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Aphrodite and Apollo Cosmetic Medicine

Aphrodite and Apollo Cosmetic Medicine

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Need a new place

Cat was great . Does anyone know where to locate cat now from aphrodite ??

I know they have closed down now and I'd like to still see cat where ever she has gone


I have use their facial treatments cat and Ellie are lovely and very honest and don’t try to give you services you don’t need ...

Melanotan makes the difference

Have been using the services of Aphrodite and Apollo for Melanotan and am super happy with the results and service. I have opted for MT1 over other similar products because it is safer with the best results. My job requires me to be outside, sometimes all day in the summer sun and while I am still sun aware and careful, sunburn is no longer a problem. For me Melanotan is not just a beauty product. The initial consultation ensured I was well informed, no promises were made, all risks laid out. Speaking directly to a doctor made me feel secure in my decision to proceed. The tan took a month to reach my desired shade, is even all over with no tan lines or dark patches and has very natural colour (no orange baby!) Maintenance takes a 10 mins a week at home, is less expensive than a spray tan with zero mess. Everything is provided for you. The procedure is self-administration and by the third time, you pretty much have it mastered. Convenient, safe, natural result, fast to administer, mess free, and best of all the very friendly, qualified and professional staff are very helpful and only a phone call away if I need to chat. Big thanks for Doctor Josephs and everyone at the Perth clinic, amazing!

Leila is AMAZING!

Will keep seeing Leila, very professional, my first time of no bruising or down time with fillers and I usually turn blue from bruising. Don't know how she does it but I will only see her now. Amazing!

won't go again have given them 2 chances

I found the Dr I spoke to in Sydney rude and condescending, talking at me, not to me. A friend recommended a Nurse at Perth who had left when I went so I got another rude condescending person. 24 years old apparently but said in her years of experience. Found they were about getting as much money as possible out of you. Recommend micro for my pigmentation (I didn't tell her I was a beautitherapist and owned a Micro machine) amd it does nothing for pigmentation. I'm sure if I had of done the 6 treatments she wanted me to and bought the products I would of then been put onto the IPL. Really bad and disappointing. Reception staff are wonderful.

Lovely subtle results....love it

I visited the Perth Clinic last weekend for facial threading for jowls and loss of collagen in my cheek area. I found Dr Joseph to be very helpful with answering any questions. The whole procedure and what to expect was thoroughly explained to me before starting.
I was a little underwhelmed at first with the results but over the following days I have noticed a marked improvement as the collagen starts doing its thing. I would recommend Dr Joseph to anyone looking to have this procedure done...
n.b. probably not something I would recommend doing in your lunch hour as I looked a little worse for wear for a few hours after...

Face and Neck Threading

I had this procedure done on my face and neck for $2500, although my neck and face were not at the stage above. I had my initial consultation at the Bondi clinic it seemed to go well the Dr was excited that I would be extremely pleased with the results so I decided to book in. After the procedure I was very pleased, I did look like one of those puppies you see on the kleenex adds with all the skin pulled back but I was assured it would skin back into place over time. So I went home slept on my back as required, woke up in the morning and both my face and neck were back to the way they were before the treatment. I booked in for a follow-up consultation, the new Dr told me I should have had filler done first to hold the threads in place. When I mentioned this was never discussed with me the response was "maybe he was trying to save you some money" and was told they would get back to me with a solution. This was before Christmas and I waited a couple of weeks and no response so I called. I was booked in again for another consultation showed the Dr the loose wires in my neck that twist around and the ends pop at the surface of my skin, he just looked sheepishly at me and said I know. The result was "you knew the risks when you signed up for the procedure, all we can do is book you into the next training session and inject 5mils of filler to try and fix it, at cost price, and then you can wait for 3-4mths and do the threading again which would be at my cost!. MORE than doubling the cost of the original procedure. Devastated I left not understanding how this could be, I was not given the proper info at my consultation nor given the choice to have filler so this outcome could have been avoided.
Anyway no phone call came so I called again got told they would get back to me, they didn't, another week passed so I sent an email 2 weeks ago... Still nothing!!!
So ladies please get a 2nd opinion on any procedure by another company and get all the facts. This could all have been avoided had I known I needed filler first. I have just wasted $2500 to look the same only with the added bonus of loose wires in my neck.

Nice clinic

I am fairly new to this procedure, I have had treatments with Leila and Victoria at the Bondi Junction Clinic, both are good and experienced. Nice looking clinic too, but no parking available.

Amazing results

I recently visited sydney in January and went to the clinic at parramatta for the first. Leila did my procedure and was she was so friendly and knowledgeable. I'm so pleased with my results. Looking forward to going back there in July!

Wonderful Staff, excellent results

Thank you team at Aphrodite and Apollo Clinic in Parramatta. I have always been happy with your service, I've been coming hear for years and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work.

Questions & Answers

Has anyone had the tan injection at Perth clinic ? If so what are the side effects and dangers in it?
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My advice is to research as much as possible yourself. Then proceed sensibly. Be patient, it will happen hut it may take a couple of months to show. Most people who run into trouble go stupid on it. Slow is better, because how do you explain looking like you suddenly have african roots when you are english. Im not based in Perth but found the clinics advice and help set me up very well. I've had no side effects except nausea at administration time which is fixed by tanning right before sleep time so Im not awake to notice most of it and eating a banana because the nausea hits immediately before I've even tidied up. There will always be side effects for anything, test it and see and stop if you react. You will probably get a small red lump at insertion point but by morning its gone and its only you skin reacting to being entered. Exfoliate for a smooth finish, still use sunblock on face etc and be sensible and you should be fine and always go through a reputable clinic, never use shoddy overseas suppliers, thats just stupid. The Perth clinic support is amazing and when I need to talk, they are there. And also consider not telling everyone what you are doing because they will always be people who judge you through ignorance and why bring that on yourself. Otherwise enjoy.


Aphrodite and Apollo Cosmetic Medicine
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