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Aptamil Gold+ AR

Aptamil Gold+ AR

3.8 from 117 reviews

These product is perfect

AR aptamil Gold+ helped a lot with my daughter from 2 weeks old and now she’s 6 months and she’s more happier and fuller for longer ,she sleeps better during the night now thank you

Purchased in January 2018 at Coles Warradale for $27.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Very stressful time feeding baby this! Wasted money.

Was using NAN AR and things were going great, but the vomiting came back after a few weeks. Bought a tin of aptamil AR and took some with us to a friends house and OMG did bubz scream the house down as the teat was so blocked. (We use Avent variable flow teats). The formula just wouldn’t come through the Teat at all. Even had to pierce another hole through the teats and she was so frustrated by then. We had to drive home with a very hungry screaming baby and put her straight back to NAN AR. Happy baby again, just have to put up with the happy vomiting. Would be great if the company would recommend a bottle and teat in the tin which is suitable for this formula. The consitency is like a thick syrup.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes

Too thick and makes them have diarrhea

This product is way to thick and it has given my poor daughter diarrhea and made her really gassy. She is in so much pain. Would not reccomend unfortunately......... thanks

Purchased in April 2019 at Drugscreen for $27.99.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness Yes
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Hi Toni ... Thank you for your feed back and sorry to hear the AR was not suitable for your daughter. AR is a specialty formula to assist with reflux so is a thickened formula which sits more heavily in the stomach, therefore helping to keep the formula from regurgitating and causing discomfort. Maybe you would like to call us here on the Careline so we can assist you further with a more suitable formula for your babys needs. Our number is 1 800 060 057 Thanks Jeanette Midwife Nutricia Careline

Very good! Works great!

Very thick, perfect for reflux! Only word of advice would be that you must upgrade your teat to the biggest size or else it won’t come through! Easy to prep! No side affect and very little came up after feeds. Have also found that she doesn’t really need to be burped afterwards either!

My son needed this formula

I have boy girl twins that are 5 months. For months they were on Bellamy's and then switched to Munchkin grass fed. My son spewed up nearly all his meal a lot of the time with both of those formulas and we had to keep trying to feed him to get him to keep it down. He would scream when we layed him on his back. My daughter didn't have as much of a problem on Munchkin or Bellamy's but she still vomited up a bit. We tried Novalac and it constipated both my twins badly despite giving them both relief from vomiting. Aptimal AR gold is perfect for my son. Doesn't constipate him and he barely spews up at all anymore. I have my happy boy back. He is a different child now. It constipated my daughter terribly on the other hand so we have kept her on Munchkin and she is doing ok on that. The only thing is it's so thick that it barely comes through the teat. We have my son sometimes on a number 3 teat or he would be drinking all day and screaming for more milk to come
out and daughter who is on Munchkin on a number 1 screaming because it comes out kind of fast. It just shows the difference.

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Hi Alioop, you can use a variable flow teat with the Aptamil AR. A variable flow teat has a slit or a 'Y' or 'T' cut instead of holes, which allows you to adjust the flow. This type of teat will work better for a thickened formula. You can add the Aptamil Feed Thickener to the Munchkin formula to make it a little thicker for your daughter so she won't gulp it down. If you use a small amount, it should not cause constipation. Please call us on 1800 438 500 if you would like more information on this. Warm regards, Caroline - Careline Nutritionist.

Wayyyyyyy to thick, Will try a different brand.

We had been using the Bellamy's Organic but thought we would try a higher protein formula so our son feels fuller and feeds less because he just smashes the Bellamy's.

Aptamil AR; If it isn't warm then it doesn't flow through the bottle because it is SO THICK, it is like; smoothy thick. If you have one of those bottles that minimises colic it doesn't even flow through the mechanism to reach the teat of the bottle let alone pass through the teat.

When looking at the Aptamil in the stores we didn't know which one to get as it doesn't explain much on the container so we just picked one of the 3 we saw on the shelf.

Our baby slept more after eating it which was nice at night time, but it takes him about 30 mins to suck 15ml though it bottle.. By that time the formula is cold and becomes even thicker, SUPER thick! Even when we add an additional 10ml water over the recommended water mix it doesn't change its thickness much.

