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City Laser Clinic

City Laser Clinic

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Would highly recommend CLC

I'm having treatment at CLC on a regular basis now - started with sun damage removal and skin rejuvenation. Ellen is amazing - honestly advises what will work and what won't.And even quite unpleasant procedure as sun damage removal Ellen manages to do quite tolerable. All the girls at CLC are great - always smiling, professional and making you feel welcome. I never had to wait for my procedure, they always keep to the booking time. My skin has never been better - even when I was younger. I highly recommend skin rejuvenation treatment at CLC to everyone!


I usually don’t do this , but ..... I now realised something ....often people happy to complain about anything they had bad experience with , yet ...to freaken lazy to put an effort to give a compliment when their are happy with a service . I want to thank City Laser for being so honest. I wasn’t suitable for hair removal with their laser and they were honest about it. Didn’t give me crap to get my money. But the skin session with carbon mask treatment i was suitable for. Session was so amazing, customer service , care and the time they’ve invested. Skin looks amazing from first session Just want to to say thank you for your genuine care.

You get exactly what you want

The service is amazing. Ellen trains her team well. Everytime I've been there, everyone has been very nice and attentive. 10/10 I recommend. Try the carbon skin rejuvenation!

Quick, easy, friendly!

I went to CLC to get my underarms lasered. Their office is on the first floor and you have to call them because the building itself is locked on weekends and they have to come down and let you in. Which is fine, because the girl who comes down is always really sweet and friendly. The staff are always super nice and chatty, and I'm always in the room and ready to go on the dot -- they're never late. After one treatment I saw a huge difference, and I'm still undergoing treatment with them with great results every session. They're all very professional and always try to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Would definitely recommend!

Terrible unfriendly and zero professional

I went for a consultation and when I arrived to the clinic the staff was very unfriendly. I waited approximately 10 min to see the beautician because they were too busy talking.
Once she came, I told her about my problem and concerns, she was the most unprofessional and rude person I have ever seen.
She suggested a treatment that was not appropriate for my problem. She didn't even bothered looking at my skin and the consultation lasted less than 5 minutes.
I had the worst experience ever.
-The staff is arrogant
-Very pricey
- Unprofessional consultations

My melanoma treatment

I had treatment in CLC for my melanoma all over my face except on my forehead, which I don't have. My first 4 sessions was great because I was handled by the most experienced technician. The results were so impressive. But on my fifth session, the senior technician didn't handle my laser treatment-she wasn't available. Another technician did the treatment, I insisted not to touch my forehead but she kept insisting that there are pigments. She won't listen to her client- before I knew it she was doing laser treatment on my forehead. After the treatment the following days I noticed that parts of my face particularly my forehead and left cheek was darker than the normal result I had before. I called and consulted about the result and effect of my last treatment and I was told by the senior technician that the technician who last handled my treatment must have used a high gauge of heat with the laser treatment. They told me to go to their clinic and buy a cream to treat the damage/burn. But because of my last treatment experience and the frustrating conversation I had, I decided never to return and not have any other treatment with them. Now, after 3 years since my last CLC laser treatment my forehead still have the scars evident in the form of premature wrinkles and my left cheek skin tone is darker due to the effect of the last laser treatment. I should have consulted a dermatologist first before having any facial treatment.

Laser facials are A++

I've been here for two laser facials so far, Ellen and the team are amazing. Loe the results so far and highly recommend.

Great Service and Great Results!

Needed to have a tattoo removed, was recommended to City laser Clinic by a work friend who highly recommended them. After successful treatment I am very happy with the results and have nothing but praise for them.

Can't fault them for sun damage and hair removal

Inspired to post after reading the post by the perfunctory purchaser...
I have been getting laser hair removal from CLC for years and can't complain at all. I've sometimes had it done by other cheaper clinics however I always end up going back to CLC as the results I get are just that much better. There are no missed spots, no burns, no issues. They know the settings to use based on my history and skin type, all the therapists are knowledgeable and well trained and it just works...
On the subject of pigmentation removal I've had this done by CLC multiple times over the last 6 years so it's definitely not a new service for them and the results for me have been fantastic every time. Yes, it hurts like hell (but they offer numbing cream if you need it), yes, there is downtime (I go to work but you do have scabs on your face so it's not ideal), but the results once the scabs fall off is always fantastic. Those brown skin spots just fall off with the scabs, and a couple of weeks later my skin looks like new.
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Once was great, now it's a has-been business

In life it's a sad thing but sometimes there comes a parting of the ways. Often the parting is not on good terms.

In happier times I would have gladly sung the praises of Citilaser Clinic to any friend who asked - and indeed for many years I did. Friends who wanted laser hair removal but didn't want to feel like cattle being processed through a branding session, like so many of the laser clinics do. I referred so many friends to Citilaser.

Back in 2010, when I first started going to Citilaser Clinc, the waiting room was packed. Appointments had to be booked well in advance and often the prime lunch time sessions would be booked out months beforehand.

Those were the golden years.

By 2016, something changed. Part of it might have been the competition from an over-saturated laser market, part of it might have been that consumer demand dried up. The waiting room is generally empty nowadays. Whatever the changes, I remained loyal and I have to say that over the years, on the whole, my laser hair removal consultants remained professional, thorough and sensitive to the needs of their clients.

