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Anytime Fitness VIC

Anytime Fitness VIC

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I joined the Anytime Fitness in Warrnambool first and unfortunately the trainer never turned up to show me how to use the equipment. I later found out it was because he'd decided to go to Melbourne for a fun day out. No emergency. He was just selfish and knowingly let me drive an hour to the gym then an hour home again all because he was to lazy to pick up the phone and reschedule. I think he has been let go since but I am not sure.
Later I started using the Anytime Fitness in Geelong town centre. The instructor was very slap dash and it left me confused and using the pictures on the equipment to hope I was doing the exercises correctly as was suggested to me by the instructor. I have since moved and have opted for a gym with another company. Anytime Fitness looks clean but unless you are a seasoned weight lifter who can organise your own workout routine I wouldn't recommend it. Also it looks like they have security cameras in the change room/bathrooms. I am pretty sure that if they are, that's a breach of privacy.

Value for Money

Decent gym

I have joined Anytime Greensborough for a week. I found it is a decent one. you have everything you need for workout. Staffs are nice and helpful. it is a decent gym.

Value for Money

When it comes to the crunnch they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU - only the colour of your money.

I signed up with Anytime Fitness (ATF) in Balwyn. Although their fees were more pricey than some of the other gyms around I was impressed with their facilities (new modern equipment, clean change rooms, nice layout etc.), and liked the fact that they were open at all times as there weren't that many other 24/7 gyms operating at that time (around 2012 / 2013). I continued my membership at the Balwyn location for a few years, well and truly paying off the initial 18 month contract.

Following the birth of my son in early 2015 I moved to Melbourne's Outer Eastern Suburbs and started to use two of the ATF gyms in the area not realising that the fees would change as it was a different franchisee - it obviously went up (and not down) to a bit more than $80 a month. With parenthood I found that instead of typically working out at least 5 days/week I was having far less time with weekly sessions dropping down to around 2-3 a week (i.e. less bang for buck). As I still liked their facilities I stupidly continued paying my weekly fees and periodically working out when I could find the time.

In 2017 I notified the gym that I would be taking two months off to travel to Thailand to visit my partners family, as she had a very ill relative. In accordance with ATF's policy instead of paying the normal fees I would only have to pay a weekly nominal $2.50 'Freeze Fee' to put my account on hold.

While overseas the ill family member ended up passing and we were forced to extend our stay for a few months to wrap things up. At the time my frozen gym contract in Australia was the last thing on my mind (TBH i'd completely forgotten about it). Of course, it resumed and they started charging me full fees even though I was still no longer in the country. This continued without my knowledge for quite a while. Due to their electronic check-in system it would have been clear that I was not accessing the gym, but they were more than happy to keep on charging me for a service that I was not using. At one point my partner raised the issue of my gym membership following which I sent an email requesting my account get put on hold indefinitely until my return, but never got a response. I found their communication abominable and was never contacted by any staff at the gym enquiring as to my status. As long as they were receiving money from my account they were happy.

Fortunately?! my credit card linked to that account was stolen which meant that they could no longer charge my account indefinitely. Despite this the unscrupulous operators continued to charge me, putting me in the red, amd racking up additional administrative nonsense / service and handling fees.

When I eventually returned to Australia I was incredibly dissapointed to receive a call out of the blue from a debt collector chasing me for hundreds of dollars. I felt quite dismayed, betrayed and Pi$$ed Off as I had been a loyal member for more than 5 years and never had any issues with payment. The whole time, noone from the gym tried to contact me to enquire about my status.

On principal alone I have refused to pay these ridiculous fees as ontop of this they had already charged me for roughly 6 months of a membership (close to $500 in fees) which I did not use.

It makes me wonder what happens when a member dies (as they can't formally cancel their contract). I suspect they would continue charging for as long as possible and get away with whatever they can.

Please avoid this gym. Nowadays there are plenty of other 24/7 gyms to choose from. I am looking at getting back into fitness and i'll tell you now, ATF is way down the bottom of the list.

