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Andrew's Home Services

Andrew's Home Services

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Incompetent and Un-Remorseful

Prompt initial attenadance but technician made a rookie error in not closing off the circuit by simply not capping two exposed telephone wires leaving us with no internet. Telstra technician diagnosed the problem but Andrews couldn’t attend to fix their stuff up for days, so I got someone else in. No refund and worst of all no empathy, acceptance of responsibility, remorse or apology. I’ve since heard more stories of woe with this mob, use Paul of Jim’s Antennas instead, very professional.


I got them out to get my new aerial that we put up, working. No he says, that's a crap one. Next minute hes got a new one of theirs on there, without asking if I wanted to go ahead. Also needing all the bells and whistles as well. So the job I was expecting $150. Turned into $510. Definitely will never recommend.

I was lied to & ripped off

I snicked an outdour extension cord using the hedge trimmer on Easter Sunday and the power went out to 3/4 of my house. Had to wait until Tuesday for an electrician. [name removed] from Andrews Home Services turned up. He told me the extension cord could not be repaired, which I had my doubts about and he would get rid of it for me. I heard him say twice to his apprentice "make sure you put that cord in the car". Hmmm?
I asked [name removed] to replace 2 light covers which I supplied and asked for a wired in fire detector while he was on site. I didn't get the fire detector I asked for. I did get the power back but was told not to use the kettle and toaster at the same time and was charged $350. When I questioned the price he gave me lies. More lies followed when he told me he would need to come back to replace old style fuses in the meter box and do the fire detector at a cost of $600-$1000. After he left I rang the office to explain my concern and I was laughed at. So later that day I emailed to ask for my extension cord back and to cancel any further work. It took 3 more emails tho get the cord returned.
I contacted another company and had the fire detector installed and was told all I needed in the meter box were the new style plug in fuse switches which I bought at Bunnings and did myself at a cost of $36.
The reason [name removed] told me not to use the kettle and toaster together was because all he did was put an old 8amp fuse in a 10 amp slot. Totally ripped off!!!

TV Antenna Technician lied and all of them rude and arrogant

I had TV Antennas Australia (trading as Andrew's Home Services) mount a TV and install an antenna in my rental property for my tenant on Friday 9/2/18. He “checked” the reception and I told him I wanted it installed in the ceiling not on a the actual roof. He tried to talk me out of it because it was easier, I stood my ground and paid him over the phone with my credit card. They had to come back Thursday 15/2/18 because of bad reception. The installer told me I need to install it on the roof and I had to repeat it at least 15 times I didn’t want it on the roof and I paid for a working antenna in the ceiling, after a lengthy discussion he said it would check the cables and move it around but that it should be installed on the roof, to which I replied I was not having this discussion again. Rang the office and was told the owner\manager would not be in the office until tomorrow, explained again the issue and got an attitude and “the technician is a star” and it need to go on the roof. Again I said that is not what I paid for and if it wasn’t going to work in the ceiling they shouldn’t have taken my money. Then I suddenly get told that the manager “has just walked in” and would call me back and hung up without taking my number.

Manager rang me after getting my number from the tenant, same merry go round. Repeated myself again, this time the manager accused me of lying about wanting it installed in the ceiling to which I replied that you how could I be lying if it’s installed in the ceiling, it’s not like I got on the roof and took it down and put it in the ceiling myself. I then repeated that if they could not install it as required to refund me the antenna costs as they have not install what I wanted and I would get it done by someone who could. He refused and said they were trying to give me a solution again which is other that what I actually bought! I advised I would report this to Consumer Protection which I have. BE CAREFUL, promise you they can do what you want and then deliver what they want!

New antenna

I called on the Friday arvo, booked in for the following day, AL arrived on time and fitted a new antenna, will probably use them again to wall mount our TV’s. Professional, maybe not the cheapest around but you get what you pay for nowadays. I’m confident our antenna will last the distance.

Good service good guys goodprice

Rang and asked then the replace my antenna and it was all bent out of shape and the tv was playing in. Dan came out the next day and did a fantastic job. Wife happy now she can watch neighbours. And they gave me a pensioners discount.

Rip off!! Do not hire!

1 person to install 3 power points. 2hr job = $750 I am still in shock! Find someone else!! Wish I'd read these reviews before my husband hired him!

Definitely a dodge job

His attitude was terrible not to mention arriving 2hrs late. Quote was double what others wanted. Would not recommend. Shop around for an honest tradesman.