The problem as I see it was diversification. They diversified into services such as tatoo removal, injectibles, etc. I had finally built up the courage to seek those other services, namely, pigmentation removal on my face. I trusted Citilaser Clinic - they had provided high quality services in laser hair removal, surly they they would provide equally high quality services in all other forms of laser?

Not even close. I attended my consultation for pigmentation removal with a genuinely lovely consultant who informed me that laser pigmentation removal would only require one session, I would have only 4 days of down time and the prospects of success were basically guaranteed. I was quoted a reasonable price and encouraged to find a 4 day period when I could be away from work.

On the day of my procedure, with a different consultant, I was told I needed a different laser and that the cost would be 3 times the amount quoted. Having secured my 4 days away from work, I was nevertheless wiling to proceed.

I was not told that healing might take multiple weeks. I was not told about potential side effects. I was not asked about medications or propensity for bruising. I was told I might experience some 'bruising'. I was shown pictures of a lovely girl who had had a 'patch test' done before getting all her pigmentation done, and when I enquired whether I should get a patch test done I was told that I needn't bother because the girl pictured was a performer who needed to be certain that her face would be ok.

Alarm bells should have rung in my mind. I might not be a performer, but my face needs to be ok too.

I was not told that my face would look like I had been in a fist fight. The individual who lasered my face did so with a cavillier attitude and with the care of a bored teenager working a shift on a part time job.

After 3 weeks of firey red bruises/burns all over my face, they started to fade, but I had no crusting that I was told I would have. No pigmentation 'fell off' revealing perfect skin underneath.

I returned 4 weeks after the procedure for a check up with minimal improvement and pigmentation that was now red. I asked questions. I wanted to know if it would fade. I wanted to know if it would get better. The same consultant stared at me blankly. There were gaps of silence. The mood was as if she had no idea why I had returned to ask her about my procedure. She has no concerns about my dissatisfaction. She told me that nothing would improve beyond 4 weeks. She told me that I had been given a high setting. I could 'try again in 10 weeks but ...'

She basically wanted to get rid of me. They had promised the world and they shunned me when I tried to redeem it.

The problem is not the waste of money or the waste of time. It's not that the procedure didn't work when I wanted it to work. It's that this was my face. I've only got one. And this woman treated my face as though it was a simple grocery being scanned at check out and then being requested to be returned. My face was just a hassle to her.

These people should not be performing facial procedures without a qualified medical doctor or at least some sort of regulation. My skin is okay but it could have been worse.

I will never return after such apalling treatment. They have lost a loyal longstanding client. Despite all the high quality consultants who do laser hair removal at Citilaser Clinic, I cannot return after such a breach of trust.

Overpriced and charge you extra for everything

Do not go here. I went to City Laser Clinic for 11 sessions of tattoo removal treatment and I really wish I had shopped around before going there.

They are really overpriced and don’t provide a good service.

They don’t offer EMLA cream in the treatments - you have to go out and buy it yourself from a chemist if you want it. For a clinic that charges twice what other places do, you would think they would include it in the price, but they don’t because they are rubbish. Same with dressings - they might sticky tape cotton pads to your skin after your treatment (but don’t count on it - at times I had to specifically ask for something to cover my skin which was bleeding). If you want proper dressings and medical tape you will need to purchase them yourself from a chemist.

They also do not cleanse the area before treating it. You are expected to clean your own skin with the products in the treatment room, or request a practitioner assist you.

I now go to True Skin Laser Clinic on Liverpool St. They use the exact same Q-switch laser, and the staff are a lot more qualified (they are nurses). Their treatments are better and the cost is less than 50% of what City Laser clinic will charge you (and True Skin includes numbing cream, cleansing, post-treatment balm and proper dressings.)

Oh - and if you try to pay with a card (not cash) City Laser Clinic will charge you a 3% surcharge. Just the cherry on top.

Overpriced, no numbing cream used, no dressings, inconsistent treatment

I think it's called the sphinx.

I've been trying laser and IPL for a few years with a few different clinics (ok, yes, I got a bit addicted to the cheapies on groupon and scoopon) with patchy results (especially with IPL which is a complete waste of time and money).
Finally went to City Laser to fix the tiger stripes I was left with after the voucher disasters and am extremely happy I did. Friendly professional staff who actually care whether they leave you hair free and results that are amazing compared to the others.
A treatment for chest and stomach takes about twice as long as the cheapies, but guess what? Hair free without massive missed patches and stripes. Yes, they are a little dearer than some others but I'm pretty sure more hair got zapped in one session than the others did in two.
They also do the more sensitive manscaping which the more beauty focused shops avoid.
Definitely recommend.

You need to give them 24hrs notice of cancellation otherwise they do charge you.

Cant live without it !

I've had many consultations at other clinics but City Laser Clinic has been the best so far.
they are very clean, professional and affordable.
I've gone to one session at City Laser Clinic, a few weeks ago. It was $120 for full brazillian and underarms. My hair hasn't grown back !! i love it and no ingrown hairs either. highly recommend them.
very reliable , very clean
hard to get evening appointments if don't book in advance

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