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Poor service and very rude!

After an initial consultation discussing my concerns for facial pigmentation and redness, I paid for a 6 treatment package. I was treated by both Stephanie and Jade (at Waverley Gardens) and both girls rushed through my treatments. Other than a slight improvement in broken capillaries around my nose, their was no improvement to my skin. The impression I got was that once they had your payment they were not really interested in looking after you. I have attended many skin clinics which were very professional and went the extra yards, but this clinic failed in all areas. Jade was particularly rude to me and I will NEVER go to this clinic again. There are several amazing skin clinics out there, I strongly recommend going elsewhere.

Amazing service, great staff!

Great results at Myskin laser clinics Waverley Gardens! I have seen both Jade and Alyssa and their level of skill is like no other! They make me feel so comfortable every single time I come in for my appointments and their recommendations on treatments and products has helped me so much get the results I am wanting! Highly recommend!

Very Happy

I have been having regular skin treatments at Fountain Gate clinic. Very happy with my results. My skin has never looked better. The products recommended to me are amazing, highly recommend!!!!!!!

Amazing service!

I am a regular client to Myskin the quality of service is amazing unlike other clinics where they only want to sell you things that you don't even need. The girls at Myskin have so much knowledge and always know how to help me out! Great job girls xx

Very happy with my results!

Have been going there since last year, very happy with my results so far! The girls are very welcoming and knowledgeable! I would defiantly recommend them to any one thinking of getting laser

Great clinic - especially Plenty Valley

Awesome clinic, girls are always so friendly and professional. I have been doing all my laser and skin treatments here and really happy with my results so far, my skin has never looked better. They even have a nurse here who does injectables and she is great. Thank you to the team at MySkin Plenty Valley!

Terrible experience

I recently visited the new store at Waverley gardens. I was interested in getting my Botox topped up the nurse tried to encourage me to do more but I couldn’t afford it and it made me self conscious. Otherwise she did s good job of my Botox

Very happy Shaylie

I have my regular laser appointment yesterday at the girl that I normally get was running very late
So Shaylie looked after me and her professionalism also her eye details
She did not rush me I was very satisfied when I left
Thank you once again

oversell everthing

They over sell product which I find really annoying. All they talk about is product and how you need everything.. I was advised I needed sunscreen and 3 different serums to address my skin issues? Really?.. 3 products to combat hydration. They advise you to get $200 facials on a monthly basis and say it like it cheap?
They over sell laser treatments and tell u to come back for maintenance.
I pre purchased 4 vascular treatments and was told I needed 4 for it to be gone. After my first treatment my spider veins were completely gone and asked if I could transfer my 3 prepaid treatments for something else.. surprise surprise they said no and told me to use the 3 for maintenance.
They dont give refunds on anything, including products u may get a reaction from so please be aware as products are expensive.
The staff are nice but just the over selling of products/ services and the whole maintenance thing is annoying. I feel like it's very in/out and no personal service to really get to know your skin needs, I get told I need all the services they offer to get good results.
Once my pre paid sessions have been used up I will not be returning simply for the lack of personal service and the over selling.

Forced to buy expensive products as well as packages as well as bad reaction

They push to buy their products and sessions and when I have got reactions e.g. to my face -kept having breakouts but they made me continue anyways. It finally got really bad and had to go to a dermatologist. I asked to transfer my face sessions to other sessions to which they were not happy but I told them the reaction was horrible and couldn't continue with my face. In addition, they told me my sessions were done but one day I turned up and said I still had sessions on my account! I was not keeping track and trusted them to keep a proper account I have no faith in how they are recording the sessions so I started paying as I needed. Also, they have a cancellation policy now to which they say you need to give 48 hours notice but only call the day before to confirm! so what is the point of calling if I need to go anyways without the flexibility to change it. They used to send a text message to confirm but no longer do this as well. Need to find a better more professional service to go to.

I highly recommend to go to Waverley Gardens

Stephanie and Jade at Waverley Gardens are very good and know exactly what they are doing. They explain everything perfectly and with confidence regarding my treatment. I found Stephanie and Jade to be very professional at all times.
I loved this clinic from the moment I walked into the store.Stephanie and Jade are very informative regarding all on their products & treatments. I am extremely happy with the treatment I had with them. I highly recommend to go to Waverley Gardens

All they care about is money! Customer service is appalling

I purchased a couple of laser treatments, at the Taylors Lakes clinic, to find the following working day that it was half price. I asked them if they could match my recent purchase and the answer was NO! I asked to speak to the Manager and she was rude and did not care if I took my business elsewhere. I asked her if she could have her manager call me but no one called back. When I contacted them to ask why she hadn't called she told me that she was too busy to speak to me! They do not value their customers. I have been a client for many years and spent a lot of money.
I will be taking my business elsewhere and I suggest you all do the same. There are many competitive beauty salons that provide the same service at Watergardens, Taylors Hill and Sydenham area.

Get the job done but over sell their products and want to keep you hooked

Hmm. They get the job done but over-sell their products which are not necessary for everybody as they would insist and don't tell you about in detail when you sign up. They sell you an after laser gel which is $40 and exfoliating serum which is $85 for 30ml. You can get similar products for way less. You really don't need them. There are many people who get by without either one at all but they will say stuff like you might get need 20 extra sessions if you don't use them. I think the staff probably go through some training regime that brainwashes them a bit. They will also want you to do 10-12 sessions plus more "maintenance" but USA websites of laser hair removals recommended 4-6.
Unlike other reviews I do think the staff are nice people and you can get laser done again if they missed a spot so ask about that policy.
Glad to have the laser done by their technicians/salon girls but their desire to make you continue and insistence on buying their products is ridiculous. I will say however that their products are definitely good. The post laser gel uses quite a few organic ingredients, smells good and feels great. Their exfoliate serum is top end but the active ingredient in it is lactic acid (ie alpha hydroxy). So do your research and u can get something similar for much less. And to be honest when they say crap like people who don't use it get x y z just be polite and say no thanks. I think the post laser gel they make compulsory. Check all these things before committing your $$. I got sucked in on a whim.

horrible service

Hi I had very bad experience in one of myskin clinic at fountain gate . No customer service at all after payment they dont care at all. I feel like waste my $400 aa they don't care at all for customers..I booked my appointment first was late 10 min which I can say my fault but is that make sense to you when I was on time and I had wait for 20 min to get it done because they were running behind and they have only one machine for this skin type . I didn't complain at all ..if that's your policy like they can cancel the appointment if customer late and if customer have to wait when they are busy no sorry not explanation nothing that's ridiculous and their service way bad .i feel like waste my $400 dollar not happy at all still 9 more sitting to go. second their service was terrible I hope its normal i got black spot on my face because they don't explain anything i hope not burnt my face or something very scared to go dere and there refund policy is ridiculous they don't refund . They don't ask you at all how's treatment reacting so pls go through with policy and dere way of treatment first before booking.otherwise waste of money.

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