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Aptamil Profutura

Aptamil Profutura

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Great product

First things first; this formula personally helped our little one tremendously.
BUT she has always been a relatively easy going baby and has been had an issue with any formula, breast milk, various bottles or teats, so these reviews will always be relative as each baby will be different.
So ours loved this milk and it really made a noticeable difference to our daughters colic symptoms. Combined with the Dr. Browns colic bottles we’ve been using, all 3 of us have had a drastically better quality of life!

Purchased in December 2018.

Perfect! Difficult to find stock instore.

This was easy to prepare and mix and my baby preferred this to other formula brands. However, the stage 2 is nearly impossible to find in stores and so was forced to opt for the gold instead.

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

daughter love this product since she was baby

my daughter had been drinking profutura baby milk powder since she was a newborn from stage 1 and she is now 3 years old and on to stage 4. no problems so far and most importantly no weird taste. easy to prepare as well. she drink about 150ml each time min. she needs to drink this min once a day. the only problem is that it is very hard to find in store. have to bought it online with min 3 cans for free delivery.

Purchased in April 2019 for $28.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

My children love it

I trust this product because my children have never had any bad reactions to it. I have tried other brands, but there was always an upset tummy , diarrhoea or my children just never liked the taste.
I know for my family Aptamil is great! But I wouldn’t recommend continuing to buy it if your child doesn’t like it.
It is Well instructed for showing how to use and it does help if you remember to always make it a warm bottle.

Purchased in January 2019.

Highly recommended

I started my baby on this formula after having issue breast feeding. My doctor recommended it after she used it with her children. I now Comp feed and my baby adjusted to this formula easily without any constipation or other issues. He is now gaining weight at the expected rate and is a happy baby.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $32.00.

Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No


This is great baby powder for my son aged 4years old. He has to drink it once a day with other food. He has start to drink this brand when he was very little

Purchased in December 2018 for $28.89.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Feeding is easy!

Easy to make and dissolves well. Clear directions on the tin. Scoop and design of the tin makes bottle making a one handed job - great when holding baby in the other arm!

Baby appears to enjoy this product, taking every drop offered with no ill effect at any point.

My daughter loves it

I have given this formula since my baby was 6 months. I think it is quite good as she never had a diarrhea causing by this formula but she used to have diarrhea due to other formula product, better not to mention. It is easy to prepare and my daughter loves it

Perfect for baby with constipation!!

Our feeding dramas were solved with Aptamil profutura after having tried 4 different formulas! Up until 2 weeks we were breastfeeding and having to top up with the hospital recommended NAN optipro gold HA until the breeding stopped and he was formula fed exclusively. By day 3 he was so badly constipated we had to give him a supppository. We then tried the NAN comfort as we were told it would be more gentle however this only caused him to throw up and still hadn't relieved the constipation issue. Finally we were recommended to give Karicare a go and were ecstatic to see that he loved it and was able to open his bowels without any issues. After 2 weeks of the Karicare he agaun became constipated to the point where he would wake up mid sleep to scream and cry and was turning purple trying to push pebble sized poos. By this time we had given up hope of finding a formula to suit and thought he had some sort of allergy. After a midnight run to the chemist and not wanting to give him another supppsitory we were recommended to try Novalac Constipation formula that worked! He loved it and was having a dirty nappy daily until it was happening too frequently and the formula wasn't keeping him full as he was needing to feed every 2 hours.
Thank God for our maternal health nurse who had compared the contents of Novalac to other formulas available and found the Aptamil Profutura had the same level of protein making it an easy changeover and easy for him to pass poo.
2 tins in and out 5 week old is thriving on Aptamil Profutura! I cannot recommend it enough considering the drama we had with formulas in such a short period of time. Regular dirty nappies and no more restless sleeps or crying of wind pain. Thank you Nutricia!

better then the gold

I use to feed my baby with the aptamil gold, but it was really hard to find one from supermarket, so I took this one instead, as they are from the same company, and the formula are very similar. this is a very good to take the place of aptamil gold

Formula is very good

The formula is very easy to prepare, with a light frankincense smell, milky yellow, a little milk powder is put in the mouth to taste, the milk powder is delicate and sticky, easy to stick to the teeth, tongue, and sugar free sweet, when boiled with hot water, good milk powder form floating, the first mixing will stick to the spoon, I believe this brand of milk powder is a good milk powder!


It is recommend by a friend to drink that milk powder, but this can also be a drink, but it is not very sweet and not very fish. the taste of the milk is very fine milk powder, so that it is easy to soak the milk, and it is not a sticky milk, and it will continue to be bought.


