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BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer

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The perfect no-slip toilet seat

I had been looking for a secure toilet seat for a while, and had tried a few and they would just slip and move all over the place and I wasn't happy having my son sit on any of them on his own, not to mention he wasn't confident sitting on a toilet seat that was moving beneath him all the time. I saw this seat on an episode or Real Housewives of New York and when I looked it up online it was exactly what I needed. I had been using the Baby Bjorn high chair since my son was a baby and the Baby Bjorn bib (and I still do - it is the best!!!) so I wasn't surprised that I should add another Baby Bjorn product to the arsenal. To start with - it is not offensive looking and hygienic, it is fool proof, adjustable and does not slip AT ALL, as if it was fitted specifically for your toilet. It is really easy to clean, we have the matching Baby Bjorn step stool which is also great. Initially I just purchased one, but since its been so fantastic Ive since purchased one for every toilet in our house so my son can use any bathroom he's closest to and it is a revelation.

Did it's job great !

Stable, easy and comfortable. I have an ASD child who was trained with this and IKEA step-stool very quick. We were really concerned about potty training but it was a breeze (and relief - no pun intended). The comfort factor I think is what did it. He's grown bigger now - we're looking for a little bigger seat but smaller than the adult size.

Excellent toiler trainer

My 2.5 year old loves this seat which makes toilet training easier. It's comfy, sturdy, stable, fits over our existing toilet seat easily (has a little wheel at the back to adjust fit/size). Looks nice too. Easy to put on and take off, easy to clean. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Excellent potty seat

At first I thought it was a little pricey but it is honestly worth every cent. This seat has been fantastic for potty training. The seat doesn't move around at all - that was a big problem we had with other cheaper ones and it made my son scared to sit on the toilet. There's a dial you can adjust on the back that makes it fit to your toilet seat. Love it! Highly recommend.

It's very cleverly designed!!

We were given a generic baby toilet seat, a basic plastic one, my 2-year-old didn't feel confident using it because it moved under her. The BabyBjorn toilet seat is very stable due to its rubber rim and seat fitting mechanism underneath, she is now confident and asks to go to the big toilet all the time.

Now it all goes down the pan!

This seat has been a revelation used in conjunction with the step stool. Our little one likes to sit on the big loo and this seat ensures nothing untoward happens! It is a great design, east to put on and take off and easy to keep clean too. Would definitely recommend this.
Easy to install/remove. Easy to keep clean. Easy to store

Easy to use, clean and happy toddler!

We bought this toilet seat after seeing them in action at a friends house (they have one in each bathroom for toddler training runs!). They are very easy to use and fit our friends new ceramic toilets and our very old plastic toilet seats. The seat is adjusted to fit with a wheel underneath that holds it securely into the seat (adjust once at the beginning). They seem comfortable for boys and girls and hold their little legs and bottoms in a stable position. My daughter 1.5 watched our friends son 2.5 use it and immediately wanted to give it a go as it enables her to use the 'big toilet'. It is made of a hard smooth plastic which cleans easily and has a good little handle for removing it from the toilet (could be hung on wall as well). We bought the black and white bb step to go with it as they learn to climb up unassisted eventually. Very safe step and so good we bought another for dd's room to get her into bed! We have only ever had one glitch with a bb product and found customer service to be exceptional. Somewhat expensive products but worth it for the quality!
Excellent toilet training product, comfortable, cleans well, safe.
Wish it came in cute colours like the steps! Somewhat expensive (but superior quality)


I was dreading toilet training but thankfully had no problems as I seemed to have picked the right products to help my son transition from nappies. I went from using a Fisher Price musical potty (which made toilet training fun), to using the Bjorn toilet seat (which made him feel secure). It's really good quality too, and easy to keep clean.
By using this product, my son felt comfortable going from the potty to the toilet. He also has no problems putting it on the toilet himself. It's really good quality too, and easy to keep clean.
Haven't had any problems with it! A little pricey for just a toilet seat but it is very good quality.

Questions & Answers

Has anyone found that this training seat scratches the toilet seat under it?
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Hi dandka, the bb toilet seat has not scratched my toilet at all.

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