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Incredible modem!

This modem, has been in use here for almost five years, and I haven't had a single thing go wrong with it.
Two ISP's later, still totally rock solid and never a peep out of it.
Used between Internode and now Aussie BB, I can't recommend it more.

Purchased in August 2014 for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Number of Connected Devices 4 devices
Ease of Setup
Wi-Fi Range

36 month warranty !

and they replaced it no questions asked when it was fried by an electrical storm. It's not often you find electrical equipment with a 5 year warranty.
No complains otherwise, it just keeps cranking.

Purchased in February 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Number of Connected Devices 3 devices
ISPMore Telecom NBN
Ease of Setup
Wi-Fi Range

Good Product Always Improving

Modem is very easy to setup and use. It has more features than I could explain. If you have Voip its the modem for you as it has multiple answering machines and you can link phones to it. Block numbers and even use your Google contacts as a phone book. Great for wireless and wired networks. Has lots of reports that can be sent to you each day as to usage and if you kids need limitations to the internet guest access is the way to go as you can setup the amount of time and when they can use the internet.
A great unit and glad I purchased.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Worth every cent

I received a Fritz from Internode when switching to NBN - it came preconfigured - all I had to do was plug it in.

I've only had it a month but there have been no drop outs and consistent speeds of around 45 to 50 MB, which is what I am paying for.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Simply brilliant: works, reliable, does DECT, VOIP, Internet (nbn/ADSL, etc.)

I ordered my first 7490 from Germany with some other stuff hard to get in AU. This was a mistake, as the German version cannot be updated with English firmware; so I had to buy the AU version for double the money :(

It was well worth it. And while it is predominantly a Internet / wireless router, which any other brand does most likely well too, but ... I bought it for its other features, such as managing my existing (and still perfectly working) DECT phones, the call and phone management, using our iPhones as handsets to make VOIP calls through the Internet connection; call block lists (this one really takes the cake blocking all the nuisance calls, you will never hear from again!). iPhones can call each other, without incurring any call costs.
The other feature it has; I have integrated the 7490 to my home automation system (openHAB); it shows me who is calling on the TV for example, or I can switch wireless on and off as required remotely. It also allows for VPN connections to it... and heaps more.

The stereotype about German engineering holds true: it simply works, reliably, and before nbn upgrade the tower, it hasn't dropped the connection for a year. -- Money well spent!

Best modem I've found yet - too bad it's not a default from most providers

I was using this modem up until recently and would prefer to keep using it but too many internet providers haven't picked up on it yet and that's a shame. It has far better functions and features than anything else I've found, such as handling 2 voip lines at the same time, usb 3.0 for shared drive, etc. It's now a backup and maybe soon will become the primary modem again. If only internet providers would support it more and not impose under par gear.

Brilliant covers all connections

Nice looking unit and has phone jack as well I am on VOIP. Using it for NBN now, (fixed wireless) but it does do Fibre, adsl as well. Not had any problems with it. It was purchased because my billion was not capable of the supposed speeds I was going to get on NBN. But have the advantage that when I move, I will have a router that will cater for any connection. Expensive but worth it.

German product at its best

As an IT expert.... This router are perfect for everything.....

Its performance is exceptional.... Gamers will agree with me....

Rich of feature as media server.... Etc

I've used it for adsl/vdsl/extender never had problems

The best router there is!

The Fritz 7490 has an astonishing amount of features, including dual band, supercharged wireless ac data transfer rates, USB NAS serving and a plethora of graphs and info to show you were your bandwidth is going. I've managed to setup 2 wifi networks that can separately stream data over to devices serving my TV and mac, it's awesome! I had an issue with serving up a linux formatted EXT4 HDD but I contacted technical support over email and, contrary to other people on here, they responded in a timely manner although the info they gave me was limited and I ended up solving the problem myself. I think they would have helped though had I persevered. All in all, it is a brilliant device!

Decent router

I have found this to be a decent router. The signal strength is ok, manages to get through my stone walls, but have to place it right in he centre of the house to get signal in all rooms. Wish there was an option to add an antenna. Takes a different cord to my old router (Ethernet cable plugs into router rather than phone cord) meaning I have had to do some recabling. The interface is a bit dated, but easy to use.

Reliable & Fully Featured ADSL2+ / VDSL2 Modem Router

I’m a very satisfied long term user of this multi-featured device within two households, one connected long term ‘on net’ with ISP Internode to a metro ‘naked’ ADSL service with reliable VOIP telephony & the other recently updated (23/05/2017) & connected with ISP TeleCube / SipTalk on an NBN FTTN VDSL service at 100/40 speed also with their VOIP telephony service.
I achieve 100% download & upload speeds from my NBN service node listed as 455m away by line length.
Multiple frequent firmware updates, often enhancing the already packed feature set, have been easily implemented automatically whether the devices be accessed locally or remotely.
Device features are easily configurable be it for the novice user or IT enthusiast.
Full gigabit data transfer speeds always achieved via all my connected wired network devices.
Fast & reliable local network & guest isolated WIFI access (with printable configuration details via scanable QR codes) on both 2.4-GHz & 5-GHz bands.
Power saving configurable on WIFI signal strength & on / off scheduling & Ethernet speed.
Excellent configurable logging on all device activity with push notifications via email.
On-board Dynamic DNS makes device remote access a breeze.

