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ANZ First

ANZ First

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ANZ First
CategoryBalance Transfer Credit Cards
Card TypeVisa
Minimum Credit Limit$1,000
Minimum Income $15,000
Additional Cardholders 3
Additional Cardholder Fee $0 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rewards ProgramANZ Rewards
Contactless PaymentsApple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate20.24% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee2%
Late Payment Fee$20
Annual Fee$30 p.a.
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$4
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate20.24% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 18 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 2%
Release dateAug 2006

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Great card. Never had a problem

Great. The whole family uses ANZ. Never had a problem and simple to use with payment services like Paypal.
I use it for everything from paying bills, to shopping and even ordering Pizza.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Card Start DateOctober 2011
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

works well enough

dont use it overseas nor balance transfers. got it at 18 as my first credit card - low annual income needed and super low fee. heard new changes have been made to it increasing the interest fee period from 44 days to 55 days. integrates well into the mobile app.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateNovember 2017
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses, Online Shopping, Overseas/Travel and Special Purchases

my review

i just use it in Australia and it is very convent for me to use that i do not need to take any cash I recommend u to use it

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Card Start DateMay 2019
Main Point of ContactOnline

love it

been with the anz for over 13 years love this card i have no fees with my act had no late fees or interest charged the anz staff been very friendly and helpful joined when i lived in fremantle in pert western australia I'm very happy and will stay with the anz I've probably jinxed myself now

Customer Service
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateJuly 2009
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses, Online Shopping, Overseas/Travel and Special Purchases

Average Customer Service

Not a bad product once you get past the initial application stage. Very poor customer service, had to send my payslips to verify multiple times only to be told that they never received them? Took me at least a month to get it all sorted and it wasn't until I actually went into a branch that I was able to activate my card. Very unhelpful customer service team.

Anz rewards black rejected

I have
- really good income
- Property value is way more than mortgage amount
- 2 dependents with wife having a job
- Recently closed Amex platinum rewards card
Got rejected without any reason, received reply in hours and when I called they did not give any specific reason

Anz is really crap not only in their service but also in their analytics.
Lucky I was going to move my home loan with them ....never!!!

Easiest credit card to get for students

- VERY easy to be approved for (I was approved as a full time student, no job, only austudy payments)
- low approval criteria, $6000 income required per year AFTER expenses (be sure thats what your application adds up to)
- Works everywhere (haven't tried overseas so I cannot comment on that yet)
- approved within 2 days and received my card within a week!
- friendly branch staff (tellers)
- easy to use iPhone apps and internet banking (but definitely needs a long overdue update!)
- NO FEES when you want to make currency exchanges (not related to the card but just related to being an ANZ customer), other banks charge you even if you are a loyal customer!
- THE LOW ANNUAL FEE : $30 a year, or no fee at all while your a student!

- the iPhone apps and internet banking whilst they are easy to use, are very SLOW and DELAYED, takes days for a transaction to show up, bit hard to report fraud when you can't even see if it has occurred!
- apply online yourself, don't go to the branch, they don't complete the application properly (for me the girl kept trying to add expenses like clothes and shopping something I don't handle making it look like i spend more than i earn! bit hard to be approved that way! I fixed up my application on the phone to ensure everything including expenses were correct)
- interest rates are higher, but if you pay off your card in full every month or within the 44 days interest free period, it doesn't affect you!

That being said, I'm happy with my card, helps to get small items like textbooks or groceries when I'm strapped for cash, and ANZs criteria was the easiest to be approved for. Banked with Commonwealth bank for over 10 years and can't even get approved with them. 1st credit card ever and happy that I have the opportunity to have one for those strapped time in between pays. Thanks ANZ!

Beware of ANZ Visa card if travelling overseas

I was in NY 3 weeks ago. I was using my ANZ visa for the odd meal etc. Due to leaving Aust with my phone & not wanting a massive bill on my return i bought an Aust Post sim card for my iphone. Anyway about a 5 days into my NY stay i went to top up this sim with my visa...returned message says 'Do Not Honour' i assume its some weird thing with the phone. I then need to pay a cab & attempt to use my ANZ Visa again ....dead card.

