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Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM

Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM

3.4 from 213 reviews


Set-up was seamless. The problem was I was asked to recharge almost as soon as I activated the sim card. I knew beforehand that I only get a $5 credit from my initial purchase of the card, but that instantaneous? I don't even remember using it. Then, I recharged for a $25 credit and I ran out of data within a 12-hour period notwithstanding the fact that I rarely used it within that period. By then, I knew it would just be a waste of money to continue using it. Thank goodness for Starbucks!

Purchased in February 2019 at Australia Post Offices for $25.00.


I loaded the software and sim and made 2 calls and 2 texts WITHIN AUSTRALIA and my balance formerly $50 was now zero
So I threw it away a total waste of time and money.

Purchased in December 2017 at Australia Post Offices.

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We are sorry to hear that Geoff, can you please PM your number so we can check what happened.

Aust. Post Prepaid Sim - responsive usage

I found the setting up a little complex but my phone is fairly old, it is a 3G. Phoning in Europe in Spain, Portugal and Malta to Australia was not a problem at all. Texting was just as easy, however, when in Malta texting did not always work when texting locally. Texting to Australia from Malta was very good. I will use it again.

Thank you for your review Gzira, really appreciate it.That's OK thanks

Very Expensive

I stopped over in Abu Dhabi for a couple of hours and spent almost 100 AUD. I won’t use it again

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So sorry for this experience Nino, please stay tuned, we are negotiating a change of rates for the UAE and hope to have a better offer soon.

Easy to use, easy to recharge, great value

I use a separate mobile for overseas travel and I purchased a Aust Post Prepaid Travel Sim two years ago so anytime I am traveling I just recharge the sim card. So easy to set up, select the country/ region you are travelling in and you are connected. Aust Post send reminder emails to top up when you are not traveling so you are always aware of the balance. Great value and easy to keep in touch no matter where you are.

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We love to hear about happy customers, Tess. Thanks for choosing TravelSim and we hope to travel again with you very soon!

Can't travel without it.

Simple and easy to use reloads easily whilst overseas, never had a drama and great to keep in touch with the kids.
traveled down the Rhine recently and it auto advises what the charges are for each country. only downside is to remember to load a few dollars every six months or you lose the credit you have. 10/10

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We really appreciate your review and are so happy to hear you enjoyed using TravelSIM. Thanks so much :)

Use your existing carrier’s internal roaming packages

Where to start? Had two sims on a recent Europe trip, one of which never received any texts, not even ones from the AusPost service saying what the charges were in each country (the other did every time a new country was entered into)

The roaming service is absolute garbage. 3G only and lost all signal just entering a restaurant, where everyone around had service/signal and was using their phones as per normal.

Long story short: don’t waste your time and money, cheap because it’s crap. Get an international package with your existing carrier.

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Australia Post Official We appreciate you taking the time to leave us with a review. Please know we are available 24/7 on 1300881710 if you wish to discuss at all with an agent. Thanks so much.

Best I have used.

I have used many SIMS, from travel firms, marketers at airport or prepaid at a destination. All had failings worst refusing single payments defaulting to monthly recharge requiring credit card details. Australia Post Sim hassle free seamless connection, helpful 24/7 support.
"Don't leave home without it!"

Thank you for your review, we love that we can help people keep in touch easily while travelling overseas. Can't wait to travel with you again soon!Do not go over the top . The sim works. It was recommended to me by a work colleague and my thanks to her. I will juice up my account and be off on another trip soon. Thank you Australia Post Travel Sim, I trust I get as much support from a motoring club with R*** post code 3*** about my late membership payment. There monthly magazine "adszine" would be an ideal place to advice overseas travelers who are independently minded to be aware of your service. Can you get an old Post Office van to stick in a Bourke Street window? Something before it has the words "contractor" on the side or a postie bike, not with an electric motor! Kick your marketing people into gear.

Love it!

Easy to set up, seamless to use, reasonable rates, and excellent customer service. A much better alternative to using global roaming with your usual phone carrier. I definitely recommend it!

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We really appreciate your review. Thanks for recommending us!

The perfect travel companion

I used the double sim pack in two spare smartphones while on holidays in the USA. Txt messages between the phones were free. I had no problems making calls. This was perfect for communicating with my partner, while we were both overseas. There was no data package, but I just used wifi when needed.

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We love to hear from our happy customers, Margo. Thanks for choosing TravelSim!


