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Backloading Removalist

Backloading Removalist

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Only use this company if you are prepared to pay 35%+ more than the quote

This happened to me, after the goods were in transit. But what can you do. They aren’t prompt in returning calls or texts or emails- more a when it suits them situation. On the plus side goods were delivered within timeframe and undamaged. They are just hard to deal with. But getting small loads moved interstate leaves you few options.

Completely incompetent

I asked for a quote based on 8 cubic meters then booked and paid the deposit. I wanted to increase the amount by a bicycle and a bar fridge. These people then DOUBLED the quote saying I increased the space to 18 cubic metres. No refund of deposit given even went to NSW fair reading but they lied in their response.

A TERRIBLE Experience - Do not use!

When I booked for my belongings to be transported from Brisbane to Melbourne I was told this would take 3 days. My belongings arrived over a month later. When I called to find out when my furniture would be delivered I was hung up on my the receptionist.

This is a terribly run, untrustworthy company that I definitely would NOT recommend not anyone!

Absolutely Terrible

Booked through this company for a Brisbane to Canberra move with a month of storage while we found somewhere to live. Circumstances changed and the move was to Brisbane. I arranged with the driver agreed on a time frame and left it at that. The furniture didn’t show up and there was no answer to any phone calls or emails. It wasn’t until several days with no contact and no furniture I decided to report the items as stolen. They finally got in contact with me and said they were organising it with the driver and they’ll contact me. There was no contact at all. I reported the company to Fairfrade and the ACCC as well as to my credit card company (the payment method I used). Almost a month later I get an email saying the items would be delivered the next day, and I need to pay the invoice. There was no invoice and in the interim I had replaced the furniture because I genuinely believed I wouldn’t see it again. I couldn’t afford to pay the amount and was forced to give the company permission to dump my property. They did offer me an option to pay off the money if I gave them credit card details, but I was reluctant for obvious reasons. I have no idea what eventuated with my property and I am genuinely to scared to ask. Please don’t use this company, they are unprofessional, combatative and literally said, ‘we’ve washed our hands of this’. This whole mess could have been avoided with some communication but I was ignored for a month. Please avoid.

Untrustworthy Do Not Use

2 bedroom house furniture collected on 16/10/2017 from Coburg Victoria, allegedly delivered to Cairns on 28/10/2017 no contact from the company despite numerous phone calls and emails.
Anytime they were contacted they were fundamentally dishonest with details of arrival times.
Do not use they are appalling furniture still not delivered 14 weeks later.

Revolting, Dishonest and unprofessional Experience -

My move was a 1 bedroom apartment, interstate capital city to capital city.

This crew did not commit to confirmation quote. On paying the deposit, 24 hours after receiving the confirmation date and paperwork, only to be told the date was no longer available. When stating i had a confirmed quote, [name removed], the key phone contact started screaming at me and stated not her fault 'bookings team' got it wrong and they should not have sent out a confirmation. When requested to speak to the manager, was told NO, When ask for their names, was told NO, when asked to get a call from senior staff, was told she can't do that.

KEEP AWAY from these folks as they do not commit to timelines even when send you a confirmation notice, nor can you escalate complaints. A blessing in disguise i did not use them!


Organised a move through moving again who contracted it to gecko backloading professionals for the 16th August well no one showed up was given the drivers number to contact to find out eta driver rude and abusive when I finally got hold of him on Saturday told me a huge story about breaking down and continues with telling me another driver stole the trailer! Then told me he wasn't going to make it so rang the company no answer left message on answer machine then comes Monday morning thinking company will ring me first thing NO so I ring them just to be told they not doing it and had no reason why she didn't ring very rude so now waiting to see what moving again comes up with (I used moving again previously and had no issue hoping they get this sorted fingers crossed but don't ever use gecko backloading professionals.

