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Phoenix Health Fund

Phoenix Health Fund

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Phoenix Health Fund are outstanding.

I have been a member of Phoenix Top Hospital cover and Basic Extras for two years now and they are brilliant. During this period I have undergone three operations including a total knee replacement and lengthy physio rehabilitation. Phoenix have been there every step of the way with total support and zero cost gaps. All of this backed up by state of the art phone contact which has always been immediately accessable with detailed and accurate support information and resolution of questions.
Total excellence. I am extremely happy with this Fund.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan CoverageHospital and extras
Coverage TypeSingle
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time<1 week
Claim ApprovedYes

Reduced cover without informing us

My parents were always under Phoenix so when i looked for where to go myself i naturally went with Phoenix as well. At first they were fantastic, quick easy to use app, app even updated us on balances we had left (a feature that was removed, when i called to ask why the girl mentioned that "it was costing us a fortune on the extra claims everyone was making". Since going public they have changed what is included in our cover very quietly (including removing maternity off of our couples cover and multiple other areas) This has been a common issue for a number of different extras that isn't isolated to my cover. With their premiums going up faster than any other cover i can find, checked my options and i am now moving to better level of Hosp and Extras cover with a lower excess for $150 LESS A MONTH!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thank you for feedback, unfortunately without further information we are unable to confirm your exact circumstances. However, we can confirm that we have not made any detrimental changes to remove maternity cover from products to date, and we pride ourselves on transparency to our members. We have also made recent enhancements to our mobile app not withdrawn services. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns with you personally we can be contacted on 1800 028 817.

Extensive cover for reasonable price

We changed to Phoenix in early 2018 because we were not happy with our old fund which did not cover the items we wanted unless we took top cover with them. With Phoenix we could get everything we wanted in their mid level cover, saving us money. We were even able to makes claims on new items (not previously cover in our old fund) without having to wait for the 6month waiting periods.
My only complaint is that we have items (such as IVF and obstetrics ) included in this cover which, as an older couple, we don't need or want. I enquired with Phoenix whether we could remove them but unfortunately they said not at the moment. So we are stuck with paying for something that we won't use.

Insurance claim madeYes

Supposed to be Good..but..

Been a member for 38 years, but sadly, their performance has dropped. Firstly, they increased my premium by 12% in April (so much for the Govt herald 4% average rise). When queried, their reply was, "It's a very expensive product and we don't offer it anymore"! Sounds like that they are trying to price it to force us to leave!
Secondly, I updated my glasses the other day, and my annual limit is allegedly $310 BUT the most I can claim per year is $220 (go figure) and then I had to pay an extra $56 to have an anti-glare coating to make it safer from me to drive at night...
The scary thing... according to Choice, Phoenix is one of the best funds, though it appears under the skin they are all the same. Not for profit - Bollocks

Insurance claim madeYes

Poor service

Very poor service Different answers from one call centre person to the next At least 2 days to answer an email (Had enough bad service My son was left off the membership card when I came to use it for optical I couldn't "All we can do is say sorry" "You pay for it and fill in a claim and we will get it back to you in a few days" Left the fund on 31 March 2018 still they take the premiums from my bank account When queried "We can only refund you from today and can't backdate it (my email was dated 3 days earlier but they didn't get around to answering it until later) Sent a reply 2 business days ago Still no response and no money back Next step ombudsman. I thought goint to a not for profit would have been better Not in this case! Disgusted

Insurance claim madeNo

Very Helpful and Good Extras policy

I have been with Phoenix for extras for a few years. I believe the extras policy I have is not offered anymore. I have found them to be very helpful and have good benefits. I have used a lot of the Dental / Major Dental. They were half the price of BUPA who as a single i was paying $120 per month just for extras without hospital. I have recommended Phoenix to my friends and family.

Insurance claim madeYes

Seriously an awesome fund

We changed from one of the bigger funds, the change over was extremely painless and the premiums are much less than what we were paying.
We have been with Phoenix for nearly a year and have made one major hospital claim and multiple day surgery claims with no problems what so ever. Highly recommend this fund. Really a no drama fund with great premiums and customer service.

Insurance claim madeYes

Good fund!

Overall the premiums are cheaper than any fund I've looked at for top extras cover its been nearly 2 years since I joined and they have been great! I find them especially generous for dental and optical which is what we mostly use it for. Joining was easy and hicap card turned up quickly.

