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Baby U Cushie Traveller

Baby U Cushie Traveller

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Great just feels like it’s going to collapse!

It’s great, well padded, convenient, has a travel bag. It just feel like it’s going to collapse even though it can’t physically because the flaps are hinged the other way. It doesn’t always fit securely in every toilet but it does go on. It’s a great convenient product for toilet training on the run.


Bought this last weekend and used it twice. On the second time, my 1.5 year old son almost fall into the toilet as it gave way. It is a good idea but has been built poorly. Thank god I was holding him as I did not trust it when I first use it so he is unharmed.

Handy for travel not everyday use

Like they say it's great for travel, but I found it not strong enough that one time it collapsed under my son when he was using it. But granted I used it when we would travel very frequently as it was small and you didn't have to worry about your little one being nervous or sitting on a dirty public toilet.

Compact, sturdy and great for going out.

This is a great product, it folds up to roughly the size of two nappies and comes with a washable bag. It's pretty strong and my recently toilet trained son is quite happy to sit on it at cafes and friends houses. It can be used on all toilets, even if it doesn't fit perfectly. We've had it for nearly two months now and still finding it extremely useful when we're out and about.
Sturdy, compact, reasonably priced, fits most toilet seats, washable bag.

Practical and convenient

This little foldable toilet seat is perfect for holidays and even small enough to take in a backpack/ baby bag to the shops. We have the larger Cushie U toilet step at home and this is a great portable option. It's more hygienic than popping a toddler on a public toilet and much more comfortable for little people too. Unfortunately it doesn't fit all toilets though, only the standard oval shaped toilet seat.
Portable, convenient
Doesn't fit all toilets securely


My son is just toliet trained and uses a toliet insert as he has a very small bottom and is a bit scared of falling in. The one we have in the toliet that is flat and not foldable. We have been putting it in a plastic bag and then using it when we go out. The problem was that we would forget it is in the car and when he needed it we would have to run outside in a panic to fetch it. I bought this product yesterday and we used it straight away. I found it to be much stronger than I imagined and it is quite sturdy when placed on the toliet seat. It comes in a very handy pull string bag also. We will be keeping this one in the car and the old one in the bathroom. I think it's great also because kids are not sitting on the germy public toliets. Just check that if you buy one at Big W it scans at the correct price. I was nearly charged $3 too much.
Great product for kids who are scared of the big toliet. Good carry bag. Not flimsy like I thought it would be.

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Cushie Traveller
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