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Bambino Step Toilet Trainer

Bambino Step Toilet Trainer

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Great starting tool to toilet training

My little one loves the idea of climbing up the steps and sitting down on an adult toilet to do his thing. Even if he doesn't need to do anything, he just loves to use it haha

It is height adjustable, made of good plastic material, smooth and sits on the toilet seat well. Child can sit on quite comfortably for a short time.

As little one is just beginning to toilet train, and to avoid any complications we remove his pants off completely and help guide him up to the sitting position until he is more confident to do so himself. We used this on a mat so didn't find it to be slippery or unsafe.

Would recommend this product. As to every products used for children out there, care and caution must be taken. I have this product to be well designed, nice colour variations and pretty sturdy that helps with toilet training our young ones.

Very happy, thank you.

Let the toilet training fun begins :)

Awful waste of money.

OK so biggest waste of money ever. Do not get one. My daughter who is a very capable 21m old can't get on the step when her pants are down. She can't pull her pants down while on the step because it's slanted and small and partly tucked under the toilet bowl (also height can only be adjusted by about 16m. Seriously? How does that help anyone?.). She can't turn around once she's got herself up on the step because its narrow and tucked away and it's so wobbly that she's too scared too scoot herself back once in a sitting position. Bad bad bad buy. Sorry not sorry. Just dont buy this product.

I'm taking it for a refund!!!

What a load of rubbish! This flimsy design is so unsafe for kids!

I feel like the manufacturer has paid those reviewers that gave this product 5 stars. Especially seeing as though they occurred multiple times but just on 2 separate dates.

The feet are not height adjustable and the product has just scared my son of the toilet after he slipped off it twice.

Flimsy and poorly designed

We purchase this from target for our son and couldn't even get it to hold together let alone let him try it. Poorly designed and not safe. We took it back within a few days. Cashier asked if we thought it was a dud. Possibly but I wasn't going to waste time trying another one. We purchase another one from Kmart.


I saw many of our friends with kids had used these, so when it came time for toilet training I grabed one without hesitation...for us, this was discarded after the first day: a complete waste of money. It didn't seem to work with (what I thought was our standard size) toilet. It slipped & slided about, and, you can imagine our little one found this very unsettling.
We ended up getting a "lupi lu" & I would recommend this 100%

Unstable, Dangerous. Not hight adjustable.

Bought this for my daughter who loves her independence. Put it together and put it on the toilet I realised it was very unstable. It's too short for our toilet and even though the box states hight adjustable feet they aren't at all. How can you say that when it isn't so? When she tried to climb up onto the toilet the whole thing slides and twice it very nearly fell the only reason it didn't is that I caught it. Accident waiting to happen. Took it back to big w the next day woman said they get a lot of returns for this reason. It's a great idea all they would need to do to make it safe would be to actually make the feet hight adjustable and add an extra leg on the back that you lock in when you open it so it is completely stable. Shame my daughter loved it.
Idea encourages independence
Very usable, Not hight adjustable, accident waiting to happen

Terrible product

Just bought this and after assembling, realise that it is very unstable, it is also too short for the toilet so wobbles and i have to hold it and help my son to get on. The handles are too far forward so he wants to sit all the way forward which would end up with wee everywhere. What a piece of rubbish.

It just does not do what it says and is dangerous for little kids!

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We have used this product for both our children and have had no 'dangerous for little kids' situations at all. On the contrary. At age 2 1/2 they were able to go to the toilet independently and I had no fear of them doing so.

Not height adjustable

Bought this for my daughter, particularly as it says very clearly "Height adjustable FEET AND STEP". There are 2 heights for the step, but nothing else about it is adjustable at all. It was about half an inch too short to fit properly and securely on our toilet. Returned it for a refund.

Not adjustable as advertised

very good tool to help both my kids train, would recommend as a toilet training tool.Highly recommend it. Bought it for $20 from Baby Bunting worth every cent. My daughter loves it.


