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Inline Plumbing & Electrical

4.6 from 111 reviews

Fantastic Service

I was very impressed with the quick and sufficient service provided by David and Matt. My issue was resolved within 1 and a half hour from the phone call. Thank you for your friendly and great service. Will definitely refer anyone.

Outstanding Supply and Installation

And I thought customer service was dead, these guys set the benchmark for great communication and super efficient customer service. I called with what I thought was turning out to be a massive problem, InLine Plumbing offered a tailored solution to my problem at a very competitive price. They supplied and installed a new HWS on the same day without any mess or fuss. I would have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them to others.

They are marvellous.

I got no hot water last night, I was so worried, I call this morning,they are so quick response and replaced my old one in two hour,our family are very happy, very good service.

Very good

The end product was perfect. Mark was friendly and professional. He was let down a bit by the office. I was booked for Wednesday afternoon however the office did not contact me to advise they had changed it to Thursday. I had to contact them.

Really helped me

After realising I lost my hot water, I came across Inline who sent out a plumber on the day I called. The staff provided plenty of knowledge and solutions for all my concerns. Went out of their way to ensure we were happy. Didn't cost me an arm and leg either. Affordable and reliable service. Would highly recommend.

Worst service

We called to fix a leaky shower. After two days of excuses for why their plumbers were not available to come out to fix it we finally said we'll find someone else and they simply didn't care. They told us yesterday they would try to come, and then called to say they couldn't and would be at our house first thing this morning (at 7am). They never showed up. They called later to say that the plumber was on the way but then got called to take another job. The amount of water that has dripped is extensive and it's been TWO whole days. We told them explicitly that this job was an emergency!

replacement of hot water system

Initially when I rang Inline Plumbing & Electrical Peter was very helpful assisting me in turning off the water from the main and the electricity. Peter give me a quote which was vey reasonable and Peter phone back the next morning to check in with me to ensure that all was okay because the work was going to be done the next working day. When the plumber arrived to do the work he was very polite the whole job was done efficiently there was no problem for Don in taking out the old hot water system and the positioning the new hot water system even though it was in a awkward place under the house with limited excess which he needed to manipulate to fit the new hot water system. The whole experience was stress free and I now have a great new hot water system with the Tempering Valve connections. I would definitely recommend Inline Pluming & Electrical to all my family and friends.

Quick, reliable and great advice

The Plumber was on time, came up with a solution within 2 minutes of looking at the problem and was done in under an hour. He was very friendly and cleaned up the area afterwards. I couldn’t have asked for a more responsive, friendly and efficient service!

Professional and Efficient

Received fantastic, quality service with professional and friendly staff. From my initial call through to the end of the job, the staff were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They recommended the hot water system that suited my family's needs. Very satisfied with their service.

I would recommend Inline

My hot water system started leaking yesterday and every company I called wanted to charge ridiculous and over the top prices. Upon coming across Inline plumbing they assured me that they would come first thing next morning. I had a great experience with this company, they were punctual, very professional and prompt. They got the job done within 2 hours. I would highly recommend Inline to all my friends and family.

Beware of this company

No hot water… called inline and they sent [name removed](nice man) the first thing [name removed] checked was the meter box when I told him we were on off peak hot water. Was told no problem there. [name removed] fitted new thermostat and element and charged me $385.00, which I duly paid in good faith. As [name removed] was leaving he casually mentioned “if you still don't have hot water it’s probably your Ausgrid meter relay”. Guess what? No hot water following morning. And yes the relay was broken.
In my opinion I believe it to have been evident that the hot water relay was broken when [name removed] checked the meter box prior to fitting a new thermostat and element therefore a new thermostat and element was not the problem. I just got ripped off!!!
I’ve had numerous conversation with Inline and there defense is “after five year its recommended by the manufacturer to change these components” Optimum word.. Recommended. If it’s not broken don't fix and charge me $385.00
Ausgrid came out the morning after I paid $385.00 and fixed my hot water issue for free. Beware of this company. Don;t get ripped off as I did.

