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Ariston CP859MTX

Ariston CP859MTX

3.7 from 35 reviews

Flawed unfortunately

Gas top with 5 drivers is excellent. However, oven door HINGES and seal replaced twice in 8 years I've owned it(1st time-within a year) $400 each time. Both times didn't last longer than a week. Lived with oven door not closing properly, but now, the escaping heat has burnt out oven setting buttons and clock, causing spark. Turned off its electricity and am buying new stove. Oh and SELF cleaning ? Haha

Date PurchasedSep 2010

Great stove, very happy with it.

Love cooking on this gas stove, the oven cooks great, the only issue I have with this stove is the stainless steel top is soft and scratches easily, the cast iron trivet has a chip on it and the oven is a little loud. If you can live with this the stove/oven is fantastic.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Once again another BAD REVIEW

Do not buy this Brand at all - seals broken on oven door - grill doesn't work and now the oven fails to heat - blew safety switch on the house - called Arisit - absolutely useless customer service apparently under warranty (means nothing) keep being told a technician has been contacted (I haven't heard from one) called Arisit again (who seems annoyed to even have customers?) wouldn't listen to what I had to say (useless Warranties Receptionist) - so I had to ring Telefix (Adelaide) who apparently is their chosen Technician - put on hold as soon as the phone is answered (twice) firstly for 22 minutes (I hang up) second time I rang same again - Telefix Receptionist then proceeds to tell me - yes we are waiting on parts 1-2 days (wth - how do they know what parts - they haven't even looked at it yet?) she didn't even ask my name? I know it was just their standard fob off answer - I know I'm being lied to - geez - took my number and tells me they will ring me in a couple of days? - really? I ring Arisit AGAIN to be told - they will have to email Telefix as no parts have been ordered - surprise, surprise! Meanwhile...

November 7th 2017 Update: Arisit or Telefix - still getting the run a round

Still no word from Telefix to fix (under warranty) my Ariston oven - Arisit says parts have been sent 5 days ago yet a Telefix is awaiting parts? That's if you can get through to Telefix on the phone - straight away once phone is answered your placed on hold for 20 minutes or more? Arisit you need to get another repairer organised for your customers in Adelaide- this is ridiculous!

Date PurchasedJul 2013
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Hi David11, sorry to hear about your experience. We received your email on 1/11/2017 and the job was raised with Telefix that same day. According to our records, spares were sent to Telefix on 3/11/17. I recommend that you contact Telefix as they have the parts to service your cooker. Any further questions, please contact our warranty department on 1300 815 589. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

Same problems as others

The oven door doesn't close properly, wasting a lot of energy (ie money). We have had the stove about 7 years and the rubber seal on the door has broken twice. Needless to say, no interest from Ariston in replacing it free. And a new one cost $67 including GST and postage!! For a piece of shaped rubber that will likely break again. I won't buy another Ariston product, full-stop.

Date PurchasedJun 2010


Any stove manufacturer can make a stove with good stove-top gas rings and trivets, but it's the oven that requires special consideration, and this is why I initially chose the Ariston CP859MT (Australia). The 'self-cleaning' function sounded great, and although it doesn't work for the racks - which still need to be removed and cleaned by hand - it does the job on the walls, roof and floor of the oven. But I've had a few problems:
1. The rubber door seal broke about 18 months after installation of the stove, and the repair man took around six weeks to come and replace it. While I do live in a rural area, the repair man lives only 15 minutes' drive from our place, and we're within 40 minutes of Tweed Heads, Lismore and Ballina (all) - quite large centres.
2. The oven does not seem to provide even heat. When I bake 3 loaves of bread, the loaf on the right hand side bakes quicker than the one on the left.
3. There were only 2 racks provided with the stove - the griller rack and one other rack. This seems quite 'mean' considering it being a 900mm stove which assumes the purchaser is wanting to bake larger quantities at one time.
4. Two months ago the timer bell stopped working properly and became very faint, so that I could not hear it if I wasn't in the kitchen. I contacted the Arisit Warranties people and although I received an automatically generated reply acknowledging my request, I am still waiting for the repair man to come and fix this. He told me, four weeks ago, that I should contact Arisit myself and tell them to send him the replacement part, which I did, but as I say, that's four weeks ago now and I've heard nothing more about it.
So, I would not recommend buying this model as the price is far higher than the quality of the product and the after-sales service is absolutely abysmal.
PS I emailed them this morning to warn them of my impending 'bad' review and wouldn't you guess? I have just received (another) automated phone call acknowledging my request for repair. I'm not holding my breath.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Stove ok; door will not close

We have been living in a house with this stove for a couple of years and we've never been able to really assess the performance of this stove. The reason is that the door will not close.
Curiously we have friends who own the same product and they have the same problem. Further to this we do have problems with timer, but we have had to live with that.