Its a really great option to try at the very difficult time of toilet training. My daughter was happy with the independence she could have when using the trainer toilet seat
The toilet trainer gave my daughter alot of confidence when she was toilet training. For people who hate the thought of having a potty being dragged around the house this is a great and more sanitary way of toilet training. it worked well for all of us
the product its self i believe has no cons but it is a pain in the butt to move every time adults need to use the toilet


It's one of the best things I ever bought for bubs. She can use the loo on her own. Unfortunately she decided to stop using it and sit directly on the toilet within a month of toilet training but she still uses it occasionally whenever she feels like it.
Bubs can use the loo like mummy and daddy, it's compact
having to move it out of the way all they time


We have used this with all 3 kids and it's still going strong. They find it very easy to put into place themself and also fold it away after use. It's very easy to wipe clean. They really like the arm supports to help them climb up and the steps are stable for them to stand on as they turn around. They are often on sale at BigW and ToysRUs and are definitely a useful item in the bathroom for toilet training.
Easy to fold into place
Folds down for easy storage
Easy to clean
Reasonable price
Nothing I can think of

A must have for toilet training time

We bought bambino step toilet trainer for our son from Toys r us. It was on sale and we got it at 50% off , so it was value for money for us. After using it we were very much satisfied with it.
Its easy to assemble with the instruction manual. My son was happy to use the step. We got the blue and green colour for him. This step gave him a lot more independence at toilet time.
Its very comfortable to sit and the handles on the side provide extra support.
Adjustable foot rest makes it easy to use according to the desired height.
Anti-slip stoppers made it more safe and my son could step up on it on his own.
Its easy to clean with the wipe.
When not in use its easy to fold and does not take much space.
Good quality material , easy to clean, stability


Great product and friendly for good hygiene. The unit easily fits our two different toilets and can be folded neatly against the wall when not in use. Very highly recommended.
Once toilet training was established my child was able to walk off to use the toilet on her own without me having lift her up. The handles meant she didn't have to touch the toilet seat - fantastic.
none really


Great for when they want to use the big toilet without mum. It's nice to see their proud look of achievement. The handles on the sides make it easier for the younger kid to seat themselves with confidence.
Gives a child confidence and independence. The all in one unit saves room and looks tidier. Lightweight so young kids can put it on and take it off the toilet all by themselves
The gaudy yellow, blue and red colours (I wish I'd known they make a light blue on darker blue colour version). There can be drips to clean up


This was a great invention! For little legs this is a great thing to help them get used to using the "big" toilet. the handles lets the kids hang on and feel mare secure and safe being off the floor. Fits very well to toilet seats with very little chance of it slipping off and the child falling. Steps up are so much better than a simple stool as the secutiry for the child assists int heir overal confidence.
steps, stability


A very easy to use trainer that encourages children to "go on their own". Much better then a straight toilet seat as getting up and down off the toilet can be a big problem for smaller children. My son toilet trained at 2 years and is not tall. Close to three he still struggles to get on and off on his own. This seat is perfect from start to finish.
Very stable and gives a child confidence in climbing up and down. Easy to install and remove for adults.
none really. It did take some paint off the wall it was leaning against when not in use :p


good investment especially if your little one wants to be like you and wont have a bar of a potty
At the time of writing this review my daughter did her first wee on the 'big toilet' about 2 hours ago with the help and aid of our pink and yellow bambino step up so naturally i am going to rave about ut!! I think its great as children yearn to be like their parents and do the things their parents do the way they do them and our daughter had no interest in the potty cause 'mummy doesnt use the potty' so this wasperfect for her and it only costs $20 brand new!!
It isnt 100% sturdy and can be slightly wobby while little one is climbing up but once they're seated its pretty stable


This is a great product when stored and in use. It folds up beside the toilet when not in use. My daughter is learning to set it up herself (well she insists!) There is less mess because waste goes straight into the toilet. It is easy to clean and disinfect. The legs have a grip which allows the unit to be stable when the child is on it. Highly recommended.
Allows a child to develop independence during toilet training. My daughter likes holding on to the handles for extra support.
It is more expensive then a portable potty, we paid $39.95.


Took this product back to store for a refund. Very unstable,could see that my daughter was nervous being on it. It also pinched her thigh skin between the plastic seat and the real toilet seat!! (she cried lots!) It is a good idea but need better design and construction.
Good idea but needs better design.
Moves around to much, pinched daughters skin on thigh.

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Step Toilet Trainer
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