I'm sure it helps some people but Aptamil was just difficult to use. The label was not descriptive on the front so we don't know the difference between your products.

Aptamil your marketing department needs a lesson in delivering information to parents when purchasing and not just buzzy keywords on your tins.

Gave my bub a horrific upset Tummy

I changed my babies formula to this aptamil gold AF as she has a mild silent reflux. The formula is very thick and frothy, filled bub up so she had a good sleep from it but took a while for her to drink as it’s so thick. It did help a little with her reflux but on day 3 of this formula she got horrific diarrhea! To the point where I was changing her nappy 3 times within 10 minutes! Apparently they changed something in the gold formulas and it’s upsetting babies tummies :( I’ll be switching back to my organic formula and trying a different route for her! On the other hand this formula worked amazing for my friends baby girl but it may have been before they changed something in this formula!

Should have put baby on it as soon as I transitioned

Absolutely love this formula my last baby was on it who was severe reflux and it worked from the very first bottle. The formula is thick and it does say to make at room temperature but my baby loves her bottle really warm and it’s just a little thinner but she has zero issues with keeping the formula down. The only issue I have is if she is going through a growth spurt and having several bottles a day more then normal I have to give her probiotics so she doesn’t get constipated which I’ve experienced in the past but now know how to manage it. It’s worked fantastic for my last 2 babies and if we chose to have another and come across the same issues I’ll know what to head for straight away

Stays down. Doesn’t smell.

Bub puked up all other formulas, this was the only one that stayed down. It does get thick quick, but we just prepare it and feed him immediately. Sometimes needs a shake halfway through so lumps don’t form. It can sometimes block the holes too. Smells WAY better than A2.

Didn’t constipate, made him relax and sleep!

Easy to prepare and my baby loves it. All the other anti reflux ones gave him terrible constipation and this one gave him Mr Whippy stools! Helped so much with the reflux and seemed to keep him satisfied enough to start sleeping through the night! The price is pretty reasonable too!

Best formula I used by far

Was using s26 gold prior to switching, and aptamil doesn’t smell at all, baby enjoyEd it a lot better because when I went to swop her back to old formula she refused. Easy to prepare, doesn’t clog your baby up and is gentle on their tummies. The only thing is they don’t make enough of it and leaves shortages a lot!’

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Hi Beck, really happy to hear the formula has been working so well for your little one. If you struggle to find your preferred product, please email/livechat us through www.aptanutrition.com.au or call 1800438500. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline

This was a lofe saver, loved it

My bub was on a different formula, but after every feed he would throw up what he had just drank, i found this formula, it was fantastic, easy to prepare, the first time i made it he drank the whole bottle and kept it down, he loved it, he put on weight, he drank whole bottles, he stopped crying because he was hungry and slept. No side effects apart from putting on weight

A life saver

Bubs suffered from silent reflux. It was hard to get drs to listen so I did my research and found this ar formula. I found it did make her constipated so I mixed 50/50 with Aptimal gold plus then slowly weaned her down to 1 scoops of ar with 3 normal for a 200ml bottle. Try mixing if you are looking for a less constipating AR formula mix

Niece likes it!

The formula is easy to make and very simple. Also easy to clean (if your a clumsy person), niece seems to love this stuff! She hasn't suffered any reflux or throwing up after consuming this (id say that a plus)she loves drinking some before bed.
Plus its almost always sold out in stores, so it must be decent.

Premium product at a premium price

This formula is really easy to prepare, and is great for babies suffering from indigestion/reflux.
It is a high quality product filled with great nutrients, but comes at a dear price unless buying in bulk.
It seems to be popular with bub, and my family's kids also seem to have no problem

Great for reflux

This formula is easy to prepare. I had 2 x really bad reflux babies we swapped to this formula and we finally got sleep at night again. There was no side effects except a great nights sleep lol.
I recommend this formula to people who have babies with bad reflux!

My daughter loves this formula

The formula is a lot thicker and took my daughter a week to get used to but it totally saved her from the pain of throwing up and reflux! We love it and have such a happy baby now because she is full and not vomiting. Highly recommend this to our friends and family

Life saver.