Very Rude service and breached agreed service timeline. Deposit not refunded. NO Response

In March 2017, I had contacted Backloading Removalist for interstate move and decided to pay them in full for the deposit (AUD $185) and the removalist fees ($802) in advance since their internet review seems positive and they are very responsive via emails and phone calls. Then the nightmare begins after payment made. Not only this company is not committed with their agreed moving date, they were extremely rude and would not commit to the pick up or delivery date. All they ask you is to wait for the phone call and the movers will pick up your stuff within the next 2 hours after phone call. My interstate move from Melbourne to NSW and the pick up date suppose to be on Thursday, 9 March 2017 but was changed to one day later, Friday, 10 March 2017. Then again, no phone calls, no email confirmation - nothing. I waited and waited..Until Saturday, 11 March 2017 at 8.00pm - someone called me stating they want to pick up my stuff. This is not what we have agreed. Therefore, they breached the agreed service dateline.

After many emails attempt, I managed to recover my advance moving payment ($802) but not the deposit monies ($185). Backloading Removalist had decided to keep my deposit monies by stating that I did not agree with the pick up on the Saturday, 11 March 2017 after 8pm since they are now available. I was extremely upset with this type of business ethic and therefore, this matter has been reported to Victoria Consumer Affair.

Personally, I have blacklisted them for future usage. I would really think twice before engaging them. Once monies is paid to them, I would say - Good luck, mate!

Be warned truck never even showed up

Worst Removalist we've ever dealt with. The truck never even showed up with no one bothering to even contact us and tell us they weren't coming. The truck didn't show up the next day or the day after that tor the day after that but they had our deposit. They didn't give a brass razoo that they had taken our money or that the new owners of our house were waiting to move in or that they cost us minimum three days pay waiting for them. They didn't even show the courtesy of letting us know when a truck would turn up. No communication what so ever. We had to chase them to find out what was happening and they could never tell us. Worst moving experience ever so you have been warned.

New owners very helpful - under new management 5 stars

I used BLP (under previous ownership) in February this year to move from Sydney to Sunshine Coast - the whole process was relatively smooth although I did have to pay extra on the day as I had amended the inventory and they said I had not advised them within the specified time (the overall space I used was still the same and I did give them the 5 days notice) However unpacking revealed missing and broken items - they were able to find one of the missing items which was returned to me but despite numerous back and forward emails they were not able to resolve the damage and loss issue. They stopped replying to my mails a few weeks ago reason new owners took over ownership/management of the Company a few weeks ago. The new owners have a totally new team and has been very prompt to try and resolve the issues inherited -they have resolve my issue within 24 hours!! i would not hesitate to contact Jonathan for help the next time I move

Don't use this service! They're cheap for a reason! Terrible service and waste of your time and mone

They are very nice, polite and provide a very competitive quote, but that's all before your actually pay them. After the initial payment, expect mostly troubles. Personally, I had a lot of problems with them: e.g. the pick up time was absolutely different from what they told me initially, the price was eventually $450 more than what I was offered in the initial quote etc. I'm trying to call/email this company for the last 3 weeks and no response what's so ever! These people are scam! Don't waste your time&money!


Lucy and Jarryd from BLP were fantastic. Customer service was great and Jarryd did a wonderful job moving our belongings from Brisbane to Sydney. I honestly couldn't recommend a better company. We have used removalists every 2 years moving for work and these guys are GREAT! We will use them again and I will be telling everyone about them! THANK YOU BLP!

Couldn’t be happier with “Backloading Professionals”.

The removalists Nate and Jarryd turned up to my house in Sydney on time. They were friendly and helpful, taking extra care with some items that have sentimental value as they belonged to my grandfather. Delivered to our new house in Brisbane within 24 hours, working under terribly windy, rainy conditions and never complaining once. Not a single item damaged and impeccable service. I will use them again and have no hesitation recommending them to my friends and family.
Daniel Lane
Impeccable service.

Best move ever!!

Because of these reviews I nearly made a huge mistake by not booking these guys. All of the bad reviews here, are about companies with similar names. “Backloading Professionals” are a family business who perform all of their moves in their own trucks. They have been so helpful to my mum & I through a very difficult time, making our move from the Gold Coast to Sydney so easy for us. I hope not too many people are getting confused by this! Thanks again Backloading Professionals team. Coral & Ivy

Do not use this organisation!!!!!

