase protection & price guarantee.
Summary of points
All spending 43500 points all for a spend of $19000 pretty good deal here
BEST PART: Conversion rate: For all major airlines you pretty much get 1=1 conversion rate that is missing in almost all major card providers but Amex, so here this is a pretty damn good deal to get your 43500 points taken to 9 airlines including Singapore, Emirates, Malaysian, Cathay Pacific, Thai etc...
 Not accepted at few places so always recommended to have a similar grade platinum card from Visa or Master, try Bankwest Zero Platinum that gives you similar insurances and features but no points but it comes handy for a purchase that you may consider extended warranty for and the seller is denying Amex else keep swiping your Amex. Also to consider here would be HSBC Platinum that refunds your annual fee if you have spent $6000 in one financial year, this can be easily achieved by purchasing your annual travel expenses and or sellers where Amex is still a fear factor! HSBC Platinum has a slight edge here over other Platinum card as it also gives you 1 point per $ and also provide you all the travel and other insurances like Amex does so I went for this one.

TRAVEL CREDIT $200 this one is full load of crap as I searched a flight for Melbourne – New Delhi return 01/11/2017-30/11/2017 and Amex shows $747 per person to be the cheapest with Malaysian Airlines and same dates are shown @ $624 per person on SkyScanner; So I personally think this one is a false advert or a camouflage as an add on that virtually doesn’t exist in fact it might sting you with a higher fare in the illusion of utilising that free credit as you can only use it on travel such as flights hotels etc.. My advice is steer away from this one and don’t buy flights to use the travel credit but instead use it for hire car, hotels or attractions, etc.

Overall Amex is a great card to be in your wallet for all these benefits but don’t forget it to accompany it with a Visa or a Master card for that cheeky Seller you may come across giving you stupid reasons that it is expensive to have Amex coz that’s whole lot or crap as Amex supports small businesses and does a lot of free marketing for them that brings business so it should offset it for the seller but that’s my opinion and it could be wrong.
My pair is Amex Platinum Edge with HSBC Platinum as both of these cards have same features when it comes to peace of mind while I travel and buy things that need extended warranty, price guarantee or purchase protection. As all other cards HSBC too has a poor conversion rate.

If you want to get this card I have received a special invite link as generally Amex approvals are pretty hard to get as I got refused twice in the past but finally got done this year, here is the link, please let me know if you get approved:

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Just wanted to add my recent experience while booking international travel that Amex does have a tendency of showing you inflated prices as compared to other sites however at this particular ocassion I noticed that the MEL-SIN-DEL-MEL Flight 2 pax + 1 infant was $2197 with Amex and $90 cheaper at other sites however at the checkout screen these other sites had booking fees and card fees that actually came at par with Amex Travel. So i used Amex travel that also allowed me to use $200 credit and I had 40000 points sitting there that converted to $400 so I used $600 in total and paid $1597 for the flight. Topped up with complimentary travel insurance worth approx $2-$300 I guess Amex own my heart :) Super happy and the points are just stacking so quickly and never expire.

changing the partner airline points

Recently have received a letter stating the transferring amex points to frequent flyer points will change as of the 15 April 2019. So with all the points you will accrue after this date they will half what you can transfer> I prefer Velocity Frequent Flyer, I so now its 2 amex point will get me 1 velocity point. blah. I would always use my amex card all the time to earn points but now I just dont think this card is worth it. First they took away the annual return domestic flight and now this. Make sure when you do use your annual $200 travel credi t you have to use it all at once and not just part of it or you will lose the balance. Very disappointing. They try and tell you that your going to earn 1 extra point of fuel and overseas spend but really it aint much compared to how much we spend on groceries. Why would we want to spend heaps to only get half the reward?

Customer Service
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Application Process
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

From Good to Bad and Worthless

Your $200 replacement to cut cost is a cheap reflection of AE. The application of the $200 credit is too restrictive I will not renew my membership for sure.

Amex platinum edge was good but is now a rip off

I was sucked in with the complimentary flight. Not a bad deal to compensate for thr high fees. Etc.. I also recomended the card to others. I now regret this now the complimentary flight wil be taken away and replaced with a pathetic $200 credit. This credit can only be spent on the Amex travel site that is over priced and only has full flight fare and expensive accomodation options. The card is now no better than anything else out there so take your business elsewhere is my recommendation.

Good value until 30/03/2017 when annual complimentary flight gets taken away

Intending customers beware ! Amex will reduce the complimentary flight benefit to a mere $200 travel credit p.a. Having been a customer for more than 25 years, I find this very disappointing. $200 doesn't get very far. In addition the membership fee is quite high. Will have to take my business elsewhere.

