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Don't use RT health..

After 10yrs of being with Rt health..and paying thousands of dollars..I went down from top tear to one level down..they couldnt even pay for the wire on my denture to be fixed??
I should have changed company 3 years ago when i broke my leg and..i was in top cover and they didn't even cover my moon boot ...they say they are not for profit..but they have sure made a profit off me.. I don't recommend rthealth at all.. why cant health insurance just be like car insurance..you pay ..your covered.. why is it all so complicated

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan CoverageHospital and extras
Coverage TypeSingle
Claim MadeNo
Book AgainNo

Customer service has gone down hill

What has happened to RT Health? Their service used to be fantastic. Now they are so hard to get in contact with and they have cancelled my families appointments so many times. I have been trying to get in to collect my new contacts for months and they keep changing the date. They seem to be constantly confused about procedures, claims and bookings at the front counter and I am seriously considering moving on to another health fund after being with them for more than 30 years. Shaking my head in disbelief.

Insurance claim madeNo

Appalling Gobsmacking Service

We contacted RT Health for information on top hospital & extras. After a lengthy wait & 2 disconnections, I was astonished with the abrupt & downright rude attitude displayed by customer service.
She refused to supply any information requested, as I would not disclose our phone number, I was informed this was std. procedure. What relevance is that to obtaining simple information, I was flabbergasted by her reaction. With this attitude, it is a wonder they have any clientele. An unpleasant experience.
Our potential business lost.

Insurance claim madeNo

Card doesn't work and on hold for 40 minutes

Went to optometrist today went to get quote and RT Health system down. Tried to call RT while there no one answered for 20 minute, requested call back.. No detail on their web site system was down. Tried to put order it through as order rather than quote, system still down. Tried again 5 times. Phoned again on hold for 40 minutes. Got call back 50 minutes later. I asked member services why so long to answer their calls and was told they are busy. Asked them what there turnaround time was to answer calls and they said they didn't have turnaround time they answered when the could. Asked how many employees they said standard no of employees. No apologies. Asked them what is going on with their system and RT Health operator said it is because Spec Savers try to put through 4 item numbers and there is a problem which IT has been looking at for last few weeks but can't work it out, problem didn't exist before don't know what it is and can't offer any more assistance. Told him this isn't good enough how can I process claim to get glasses he said they could try splitting the glasses but he didn't know anymore. Told him this wasn't the first problem I had over the number of years I had been a member three of the cards were faulty. Further many times I have had to pay upfront and claim back as their cards weren't accepted. Asked to speak with manager and he said he wasn't available but he would pass on a message but wouldn't be today. Advised this is not acceptable service. Again no apologies.

Insurance claim madeNo

Still on hold on the phone

I am a new customer. Recently I needed to contact RT Health. Called 3 times at different times, could never get through. Left a call back message but no one called me back. I am now concerned that I made a mistake in joining them.

Insurance claim madeNo

Not happy

We've been in rt health for 23 years & was happy, but recently they have changed, no customer service, you have to ring the main line & are left hanging on the phone forever, no one to talk to not happy.

Insurance claim madeNo

Shocking customer service

Every time I need to contact them, I am on hold for over 40 minutes each time or longer. I am unable to claim via email, as they never receive my claim, and have to contact them via phone for them to give me a private email address as their email for claim does not work. I also made a claim for orthotics in December 2017 and was unable to swipe my card in the machine, unlike the other health funds. Therefore I was unable to get my claim bulk billed, as my mother in another's health fund was able to do with her claim. I had to instead pay for the full amount and claim separately through my health fund, then get a refund through the podiatrist. This process took over two months to get my refund. I am so fed up with them that we are going to change health funds. I don't recommend using them at all.

Insurance claim madeYes

Easy to deal with and great rebates

I've been with rt now for about 8 years and have rarely had any issues with them. I've always found them to give the biggest rebates on services and process claims quickly. Reading some of the comments on this site, I think that if I were to have elective surgery, I'd get them to confirm I am covered in writing beforehand along with a list of the procedural item numbers I am covered for, so I have a record.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good Communication Health Fund

I have been with rt Health for many years and have found the claim process (mail) very good and the benefits given are higher than others. The people you deal are great and actually speak English and queries are always handled very well. My daughter who also with RT was given extra time to pay when she ran into financial difficulties, unlike other funds who would not have covered her. I have just paid 12 months ahead and intend to stay with this fund in the future. I would not hesitate and have recommended this fund to others.

Insurance claim madeYes

Time delay for refunds

Having had 2 physio appointments over the last month hicaps wouldn't read my RT card. I paid both accounts in full and lodged claims online. Nearly a month later and I haven't been reimbursed for either (the auto generated email says it'll be paid in 5 to 7 days). 3 emails and 2 requests for call backs and I've heard nothing. After being on hold for 35 minutes I finally managed to speak to a manager (Loretta) who said they'll be paid that day. 3 days later and I still haven't got my money. They're happy to take my premiums but refuse to pay what's owed to clients. Disgusting!

