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Aussie Off Grid
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Poor customer service

. Quick to take your money.
When u try and call for tech support takes weeks of continual calls and messages.never get back to you.
System is not working properly now after 2years but cant get any answers.
Im totalky off grid but no tech support whatsover.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Giant
System Size3.5 KW
Purchase Price $18,000.00

Very disappointed called and emailed and not even a single reply

All I wanted was the company to acknowledge us and answer some questions. I called and was told someone will be in touch but nope not heard a single word we are a new build and are trying to get a budget and homework done

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Endless Promise, Never Deliver

They are quick to take your money, and slow to deliver.
When they do install, it is with faults and incomplete.
Tech support never call or have any interest in rectifying the issue. All this after you have paid 90%
Heed everybody's advice and don't use them.

Possibly the worst business in the world

We had a self contained solar system installed in 2017, which has had endless problems. once a coffee is made, the power is depleted and we need to run a generator. I have been in touch with the technical team and administrative team since installation, who are unable and/or unwilling to help rectify any post installation issues. We ended up having a review of the system, and the installation was done so poorly that the house was deemed a fire risk. I have had to seek legal advise and am now in contact with the Solar Ombudsman. I have wasted so much time and energy dealing with this useless company.
DO NOT USE THEM, please, for your own benefit, USE another company. THEY ARE INCOMPETENT CROOKS!

Abandoned on warranty

System shuts down, ring Aussie off grid ,still looking into it weeks later, never ring back ,will contact me when they find an answer,can’t tell me when that will be.

Absolute shocking mob... stay clear.

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Absolute shocking mob... stay clear.
1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2018
Absolute shocking after sales service. Had a problem with a 20 amp $200 battery charger. 12 weeks later and not one phone call returned or e mail answered back. Get to reception they outright refuse to put you through to anyone in management. Was told at the first conversation should only take a couple of weeks. Last call to reception told product was referred back to supplier and they will not be refunding or sending a replacement??? after acknowledging the faulty product. Going to consumer affairs with this. And this is over a $200 charger... imagine trying to get warranty on a big system... Stay clear people...

Walk Away Now!

Walk away now! I have had an off grid system from these guys installed for 9 months. The system has been riddled with issues from day one. I have emailed and called these people constantly and their customer service is nothing short of horrendous. The owner [name removed] is a coward who hides behind his staff and does not return calls. Being off grid i rely on this system to power my home and have been let down. Time for Aussie Off Grid and I to go in front of a Magistrate. You have been warned.

Solar Battery System fail

Buyer beware !
Trading as Giant Power / Aussie Batteries and Solar /Aussie Off Grid.
Like many, I paid over $20,000 for a battery system from this company and after nearly 3 years, never worked from installation and  still not working properly.
Very poor performance!
Even worse customer service, once they have your money.
They try to cherry pick and delete any bad reviews.
Experts only in cheap inferior products, which they have rebranded as their own, then avoid any sort of responsibility.
Professionals in excuses!
A company selling a product and not delivering what was promised, is fraud.
Then holding the customer to ransom asking for more money, as a so called pro-rata warranty, on something that wasn't delivered in the first place.
Doesn't take long to goggle bad reviews on this company and talk to ex-staff.
Hopefully more people will come forward to expose the truth and we see an improvement in customer relations.
Though a lot of unhappy customers out there at the moment .

I was very happy with the sales and installation process

Hi, wanted to say that I was very happy with the sales and installation process provided by your company to get off grid power. I recently installed a BYD 13.8kW lithium battery system. So far, I have tested it on complete overcast days and gotten down to 70% on the batteries and they charged up perfectly. I have had no problems using my everyday appliances and the only time I have had to run the generator was when I was using my MiG welder. Other than that, there has been no dramas and system has worked perfectly with no problems. I found your sales team to be professional and knowledgeable and I am happy that went with Aussie Off Grid. The installation process was very professional and apart from a few logistical dramas with transport we experienced a very smooth process to getting off grid. Happy to talk to others who like me may to looking to have to drop more than 70K to get grid power, so going off grid was the best and most cost-effective solution. Now I have no more electricity bills to pay and no dramas running all my gear and looking forward to my retirement and not having to pay power bills ever again!