I had got a phone quote for $220- $240 for a job consisting of installing a Chandelier and 2 pendant lights. When technician came he didn't have the required part and asked to come back on Monday to finish the job, I said OK , then he asked me to pay $100 for the 20mn , I said I was given a quote for the job and not a charge per hour, plus not my fault he didn't have the required material. I said I will pay the amount when he finishes the job on Monday.
He got angry , threatened to cut off my power, would not leave when I asked him to , and banged the door with his ladder , broke, after verbally abusing me.
I am shocked of such aggressive unacceptable behavior
I feel traumatized and insulted

Most expensive electrician I ever seen. Ripping off

Highly NOT recommend to use them, Incapability of service and guy gave me a quite $140 to do a job at the end asked about $750 and he scared me too. He said that my house goes on fire soon. I did not like his job.

good service, reasonable price,

neat and tidy, price reasonable they cancelled on me but it was the weathers fault. came out next day when it was dry and replaced my ariel. all good

Highly NOT recommend to use them, Incapability of service and irresponsible post-service response

A simple phone cable problem which could not be solved by their visit. The service charged me $99 with giving an incorrect diagnosis and nothing was done. Had to call in another technician who had solved the cabling in few minutes. I would really doubt the capability of their cabling technicians. Tried to get refund for their failed service, but their response is very irresponsible. Should have looked this website if I was smarter.

Would have been cheaper to have a lawyer do the job

Called this service in response to an ad in the local paper. I knew what the fault was, a dodgy wire behind a fuse. Guy arrived about 2 hours late and replaced the wire. Took 10min. Tried to talk me into a new fuse box and then a re-wire. Then gave me a bill for $164. I was ill suffering the flu otherwise I may have argued. Lesson learnt, should have looked on this site first.
This business is called TV Antennas Trading as Andrews Home Service.

Not recommend to use them! Bad service!

Wish I had found this webpage before. Called for a quote for my aunty's air condition as it is not cold anymore. A guy came and checked and told her that she needs an air cond as her Fujitsu (10 years old) is not worth repairing. New one plus installation will cost $2400. After removing and installing the new air cond, they left loose bricks and big holes on the wall. Told my aunty that is not their problems as it was there before from previous installation. They said they are electrician and not brickie so must ring office for another quote to fix the problem. Would not recommend using them again.

Tv Antenna Technician lied to me and tried to con me.

I asked Tv Antennas Australia (trading as Andrew's Home Services) to come and look at the problem with my TV aerial as I wasn't getting all the channels properly. A technician - [name removed] came out to review the situation and give me a quote. He checked the cable through the back of the TV and checked the cable from the wall output with his meter and had a look from the ground at my antennae and said that I didn't have enough reception and that I needed a new antenna because the old one is bent. Well, as I'm renting I had to go through the landlord and they sent a different company out. The technician from a different company said that there is nothing wrong with the antenna and that having a bent antenna wouldn't be the problem. He said he's seen antenna's hanging off the roof that work well. All I needed was to replace the ends of the TV cable and then it worked perfectly. I can't believe [name removed] lied like that just so that he could earn more money by installing a new antenna. What a con. He's giving Andrew's Home Services a bad reputation.

Don't Bother

Explained oven door hinges didn't fit previously and could they repair the door, fitted new hinge and still not closing properly but still charged me for a job that hasn't been fixed!!!! And aren't prepared to rectify the problem.

Great Service, good price and very professional

Had a power cut and couldn't get the power back on. they were out within 2 hours , fixed me all up and charged about half what GA Perry wanted to charge. this is the second time I've use them and would definitely recommend.

Clearly too busy to trouble themselves with your silly request

Took unpaid leave to be home to meet the technician who was going to restore my Internet and TV connection. The arrangement was for the technician to arrive between 4 and 6pm - I rang at 5.30 to ensure that everything was on track. Advised that technician was only halfway through a job about 1.25 Hrs away and probably wouldn't make it. But reassuringly, he could be there in two days time without additional charge. This is the second time I've had this experience. My feedback - LOVELY approach on the phone, sadly undermined by hopelessly unprofessional "technicians" who are way too busy to meet your needs, and are WAY too busy to even let you know. Forget it. They don't need your business.

Absolutely Unbelievable

Can't believe how rude the person answering the phone is. Barely have I said I am waiting for a quote from them, the person on the other end said he has zero interest. Have seen very rude people but this is just over the top.

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