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Ariston CP059MDX

Ariston CP059MDX

3.7 from 77 reviews

Never again

Bought a CP859 in 2005. Looks great and two dinner plates fit side by side in the oven. Thermostat failed when first switched oven on. Repaired under warranty but blew when the technician switched oven on. Third thermostat lasted for several years. Fan element blew as did top element. Door seals replaced three times. Stencils wear out if front of oven cleaned so fascia replaced and it no longer gets cleaned Jets on two of the burners replaced right front burner still pathetic.
Clock had to be replaced.
Thermostat has failed again. Looking to buy another brand.
Looks great but prefer a reliable oven to cook with.

Purchased in April 2005 at Austec for $2,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Daily

It’s an okay oven, but parts keep breaking and aren’t cheap to replace

We have had this oven in our home since new. It is now about 7 years old and in this time we have been through 2 oven fan elements (now on our third) at over $100 a pop plus an electrician to install. And about 2 years ago the time display started to dull and now doesn’t work at all. This was over $200 just for the part so never bothered to get it repaired.
We find the oven gets hotter than what it is set to and the trivet for the small burner is too big for our little pots. The cast iron trivets also aren’t quite right, causing pans and pots to rock back and forth.
The hob on the back also is part of the top of the oven and can’t be removed, so it sits 12mm proud of our shelves as it has to sit in front of our splash back, not neatly under it.
The catalytic liners have done a great job keeping the oven inside clean however which is a plus, but as others have said, removing the oven door is difficult to allow for proper cleaning.

But instead of paying for the repairs to get the timer fixed, when this next element blows, we will change to an oven with twin internal fans and a different brand... at only 90L in the oven, there is a lot of wasted space with ovens of the same size externally now boasting over 120L.

Purchased in December 2011.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Daily

Excellent at breaking

Out of warranty now (9 yrs old) and the following is broken/need replacing: clock, back right burner, door seal, thermostat (not always reliable), oven door hinges, upper element (grill doesn’t work), oven door seal. I have already replaced the following: oven door glass (it just shattered while I was cooking!), oven door seal (3x). Even when it was working it had cold spots and wouldn’t bake evenly. I feel cheated. I cook a lot and endure this price of garbage every day. I’m saving for a replacement.

Purchased in June 2009 at Harvey Norman Appliances Physical Store for $3,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Daily

Ariston 90 cm free standing oven

This is the most terrible oven/gas cooker, and I recommend you don't buy this oven. Everything that can go wrong has, and Ariston do not want a bar of you once you have gone out of your 2 year warranty. All components of the oven have broken down or do not work, from the electronic ignition for the gas burners, to the oven door not closing, to the light in the oven failing, the front light panel where you choose options for the oven also faded and does not work, to the oven door not closing, which by the way cost $675 to fix and the repair man said, bad luck can't fix it. it is so disappointing when you $3000 and it is really so badly made and there is not service. full stop. Cleaning the depressions where the gas top is, is impossible, I even tried oven cleaner, but that just took the coating off. so in summary, steer clear.

Date PurchasedAug 2009

A good stove

After 3 years and a couple of initial problems I would like to add to my initial rather negative review and say that I am quite happy with my Ariston stove. I love the wok-burner which provides very high heat necessary for restaurant quality Asian cooking. Also the extra frypan trivett, the small, simmer trivett (which I also use for my Bellman Espresso coffee maker). I'm enjoying the large oven space and the self-cleaning option. I do find it necessary to clean the glass door however, and for this I use a gentle non abrasive cleaning agent and soft cloth.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Best appliance I own

Great adjustable burners& amazing temp control in oven,I can make yogurt in it 37-38 degrees.Timer very easy to use.Have to use fifty words so I am now wasting space but I am very happy.The first night I cooked at 9 pm (normally 6pm) because I had to throw away the old Eurolec (thank goodness)& the 3 pizzas at once were perfectly cooked

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Happy Cook, we are delighted to hear your positive experience with your Ariston freestanding cooker. Thanks for your feedback! Kind regards, Ariston Team.