We found the sales experts at Aussie Off Grid to be the most Professional

After looking at many other companies and their off-grid systems and inquiring about other power options we found the sales experts at Aussie Off Grid to be the most professional and have the best knowledge about providing products and designing a power system that would give us long term results in a cost-effective way. We are very happy with our off-grid system and are happy to recommend your company’s products and talk to individuals who are looking to get off grid in a remote area and share our experiences. We did have some problems with the a hold up in the installation though this may have had more to do with the transport company than your business. Also it would have been nice to have more hard copies of manuals rather than just online access as in our location it can be hard to get reception to get these resources. Overall though I am happy with our off grid power system and our choice to go with a 2 x BYD, 13.8kW lithium battery setup.

Off grid solar, the best choice we made!

We purchased a rural acreage block a few years back and after selling our house in the suburbs decided to build the dream home on it. We had mains power to the front of the block to the sheds but the cost quoted to get it run up to the house pad was ridiculous. Off Grid Solar was the obvious choice. After going around in circles with different companies we came across Aussie Off Grid and Paul, who was has gone over and above to assist us in getting the best value system to exceed all our expectations.
Running a 4 bedroom home with a swimming pool, the system is working perfectly!
I'd be happy to recommend Aussie Off Grid to any potential buyer in the future!

We found this company to be professional and are happy with the installation

We found Aussie Off Grid to be professional and are very happy with our systems installation and ongoing performance of our power system. We found the sales team to be very knowledgeable and where very happy with the installation which was professionally done and also the follow up service was excellent. The sales and technicians know what they are on about and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get off the grid with a remote solar setup- we live in a remote property and its so great to have reliable power!

Happy with Products and Service

We have recently gone off grid with your company installing a BYD battery setup. The sales guys really know their stuff and installation process was smoothly done. Will be interesting to see how the system performs over winter but so far our off grid power system has performed perfectly. It's been a five star process for us and we are very happy we chose your company. If you're looking to get off grid I strongly recommend speaking to these guys!

Poor communication & Service

The system was 12 weeks late. The communication skills of the organisation are basically non existent. While the system is a good system the installation could be described as amateur. The after sales service is virtually non existent. I have called the service centre on a number of occasions and not received a call back. In one word 'disappointing'.

Could be should be and nearly is great, shame about the service

Similar to a previous review we have also had an ongoing problem with the backup Giant thing. Initially when it was turned off the system worked perfectly. After much pestering a technician did come and they said they fixed it but I doubt it. It just doesn’t beep constantly now. On the rare occasion that we have needed backup it lasts maybe 1 - 2 hours even with fridge freezer and everything else turned off. We are very new to off grid and have had no education on the unit at all which was initially promised and would’ve made life a lot easier. The sale team was excellent with ongoing communication but once payment was made communication stopped. I actually thought the company was bogus due to the absolute shut down in acknowledging any phone or email request regarding initial installation. I was so worried we’d blown our money, however they did come and install a great looking system. Our builder did have to tidy up the installation in the garage wall, but that was ok we coped with that. The poor communication happened again and again regarding initial teething problems and now ongoing concerns regarding back up supply. Over a month ago I was promised follow up “tomorrow”. With AOG tomorrow never comes.
On a positive note the main system itself is fantastic and I would’ve give 5 ⭐️ if communication was even a little bit better. We absolutely love being off grid. However I do live in fear that if something goes wrong we are on our own with no help from AOG. Sorry guys for the poor review but we’ve tried and tried to contact you and make some sense of this.
I would thoroughly recommend going off grid but look around for a company with good follow up service and education of how it all works if you’re newbies like us.

Great to hear that the main system is fantastic and you love the product. However, I am so sorry to hear your opinion on our after-sales service I have provided all your information to management in the hope we can improve our after sales service process. I assure you we take our business very seriously and are working hard to make sure that our follow up service is just as good as our products!Thanks, but I won’t hold my breath. Last email was around the 23/11/17, stating he would contact me tomorrow. Still no contact. Really really disappointing, when so much money has been paid and no service or even phone call.

Great system no service

Aussie Off Grid have a great sales team and what COULD be a great product, they are full of promises but obviously don't know anything about after sales service. From day one we have had a problem with our back up generator, the auto start is not working when and as required.
After numerous phone calls over the last 4 weeks, there is still no sign of anyone to fix the problem, and now in the middle of our first heat wave for the summer, we can only use our air conditioner for a few hours when the sun is shining. Not happy!!!

Hi Rob - so sorry to hear this feedback - I have just spoken to our technicians who say they have called you numerous times about the problem ? It seems we have been trying to help you resolve this problem - with your generator - so the problem it seems is with your generator switch - not our system - we are trying to call you again this afternoon and want to make sure that everything is working for you. Kind RegardsI have called Aussie Off Grid numerous times but have only received a return call on one ocassion and that was more than 24hours after my call to them. The problem is not and has never been with my generator it is something in their wiring from my generator to the solar system because when their wiring is disconnected the generator works perfectly. The only other contact from Aussie Off Grid has been through very impersonal emails. Still Not Happy.