Date PurchasedJan 2011
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Hi Greg, i am sorry to hear you have had an issue with your oven. If you could please call our customer service team on 1300 762 219 and we will be able to assist. thanks Ariston.

Door hinge broken

So upset with this oven the door doesn't close properly & never has no one wants to know about it. How can u cook in this oven with the door open?? So upset I will never buy this brand of oven again.
I thought I was buying the best oven.

Date PurchasedMar 2013
Hi Kyz, sorry to hear you're unhappy here. May we ask how long you've had your oven for? And have you attempted to get it fixed by service? Kind regards - Ariston TeamWe have had it for 7 years we were told to call Mr Fixit and they never discussed warranty. The door has never been closed there is always a small gap and I have always had to put I stool up against it to shut tight. Please call me tomorrow 0458311504 so you can look into this please I have the receipt of purchase. I will wait for your call. KyzHi Kyz, if you could call us on 1300762219 or email arisit@arisit.com we can definitely help you out. Kind regards - Ariston Team

Bad ariston

We purchased an 800cm freestanding electric oven, gas hop, ariston model, I have to agree with the top comment, the door won't close. Ariston doesn't want a bar of it, it is worthless. Don't buy an ariston people look at other models please. The top element has gone, the fan doesn't seen to want to move of its own accord. Very disappointing.

Dear Lee thank you for your review, we are sorry to read your unhappy, your cooker cary's a 5 year warranty, when you say we dont want a bar of it, what does this mean? If the door doesnt close we can rectify this and perhaps it would be best to call or team on 1300762219 or email us with your issues at hand at arisit@arisit.com so we can respond swiftly. Issues such as these are fixable, thank you Ariston.We are in nz,and harvey norman rang ariston and they didnt want to know about it,so are getting a quote from langes to fix it,this is the second time we have had to get it fixed at our cost,300,the first times now 440,an absolute waste of money,and the langes guy said it had obviously really been looked after.You people sit in an office and are full of ......replying to these comments and never actually doing anything to rectify them what a loud of cods whallop

This is a piece of JUNK

Like most other people there are few choices for a 800mm oven so we settles on the Ariston CP859, well what a piece of junk, After 12 months, the door won't close properly, the timer doesn't work, the thermostat in oven is 40 degrees out, and the hot air (by design) which comes out of the top of the oven door had been recorded at 48 degrees so if you cook anything for any period of time the dials become so hot you cannot touch them. Ariston service well I get a better response from my dog or cat, at least they listen. Would I buy another, you have to be joking. Move away from the the Ariston............move far away.

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Dear Bundy2525, thank you for taking the time to write a review, we are sorry to read about your experience. Your appliance carry's a 5 year warranty, if your having these issues then we can help you here. May we ask what has been done to help you? If you have time we would appreciate it if you send our team an email at arisit@arisit.com with a copy of reciept and the issues stated here along with your best contact number so we can find a quick solution for you. Thank you Ariston brand.

Piece of junk

I also have this model oven and it's a piece of junk. Ariston service is non existent, their tech department useless. the oven door hinges seized 6 months after it was installed and at great expense have now been replaced 3 times and all have failed, leaving the door virtually unusable. The door has dropped and is now so out of alignment it leaves a huge gap at the top and will not close which allows hot air to escape heating the above dials to almost untouchable and erasing all signage. The last technician we had into fix it says the door is poorly designed and too heavy for the hinges, which result in the hinges crushing under the weight. Ariston do not want to know about the problems and ignore all request for repair, explanations or responsibility and in fact will not address the issue at all. Do not buy this brand oven.