Great build

Ariston has designed a brilliant oven here.. it comes with a 5 year warranty as well as being an Italian company .. they know food .. most importantly the oven has only around a 3° variation in temperature so is a very accurate cook due to the way they have built in the insulation.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Oven Defects

Oven Door is almost impossible to remove for cleaning inside oven. Self cleaning does not work well.
Temperature indication is not accurate, according to oven thermometer.Otherwise cooking is reliable.
Timer is easy to set.We have not had any other problems since installation. We had to ask for the slide out trays as they were not deloivered with the oven. It turned out that was because it was a misprint in the brochure. However Ariston honoured the mistaken offer and sent the parts.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Poor quality smoke machine.

I have had my oven for a year and a half, within this time the ‘self cleaning’ oven has never self cleaned, rather it fills the house with smoke. Any oven cleaner used voids the warranty. The included oven tray warped after first use and is now completely unusable. The rubber seals have deteriorated, becoming cracked and brittle. I wish I had purchased another oven. This one is a cheap imitation of a good oven.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Happy Gilmore, using oven cleaner will not void your warranty, however you should be aware of what product you are using on your freestanding oven to see if it's suitable. You can find instructions on cleaning your oven in our user manual under Cleaning and Care here: https://aristonbrand.com/media/CP-059-MD-CP-859-MT-MANUAL.pdf - Your oven should still be under 5 year warranty period if it was purchased in 2016, so it's recommended that you contact our head office to organise a service call. If you would like to request a service, please call 1300 762 219. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

Ariston Oven - so good!

We have the 90cm upright Ariston oven with 5 gas hobs. It’s about 10 years old now but still works perfectly. We cook on or in it almost every night. Gas can take a little getting used to if you used ceramic tops before but once you get used to it gas is brilliant. Oven has all the usual functions - fan bake, bake, grill. I also use the timer and auto cook settings so I can pop dinner in the oven and leave it to cook for a specified length of time when I have to drop/ collect kids from activities in the evening but want to come home to a cooked dinner. Overall I have been really happy with it - except it needs a good clean, I see Ariston does a self-cleaning version now and seriously considering an upgrade!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2007
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Hi Katiepie, fantastic to hear how much you love your Ariston oven. We love reading positive reviews like yours! Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

Dodgy hinges, fan broken - under 2 years old

The oven is a lemon. It was installed less than two years ago and needs repairing again.

The door seal was repaired after 10 months and then broke again a week later. This has never happened on any other oven I've owned. It remains broken because I'm not paying for the repair of a part that will immediately break again.

The fan is now broken and the oven can't be used. It's less than two years old!

I would be very hesitant to buy Ariston in future, the quality is exceedingly poor.

Unlike the glowing reviews which are clearly fakes (written by the same person presumably) this one is a real one!

Date PurchasedOct 2015

High End Oven at affordable price

Purchased just recently and very impressed , early days though but with that said the wok burner lives up to my expectation and beyond. Love cooking with a wok and the double burner allows you to get the heat in the wok really quickly . We are on lpg and the burners I believe are just as efficient as being on natural gas . Didn,t think it was possible to cook a chook straight from the freezer to the oven and this was another impressive feature this oven had, yet to use the rotisserie however I am sure it will live up to my expectation. Looks impressive in the kitchen and look forward to many years of trouble free cooking

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Oven door seal issues

Like many many other reviews, our recently bought home has a 7year old ariston cp059. Obviously the seals are useless however can we get new door hinges to try and fix the ajar door issue. It's not good to be wasting electricity. I'm starting to use my outside hooded BBQ. ...and we are in nz

Date PurchasedAug 2009
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Hi Josephine, sorry to hear about your issue. I recommend calling our New Zealand customer service team on 0011 64 9306 1020. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

Very handy.

This item is very convenient especially in my fast paced life and environment- where there is no time for any malfunctioning kitchenware. It's preheating is quite fast and it sufficiently heats up in time for putting any food in. It performs its job without burning any dishes and hence i'm overall quite happy with this product.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Love it

Very happy about this purchase. Good size and able to fit quite a few things on it. Very nice and it's a good buy. The 5 burner stove works well when I have a few pots and pans on the go together. The only problem seems that it's easy to have scratches when clean the stove.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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Thank you for your very positive review, Sunshine. We are glad you are enjoying your Ariston appliance. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

Good value

It is a pleasant shopping experience as it has brought a lot of convenience to my fast paced life. I used to cook food with much oil and smokes, which is unhealthy to our bodies. But food cooked by oven is much quicker and healthier. I can also make some cakes.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

love my new oven

I am very satisfied with this new oven. It is big enough to fit many things on it and can cook a delicious meal for two people. It also makes my life much easier and saves a lot of valuable time. I will definitely recommend this product to my friend!