Baby with two year old to drink three meals of milk powder, compared with several kinds of milk powder eventually chose this brand, because this is lactose ingredients without flavor, and taste very light, not easy to fire, but to supplement their own dha! At present, the baby milk has no side effects and feels good.

Great formula for my baby

This is a great formula for my younger kid. She loves it. It is very easy to prepare, just like the A2. Two spoons of milker powder, fill in the water and shake it. That is it. My child loves the taste, perhaps because it is sweeter than the A2? Because I bought this formula, I read other reviews and was worried about the side effects. But unluckily, they did not happen to my girl. No reflux, no flare up.

Make my twins have bad reflux but not constipated

A few key points to this formula
1. This formula is easy to prepare like any other, except contain a lot of bubbles after preparing. I’m not sure whether it is the bubbles that makes my twins (2 months) have reflux even after 2 hours after feeding. On one occasion one of them had reflux straight after feeding, all out through his mouth and nose and was struggling to breath. I panic a little but after all the formula came out. Her looked fine..
2. The babies used to be constipated for days before pooping on other formula. But now they are pooing easily but their poop are now runny. Is that how they’re suppose to be?
3. Have to buy 2-3 cans when I can get my hands on them as they are always run out from pharmacy/Coles or Safeway.

special one

the aptamil profutura stg 3, is different from the aptamil gold stg 3,
it is easier to digest. and the formula is a bit different.
it is pretty good, yet still something about it.
it is a little bit too expensive, and the expire day has just 18 month witch is too short

As good as A2

Living with my sister recently. Her kid start drink Aptamil pro 4 after turning 2 yrs old. Helping her to prepare the formula, I think it smell like vanilla. It is a little bit cheaper than A2. The most important thing is it is not that hard to buy. There is a woolies near my work place, I can help her to buy the formula after work. Would recommend to my friend.

Not for my Bub

Really disappointed this didn’t work for my little girl as I did so much research before choosing one (as I didn’t want to swap and change!).
Turns out she had really explosive poop and seemed to struggle when she did it - also the poop stained her clothes - I’m pretty sure this is due to the fish oil concentration rather than any issues with the formula itself.
I love that it includes probiotics and additional vitamins but just too harsh for her little tummy I think.
I also tried karicare made by the same company but she had a bit of reflux from that one as well (that also has fish oil in it). So for us it didn’t work out but I can see it has so many positive reviews.
I use the remainder of the can for my older son in his smoothies and cereal and he seems great on it.

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Hi Vanessa, sorry to hear that the Aptamil Profutura stage 1 was giving your baby explosive poos. Please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our dietitians will be happy to assist you. Thanks - Nutricia Careline

great for my grandchild

Started using this formula for our grandchild, when my daughter was still mix feeding (breast and formula). My grandchild took it without any issues. Eventually switched to formula only, and had no issues at all. Easy to prepare too. Very happy and have already switched to the stage 2 formula (6 months+


Have been using Profutura 1 from approx 4 and a half months and then switched to Profutura2 just after my baby turned 6 months. Had no issues switching, no tummy problems, and my little one really enjoys it. Very happy with it, and I think we will stick with Aptamil as my little one gets older.

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Questions & Answers

I have had my 3 month old on Profutura since birth. I have looked everywhere for a tin lately and no one has any for sale! I am running low on the tin I have and will have to buy something else soon. What is the difference between Profutura and Gold+1? Is the Profutura coming back on shelves soon?
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Profutura is sold online from Mumstore but it limits how many tins you could buy in certain period. Good luck.

Has aptamil profurura stage 1 been deleted
3 answers
I don’t think so, it’s just hard to come by. I ordered mine online as I was unable to get it anywhere in stores.https://www.mumstore.com.au/aptamil-profutura-stage-1.htmlThe Aptamil Profutura stage 1 has not been deleted- we are still manufacturing this product. I'm sorry you are having trouble finding it in stores however. Please feel free to give the Nutricia Careline a call on 1800 438 500 (AUS) or 0800 438 500 (NZ) if you continue to have issues in locating some for your baby.

Any difference?
1 answer
Hey all I have 2 kids I have given my elder one aptamil protura n he was great with it but I think my younger son having very frequent attacks of bronchitis, allergies and astama Do you think that the milk some how has any type of ingredients which will not suit the baby Your help will be highly appreciated As I’m trying to figure out the reason and the think which he is allergic to Thank you


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