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The best customer service I've ever experienced.

Writing a review to very specifically thank and shout out the best customer service representative ever - Clinton! I had an atypical storage request and, from the first call, he made me feel so comfortable and valid with my scenario. Clinton went above and beyond to ensure that all my needs with Taxibox were met, he did not treat me like any other customer and found very tailored solutions to my need. I have to say that as a consumer who doubles as a marketing professional I was blown away by his service. Thank you for all the time you spent on helping me out, Taxibox is brilliant but you definitely take the cake in making this a memorable and satisfying customer experience for me!

Office LocationMelbourne Local (Mordialloc)

Makes moving go smoothly at a time when you need that the most.

We moved a 2br unit and a storage unit in 2 taxiboxes from 2 different sites in Sydney up to Brisbane last month. The whole experience with Taxibox was smooth and easy. Customer support and drivers were great. Everything arrived and left when they said it would. They went the extra mile to move the taxiboxes to the most convenient spot for us and lifted them with the greatest care and respect. The boxes fit more that you would expect also (more than even their videos suggest). I was very pleasantly surprised. Better value than removal companies if you don't mind the heavy lifting I would absolutely use them again. Thanks!!

Office LocationSydney East (Erskineville)

It was Fantastic

TAXIBOX was friendly, punctual, good communication and quite entertaining with their text messages! Saved us time without moving stuff to and from a storage unit. It's is a great concept.

Office LocationBrisbane (Hendra)

It was a good way to do my relocation

The boxes were delivered in a timely manner and placed conveniently. They were collected when promised and stored without issues. Delivered when I requested with the goods in good order and once unloaded promptly picked up. A good service

Office LocationBrisbane (Hendra)

The Uber of Storage. Would Recommend!

Our experience with Taxibox was excellent. We initially were only going to store for a couple of months but ended up storing for over 6.

The process was simple - book online, then they call up to confirm details and a delivery date & expected time.

When the box was on the way we got a notification with a GPS tracking map so we knew exactly when it would turn up. The box was able to be parked on the street at the kerb. The driver was courteous and helpful, giving tips on how to pack and how to close up the box.

We filled the box during the day and the next morning a Taxibox truck turned up to pick it up again.

We had to access the box a few times during its storage and this process was simple - we just booked online a day or two ahead and when we arrived at their facility in Hendra, the box was waiting for us. We could add and remove as we pleased. This is at no extra cost.

The only negative was we had booked one day on our way to camping and were unable to make it to the box so we got a fee of $50. We were camping outside phone reception so missed Taxibox's calls. We understand the reason for the fee - they do have to move the box with a forklift so it's an inconvenience if the customer doesn't turn up.

Once we finally got the box redelivered this was the reverse of the packing process - it was delivered on a Saturday morning. We emptied it and it was picked up Monday morning. The Taxibox driver was again courteous.

Can't fault the service. It's much cheaper and easier than hiring and driving moving vans and using fixed storage.

Office LocationBrisbane (Hendra)

Simple. Efficient. Easy

I lived In Noosa and moved to Sydney.
Taxi box was happy for me to deliver my goods to them (did not deliver taxi boxes to Noosa at the time).

The taxi box was as described
Cheapest solution to moving interstate
All I needed to bring was a lock

Box delivered on schedule with tracking to your door.

Customer service via telephone able to answer all my questions.

Very happy thankyou

Office LocationBrisbane (Hendra)

Great to deal with.

Easy to organise. Constantly kept up dated with drop off and pick up. It’s amazing how much stuff you really can fit into it. Would definitely use again and recommend.

Office LocationBrisbane (Hendra)

Great alternative to a storage unit!

TAXIBOX was friendly, punctual, great with communication and actually quite entertaining with their text and email messages! Much more convenient and better value than a storage unit for our requirements. Moving and storing stuff is almost always time-consuming and stressful. TAXIBOX saved us the time and hassle of moving stuff to and from a storage unit.

Office LocationSydney Central (Wentworth Point)

Highly recommended

Very professional & helpful TAXIBOX team. I arranged re-delivery while overseas. No hassles encountered throughout the process. I will definitely use TAXIBOX if the need arise again.

Perfect For Us

We had a period of 3 weeks between houses and had to find the most economical way to move and store our family's things. Taxibox was ideal - no double whammy of big fees from both movers and storage facilities!

These Guys - Just Wow

Can’t fault Taxibox.
They promise everything they say and are always on time. Have used them on more than one occasion and they never disappoint.
Get around it!!!

Terrible experience

Hound you with calls and emails when your payment is late. Charge an extra $20 when payment is late by 7 days which is fair enough, but when the shoe is on the other foot????!!!

