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APIA Health Insurance

APIA Health Insurance

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I have been with Apia Insurance for a few years now. I have needed to have two claims.

First one on contents when my fridge packed up. So Apia helped me and I got very good results.
The next with a car claim. Through a motor vehicle claim. The other party gave me a hard time.
But Apia helped me and I am very happy and can RECOMMEND them This is the BEST Insurance Company that I have dealt with and I have NO hesitation in thanking them sincerely !!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Junk policy

Is actually provided by NIB. Bought top premium hospital cover but turns out is junk policy for coverage of doctors fees. In my case if I was with any other fund doctor gap would have been $200 but with NIB was over $1500. APIA should be ashamed of themselves exploiting senior Australian in this way. TIP if you get caught with big gap for an upcoming procedure you can change funds before the date of the procedure and save paying the gap. I changed to HCF which was only slightly dearer than APIA but pay much better.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't do it...rudest staff in Australia

I used to recommend Apia insurance to lots of people literally hundreds possibly more but now I am cancelling the lot. I had it all car, health, home and contents even travel.but tonight none of it.
I liked that they answered the phone with a person but that's the only good thing left. The premiums are ridiculous my health insurance is $214 per month. For nothing I am not claiming for anything anymore. They think everyone is cheating so don't deal with older people then who might need to claim once in a while you rude horrible people with no phone skills. HIF get good reviews I'm told.

Insurance claim madeNo

Disappointing Customer Service

Apia phoned me last Monday to discuss health insurance and decided to switch to them as prices were increasing. Sheree the lass i spoke to was very helpful and told me that they would contact medibank to cancel policy. I left quoted amount in bank to be direct debited but found yesterday that they had taken more than the amount and to add insult to injury medibank had taken their premium out so i was left without any money to pay for food plus an overdraft fee of $10 as well as being $24 in debt. I phoned back and told them and i spoke to Phillipa and she explained that i had not applied for the government rebate and i said that i had tried on numerous occasions and she also said it would take fourteen days to cancel medibank, but she was very helpful and polite so i phoned medibank and they were very helpful and they said that they had not received anything from Apia and that the premiums had only gone up by $4.00 as opposed to Apia's $8, and i was on a higher level, so i decided to stay with Medibank. I phoned Apia to cancel health insurance and had to wait almost half an hour for someone to talk to me and was greeted with a woman named Tara who i thought would help me, but the line was breaking up and she yelled at me and said she couldn" t hear me and abruptly hung up with no apology. I was eventually put through to Nib by medibank because i phoned them hoping to get some assistance as i wasn"t getting anywhere with Apia and the lady at Nib said i would have to wait 48 hours to speak to someone to cancel my policy. The refund i was hoping to receive was to pay for groceries which i cannot afford now thanks to their crappy service. I have now wasted half a day trying to chase down my refund and have had no success. I would definitely not recommend this company for health insurance.

Insurance claim madeNo

Lack of customer service.

I called to get a quote on health insurance. The first time I called the operator said the computers were down and she would definitely call me back later in the day. No call from them, so I called again the next day,and they were still having trouble with their computers and I was assured I will definitely call , 100 percent! No return call again. I chose not to call again and will go elsewhere. Oh and actually her name was Kylie, both times, I spoke to her. She was unable to give me any information at all, without the computer.

Insurance claim madeNo

Questions & Answers

Is Apia as bad as these reviews made it to be? I am thinking of switching to Apia health insurance. The reviews sound really bad and disappointing.
2 answers
They're great on the phone but somehow that disappears when you need to make a claim for something serious. I would never go back even if they were half the price of everyone else. I had car, home and contents and top level health. I was spending over $400 a month with them but they don't care about client loyalty. Go anywhere else but them IMO.Their Health Insurance is just a front for NIB Health Insurance. What they don't disclose is the very large gaps you have to pay for the surgeons fee if you make a claim (enven though we were on the top Hospital cover) Our Surgeon recommended we shift to another fund as the gap was going to be $thousands with NIB. We changed to HCF and very happy with them - you get RAA discount that makes them on par with APIA cost.

how much health insurance apia went up?
1 answer
I believe Apia's premium went up by $8 as opposed to Medibank's premium which was $4. I am staying with Medibank as they have better customer service as well as a better level of cover.


APIA Health Insurance
CategoryHealth Insurance
Contact Number 13 50 50
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Online Live Chat No
Other Insurance Types Offered Car, Funeral, Home and Contents, Landlord, Motorcycle and Travel

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