Engine Failure on Free Flight Offer

Note that several of the reviews below are positive based largely on the free flight offer. And up until now I would have agreed with them. But things have changed. The free flight offer has been withdrawn and replaced with a $200 credit. One reviewer notes his flight would have been $700, so his benefit is now effectively reduced by $500. Another that a flight would have $600, a benefit that is now reduced by 67%. And I've just priced (via Amex travel) my next booked free flight (yet to be taken) at $318, so with the new system I'd be $118 out of pocket. What was a reasonable offset for an expensive card fee has now been arbitrarily, without discussion, and with a very short lead time, removed. You may want to think again about applying for this card.

Also I had another issue earlier this year and received very unsatisfactory service. I moved to Amex because they had an email facility for customer service. But on this last issue they simply insisted (via email) that I call to receive an answer. The number supplied was the same number I'd unsuccessfully used before, hence the email :) It would appear that the customer service system has the wobbles as well.

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Ah yes, above post written by me just after customers were informed that they had until March to redeem flights under the existing system. My first opportunity to do so was today and guess what? No flights available to Hobart for the Boat Show! A window of opportunity rapidly becoming a peephole that will shortly be closed altogether. When is a free flight not a free flight :) The game continues....


Have been a customer for 13 years and have always been really happy with AMEX. Over the last few months have noticed that the service is not what it used to be and I was surprised that they are now using call centres in the Phillipines. Lost my prescription reading glasses about 4 weeks after I bought them. For the first time, I claimed using the Purchase Protection insurance. The AMEX insurer is Chubb. I received a phone call from them acknowledging the claim and they wanted to know if I had Home & Contents insurance and the company it was with. Prior to giving out any information, I questioned them why, and I was told that if Chubb approves the claim, then they approach my insurer to recover some of the money that they have paid out. I was not very happy, told them so, and did not give them any information.

A week later, I received another phone call, from the assessor who spoke down to me, as if I could not understand English. (I work in Finance). He explained that it is industry practice to pay these claims and then follow-up with the H & C insurance for recovery of the money paid out. This is absolutely ridiculous . My friend made a claim with an ANZ card and their insurer is QBE. There was no excess and there was no claim against their home insurer. I have again written to AMEX about this matter and am still waiting on a response. When I rang AMEX and asked to speak to a senior manager who handles the outsourcing of their insurance I was told I would have to put that request in writing otherwise a call would not be returned. Overall, very disappointing of a brand that was held in high regard.

Great Value for money if you know how to use it. Great Customer service from Amex.

Just love this card. For many years now I have used this card and felt it necessary to compliment American express for this wonderful product and customer service. The domestic flight itself is great value in itself and you recover the cost of the annual fee in that flight. This year as always we paid our airfares to USA AND CRUISE on this card because we get complimentary Travel Insurance and unfortunately had to cancel our plans due to the family illness.
Since we had already finalized our travel plans and paid in full we were charged hefty fees by the airlines and cruise company. We lodged the claim with the Ace Insurance (Complimentary Insurance that was provided with the card). with all the medical certificated etc.Also since we had paid the whole amounts (which I found out later only as I hadn't read the conditions completely) we were able to get all our lost money back. The whole process took less than three weeks and the money was deposited in our account.

All I can say is thank you to American express at this difficult time to have provided with great customer service and this great card. I continue to spend on it lol.

Business card that you can't actually use for Business

I was sold in the idea of a Platinum Business Card - to help my small business manage cash flow. they even sent me a remote controlled Ferrari - with no remote.

After a long and convoluted application process to get the card +$1,500 in annual fees, I finally got my card... with a $6,000 limit!!!! Mind you, I only found out the limit was $6,000 when I went to put a transaction through - it was very embarrassing.

At no stage in the application process did they tell me there was a limit that would be applied - let alone suggest that it would be as pathetic as $6,000 - 1/4 of the fee I am paying for the frigging card in the first place. This is no way helps my cash flow, I went to ANZ and got a Business banking credit card straight away with a limit of $20,000.

Unprofessional process, no transparency, lack of understanding of SME's and their needs. Exorbitant fees for not much return.

Minimal Cover Travel Insurance - ask questions and read the fine print before travelling

I used my card to book a hire car at Seattle, the Amex travel insurance did not cover the hire car loss of personal items, notebook , travel documents and passport which was broken in to later . The Amex Travel Insurance cover does not activate unless you buy your air, train or bus ticket with your Platinum Card. You must keep all records and itinerary for claims. The Amex ACE travel insurance is value to a point, but does not cover any collision damage waiver claims whatsoever so is near useless for car rentals. I used another business card to cover the Air Ticket so l could not make a claim. I have checked with all the Australian banks, the best card for travel is the National Australia Bank Platinum Visa Card, it covers all travel insurance and the rental car waivers as required as long as the value of the air, bus or travel ticket exceeds $500.00 and is purchased with the NAB PIatinum Visa Card. Check with National Australia Bank for their travel insurance conditions, I think you will get the best travel insurance value with National Australia Bank Platinum Visa Card.

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