I eventually get onto ANZ Visa card area by phone only to be asked by the Australian ANZ employee what was the $66 charge on my card 5 days ago was for. I reply ive no idea as all our meals are in that area & ive bought the odd thing here & there for roughly that amount many times. Their reply was...'Sorry but because you cannot identify what that $66 charge on that date 5 days ago was... we will not reactivate your card as that charge looks fraudulent' I asked why & they would not tell me. I said its most likely a meal...'sorry because you cannot identify it precisely, we will not allow this card to be used again'

So here i am in NY with $15 in my pocket & a dead visa. I ask what am i to do now ? The exact words that came from this ANZ employees mouth was ' I spouse you could try phoning Visa directly' Thats what i get for about 3 years of putting hundreds or thousands through ANZ's Visa. Mean while the entire time im on hold waiting to get through for up to 30-40 mins im quickly running short of phone credit & obviously no way of topping it up.

I asked why they had not contacted me 5 days prior when this happened & again the ANZ employees reply was 'we tried phoning you on 0417****** but you had your phone turned off' Seriously ANZ you were told by myself that i was going to the USA with this card & you had my email, you know this.

Who in their right mind would expect a customer to travel to the US with their Telstra or Optus phone number to return to a few thousand bill.

What a shocking way to treat a customer ANZ. All this is fact & you would clearly know whom i am & that everything ive written here is on your records of conversation. You absolutely disgust me.

To any ANZ cust service or management reading this, just do one single thing for me. Stand in a NY street with $15 in your pocket & no credit left on your phone & see how your customer felt.


This was the first credit card I ever got and I have to admit it got me hooked. The ability to get those extra things you might not need but want before you can really afford them is just too tempting. Good if you can pay to zero each month but otherwise save instead.
Low Annaul Fee, interest rate similar to most bank credit cards. Main thing I liked was that I was able to get one as I was a poor student at the time of getting it and it helped out a lot at the time.
As with all credit cards it's just too tempting to buy things right away and then you're paying interest on your purchases.


This was my first credit card I got not long after I turned 18. The annual fee was low, provided the balance was paid off every month there was no problems with the interest rate. This is a great credit card for those just starting out but if you don't pay the balance off every month you are going to get stung with interest charges.
The annual fee is very low, the convenience of having a Visa, great customer service
The card did not last to long, lack of ATM's outside of a metropolitan area could have been a problem


Had this card for 6 months. Everything went wrong from the beginning. Both my husband's and my surnames were spellt incorrectly (and different to each other at the same time). Reward program is very poor, have to spend tonnes to be able to redeem. To compare it takes me half the time to get the same voucher from my current Westpac credit card. 44 days interest free, not 50-55 as others. When we went overseas and informed ANZ in writing 2 weeks prior, they bloked the card anyway as suspect and claimed that did not know. They finaly found our letter after we claimed the number from express post envelope, but both our credit card and savings account were blocked so it was just a nightmare overseas. The first thing we did when returned - closed this card and MUCH MORE HAPPIER with Westpac one, no troubles at all.
Relatively easy and stress-free to open
Awful customer support and very poor reward program


I applied for the ANZ First Visa credit card after receiving an offer for 12 months of fee waiver. I thought this was a good opportunity for me to get a credit card, in view of many transactions that require payment with a credit or debit card, such as airfares. So far, I am very satisfied with the performance of the card. I have never had any transaction declined, and the card is accepted almost everywhere I go. Besides, there is also a rewards program called Sphere Rewards that allows card holders to collect points with each spending. I have managed to redeem a couple of reward items from the reward catalogue so far, and the items were in great condition. Highly recommended if you are looking for your first credit card.
Widely accepted credit card, waived annual fee for first 12 months
Only up to 44 days interest free days (should be a minimum of 50 days at least)


I don't find this credit card attractive. For a transactor who pays full balance every month, this card doesn't give reward points while still charging annual fee. For a revolver card holder, it charges a relatively high 17.49% interest rate. On top of that, it only give max 44 days interest free period. If you would like to try because of free annual fee in the 1st year, it’s better to try Woolworths everyday money.
Can be linked to ANZ access account (1 card for both credit card and transaction card). Gives 90-day Purchase Security Insurance. Zero annual fee in the first year
Max 44 days interest free days (normal standard 55 days). Annual fee $30 starting on the 2nd year. No free reward program