Insurance claim madeYes

Best customer service ever!

These guys are terrific! They always answer the phone promptly, and even if they can't answer your query on the spot they WILL get back to you. Have only been a member for a few months but very happy so far.

Insurance claim madeYes

Quality! Covers me more and costs less than previous fund

Great value cover! I'm cover for more with Phoenix than my previous fund/product and it actually costs me less. Customer service experience was great and so far my claims are being paid promptly with no hassles - wish I'd heard of them sooner.

Insurance claim madeYes

Avoid Phoenix Health Fund

I tried to join today Phoenix Health Fund, after being decades with a different fund. I was speaking to the Phoenix Health Fund telephone operator and we were doing the payment part and she said she had to go. She deliberately hung up on me because she wanted to go home. She said it was her knock off time. Very poor attitude. She was incredibly rude to someone trying to join, imagine what Phoenix Health would be like to those trying to make a claim. I don't need to be treated like dirt when I'm trying to pay an amount of thousands of dollars.

Insurance claim madeNo

Happy satisfied client.

I joined Phoenix Health fund in 1970, that's 46yrs ago, I had a couple of kids & now consider myself a 'Senior' citizen. In all those years I never had a problem, all claims have been handled without any hassles, I would definitely recommend this health fund to anyone

Insurance claim madeNo

Not received cards after joining

Not very good customer support. I was advised in email that I will receive a welcome call after I joined online, but no one called after a few days waiting. When I finally had to call them myself to enquire about not receiving my cards, I was told that it was sent out and should receive by end of week. It has been 13 days since I join and I have not receive my health insurance cards. I will cancel the policy if cards not receive by this week.

Insurance claim madeNo

A great fund with high ancilliary benefits and prompt service

Have been a member since 1970. The service has always been prompt with benefits paid for "Extras" always drawing comment as to the high levels paid.

Insurance claim madeYes

" First impression "

I only recently joined Phoenix Health Fund & found it a painless procedure (excuse the pun). Avery capable lady by the name Cass walked me through every issue, &answered all my concerens. For first impression I give you Five Stars.

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent health cover

I have been a customer of Phoenix Health Insurance for over 43 years (literally since I was born) and have found their 'products' and level of service to be nothing sort of fantastic. As this health fund lacks shareholders and is a 'closed', non-profit fund, members are the ones who benefit by way of better rebates and 'coverage' on medical conditions. I like the fact that they are a no-nonsense company that doesn't need to include things like gym membership or other fancy marketing gimmicks to sweeten the deal; they simply do medical insurance, which at the end of the day is all you want

Insurance claim madeYes

Very happy trouble free for about 20years

Love Phoenix - have been with them for over 20 years and so has the rest of my family - claims are no problems, staff are efficient and polite, rebates are better than others. I am so glad my dad worked for a relevant company years ago, so I was allowed to join. It is a shame there is no better health insurance rates for persons who look after their health - it would be great if health insurance was like house insurance - cheaper if your risk is loweR. Sadly the government legislated that those who make healthy choices should subsidise the unhealthy choices of others.
Very efficient

This is a great company and i should have been with them years ago.

I've been with Phoenix for over a year now and i am very impressed.
they dont have shareholders and the benefits i recieve back are far better than my previous fund.

Plus im now purchasing a product that cost me about $90 less than what i used to pay for with my old fund... and it still offers me the same Top hosptial and top extras product!

The best thing is when i call the office, a real person answers straight away!

My advise is to check out the funds that dont advertise on TV and through advertisements in your face. Logic tells me that all this media is paid through members pockets!

I recommend this fund to all my friends because its great value and i'm not paying a mint to keep it.
great affordable cover, better than the bigger funds, customer service is perfect

Questions & Answers

what are the monthly payments for extra hospital cover phoenix health fund
No answers

With Phoenix Health when does the new year start ? 1st of January or the date you join?
1 answer
1st January

can anyone join phoenix?
8 answers
I believe they only cover people who work in the steel industry.Anyone can join. I am not a steel industry worker and I just finished applying. More benefits than with BUPA and it is costing me over $40 a month LESS with Phoenixhttp://phnx.com.au/ you need to be connected to steel industry else they wont cover you


Phoenix Health Fund
Contact Number 1800 028 817
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Online Live Chat No

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