Booked a removal in from Brisbane to Batemans Bay NSW.
Unfortunately I had to cancel the booking and asked for the 25% deposit returned, to which the boss agreed and he would follow it up. Was then passed onto someone else who said that it is the boss who does the money side of the house. Sent an email outlining what had happened and the reply was that I'd get my refund.
Another email was sent to the company of which their records and the amount debited on my credit card were two different figures, albeit only by $10 or so.
A third person responded by asking for my bank details and that the refund will deposited into my account. Accordingly, I sent my bank details and also mentioning that the booking had been cancelled 3 weeks ago and asked that this be addressed immediately.

It is now 3 business days since that email was sent and decided to ring 'Backloading Professionals' for an answer. A girl answered the phone and I asked for the boss outlining that I hadn't received the promised refund back. She then put the phone down and would not speak. I rang their 1300 number several times to which it went to a mobile phone message bank. On the fifth phone call a message was left and I'm awaiting a phone call back.
Will be contacting the Police and/or my Solicitor to report criminal activity and sort these crooks out so they don't rip anyone else off.

Criminal activities, fraud, shopfront for stealing money, very shady business.

Excellent Removals Fantastic Customer Service

I hired backloading professionals after another company - Zoom Removals who I had originally booked arrived at my house only to ask for a 1k in cash as a security because they under quoted.
Backloading Professionals came to my rescue. [name removed] was the lady at the office (good Friday) and handled my dilemma with fist class customer service from start to finish.
I was booked in the next day to move my 3br house from Sydney to Brisbane.

The guys were so on time that they were able to give me just a 15min window to drop off and didn't charge extra for about 10 steps into my new townhouse.
They were really courteous and highly professional. Nothing was broken and they looked after every item.
I seriously couldn't recommend them enough.
From start to finish - from initial call in the office to the final item dropped off they were excellent.
Totally trustworthy, did what they said they would do, on time and a great feeling of being comfortable with them in your home. Couldn't of asked for more...
Honest, reliable, professional, on-time, friendly, helpful and didn't complain once!

Good one guys!!

Backloading Removalist is a great example of how a business should be run. They are helpful and arranged my move with no fuss.The guys that arrived on the day of the move were just as helpful. Being a single mum I had no idea what I was doing so I was happy that everything worked out well. I hopefully won't be moving again but if I do I will definitely be using them again.

Do not do business with this company!

[link removed]

Yes they are cheap but it is for a reason!

First things first - [link removed] as the name suggests, is an agent for other removalists. So they fill the back of some other company’s truck. This is not unusual.

In my experience, the company ended up being national removals ([link removed]), although i didn’t find this out until the day before the move. However when problems arose, backloadingremovals.Com.Au said my job was serviced by a company called [link removed], who i had never dealt with, so it seems my move actually went through 3 different companies. I did find this strange (but alas found out too late). Read on…

I booked a half-house move with backloadingremovals.Com.Au for a job in january 2014 between melbourne and sydney. At first the experience was quite good – the emails were clear, it was easy to book online, pay and make an adjustment to the booking. Two friends had used them recently – one didn’t have any dramas (although he only had 3 boxes), the other did have problems at the pickup date (they didn’t take all his furniture as there wasn’t enough room on the truck….Unfortunately i found this out after i had booked my move so i was a little apprehensive from the outset).

When it came time for my move, the nightmare began!

Less than 2 working days before my move, i get an email:

“i have been advised this morning that due to a breakdown that occurred last night, the truck that you are currently book on will not be available to collect your goods on the date you have been booked in for.”

The new date options offered were 1 or 2 days after my initial booking date. This was a big problem for me because (1) the original move date was actually my last day in victoria, so i wouldn’t be physically there to meet the movers, (2) my lease had ended, so i had no right to leave my goods in the home any later than my original move date, and (3) because the notice was so late regarding the truck failure, the four other removalists i called could not do the job on such short notice.

However, thanks to a very understanding landlord and a very generous friend who agreed to take the morning off work to let the movers in the next day, plan b was in place. I should note that even after this truck failure, backloadingremovals.Com.Au seemed to have no ability to get the removalists who were actually doing the job to commit to a “first job of the day” timeslot, instead all i got was the “morning” timeslot. However, i did get out of them a transit time frame – i was told “delivery from the collection on wednesday would be on thursday” (aka i was expecting a next-day interstate service).