This was the greatest formula i have ever used. I only got to breast feed for 3 months before i dried up so finding a formula that worked for my chucky baby was very hard and expensive. My daughter used to chuck up alot after every feed breast and bottle so it was great when after her first bottle of this no chuck. Helped her sleep through the night and left her much happier. Could be better on price but worth it.

Great for my reflux baby!

I switched my baby to this at 7 weeks as she was suffering from really bad reflux. Within 3 days I noticed a huge difference- baby girl is now 9 weeks old. She stopped throwing up every feed, stopped being upset so much and started sleeping right through the night. The only thing I reccomend is using a faster flow teat as it is quite thick and make sure you make it as you need it otherwise it will thicken up from sitting in the bottle. But our household loves it and will be continuing using it.

Hard at first but keep at it!

At about 2 months I found my baby had bad reflux and my GP recommended Aptamil AR and we are still on it 2 months on. At first it was hard to get used to as it was quite thick and it took ages for my little man to get through one bottle but after a while and after buying some medium flow teats, he got the hang of it and now loves it. He no longer has bad throw ups so we’ll be sticking with it until he gets a little older.
We haven’t noticed any bad side effects for our baby except for maybe that his poos are a little thicker..
Tip: buy some medium flow teats as the milk is quite thick.

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Questions & Answers

Hi.l have a query about aptamil gold+ AR formula.There's no email option on the nutricia page and my phone doesn't allow me to make or receive calls at the moment so can't call the careline.My little bub suffered from reflux. It was suggested that we try ar formula to help her.She's been using it for a week and a half now and it has helped her. No more spews. But feeds have gone from being around 15mins long to an hour. The formula seems very thick & the last 2 days she drinks 30-60ml out of a 110ml bottle .what can I do to help her drink her full bottle again and cut feed time down?
3 answers
Use a faster flow teat:-)Hi there Sootso. Yes, the Aptamil Gold+ AR is very thick and a variable flow or crosscut teat work best to allow baby to feed effectively. When baby is under 12 weeks or taking such a long time to feed, it may also be an option to mix Aptamil AR in the same bottle with a standard formula milk to make it less thick. As long as the water to powder ratio is carefully correct this does not present any nutritional safety issues. We do have a livechat option on our nutriciacareline.com.au website if you would like to chat this through with us. I do hope that it gets easier for you and baby very soon. Kristin, Dietitian Nutricia CarelineThank you for your reply Bub is 5. 5wks old. We now use a 6mth fast flow teat and she now drinks a full bottle in 10-15mins. We have had a couple of bigger spews since changing teats Would you recommend mixing it with regular formula?

Just switched my bub to the AR becaus he was very spewy...try as a might, I can never get all the formula to dissolve in the water, there are always huge lumps left at the end. I have tried boiling water mixed with cooled boiled water and also straight room temp water, it still seems to be really chunky which leads me to think he isn't really getting the full feed?
1 answer
Hi Amy, Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the Aptamil AR not dissolving properly. Please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our product specialists will be happy to assist you. Thanks - Nutricia Careline

Hi I have a 10 weeks old baby who has used Aptamil 1 range from 3 weeks. We changed to Aptimil AR for reflux and he was always so hungry. Has anyone’s Bub had Diarrhea? He’s on his 3rd tin and Diarrhea for 2 weeks now. Getting tested for allergies etc but curious to know. Thanks
2 answers
We changed from Aptamil AR to NAN AR and yes the poohs are continuously runny. Like a dark green tar. It doesn’t bother her though and she doesn’t get a burning bottom. I think all AR formulas are like this. Our baby is 4.5 months old.Hi Alanah, Vomiting and Diarrhoea are two signs/symptoms of a food allergy. So yes it would be best to talk to your health care professional about allergy options. You can also contact us and talk to one of our Nutritionists or Dieticians about feeding options ph 1800438500. Sue Nutricia Careline Nutritionist.


Gold+ AR
Price (RRP) $26.99
AgeInfant (0-6 months)
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Goat's MilkNo
Contains Soy Yes
Dominant Protein Casein
Contains GOS prebioticsNo
Release dateMay 2008

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