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Lupi Lu

Latest review: I was looking for a family toilet seat as I was tired of having to put my son's plastic toilet seat on top everytime he needed to go and couldn't find one where the kids hole was not far back (my son

Bambino Step Toilet Trainer

Latest review: My little one loves the idea of climbing up the steps and sitting down on an adult toilet to do his thing. Even if he doesn't need to do anything, he just loves to use it haha It is height

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer

Latest review: I had been looking for a secure toilet seat for a while, and had tried a few and they would just slip and move all over the place and I wasn't happy having my son sit on any of them on his own, not

Thermobaby Kiddyloo

Latest review: My oldest son was never fond of learning to use the "big people's toilet" so we started out with a potty which sat on the floor. My son would use this initially but it wasn't so great for me, as it

BabyBjorn Potty Chair

Latest review: This potty chair came highly recommended and I couldn't agree more. The chair design is very simple offering great back support as well as a bowl that is easily removed. This makes cleaning the potty

Roger Armstrong 2 in 1

Latest review: So easy, and comfortable to use. I've started my six month old already and it's been fantastic. The tray table is so handy not only as a table, but to help keep her there! When not used as a potty,

Summer Infant My Size Potty

Latest review: Purchased through catch of the day .. which I am not a fan of. But this company was brilliant with communication and when I said this was a present, had it on my doorstep the next day ! Also cheaper

InfaSecure Universal

Latest review: This is great for a quick-fix option or for a toilet which is never or rarely used by adults. I got this as I needed something for my son to use right now, but I am hoping to buy a different style of

BabyBjorn Smart

Latest review: I had orignally looked at getting the highback babybjorn seat but when i saw this one next to it in the shops i thought it was just what we needed. I liked the idea of the stability and simplicity of

Playgro Going Potty

Latest review: My daughter loves her little seat and I love that the waste goes into a container that is easy to remove and clean out. It has the added bonus of being able to have the lid closed so it can be used

Baby U Potette Plus

Latest review: In 5 years mothers have been recommending the Pocket Potty Pro to other mothers so that they too can enjoy the stress free factor of being able to 'potty' their loved one on their demand

Boon Potty Bench

Latest review: Overall, this is the best potty I have tried or researched. I can't fault it's design and practicality. It is worthwhile investment that I happily recommend. stylish, practical ,high quality,

Roger Armstrong Potty Chair

Latest review: I love this potty chair and we started using it when our little girl was 6 months old as it had the tray included with it. It has been a valuable tool for us in toilet training her. We have

InfaSecure High Back

Latest review: We liked the high back and the smooth contoured edges of the seat (unlike our IKEA potty which almost has sharp edges around the seat), however the inside of the potty is not curved and whenever my

The First Years Magical Sounds 3 In 1

Latest review: My son absolutely loves his Disney Cars 2 potty! We tried using a regular toilet for almost 2 weeks and he wouldn't go near it and we were really struggling with toilet training. Within one day of

Disney Classic Pooh Toilet Trainer

Latest review: I'm so glad I bought the Disney Pooh bear, 4 in 1 toilet trainer seat for daughter (two and half years old). I have another cheaper one but this is so much easier to use for tipping out stuff into

Baby U Cushie Traveller

Latest review: It’s great, well padded, convenient, has a travel bag. It just feel like it’s going to collapse even though it can’t physically because the flaps are hinged the other way. It doesn’t always fit secur

Roger Armstrong Toilet Seat

Latest review: I liked the concept of how this seat worked, except it didn't fit our toilet very well. The main toilet seat didn't sit flat with this one underneath, so there was a risk that when my daughter sat on

InfaSecure Toti 4 in 1

Latest review: The best potty I ever used with my kids. It has sleek design (we bought it in brown olour), so you don't have to worry about the interference with the design of your bathroom if you are into these

Roger Armstrong Timmy Tortoise

Latest review: We love Timmy, both our Grandchildren love to sit on him both in his seat function and in his potty function. It is wonderful to find a product still actually manufactured in Australia, and so well

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