The day before the new move date, i got a call from nationalremovals.Com.Au to confirm the move (however they hadn’t been told by backloadingremovals.Com.Au that i wouldn’t be there myself, so i had to relay the story of who would be letting them in). The morning slot was again confirmed, however what was news to me was that the national removals rep told me that my goods would actually be transported by train and they wouldn’t arrive until the next week! So suddenly the ‘next day’ service quoted by backloadingremovals.Com.Au became a 4 to 5 working days service (plus a weekend in the middle of that!). Again i was stuffed because it was too late to get another removalist – i had to proceed.

On moving day, morning came and went and my friend called to say they hadn’t heard anything. I called national and they said because of the heat (it was a 40 degree day in melbourne), the truck was running late. I relayed this to my friend.

At 2.30pm nationalremovals.Com.Au rang and cancelled the job. Now the move would be delayed by a day - again! You can imagine my panic – i was on borrowed time already with the landlord, let alone my friend missing work, waiting around to let these no-show removalists in. But again i had no choice – it had to be the next day. I told backloadingremovals.Com.Au what had happened, and again it was clear their relationship with the actual movers was not strong – they had no idea the job had even been running late, let alone cancelled.

So now on move day mach #3, the nationalremovals.Com.Au driver actually did show up in the morning. However my friend relayed to me that the driver had removed all the plastic covers i’d covered my furniture in because he feared the plastic would melt in the heat inside the truck. This rang alarm bells instantly but there was little i could do being in another state.

Quick recap – initial move date was supposed to be monday, got moved to tuesday, then got moved again to wednesday.

Guess when the move actually turned up in sydney? The following tuesday!!! Oh hold up…wait for it…no no…they cancelled the tuesday delivery in sydney too! And they didn’t cancel until 6.30pm tuesday night (when the original delivery window was 11am to 3pm)! And when i had rang national that day to try and work out where the hell the truck was, it took leaving two messages and i just ended up getting attitude.

So the move finally turned up the wednesday morning! 7 days to move half a house from melbourne to sydney (9 if you count the two cancelled pickup dates). Not exactly a next day service…

I was terrified what state my furniture would be in when they delivered…unfortunately i had reason to be concerned.

Firstly, of two removalists who turned up, one of them had no experience – literally it was his first move ever. He was wearing sandals to move furniture. You get the picture.

Secondly, they had a motorbike in the back of the truck that they presumed was mine until i corrected them. They were literally going to give me somebody’s motorbike without question!

Thirdly, my couch had been scalded by the side of the container! The arms were literally burnt from the heat. The green couch quite obviously now had brown arms. My bed had dirt on it as well, but the couch was my biggest concern.

I sent photos to backloadingremovals.Com.Au straight away and this is the response:

“the best thing to do is to notify your insurer, and they will contact us or the removalist direct if they have any questions

If you wish to discuss this with the removalist company direct then there details are below

[contact details removed]

They completely washed their hands of the entire thing. Even though i had paid them, and it was their business partner that had removed my furniture covers without my permission, they would not help me.

They have not replied to an email since.

I posted this experience on my facebook and was appalled to find out that several friends had been stung by them as well.

So internet reader for the love of furniture, use a mover that you can actually track down!! Since doing my post, my friends have recommended the below:

[link removed]

Backloading Non Removalist

Do not use these people. was promised a truck would be at our doorstep 7:30 Wednesday for pick up. We emailed late on Thursday for a refund after several emails and phone calls to be lied to, abused and treated rudely. We are still waiting for our refund to be deposited back into our account.

Truck not turning up. Rude Staff. Lying management

Stress free moving

These guys are great. My wife was very stressed about moving all the way from Darwin to Brisbane for my work. The move went smoothly without a hitch. So we are all happy. Thanks to all the staff at Backloading Removals for arranging our move with such short notice. Much appreciated..

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Has anyone had any dealings with backloading company East Coast AUS or 24/7 Removals? I paid for delivery Cairns to Wagga and am having no luck with eta. Weather (flooding) was an issue at first for pickup....but to initially be given delivery eta and have it delayed 4 times....an extra 2 weeks is ridiculous. Of course nobody answers their phone
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