Value for Money

Standard of weight lifting equipment second to none but you need to be totally self motivated

I have just changed from Goodlife Watergardens gym to Anytime Watergardens Gym 2 weeks ago, after being at Watergardens Gym for nearly 10 years. At the former gum, there was more staff help there but their equipment, particularly the fixed weight lifting was becoming old and worn with less maintenance. Also with the Caroline Springs branch closing and combining with Watergardens, there has been a lot more people using it and I often could not get a go on the machines I wanted to use.
At Anytime, you really need to be self motivated: there is nobody there to help. At Goodlife, there is always someone at the desk you can ask.
As for me, after a total of 12 years in gyms, Anytime Gym Watergardens suits me fine at present. When I eventually get a trainer ( put my name down; but they are all busy at the moment...but no hurry because it is not urgent).
In summary, if you are experienced and self- motivated, Anytime Gym is fine with fantastic equipment; but if you are a beginner and need help and/or need to be motivated, Anytime gym is unsuitable.

Value for Money

I would give zero stars if I could

I have a medical condition that means I can't do heavy workouts but can walk. I thought I would be fine to just use the treadmill. Found though that I was still over heating and was not safe to use treadmill. Sent them medical certificate saying I'm unable to use gym. They said no worries, cancelled. Then I get a call saying the terms have recently changed, it's now pay 40% for a medical cancellation. So hey if you get cancer or something and can't use the gym, too bad, money hungry sharks will take 40% of the total contract price. And that's a lot given they are by far the most expensive gym already with all the extra fees and almost 75 a pop per month.
The gym itself has hardly any classes (not that I could do them but for other users) and most locations no classes at all on weekends so even if you don't have medical condition it's not worth it.
I wish I had thought twice before joining, but I genuinely was stupid enough to think of medically unfit then they wouldn't be such utter b**tards. Duh, of course they are they care about $$$ not people's health.

Oh they even sent me a cancellation confirmation then call saying sorry you have to pay 40% we shouldn't have cancelled you.
Find another gym!!!

Value for Money

Does what it says on the tin

Been to a number of different facilities some are better than others (new equipment etc) but no complaints overall 24hour gym, that you need self motivation to attend, if you expect more than that you might be disappointed.

Value for Money


God I loath this gym! It's a TRAP! The sales person uses pressure sales tattic to lock in costumers. Keep charging more on your account, late fees etc etc. Literally the worst gym ever! Don't waste your time and money on this crap! I regret it all the damn time.

Value for Money

Read the contract carefully. They will rip you off.

Signed an 18 mont contract with Anytime Fitness Burwood. Paid on time every single month despite barely using the gym. After the 18 months was up i though the contract was expired and i switched to another gym. Boy was i wrong. Anytime fitness writes into the contract if you don't let them know you are cancelling even though your contract duration has finished they will continue to bill you until you call them up and cancel. I switched banks and addresses and had no idea until they called me up months later claiming i owed them a few hundred dollars.

Avoid this gym. Plenty of other gyms around that aren't run like a money making business and an actual fitness centre.

Value for Money

Love the place

This gym is under new management and now has an amazing atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. I’m so glad I stuck around to see the change. Unlike other franchises I feel like family and am so supported there that I had to write a review :)

Value for Money

Same like everyone else. Got ripped off

Never go to a gym like this unless you are willing to pay for their 24/7 rent and their 500+ other gyms all around the globe. Salespeople are obviously liars because signing you up is getting them commissions. Its just a business model. Ridiculous T&As that take a long time to cancel. Lost literally thousands of dollars joining these scum. All the managers are not customer centric. They turn up whenever they want. They don't treat customers with respect. Always talking in sales lingo and they don't care if you don't understand the contract. After I cancelled. They still continued to charge me. This Anytime Fitness salesperson lied to me saying he will cancel but he prolonged it. Had to cancel my card.

Value for Money

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