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A'van Pop Top Series

A'van Pop Top Series

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Light to tow

Great design. Love the bath room but some cheap fittings let it down, roof lockdowns plated only and rust quickly. Large window fly screen comes out in the breese allowing insects in. The lower wardrobe twisted so the door doesn't fit properly. The cupboard doors are only printed paper and would be better if laminated as they scratch easily. Other than that we are very happy with the van. Excellent service from A Van Loganholme Qld.

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If you have problem with the electrics, you will find that the leads have come loose as they have not been crimped properly at manufacture. AVAN qld has fixed the problem

Great general purpose van

Really happy with the comfort and finish. Bought new in 2006 and tows easily behind our dual fuel Falcon wagon. The combination works so well that we found another low mileage wagon once the first one wore out. A/con is very useful and solar with the battery work really well. Only issue has been the gas regulator which we had replaced twice, once on warranty. Would like a bigger fridge, but get round that with a cooler in the car.

Floor PlanTayla mark II

only problem was the Screens

and also we replaced the cafe lounge and table. with fold away table and 2 chairs.I also put a door on the outside under the bed so we keep our table and chairs etc easy to get to instead of lifting the bed. now if i could change the door with security screen door and door it would be perfect, we have had this van for 10yrs and traveled around Oz a couple of times. love how easy it is to tow . i just love my van,

Floor Plansingle beds

We have A'van Leah MK11 bought in 2006

Love the van but not the door design or blinds & insect screens, they allow the insects to crawl in. would love to replace the door with one that you have security screens and the solid door like a lot of other brands and also like to replace the window screens & blinds, other then that it has been a good van

Questions & Answers

Just wondering if anyone knows if a 2013 Nissan Altima could tow a: 2003 Avan erin 17 ft ?
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ring one of the A Van distributors and ask the legal weight for your car with that particular van.

Do you think a Volkswagon Transporter Auto Campervan would tow a Avan Jack tare 1630 kg ATM 2030kg ,saw a nice van but hubby wont part with his VW !
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Depends on which model Transporter. The later ones have 128 kw and 400nm of power with 2500kg tow capacity with brakes on the caravan, so would easily tow the Avan Jack, which is similar to the Tayla which we have. The earlier ones had a much lower output engine, so would struggle to keep up a decent road speed. We tow with a Ford Falcon Wagon which has engine output of 190kw and 385nm torque and tows the Avan really well. Hope that helpsThanks for that, its a 2003 VW Campervan with a 2.5 Diesel Turbo ,think that would do the job ?

Looking at purchasing Avan Oscar ll 2005, but around the roof it looks like paint/vinyl wrap is breaking away. Anyone know what could be the cause.
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I would contact the nearest Avan distributor and ask if common problem and what it to cost of repair. When negotiating price with the seller, have the repair cost discounted. This way you will be confident of no further problems after dealer repair. The Avan Oscar looks like a nice van. We have had 4 previous vans and presently own a Avan Frances pop top, being very happy with it and the service provided by Avan. Happy caravaning... Binny.Thanks, contacted dealer in Adelaide and basically told if we were buying from them they would help but would not help otherwise. Fobbed me off on the phone.Ring another dealer just say you have one and ask how much to repair.