Good for small local network

I have had my box for greater than two years and over that time it has performed well. It took a while to sort out how it worked so I could use all the security features and get it to a point where I was satisfied. i.e. this is a typically German machine in the way it is set up. However, the range is limited given the antennas are internal so it is not suited for an old house with solid walls. The unit is better off in a flat.
Also over the years I had added devices to the WEP security and started to use the USB port for music which is where the device reached its limit. If you have several devices secured by WEP and the MAC address, USB and music streaming, the unit fails to keep up with the demand and drops connections. I got to 12 devices and the unit looses connections all too frequently. Also the internet surfing becomes slow.

Conclusion: For a small flat with few devices this device is perfect, for an old house with solid walls and lots of devices, the unit struggles with the demand.

Nonexistent Customer Support

The Fritz!box is a good modem with very good wi-fi strength and range.

However their customer support is Nonexistent, When call the 2 Australian phone numbers printed on the modems instruction manual you simply hear a long endless series of beeping sounds very much like a fax machine is using the phone line.

I repeatedly called both phone numbers at least 12 times per day over a 3 day period with the same result and never got connected to customer support.

It is a shame that the company which makes this great little modem has such shockingly bad customer support.

not happy

Brought Fritz box 7490 I would never buy one again because the customer support is terable when you find them up but never ring me back and leave messages and they still don't return your call and the worst thing about Internode don't support for port forwarding and they sell the modem when you try to play xbox one the nat type works better when it's open

The best Wi-Fi ADSL modem ever!

Having persevered for years with what I had believed was a great modem, being the Billion BiPAC 7404VNPX which suffered from poor quality VOIP, (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for well over a year we eventually stopped using VoIP altogether, enough was enough! I decided to researched what was a possible alternative as we use VoIP for overseas calls.

The short list was FRITZ! Box. Though I didn’t know much about the brand reviews were mostly positive & I suspect that those who criticized them aren’t technically minded. We firstly bought the lesser model the 7272 which was fantastic, then two weeks later I had the urge to try 802.11ac wireless (fast) as we transfer large files often from a very distant PC.

The bottom line, the 7490 if incredible, configuration is a breeze as much of it is automated. We have a complex setup, two VoIP numbers on one line to a Commander system (either selected by pre-codes, 19 static IP devices, etc. The VoIP now is absolutely perfect, no stutter, no distortion, no break up, what a change from the previous Billion.

The user interface has been criticized by some but I personally like it, it’s clear, precise & in perfect English unlike many other devices. Help screens are available on every screen. The Wi-Fi range is exceptional, even the 802.11ac shows 100% through five (5) solid brick walls, one wall being double brick. The small fixed antennas on the 7490 initially concerned me (the 7207 has rod aerials which were fine), the signal is fantastic & equal on both models.

In conclusion I can’t speak highly enough of the FRITZ! 7490 or the 7202, the small differences would be a personal thing. If you don’t need 802.11ac wireless, USB3 or four Gigabit Ethernet ports (the 7272 has two gigabit 10/100/1000 & two 10/100) then the 7202 is fine. What amazed me was that you can restore a backup file from either router to the other, how smart is that. You have the choice of what functions to restore. The restore saved me days of complex manually entered data.

A technical point for those who understand? Transfers to a NAS (Network Accessible Storage, or file server) on the Billion was 50-60Mbps, the FRITZ! Box, 7272 was similar at 50 to 55 Mbps but the FRITZ! Box 7490 transfers at a staggering 125 Mbps. How good is that!

July 10th 2017 Update: A rock solid VoIP ADSL2+ router.

We have used this router for about two years & always been impressed by its stability & the many features. The VoIP is excellent unlike our previous (Billion) routers & for overseas calls as clear as any local landline call, The build quality is solid & it's abilities more designed for a technophile though also quite suitable for a luddite by the same token.

It has incredible features for those who are interested in such things & also acts as an answering machine with the ability to log all calls.

Some don't like the odd visual design but it's a highly sophisticated devise that will even check for software updates. It has great security & the 5Mb setting can achieve data transfers on the locale network of around 200Mbps (802.11AC). I have recommended this router/modem to several family members who then bought one & they are as impressed as I am.

Highly recommended.

Questions & Answers

Have a Fritzbox 7590 and having major problems with VoIP of this unit, I'm told it is being caused by having sip alg on and to turn it off. Well apparently our German friends have decided to not give us the opportunity to make this adjustment, and have not allowed this to be turned off. Having it on, is causing problems with both my Australian VoIP providers, Maxo & Mynetfone, cant dial out, no speech, and dialling wrong numbers and not getting calls, all on a random basis. Maybe there is another way to solve this, would be keen to know! Jumbuk
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fritzbox 7490 Problem when i make an international call from Australia instead i connect the number i dial 0011356 i always getting connected to somewhere in Asia, any help is appreciated.
2 answers
Hi Niexfu It might have been setup under Telephone/Call Handling/Dialling Rules. To always use 0011356 for international calls. Check and see. Otherwise check you have the latest firmware on your router and as a last resort reset your router back to default settings. This number is I believe for Malta not Asia. If the unit is second-hand then I would recommend a factory reset. Hope this helpsHi Niexfu, During our testing process on the Sip ALG problem above, when connected with MyNetFone and dialling local Mobile number 0403****** and checking the calling records, found we were getting Japan Mobile numbers instead. This testing was with a FritzBox 7590, and I would suggest your problem could be sip ALG! Now find I can not call any numbers other than local, all national will not connect, stay tuned have referred to GmBH the manufacturer, maybe they will give us the ability to disable this useless feature in firmware updates. Hope this may stop you from tearing your hair out.