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Disney Classic Pooh Toilet Trainer

Disney Classic Pooh Toilet Trainer

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So glad I got this for our daughter!!

I'm so glad I bought the Disney Pooh bear, 4 in 1 toilet trainer seat for daughter (two and half years old). I have another cheaper one but this is so much easier to use for tipping out stuff into the toilet afterwards (to clean) as it has a lift out section. That way you don't have to wash the whole seat all the time.

It helped too that my daughter loves Pooh bear already.

So I'd suggest you choose a cartoon that your little one loves ;) All the best everyone! (The first week potty training can be really stressful but it does get much better after that :) )


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I'd like to add, that 3 months ago, we finally were able to get DD to use the toilet, not the potty, by using that Pooh bear seat insert from this potty set, and putting that on our toilet. Any other toilet seat insert wouldn't do! It helped the transfer as I could say "it's the same Pooh Bear potty seat, Look!". We used the rest of that potty seat as a stool now. So useful. Now she's used to using toilet rather than potty, we got her another seat insert (Dory one) that better for toilet use, less mess. Hope that helps .

comfy but a nightmare to clean

My son absolutely loves this potty. Its paddy seat a side handles make it comfortable and easy to get on and off. It is difficult to clean as you can not get between the padding and plastic on the seat. It also drips when you remove the seat as there are lots of places for wee to pool under the seat
comfortable and neutral design
cleaning is too difficult

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