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Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50+ Clear Spray

Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50+ Clear Spray

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Burnt easily

Went out for the day to the zoo and applied this as soon as we arrived! Stayed at zoo for under 2 hours and my 7 month old has very badly burnt legs even though i lathered this on! Not happy with this product at all!

Who regulates this stuff?

3 heavy application in 2 hours. No water etc. EPIC burn. Not the product burning me- find under clothes where I had sprayed. I do burn easily but I do know my limits. Might as well as sprayed myself with water.

Still mad.

Crap look at the stains.
This is bad you get burned for the price then burned if you use it look how bad the stains are on my clothes.

Absolute Rubbish

Only use this if you wish to be burnt , This is the worst sunscreen you can buy , You will burn within minutes.

Get this rubbish off the market ???

This sunscreen is totally ineffective

Liberally applied this spray right before Venturing to the beach...Went out in the sun for 1.5 hours and am now totally burnt. My 2 daughters are the same... very dissatisfied!! Should be removed from shelves.

Chemicals burn skin

I have bought and tried this product before and my family of 4 had no issues at all we liked it . I recently bought one and applied to my family first then myself. I started to feel burning 1 minute after fully spraying my body and to hands to apply to dace , redness started and fully stinging every inch of my skin . My whole family experienced same thing was awfully painful. We had to cut our outing very short as we had to wash off to get relief

Family burnt... do not use.

4 members of my family had terrible burns after using the spray. Blisters & bumps on shoulders and arms. It was so bad I thought we got stung from blue bottles until we worked out we were the only ones that used that spray. I sprayed my arms my self and you can see that the area that was sprayed is bubbky red and burns it's now day 6 and I'm still suffering..

Ruined shirt from staining

Stained white shirt yellow which I have used Napisan and bleach to try and remove. Stains will not budge, shirt completely ruined. Terrible prodect, wished I read the other reviews before using. Would give 0 stars if there was an option.

This spray is rubbish! Will never use again.

Used this spray 3 days ago,& it did nothing.I am red raw.My legs have turned into sausages,& I can barely walk.My feet are purple.Have never been this badly burnt in all my life.Not happy.

So Easy to Use

My favourite sunscreen - easy to apply, doesn't feel greasy, good coverage, never been burnt with it. We always use it whilst wearing swimming costumes or dark clothes so haven't found an issue with staining thankfully.

Sunburnt very badly

First time (and last) I will use this..... applied very liberally and only spent 2hrs in the sun. 3 days later I am so red and sore still, I can hardly move from the sunburn!

This destroys your white singlets or tshirts. Must have lots of chemicals. Imagine what it does to y

I used it for the first time. I think I would have been better to put zinc on my skin as it would not have stained my clothes.
Will never ever use this product again. Needs to be discontinued off all shops!

Definitely do not recommend this product!

Doesn't work in NZ SUN!

Wow! Kept reapplying this product every hour to be safe, still BURNT TO A CRISP! It looks like someone has poured hot water all over me! So upset, this is meant to be such a good brand but clearly hasn't protected my skin! Very disappointed. If all it does is stain your clothes - count yourself lucky!


I used this sunscreen twice and it stained both of my shirts yellow; and the stains will not come out in the wash. So that's two $60+ shirts that are ruined. Comments from others on their facebook page are not too complimentary either. Save your money!

Stained everything it came into contact with...

I have the Banana Boat kids roll-on, which I've been really happy with. I decided to buy the Banana Boat clear spray but it has unfortunately stained all of my daughters clothes. I tried soaking the items, washing numerous times and leaving in the sun but the stains cannot be shifted. I wrote to Banana Boat, who offered me a free sample - I found this unacceptable. I do not recommend this product at all.

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