Well it's seems there are many an unhappy Ariston customers out there experiencing the same oven door issues and the same pitiful responses from " THE ARISTON TEAM ", honestly the standard response of your " Oh !. we're sorry, but your oven has a 5yr warranty " is pathetic, given most ovens are out of warranty and by then the hinges have been replaced a minumum of 3 times already, and with no acknowlegde by Ariston that there is indeed a design fault with the oven doors that can never, never be recitfied !! Be warned those even considering this company or it's ovens you will be disappointed, you will recieve no customer service or solution to your problems BUT you will recive useless platitudes from a patronising " Team member " , one of their technicians in one of my many calls to them eventually told me the problem came about because l opened the door to far , HUH .......... ! Get real Ariston, you know theres a problem with the doors and whilst you can hide away in your office making useless excuses and untruths to customers online, l will make sure everyone l can knows your ovens are not worth their time or money or the frustrations they will endure. It's time you big spending advertising manufacturers were held to account over faulty appliances that don't perform as advertised and promoted by the likes of Gary Mehigan and leave consumers with nothing but a bad experience, frustration,disappointment and no funds to go out and get something better. After all these ovens are not a small outlay and when spending that kind of money you could reasonably expect a quality appliance, it's not a lot to ask. No Ariston you do not meet the standards expected by the Australian consumers.Dear unhappy camper, thank you for your review, it seems I will not be able to appease your feelings about your oven, in saying that has your door been fixed.? You may already know our oven's carry the 5 year warranty and if you require further assistance feel free to contact us directly so we can help you 1300 762 219. You can see from reviews that this is not usually the case with our upright or we would have less stars for this select model. We look forward to hearing from you, and are osrry to read about your issues and frustrations, kind regards Ariston Team.OH get real !! "The Ariston Team " is useless and you miss the point about all the complaints about your oven doors. The 5 yr warranty is worthless until such time as you address the issues of the hinges crushing under the weight of the oven door. We have now had 3 sets of hinges all have crushed within weeks of them being replaced. A independant reveiwer of your oven door has told us that the door is too heavy for the hinges and they will always crush, it's a design fault and one which you will not admit to or rectify so don't dare offer me more platitudes about your " Ariston Team " or your 5 yr warranty, nor how sorry you are, because l hardly doubt that. I have experienced your supposadly helpful " Ariston Team " and expletives to tell you what l think of them would not be allowed on this site. You really want to show me how sorry you are about my frustrations, send me a a nice new top of the range oven :-)

Great cooking

The Ariston CP859MTX is making baking cakes and cooking roasts a pleasure, roast meats are mouthwatering and just does a superb job of baking any cake, my most memorable cake was our beautiful rich fruit Christmas cake.
The normal fan force operation would be my main favourite.
Our thermostat failed, the service from Ariston was great, it was up and running in no time.

December 5 2018
I still stand by my comments about The Ariston CP859MTX door seals are still original and it still behaves as it did when new, the thermostat replacement is still good, I give the stove top marks for all the things I mentioned when I did my first review

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Waiting for answers!

I have owned this model for over 5 years. I needed an 800 wide oven to fit into the opening left by a previous (other make) cooker.
The oven has and still does bake really well, although I've found it a noisy cooker, even when not in fan-forced mode. Oven bulbs blew in the first six months, and the piezo ignitions on the stove top sometimes work and sometimes not. Just outside the warranty period, the Oven temperature light has stopped working, and a tech guy (not from Ariston), reckoned that the piece that holds the bulb has melted and therefore dropped. To see if the oven has reached temperature, I have to look between the crack in the stainless steel join to see if the light is still on or not.
A few months ago...it became impossible to open the door, as the hinges had seized. so I purchased replacement hinges from an appliance spares place. Whilst the replacement hinges appeared to be the same as the ones we were replacing, these new hinges wouldn't close the door completely, nor keep it open at right angles, enabling me to insert or remove the food easily. I put up with this problem. although have burned my wrists several times.
Now, one of the replacement hinges has seized, and in removing the door from the oven, the inside of the door has buckled, meaning that a whole new door is required.
Do you think I can get an answer from Ariston, about whether or not I can get a complete new door, fully assembled, so I can keep this going for a while longer? the answer is no. I have phoned twice, I have emailed, and I am appalled that I am told they will get back to me once the tech department gets back to the receptionist. How hard can it be for them to ring a department within the same company to give me the answer I need. I think she must be waiting for a call from Italy, where they are made.

I'm tired of this planned obsolescence...where things seem to go wrong just outside of warranty, and replacement parts are difficult to source or so expensive that it isn't worth the bother. At least the hob still works, but the oven for me at the moment is useless without a door!

I would advise that if you want a cooker to last or be able to be maintained...stay away from a European model, or be prepared to replace the whole darn thing every 4 years or so. And if your building a new home or renovating your kitchen...don't put in an 800mm wide model, go for 900mm as you have more choice of manufacturers, and not be stuck with Ariston or Ilve. If the company chooses to not give me an answer I will renovate the whole kitchen and replace with Westinghouse, manufactured here in Australia.

Hi thank you for your long review, while we can see from your comments that your unhappy with a few things we would firstly like to state that the light bulb can be replaced easily, - it cannot melt as it is designed to withstand high temperatures, your comments are not factual but speculation. Additionally the door can be easily replaced and your welcome to call our team on 1300762219 they can answer your question straight away. It maybe that you called the incorrect number, it is easy to get answers like this straight away* Kind regards Ariston. I didn't state that the bulb had melted, I said that a technician told me that whatever held the bulb in place had melted. This is not the globe inside the oven, but the one on the front that indicates the temperature. Of course the interior bulbs are easily replaced...have done so a few times. And the oven door....well that's another story, it seems that a complete oven door, is available, but the hinges not. I rang the number above, and I did not get an answer straight away. The cost to replace the door is one thing, however the time it would take to get here is another. I have decided it isn't worth the wait. My comments are not speculation. They are based on my own experience, with this particular oven. In regards to the temperature light. I can't see through stainless steel, so that part I guess is speculation, based on a technician's opinion.