Simple and easy to use, does what it is suppose to. Overall pretty happy although there was some technical unreliability, I did not use it that much though - probably would only for long trips where communication is vital.

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We really appreciate your review. Please know we are available 24/7 on 1300881710 if you wish to discuss at all with an agent. Thanks so much :)

So easy to,use!

In my late 60's, I don't use a lot of technology but I found this app easy to use and I found the top up feature easy to use overseas.

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We do strive to offer an easy and effective service for our customers. Thank you Evamay and we hope to travel again with you soon!

Completely unreliable.

Bought 3 Sims (2 for phones and 1 for iPad). Cost well over $200 including data.
The iPad data was OK, however the Android phone would not work for calls or data around 80% of the time, and the iPhone was also very patchy. Even dialling through the app, calls were not connecting, and the txts between the phones were taking between 2 and 5 days to come through. Completely unreliable.
Also, a few day into the trip, I had not made any successful calls at all from the Android, and was horrified to see over $20 in calls charged to the sim.
Had traveled for 2 months around Italy on a previous trip and just gabbed Sims at the airport on landing. Totally reliable and far cheaper. Will just do this next time.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave us with a review. We are sorry you did not have a positive experience with the TravelSIM. If you would like to discuss your experience with an agent over the phone. You can call us on 1300881710. Our helpline is available 24/7 to help you.

A travel must.

I've used prepaid travel sim on many trips over the years and found it gives me peace of mind, being able to contact family and friends while travelling at reasonable rates with an easy to use product.

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It's great to see your needs are being met! Hope to travel again with you soon.

Well Priced and Extensive International Coverage

Australia Post Travel SIM provides an affordable alternative device for international communication between holiday overseas destinations and Australia, and also within overseas countries when internet based options are not available.

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Hi Tom, we love to hear about happy customers. Thanks for choosing TravelSim!

Great for group travels but don't even think about data

It worked in Japan well, both Osaka and Tokyo. Reliable with the 4 calls I made and 2 text messages.

The data rates are ridiculous, 50 cents a megabyte. But it is all mentioned prior. I'd like to give it more, but it's honestly mediocre as a travel sim. I spent $50 on data alone, I honestly recommend against it solely because data rates are bad and could you leave you stranded for
a bit with a hole in your wallet.

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Thank you, we appreciate you taking the time to leave us with a review.

Great way to manage your mobile calls, texts, emails and data while overseas!

TravelSIM was so very easy to use and even when I was having trouble making a phone call they sent me a message to help me with an alternate prefix!

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Thank you for taking the time to leave us with such a great review. We strive to offer a simple yet effective service for all our customers. We hope to travel again with you soon.

Would not use it again

We had two Australia Post SIMs. Mine required hours sorting it out overseas. My wife's was much worse. It failed to work properly on many occasions and she had to contact the help line. They were helpful, but the process took time and often at inconvenient times. I would not purchase one again.

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We are sorry to hear that the sim failed to work for you on many occasions. Please know that our customer support team are available 24/7 if you would like to discuss your experience with an agent over the phone. You can call us on 1300881710.

Not worth it...

The worst part about this product is that they BLOCK data sharing / hot spot.
So if you are travelling as a couple or need to use apps linked to your local phone number (whatsapp) this product is useless.

It is basically a pre-paid vodafone sim for Europe. I would say its better to buy a sim card locally where ever you travel to.

I also had trouble making calls in the UK. It seemed to work in continental Europe but did not work in the UK.

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We apologise that the sim did not work as expected for you. Our contact centre is available 24/7 on 1300881710 if you would like to discuss your experience with an agent over the phone.

Forget it

Bought 2 of them worse than useless as you can't count on them. Bought unlimited data for 22 euro in Ireland fast reliable worked in Ireland UK Denmark Finland and Not japan.

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Thank you for leaving us with a review. We apologise for the inconvenience the sim caused. Our contact centre is available 24/7 on 1300881710 if you would like to discuss your experience with an agent over the phone.

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Does the Australia Post Travel Sim work in Canada and Alaska, including the cruise to Alaska? I am mostly interested in Data for both phone and ipad.
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Do I need to set up the country of use each time. Mine works fine in the UK but was useless in Canada and Alaska??
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I'm very confused with these reviews, some revel how wonderful they are and others had nothing but problems?? How can I buy a product with such differing reports??
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