Excellent Products and Service

Really happy with quality of how our system is performing. Thanks to your team; installation was smooth and we have power !! SO happy we chose your company, your team truly are experts!

Really impressed with our Off Grid System and AOG

We are very happy with our Off Grid Solar System and really impressed with your company’s service, design team and off grid install support team. I live up in the Cape in North QLD and previously had been running 6KV generators on diesel and it was costing us a small fortune in fuel costs. After some initial research, we found Aussie Off Grid and are so happy that we did! AOG made it so simple for us I simply told them my situation and what we were running and the design team came up with a solid solution that has been running perfectly and I could not be happier or more impressed. I installed the system myself as I am a qualified electrician and the support provided by the design and installation team was exceptional. Also, we got excellent finance options through Ratesetter and the whole process of getting an off grid solar system was easy and straightforward. Seriously, if you are reading this review and looking to go off the grid or at least get rid of your generators for clean and quite solar & battery power call Aussie Off Grid. Once again just want to say how impressed I am with the system and your business and team. Happy to talk to any of your customers who are looking to get off grid!

Very happy with our Off Grid System.

We are so happy with how our off grid system is performing and cant thank you enough for the expert advice and easy installation. Great work from your whole team!

Excellent customer service from Aussie Off Grid staff

I wish to congratulate you on your choice of employee namely John Wood. From the onset of my association with your company and hence the relationship I began with John, I have found this gentleman to be the most professional and impeccably mannered man I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. I have found John to be exemplary both as your employee and a representative your company. Everything John did seemed to be effortlessly while his patience and understanding is faultless. One word that comes to mind which describes John is 'awesome.' Right from the beginning I was extremely pleased with his pleasant, amenable nature. It wasn't before long before I began to feel like John was an old friend of the family. There is no doubt in my mind that you have the best man for the job. If I were in your position there would be two things to keep in mind. Firstly that I would never let John go and secondly pay him extremely well or promote him to a well paid position within your company. Essentially I believe that John is worth his weight in gold. John strikes me as the kind of person who is dedicated to his customers, job, and work. I would recommend him as a professional in your business to anyone you could name. Not only that but John is a most valuable asset to your company. His presence in your company is surely absolutely priceless. And speaking of assets I have found your telephonist, Danielle, to be a striking front line employee for your company. I believe with people like John and Danielle working for you, you just cannot go wrong. These are my sincere and heartfelt thoughts and I wish you well with your business and I can guarantee there is no other way to go but up thanks to people like John and Danielle. All the best wishes from my wife and myself and we look forward to acquiring our Aussie off-grid system. Sincerely yours, Clement Chapman.

June 26th 2017 Update: Excellent management and staff support.

My wife Christine and I would like to convey our immense appreciation for your kind generosity and great service. After having had mains power for 28 years suddenly circumstances changed and we had to get Off Grid Energy! We have been living on a noisy, expensive generator but we are blessed to have come across Aussie Off Grid. We were given extremely expensive, unviable options from Western Power and although there were other alternatives they did not have the balls to reconnect us to a transformer and give us a dedicated line which they have the authority vested in them to do. They expected us as pensioners to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars just to reconnect to the grid! Now it's Aussie Off Grid to the rescue. We cannot thank you enough. You have saved the day and restored faith in human nature. You and your team are nothing less than incredible. You should be very proud to be Managing Director of the best solar off grid company in the country. And why not, you have worked for it, you have earned it and you deserve it! Please rest assured that we will promote your company here in the West to the very best of our ability. My wife's brother and father are in the building trade and it will be made known to them that your company is the best off-grid company in Australia bar none. One of my brothers who is building in the near future will undoubtedly follow suit and go with you to. My guess is that he will be chasing a 10 kW system as well. As I said to John, with some good advertising and promotion you could do very well here in the West because all the local companies deal with old technology and want in the vicinity of $75,000 for off-grid power. My wife Christine and I wish you, your staff and your company well and look forward to a harmonious business relationship over the coming months as our new solar off grid system is implemented. All the very best from us here in the West and good luck with your future endeavors. Yours sincerely, Clement and Christine Chapman.

Thank you so much

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Why does Aussie off grid not repay my money after a court ordered you to because after two years you still had not supplied what we ordered?
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