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Baby U Cushie Step Up

Baby U Cushie Step Up

2.8 from 6 reviews

Not suitable for boys

As a first time toilet trainer, this seat appealed as it looked comfy and practical. However, I have found that is not the case. The seat sits up too high, so unless you train your son to push it down, it will make one hell of a mess. The step is a bit rickety and the handles can get in the way.


I don't know if this says a whole lot, but my father in law found one of these during verge collection and carted it home. In any case, we have 2 other step-up seats, and 2 other seats that go over the toilet that can be used with a step stool, and despite all that, THIS is the one my son prefers. I'm not sure why, maybe because the seat is cushy & comfortable.

Yes, it's a bit wobbly when he's climbed up, and he has gone for a couple of nosedives, but it hasn't put him off the use of the seat and he climbs up and down confidently. He refuses to use anything else. I find that it's a bit taller than the other step-ups we have. The quality seems a bit better. It's slightly wobblier than the other 2 as well but not a huge difference.

My only complaint would be that the step has a lot of grooves in it, which is great for traction, but not so great for cleaning.


The worst toddler toilet seat, such a waste of money very expensive! Slides everywhere, not stable and would say useless and flimsy.
I would recommend buying the cheaper ones they work a lot better! I will now be throwing this junk out after purchasing it! A few days ago purchased from baby co for $44.

Not great for boys

As is never potty trained before I didn't know what to look for! There is no pee catcher which I think is important for boys as the pee goes everywhere unless you hold it down which is annoying.
I have stopped using it and just got a step & separate seat with pee catcher as the step on the ladder is not as sturdy as I'd like. He wants to be independent but I don't feel safe when he climbs without assistance. Hopefully I can use it when he is older (26 months now)
Would recommend for girls or older boys who know how to hold their doodle down.

Very Unstable And Wobbly, Not At All Safe

Bought this for my Mr 2 and it is not at all safe. Creaks and wobbles when he goes to get on, I have no confidence in its safety when he put weight on the step. Sadly there is no information on any websites at to what the weight limit is on this one, but at 16kg my son is not that heavy. Will be shopping for another one later today.

Brilliant for independent toddlers

We love this toilet training seat. It's really stable and helps our toddler to use the toilet independently. She's quite small but can still climb up the step on her own and feels very safe on this seat. It's comfortable and easy to clean. It's also collapses so it can be stored out of the way when not in use.
Safe, easy to assemble, means our daughter can go to the loo on her own!!

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