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So disappointed

Not happy with the services at all. I went two days in a row at ANZ Sunshine for an enquiry about Small Business loan, I arrived around 2pm one of the ladies advise me they close at 4pm so they can’t help me. All I get was (SORRY). So disappointed Time to change Bank. Bye ANZ

Customer Service
Application Process

Why bother apply for Debt Consilidation Personal Loan

I got declined with proof that I get more than $15000 income and a 100% capability of paying this off. Their excuse was that I had too many loans. MATE, that is the point of trying to apply for this. TO AVOID THAT. I actually called the first time to ask for a reassessment and “[name removed]/[name removed]” didn’t even take note of this on my account to only find out later on. I’m going else where. Pay off the Credit Card I have with them and close all my accounts. I used to love ANZ but obviously they have no sympathy and I thought you wanted more money as a bank?

do you have to a high risk client to get a personal loan? pathetic

10 years ago I got approved a $20,000 even though I was earning only 45k a year before tax with barely any savings. In 2018 I get declined for a $10000 loan earning 90k before tax of and with almost 25k of my own savings in my ANZ accounts and have not touched my 1500 anz credit card in 2 years now. Still no reason why they declined. Thanks a lot ANZ. Im closing all my accounts and moving my money my NAB bank account


applied for an ANZ personal loan on Wednesday night, had an approval on Thursday afternoon and money in my account by Friday.


I spoke to a customer rep over the phone. I enquired about consolidating my debt, one of my loans is with ANZ and I was unsure of the amount that was owing. I assumed he knew as he had my account information in front of him. Anyway - he seemed good to talk to until after I applied for the loan. He just said you need to send payslips and stuff. I thought I was going to receive an email of what 'stuff' I had to provide. I didn't receive any email after the first day, so I called and asked what I had to provide. I was told statements of my loans and 2 payslips. I provided those statements. They said it'll take 2 days until I hear from them. 2 days pass and I still haven't heard anything. So I call and check the progress, and they say that they're waiting on the other statements. No one told me I had to provide the last 3 months worth of statements. No one called/emailed to let me know they are waiting on documents. So I provided the last 3 statements that were available to me (via online accounts) and sent them through - 2 days later again no contact from anz. I called again and I had to get a statement for the month just gone, I applied on the last day of Feb. I hadn't received the statement yet - I was told I have to call the bank and request a statement, anyway I did. Sent it through and 3 days later I'm still waiting.

Personal loan applicant

I have found that over the phone the CSR's are letting ANZ down, you go into the branch you will receive the best CS provided. NZ ANZ is a lot easier to extend a personal loan by adding the amount borrowed and not closing your existing loan and reopening a new one, going through all the hassle of reapplying. NZ ANZ also bank transfers occur immediately and not 48hrs. It's archaic the way processes are ran here.

I think ANZ are trolling me.

Over a week after ANZ sent multiple invites for me to extend my existing loan and I applied for the loan. Every time I'm on the phone I get someone different with different opinions and information. The original guy was great setting up the application and told me it would only be a quick phone call to confirm my details and I would have the money within 2-3 days. After nothing much was happening they finally returned my calls 3 days later to request pay slips so I sent them. Then I had a down right rude man calling from overseas ring up and tell me that my loan was no longer approved because I lied about my income. ANZ hadn't read the pay slips correctly and entered my overtime in as my weekly wage. This guy was then trying to convince me that I didn't work full-time on a set wage and set hours. After another call to someone else they asked for my bank statements to verify what I was getting paid. Once that went through they then requested my rental income. Once that went through they then requested my bank statements for another account. All this just to extend my loan with repayments of about $30 extra a week. Today I finally got the loan approved and was sent the acceptance letter so I rang them up to accept and the guy began asking questions again about how much I was borrowing and I had to go through the process of explaining what was happening again. That's because the loan isn't approved yet for some reason. He then said he would call me back within 30minutes (5 hours ago). I don't think my home loan application was this painful. I'm so stressed out atm. I just can't believe how incompetent ANZ are. If they want documentation, then request it all at the very beginning. I don't believe I will get the loan approved and have lost all faith in ANZ. Even when I have an e-mail with the acceptance letter and contract.

piss poor communication,unorganised for a big organisation

I applied for a personal loan and in the span of 3 days i had 6 different representatives call me and request more information such as,pay slips..even though i had provided them, and evidence of what my intentions to spend the money on etc.etc.
after numerous calls i had just had enough and withdrew the application...i think i can do better!!
i wouldn't recommend anyone to ANZ.

1 week to assess personal loan

Received 3 call from anz staff to confirm the details on my ploan and still take 6 working days to finalise their decision..even when the application was made in broadmeadows anz branch

Anz sucks

Questions & Answers

I got a top up loan yesterday and today my car broke down and needed more funds to cover.I applied for another top up this morning but was rejected .I have a good relayment history and earn enough to cover is it because i applied again to soon.Will this hurt my credit report
No answers


ANZ Personal Loans
CategoryPersonal Loans
Contact Number 13 13 14
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Interest Ratefrom 12.45% p.a.
Comparison Rate from 13.32% p.a.
Monthly Fee $10.00
Application Fee $150.00
Repayment FrequencyFortnightly, Monthly and Weekly
Loan Amount $5,000.00 to $50,000.00
Loan Term1 to 7 years
Rate TypeFixed

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