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Baby U Cushie Tushie Padded

Baby U Cushie Tushie Padded

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Cheap, comfortable.

Not a bad potty trainer. Soft and I bought ours for the toilet seat for my 19 month old son. However I found it quite hard to clean and although they sell a hanger, you sort of hide it somewhere in the bathroom. In the end I also bought one with steps as you need to use this with some sort of step stool. But it is handy and I used it for a good few months before investing in one my son could climb with no help. I also bought the cushi tushie travel one for visitors houses.

Precariously small and plastic seam pinches

These are simple, cheap and easy to find in shops but it has never fit our toilet properly and our petit little girl (an early potty-trainer too) is still at over 3 yrs old too small even with steps to slide up onto the toilet seat, and up again over the cushioned trainer seat without it slipping backwards and often then twisting and falling into the loo. I've also always been terrified that she will jam a finger or a wedge of thigh in the gap between the two seats.
And to top it off the 1-2mm heatsealed seam on the cushioned seat leaves a painful red mark on her bottom if she is on there for more than a few minutes - a real issue when she was really little and learning and would have to sit there a while.
She loves the glow in the dark duckies on it.
Painful, badly designed, dangerous

Small for our toilet seat.

I was very excited when we found this toilet seat. I was cheap, only $15 at bigw. We got home and put on our toilet seat, it's too small. Try on other toilet, small too. When my daughter try to sit on it, it's unstable and wobbly almost push the whole front cushion in the toilet. I have to hold it while she's on it. Now I have to get a new seat/ potty chair again.
Soft cushion, cheap.
Size too small for the toilet.

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Cushie Tushie Padded
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