The ANZ First Visa credit card offers the advantage of a full-featured credit card with a low annual fee (which is further reduced if the card is linked to an ANZ Access account). The card offers purchase protection insurance (some limits apply) and a rewards program (for a further fee). The card has an unusual magnetic strip which is often incompatible with automatic payment machines (such as those found in car parks) which can cause considerable inconvenience. The card is good value, but still far from the best on the market.
Low annual fee, purchase protection insurance, rewards program
Low quality magnetic strip


I got my credit card in May 1996 from ANZ. There was a three month campaign for no annual fee during that time by mail. I walked into the ANZ Highett branch and a lady officer offered me the no annual fee for ever product. After 10 years ANZ changed it policy and introduced charges. An angry customer who had the copy of the mail complained and anz reversed it policy for only those it sent mail. Verbal promise by its own employee was not good enough. Since I got my card during that three months there is a very good chance that the officer would have offered that product to me though it was not in writing. A multi billion dollar worth bank could not logically think and damaged its reputation for few hundered dollars! Come on ANZ, get some common sense!
Good service for few years
I was told no annual fee for life but requested to pay fee


Overall I like this credit card, and what it has to offer. It has a highish interest rate, but not as high as some others available. I like the 55 interest free days, if used wisely you can really make use of it. It has a rewards programme that you can be a member of if you choose. There is also a wine programme you can become a member of if you wish. I like the 'Falcon' protection which is also offered with this card. It came in handy when my card was used fraudulantly, I was contacted very quickly. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about ANZ and this credit card.
55 days interest free, 'The Falcon' protection
Highish interest rate


Ok, I had a laugh at the reviewer below when he mentioned no annual fee. But yes he may have been mislead. Like him I applied for this card and was declined. Funny enough ANZ called me and asked me if I want a credit card and I got very annoyed as I told them I have applied and you guys declined my application. Funny enough it got accepted and I understand the annual fee. However I did not even use the card yet and they started to charge me the fee. There was no letter asking me to pay for the fee and the next thing I knew I got a letter of late payment fee. When I called customer service the person attending to me was extremly rude, stating "You should know that you have to pay your annual fees." I am like "Right, and I did not get any letter and beside I never even used the card!" Yup, says it all, if not for the next day I spoke to another person in which she did everything right I would have cancelled the card. So far, I used the card for Ebay and international transactions, and proven to be ok.
is a credit card


I have found ANZ telephone customer service outstanding. I once accidentally missed the repayment. (I always try and repay the full balance by the due date.) and they waived all the interest accumulated for that month when I mentioned I was changing cards soon. So I stayed with them AND got my other card too, which I only got to take advantage of a 6mth interest free for transfers offer.
Chip seems to work better with some train-ticketing machines in Germany.Added security, purchase insurance and extended warranty comes in VERY handy.Low annual fee.
only 44 days interest free instead of 55 offered by some cards


I have had my ANZ First VISA for about 7 years and have never had a problem. I always pay my full balance every month, so the interest rate isn't au issue because of the interest free days.

The rewards a pretty good. Last year they had a special promotion for Village Movie tickets and basically with just our normal spend with got between 4-6 movie tickets every month. Also with the rewards you can get David Jones vouchers, Coles Vouchers, homewares, entertainment options and heaps of other cool stuff.

The "Chip & Pin" facility with the embedded microchip is ESSENTIAL for anyone looking to travel in the UK (and some other countries). Most outlets over there are moving away from swiping cards and moving towards "Chip & Pin" only. If your credit card doesn't have an embedded chip, you might not be able to use it in the UK at all!
Low annual fee, good rewards program, "Chip & Pin" facility, 90 day purchase protection.
Interest rate can be a trap if you don't clear your balance every month.


Be sure you know how you are going to use the credit card. If you know you are going to pay interest on purchases, maybe you should shop arround for better options. If it suits your needs, it is a good option. Statements arive on time, with little problem and they have the "falcon" to protect againt fraude.
I only use the credit card for purchases that I am sure I will pay completely in the next statement. It gives me 55 days of interest free. I also like the chip security and it works well oversears. I had some trouble with ohter credit cards overseas.
It is not the best option if you are planning not to pay for your purchases completely. There are better options out there with lower interest rates.

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