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Baby U Potette Plus

Baby U Potette Plus

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recommending the Pocket Potty Pro

In 5 years mothers have been recommending the Pocket Potty Pro to other mothers so that they too can enjoy the stress free factor of being able to 'potty' their loved one on their demand anywhere!
My 2 year old is terrified of public restroom toilets, as were all of my other 4 girls. I so wish they had this when the others were little! It would have saved a lot of tears and frustration!!! I tried the foldable toilet seats for her to sit on in public bathrooms, but most were too flimsy to use or too bulky to carry around. This is perfect in just about every way! It fits in her toddler-sized bookbag and it literally goes EVERYWHERE with us. Love that the waste gets tied up and thrown away! I also use regular store bags and just throw some toilet paper in the bottom of them. If I forget a bag, I just ask for one at the store that I'm at. I figure I'm spending my money there, they can spare an extra bag :# My daughter also got so used to using that she now allows me to put this on the public toilets...she knows the difference between this thing and a different potty chair too! She'll still refuse to use the other ones! All in all, I would recommend this to anybody and everybody who has a child who is potty training or one's that are scared of public bathrooms!!

Fabulous, durable

I have had mine for 3 years now, it's still doing a great job, super handy with the little ones. I have just ordered a second for a relative as I was so impressed with this product. It is not just another parenting gimmick, it's really useful, Convenient and hygienic.

Absolutely brilliant

Prior to buying this potty I already had three step-up toilet seats ready, a potty seat, 2 step stools and an ikea potty. Luckily, I hadn't spent much because it was either free or picked up for $5 or $10. However, toilet training loomed and I started to worry about how we were going to travel anywhere. So the hunt started for ANOTHER toilet training product. My son is slow to train, and we walk most everywhere as we are close to the city. I wanted something with a lid for the car and pram. I came very close to buying a mickey mouse potty and I'm SO glad to have stumbled across this product at the last minute.

As much as I hate to continue using plastic, particularly as we're trying to give up nappies, having a potty with disposable bags is great for so many reasons. I walk the kids to day care and then have to go by public transport to work, so carrying dirty bags with me would be a huge inconvenience. My husband can't handle cleaning up mess (haha) so this sanitary, nearly mess-free option means I don't have to deal with the whingeing that would come out of that. I thought my son would be put off by sitting on the plastic bag, but he was fine with it. I also thought he wouldn't like sitting on it because it is so low to the ground, but all he did was comment on how low it was and then did his business anyway. I now put the potette plus in a backpack with a towel and a change of clothes and we can go anywhere and take our time. I love that I don't have to worry about my son being put off by toilet training because we have an accident out in public.

I bought the potette plus silicone liner to go with this so that I don't have to use the disposable bags when I don't have to. I also love that if we're at a friends house, I can put it on the toilet. The great thing about this product is that the seat is big enough! Most of the potties on the market are tiny, and my son is three and can't sit in them. If you wanted to use a potty at home rather than the toilet, the pottete plus and the silicone liner together would make a great at-home potty.

My daughter will be ready for toilet training next, and she'll be starting earlier than him (I learned my lesson!) so she will probably get a lot more use out of the reusable liner potty option.

The price was so reasonable. $20 for the potty. The liners cost the same per liner as huggies pull-ups. $9 for the silicone liner (on clearance at target). I've spent less on this than I would have on the potty with a lid I was about to buy.

I can't say enough good things about this product. Love, love, love it.

Convenient in many aspects!

- Great for long road trips & avoiding queues in public toilets.
- Haven't had any issues with leakage for its doggy bags.
- The potty's leg can fold up & the whole thing lies flat.
- Although the potty is foldable, it is very sturdy and doesn't wobble.
- A carrier bag is provided with the potty.

Perfect Potty Seat - The only one you need

Prior to starting Potty Training we were so confused what Potty to buy. After buying another two potties I bought this one & it is awesome. My son hated the other two but took to the Potette very quickly. Love that you can use it on a regular toilet or insert a disposable bag and use it on the go. Great for long car rides. And it folds up very small. Wish I bought this one first and saved ourselves the hassle and money on the other two.

Excellent alternative to disgusting service station toilets...

This has been a lifesaver! I hate going into service station toilets and now I can just pull into a side street, open the boot and she can go in a sanitary environment without having to worry about her stepping in someone elses mess. Great for long drives too - especially if a number 2 is coming! The bags are brilliant - no leakage as the pads absorb the moisture. Great for early morning toilet stops when camping too....
Easy to carry and leave in the car or bottom of the pram.

Great product!

Easy to use, easy to throw in the boot of the car or the bottom of the pram. Perfect for when you're out or at friend's places who don't have a 'child's size' toilet, parks, long car-trips.
reasonably priced. Easy to use. Carry bag is great. Very portable.

Questions & Answers

Can someone please tell me what the dimensions of this are folded (to use it as a toilet insert when at the shops) as I want to know if i can fit it into a pouch wallet/thing I want to buy.
1 answer
Arrghh - it's in our car and our car's at the smash repairers, so I can't measure it, but at a guess I would say about 30cm x 35cm. I'll measure it as soon as I get it back (hopefully soon!)


Potette Plus
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