Insurance claim madeYes

Great fund - highly recommended

Have been with a few different funds over the past decade but RT is easily the best. Higher rebates than most, prompt processing and hassle free claims. I will be sticking with them. Highly recommended.

Insurance claim madeYes

Been with them for years, never had a problem.

My family has been with RT Health for years, including my parents and siblings. We've all been to a private hospital at some stage and RT Health covered the lot, except one procedure had a doctors gap which he wouldn't budge on. Wer're from Queensland, and we had QML pathology charge our daughter in law huge fees to have pathology done while she was in hospital because she wasnt with a QML No Gap health fund. We called RT and they are one of the funds that are a no-gap QML fund, so we remain happy ongoing with a fund that always looks after us.

Insurance claim madeYes

Rt travel insurance Hopeless

Rt sent its members an email regarding an opportunity to save 40% on overseas travel insurance. I thought yes this is for me I started to get an online quote but wanted to make certain my current health concern was covered. I phoned the 1300 phone number provided which rerouted to the Phillippines neither staff person could give me a quote and both said they did not have RT health on their list
I then called Rt Health and the operator said no you must do it online. So she couldn't help me either I then sent and email and the Client Services officer said I must book online or call the 1300 number Talk about going in circles all day RT hopeless they send out an offer of 40% off for members but forgot to tell their staff or the overseas insurance company or the number of hoops you have to jump through to give an honest up to date health record Pathetic and hopeless Shame on you

Insurance claim madeNo

Great Health Fund

RT is the very best when it comes to Health Funds by far offering the best value for money there is, their Hospital and extras, covers everything you will need, their benefits are excellent and the yearly limit among the very best, the customer service is excellent always friendly and helpful. I have been with RT Health Fund for 14 years and can’t speak highly enough of them, I highly recommend RT, for me it’s definitely 5 Stars.

Insurance claim madeYes

Beware RT shortsighted on robotic surgery

We have been top cover members of RT health for many years only to find that when my husband has to make a claim for robotic surgery within premium hospital cover, RT health has refused to cover him. Ironically one of the benefits of robotic surgery is that hospital stay is reduced to one night whereas with traditional surgery, he would have to stay 3 nights in hospital.
The hospital informed us that many funds do now cover robotic surgery it is becoming the preferred method of surgery for many operations.
Perhaps time to change funds or go public.

Insurance claim madeNo

Beware they do not always pay a claim

Have been with RT Health for many years as a premium fund member and pay an annual contribution of $5341.68.
I had to have robotic surgery for which they did not cover me and had to pay out in excess of $8,000.
What is the point in being in a health fund if they will not cover you!
Customer support not the best.
I am considering making a change to another health fund.

Insurance claim madeYes

Amazing cost effective private hospital cover and extras. No problems with claims.

People only go online to complain, even when they are in the wrong - which is disappointing.

Been with RT Health for years and they have always come through for us. They have an in house charity as well to look after members going through tough times, which happened to us last year. They paid our health insurance premiums for us while we got back on our feet.

If more of RT Health's happy customer got this website to write reviews, they would be 5/5 stars based on our families experience.

Insurance claim madeYes

Friggin pathetic

My nephew is currently in hospital in a very bad way . He was told he would be covered for his stomach procedure.
He's got an infection and is staying in longer than expected. He's been in there nearly a week and will be in for a few more days at least.
He had a call from this pathetic health fund telling him he isn't covered?????
Besides him ringing and asking and confirming item numbers they are now saying he's not covered?????? What the hell??????
He was in no fit state to talk to them so I'm taking this higher up for him. This is disgusting!!!!! He is doped up on pain meds laying in a hospital bed in terrible pain.
How can they deny his claim AFTER he's confirmed his procedure??????

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible customer service

I called up their staff to see if I was covered for a hospital procedure and they told me I was. I went into hospital for the procedure on on their advice and then I find out after the operation that I am not covered. Called them up and received no apology and I was told that I was never given that advice. Now I have to pay a few thousand dollars for the operation.

Insurance claim madeYes

Really happy after first year

I changed to RTHealth as they have a mid-range policy that includes maternity services. I've been with them for about 18 months and am really happy with them. I've been an inpatient twice and used a few of their extras and have not had any problems. There is not a long wait time when calling them on the phone, and they have always been very helpful and polite

Insurance claim madeYes

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need feedback on RT Health
2 answers
We were with RT Health for 23 years and were happy with them, but recently they have changed, I used to be able to phone and talk to someone in Brisbane or Sydney, now there is only one phone number for people all over Australia and you are hanging on the phone for one to two hours, you also get passed on to someone in India or the Philippines, I sent them an email and didn't receive a reply for 3 days, so not happy with them, we have changed to West Fund who are much better and have good reviews.Thank you much appreciated


RT Health
Contact Number 1300 886 123
Address1 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Email Address help@rthealthfund.com.au
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Online Live Chat No
Other Insurance Types Offered Life

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