They had audacity to ask me after an interstate delivery whether it was ok to Pick the empty Taxibox up a week later, that was sitting on my driveway!!! I asked If I would be compensated for that. ANSWER NO

Also for refund on monthly payments after interstate delivery, I had to chase them up for the refund and conveniently they don't charge pro-rata per day, but per week????? Also had to fill in email forms for them to process this through a bank account, rather than just refunding on the card that had been used for monthly payments.


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Hi Dave, We just wanted to check in, following on from conversations you had with Lauren & Jess last week, and make sure you feel that the issues you raised have now been resolved. From our point-of-view, everything is honky-dory once again, but we’d hate to think there are still things outstanding. If there still is something playing on your mind, we’d love to hear about it. Either Lauren or Jess are available to have a chat whenever works for you. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team

great alternative for moving

Once you have you dates sorted it was easy to organise delivery and then loading Taxiboxes. Arrange pickup for storage and then re delivery. No pressure of loading a moving van in a tight time frame. I believe that pricing is better than hiring a van for the move too.

a great service

I had my items in storage for a few years and was able to access my taxibox without fuss. Items were secure and I've just had them returned in good condition.

Taxibox - Affordable and great service!

Highly recommended them. Great service, professional staff (both drivers and customer service) and affordable. I like the fun theme (tone rather) they have on their communications as well :)

Amazing service

TAXIBOX is an amazingly efficient service
Staff very helpful,efficient and reliable
I would definitely recommend and use them again
They were great

5 star

Awesome. Everyone was extremely helpful. Great customer service over the phone and from all delivery drivers. Thank you! Would defiantly recommend and use again

Great Service

Great customer service. The taxi box delivery person was knowledgeable and approachable. The email and sms messages from the taxi box were informative and fun. Thanks!

Extra time

Great customer service and I loved the emails from my box haha

Excellent and friendly service

We booked Taxibox for short term storage. The service was excellent and efficient. The driver was very helpful and skilful (narrow access). I found the website a bit misleading as they talk about free delivery and so I thought that the hire of the box and insurance was the sum total. But they charge for pick up which increased the cost quite a bit. However they could not have been more helpful trying to minimise my costs by making sure I didn't go over the one month billing period. Would definitely use them again.

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Hi Suzannah, We massively appreciate your balanced feedback and very happy to hear you enjoyed the service from both our driver and customer service. Your comment surrounding our pricing for short-term storage has also given us some food for thought. We’ve always looked to make our pricing transparent (a sadly uncommon trope in this industry) as well as clear to all our customers, regardless of length of storage. As a high proportion of people don’t know how long they’ll need a TAXIBOX for, we present storage costs as a monthly fee, with the final re-delivery fee a one-off charge. The initial delivery out is always free, as you mentioned. As you were only storing for a short-while however, your monthly storage fee and re-delivery fee rolled into one. We’re really sorry for any confusion caused but happy to hear it didn’t impact on your overall TAXIBOX experience! Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team

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Questions & Answers

How much can you fit in one taxi box and how soon can you deliver to Mornington?
1 answer
Hi Rach, Excellent question! The boring answer: They can typically fit between a room to a room and half's worth of belongings. The fun answer: Try it for yourself! Use our fancy, new Storage Calculator and see precisely how much storage you need - www.taxibox.com.au/faq/storage-calculator/ We can deliver to Mornington 6 days a week (Monday - Saturday), but we only have some many slots on so many trucks. If you're looking to get things going ASAP, we'd recommend giving us a call on 1300 87-60-87 so that we can reserve a spot for you. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team

What is the measurement of the taxi box?
1 answer
2.4m deep x 2.2m high x 1.5m wide (from https://www.taxibox.com.au/faq/storage-calculator/). As a practical example, we fitted this in ONE taxibox: - small study desk - two 2-drawer filing cabinets - washing machine - small round dining table (upside down on top of desk, filing cabinets and washing machine) - separate fridge and freezer (upright; fairly small, but still full size) - queen mattress (on its side, but not the bed base which went in another box) - a few small things to fill the gaps We didn't have anything that wouldn't fit, though sometimes it was a bit of a jigsaw maximising the space. We used four boxes to move from one three-bedroom home to another, but in hindsight we should have used five, because the "last few things" were more than we estimated and we needed to make numerous trips with full cars as well, which we could have eliminated. We also moved stuff from our garden (plants, mower, etc.) using a trailer.

I moving out of my house which has a drive way on a slope. Would it be hard to deliver the boxes up the slope or do you have something that would work for this? Thanks Emma
1 answer
Hi Emma, Our forklifts are usually pretty good at handling a sloped driveway, but if you’re concerned it’s a good idea to take a few photos and email through to info@taxibox.com.au. You could also give us a buzz on 1300 87-60-87 and we’ll check out the property on Google Street View. Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team