Very happy

Bought Ariston CP859MTX 80 cm cooker 3 weeks ago, very happy with cooking aspect and the stylish model has lifted my kitchen area. I agree with previous reviewer about top element inside oven being too close to front of door, I also burnt my hand and this needs to be looked at. All in all a great cooker, easy to clean and the oven settings are accurate. Was nervous about cooker being stainless steel and scratching surfaces but have soft cloths for cleaning and no problem

800mm Beauty!

Looking for weeks to find a good 800mm size upright cooker. CP859MTX came to the party, and it can cater for a party too. All features cook well and the unit is very easy to keep clean.

Great stove

I really love my new Ariston 80 cm stove. Have cooked quiet a few things in the oven using two trays at the one time and they both turn out beautifully coloured and perfectly cooked. Gas hot plates are a bit slower than my last stove but will just be a case of getting used to it. The top hob is easy to clean. Very happy !

Great Oven but

Great oven temp is accurate.
Only pitfall is the griller setup that uses the standard oven rack as the griller tray. Strange set up and not good to clean:(.
This can be fixed by providing a standard griller tray.
Thanks Ariston for everything else in this oven cook top !

A hardy 'professional styled' cooker for the home...

The 80cm Professional Upright Cooker from Ariston is everything it's name implies. With sturdy, stainless steel construction combined with stylish looks, this cooker performs as good as it's pleasing to the eye. To use so far, the gas cooktop is everything one would expect from a 'professional styled' cooker that's designed for the home. The cast iron grilles are sturdy, rustic and easy to remove for cleaning. The electric oven boasts a range of settings for roasting/fan-forced cooking/grilling/self-cleaning and is easy to use. All considered, this product is a winner.
Italian manufactured with sturdy, stylish and functional design makes this oven a practical addition to the home kitchen.
The only thing wrong with it, is that the top element inside the oven is too close to the opening, making it easy to sear yourself when it's on. This is a major design flaw that should be considered by Ariston. Some kind of guard in front of the elelemen would have made this oven perfect.

A great oven

Purchased my new oven about 4 weeks ago knowing it was a good brand and have found it fantastic. The only issue and it may be a standard thing but the gas fittings did not come with the oven so had to then go search for them but once it was up and running it's been superb. Heats super quickly. Again one small point to note be careful when moving the cast iron plates to clean as they do scratch quite easy I haven found this with other ovens. All in all very pleased with my purchase and feel extra confident with a 5 year warranty.
Great looking great brand
Scratches very easy no gas attachments included

So far So good

Have only had the unit 2 weeks and it has delivered what it promised. Bread baking is successful with accurate temperature controls. the 5 year warranty is a bonus and we hope that we will never call on it
Solidly built with good steel knobs for a change. The hobs are strategically placed to minimize splashing
Build and warranty

Fantastic no waiting around like most electric ovens you can cook straight away!

This was bought as replacement for our old CP 858 MTX who sadly died after 14 years so faithful service. We'd shopped around but found this was still the best on the market for us in this price range :) and the only one out there with a 5 year warranty.
Can cook straight away if you have it on the right setting
Nothing so far!

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Questions & Answers

Settings have faded on temperature & setting for oven, cp859 mtx, any solution?
1 answer
You shouldn't clean the numbers etc with any substances, you can only use a wet rag. I think you can order new ones from Ariston. cheers

Hi our Ariston cp859 mtx is not heating from the rear element. The upper and lower elements work and so does the fan. We have replaced the element but still no heat, any ideas?
3 answers
No idea sorry - try contacting Arisit in Melbourne- you have a two year warranty maybe longer - there’s a heating element b hind fan I think?No idea either I'm sorry. Ariston stoves normally come with 5 year warranty, perhaps you should contact their service team.Hi Jen76, please call our service department on 1300 762 219. Kind regards, Ariston Team.

Hi Ariston, Our oven is smoking. It has been cleaned and also run for several hours to burn excess fat and still it smokes. How do I fix it? or is it just dead?
1 answer
Hi Joanne, do not use your oven if it is smoking. Please call 1300 762 219 as soon as possible and request to speak to our Customer Service Department to organise a service call. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.


Price (RRP) $2,799
Oven FuelElectricity
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 910 x 800 x 600 mm
Cooktop TypeGas
Number of Burners/Zones 5
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
Release dateSep 2011

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