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ANZ Platinum

ANZ Platinum

3.3 from 7 reviews

Served its purpose at the time

This card was a great product for the purpose of balance transfer, as it was a 0% balance transfer for 12 months. I did purchase overseas flights on it because of the included travel insurance. I currently have a better card for rewards with a lower interest rate so I will be cancelling this card soon, but would consider another card in the future from ANZ.

banking incompetence in the extreme

We recently applied for an ANZ platinum card as we were travelling OS and needed an alternate card. We responded to a phone interview that was complex and painful but clearly collected the wrong information. My wife has a full time occupation in public service and more than adequate income but for stupid reason ANZ thinks she has more expenditure than income. Kind of hard to understand how anybody can have this. The level of customer service and support was way below par and wasted many hours across over a week. We eventually just withdrew the application but it has still left a trail of issues. I still even get a copy of the application since it was done online - so I really have no idea of what it says. If you intend to apply for this card - dont use the phone service and think carefully about this card - ANZ has very much disappointed me. PS we able to get card that met our needs and at no more cost in 2 days with another organisation so why bother.

Delivered what was promised

Obtained card to get 75000 Qantas frequent flyer points after $3000 spend in first 3 months. Points arrived and still collecting. Nil fee for first year and free travel insurance. Some t&c apply but worked great in my case so highly recommended

Excellent value

We received this card with our home loan and it has been an emergency fund card. We don't pay any annual fees or any fees for extra cards.

Won't reverse a transaction to a potential scam site 10 minutes after payment made

With all the focus on the increase in credit card fraud, I would have thought ANY bank would be only too pleased to get onto it as soon as possible. I hastily made an online purchase of some shoes I'd been looking for, without checking out the site. It was a .com.au site, so I of course assumed it was Australian, and purchased the shoes too quickly. AFTER I'd paid I then read more, and it was quite clear that the website had not been set up by a native English speaker. I checked it out further, checked out the site, and read reviews that said other buyers had been scammed and that goods provided were not genuine and came from China! I immediately called ANZ to cancel the transaction, only to be told that I could not do so, but would have to wait until the goods arrived and then lodge a dispute if the goods were not genuine. The amount charged, listed as being in Australian dollars, apparently I found out also included a currency conversion charge, confirming my suspicions that the site was not Australian. The customer service person I spoke to lectured me on the vendor's point of view, and how I couldn't just cancel my order as it wouldn't be fair on him!! I pointed out that I had only made the purchase 10 minutes ago, which of course he would be able to verify himself, and that was not enough time for the vendor have sent off the goods yet. Didn't matter.

Seeing as ANZ actually cancelled my card some months ago because a vendor I had purchased from - they didn't say who - was linked with fraudulent activity, and the first I knew of this cancellation was when my card just stopped working, I am surprised that they are being this relaxed when I am actually reporting a suspected fraudulent activity at a time when they could actually do something about it!!!! Great forward thinking ANZ - not.

Excellent value card from ANZ

I applied for this card as a secondary card for larger purchases that I won't pay off in the month and because ANZ is my main bank. The offer is good. 11.49%, $99 fee, 55 days interest free and the only major bank with Apple Pay.

Application was easy and conditionally approved so I attached and uploaded my payslips to the website.

There was a balance transfer deal I didn't take up then after thinking about it when I received my card I though it would be easier just having 1 card to pay so I rang ANZ to see if I could retrospectively apply it. They were a delight to deal with and offered me 18m interest free and no balance transfer fee which was better than the deal on the website 16m/2%

All in all I'm quite happy with the product and service from ANZ.

Great insurance but extortionate fees

Have been very happy with my ANZ Gold now Platinum card over the years - I pay for airline tickets and car hire to avail of the free travel insurance, including excess reduction insurance for hire cars in Oz and overseas.

I also use it for lots of local purchases, as it was my only credit card until recently, and building up the points helps offset the credit card annual fee.

But beware. ANZ charge a 3% "overseas transaction fee" but where they differ from everyone else is that they recently started charging this on a much broader range of purchases. In my case this included purchases from international companies based in Australia who have apparently processed the transaction overseas. The price quoted by the seller is in Australian dollars, maybe even bought through an Australian website, and there is no way for the customer to know it is being processed overseas.

Examples (and I'm not kidding) are airlines and car rental companies, the exact companies I want to use my ANZ card to pay.

I'm now likely to look seriously at alternatives, such as my new American Express Gold Card to get the travel insurance. I don't think anyone else does the car rental excess reduction. I'll keep the ANZ card, but they're going to notice a substantial reduction in the amount of $$$ going through it.
insurance, reward points
expensive fees for Overseas transactions, and these are applied to some Australian purchases

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I totally Agree with the overseas transaction charges im disgusted!! i think the ombusman needs to investigate this issue, i had made purchases of over $20,000 through paypal, and it seems they now charge a fee for processing overseas, even though i used the Australian paypal site and purchased a product on a Australian site. They apparently stated that this charge was due to the processing taking place overseas but they cannot verify exactly if it happened or not. In fact after speaking to 5 reps none of them had any solid evidence that the transactions are taking place overseas. I do not understand how they can charge this fee when paypal already convert the amount to Australian dollars and also charge a processing fee. Disgusting.

Questions & Answers

Hi How do I find out / get the car rental insurance? thanks
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contact them or browse their website. Pete


Card TypeVisa
Minimum Credit Limit$6,000
Minimum Income $35,000
Additional Cardholders 9
Additional Cardholder Fee $0.00 p.a.
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate19.74% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee2%
Late Payment Fee$20.00
Annual Fee$87.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$4.00
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate21.49% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 18 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 2%
Release dateJul 2011

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