HI Anjie, Thanks for your review, and apologies that you did not have a good customer experience as this is what we strive to achieve. Regarding the work completed at your property, we sent a very experienced and thorough technician who spent a lot of time at your home diagnosing & fault finding the issue that had caused your no hot water. The works completed were explained in detail and we only proceeded with your expressed authority. Regarding the off-peak relay, we're not licensed to work on the off-peak meter to determine if there was also an issue with your smart AusGrid meter at the time or not. After the work done and the subsequent meter check, we understand that you then had hot water and have had no issue since, which is our goal when you phone us. If you have any further question, then please feel free to contact our office on 1300 465 463.1. Obviously your technician did not find the fault otherwise I would have had hot water the following day without the need to call Ausgrid 2. When I was told there was no issue with the off peak meter and I needed a new thermostat and element one assumes this was the problem. NOT 3. In my opinion it would have been obvious when the meter relay was checked, which was the first thing he did before any works commenced, that there was no reading or any display at all, therefore it was broken and no amount of new parts to my hot water tank would rectify this. 4. I AM AWARE YOU CANNOT REPAIR AUGRID'S PROPERTY. BUT YOU CAN DETERMINE IF IT IS WORKING OR NOT AND INFORM THE CUSTOMER BEFORE YOU COMMENCE CHARGEABLE WORK 5. Yes, after calling Ausgrid THEY CAME AND FIXED THE PROBLEM. SO YOUR "GOAL" FAILED AND YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY TAKE CREDIT FOR THAT. All in all I am convinced i was charged for new parts that was not needed had the tech identified the broken relay when checking the meter box. But hey! you guys are $385.00 richer. I wonder how many other customers have had the same problem with your service

Great service from Inline Plumbing

Just got my hot water system replaced by Inline Plumbling - They have done a really good job. What I like about Inline: 1. Super fast responding & installation time: Everything is done in 3 hours even without myself at home. 2. Professional workstyle and transparent price: They asked enough details and explained any possible cost before sending me the quote, not like what I experienced with some other service companies often ask more during the commision and I had to say yes without a choice... . I‘d like recommend them to anyone who wants great service!

“This will be the plumber I call and recommend. Thanks, Inline!”

The job took 2 days and despite some "hiccups" along the way, was done perfectly with courtesy and good humor.This will be the plumber I call and recommend. Thanks, Inline!

Awesome service from Inline Plumbing

Been using Inline Plumbing service for years now and more than happy to recommend them to friends. Their team is friendly and experts in the trade. We recently had an issue with our water heater pressure release valve, rang Inline and organised for them to check. The fix the issue quickly and explained to us what the issue was all about. Thank you.

Was V efficient. good service

They were good, the first time when the new replacement water heater was replaced , We were not even at home. we had left the gate open for them, and when we came home everything was done. And recently for the storm the burner had gone off and we were having trouble reigniting . And they came over to have a look . and got it going again. Pretty impressive service

great job

Having been alerted at work that water was coming from our outside water heater tank i was referred to Inline by a friend. I called and gave them the details and they had a new one ordered and fitted within 3 hours. 20mins after i called an engineer had stopped by to turn off the gas and drain the heater, then the new heater arrived just after and then the installer turned up to fit it. All i did was make the call and they did the rest.

Great service!

I really appreciated the honest advice and care. David was prompt professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. So glad I’ve found this plumbing service!

Top Service.

My Hot Water Tank had a slow leak over the long weekend. Emailed a number of plumbing companies. Inline responded within an hour. Peter was fantastic and asked if I could wait until Tuesday morning as it was a long weekend. This was not a problem. Peter had called me again on Monday morning to confirm Tuesday was still okay and his plumber Stuart would be arriving at 7.00 am. Stuart was on-time and completed the install without any issues. Thanks Peter and Stuart.

Excellent service

Friendly and helpful on the telephone. Reorganised jobs to suit my schedule which was very much appreciated. Plumber arrived early and completely the job efficiently and quickly to fit in with my time frame. Explained what he was doing and why. Pricing was explained over the phone and actual cost was as expected. Very professional company and would certainly recommend them.

Hands down, the best plumbers I have ever dealt with

I called Inline Plumbing and Electrical over the long weekend for a repair on my hot water system. Not only did they repair and service it but they were prompt and reasonably priced. Their technician was professional, friendly and got the job done with minimal fuss.

Unfortunately, I have had the displeasure in the past of dealing with plumbers that were late, overpriced, unfriendly and totally unprofessional.

Thankfully, I have now found the guys at Inline Plumbing and they are now the only plumbers that I will use.

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