Date PurchasedApr 2017


Nice size as it is big and able to fit many things on it. The fire is very big and make the food become well done quickly. I love it so much. Very nice and worth to buy. I suggest you all need to buy product like this. Very nice colour also and safe to use. Recommended to buy this product

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Love my oven, great customer service!

Not only does this oven look great, it is wonderful to cook with, the 5 burner stove is well thought out and works really well when you've got a few pots and pans on the go. Oven size is awesome, haven't had any problems fitting in awkward trays and pans. An absolute pleasure to cook on and so happy that I could get the best of both worlds with the gas top and electric oven.

When we received it the handle on one side wasn't quite flush, and it made an awful rattling noise when turned on, something to do with the fan, once I got around to calling customer service we had a technician scheduled to come out within the week. My partner nor I could be home but they were happy for us to leave a key out. Received notifications to confirm the appointment and arrived home from work to find it had been fixed!

Couldn't be happier with the service received, a shame it wasn't perfect from the get go but good to know the customer service is responsive when you need them! (One thing I was worried about after reading reviews on here, I think a lot of people make the mistake of going back to Harvey Norman, but going straight to Arisit, I had a flawless experience)

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Within the warranty, they do nothing

I bought Ariston cp059mdx last August, only 5 month the oven right light doesn't work. Because it's in the 5 years warranty I call back Harvey Norman hoppers crossing where I bought it. They said you have to change the light ball yourself it's not be covered in the warranty. That's horrible .

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi Qin, i am sorry to hear you have had an issue with your oven. If you could please call our customer service team on 1300 762 219 and we will be able to assist. thanks Ariston.

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Questions & Answers

Do I remove the rotisserie drip tray when I am baking normally? If not where should it go during normal cooking?
2 answers
i always left a tray in the bottom covered in silver foil to catch all the crap, kept the oven nice and clean. so yes, leave it in all the time.Hi Judy, The rotisserie drip tray can also be used as a regular trip dray when baking normally. As another person already said; the drip tray will stop food dripping and keep the bottom of the oven clean. Regards

Hi I have an Ariston Oven wall mounted. With digital control panel. The Oven had power, the control panel is working, but the oven fan won't work, the oven won't pre-heat. I'm not sure what to do, I hav tried resetting the oven but no change. The oven is 13months old. Any ideas?
3 answers
Warranty is 2 years as far as I knowSorry Francene, I have no idea, however I would advise you contact the Ariston warranties people. If it's only 13 months old it'd still be under warranty, and even if not, they should be able to help. Their email is arisit.warranties@arisit.com or phone 1300762219 (Australia)Hi Francene, It sounds like the oven has gone into demo mode. If you give Arisit technical support (1300 762 219) a call they should be able to walk you through how to get the oven back to normal over the phone. Regards

My Ariston Oven was purchased about 10 years ago. It is. 90 cm electric top and cost around $3000 at the time which was a lot of money. For the second time we have the oven electrics not working to warm the oven. Last time through an Ariston service centre it cost around $500 to repair. I'm really unhappy about this as I purchased a $400 oven 17 years ago a Westinghouse brand for my sisters house and 17 years later still has had no issues with the oven. So my question is why in 10 years has my oven had the same fault. It is especially irritating as we only use the oven about once a fortnight. I really think since the same problem has occurred I shouldn't have to fork out the bill to get it repaired once again. I might as well make the decision to buy and new one. So Ariston are you going to repair my oven? Kristy
1 answer
Hi Kristy, I recommend that you contact our service department on 1300 815 589. Kind regards, Ariston Team.


Price (RRP) $2,899
Oven FuelElectricity
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 910 x 900 x 600 mm
Cooktop TypeGas
Number of Burners/Zones 5
Wok Burner Yes
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
Release dateSep 2011

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