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Wotnot 30+ SPF

Latest review: We purchased this sunscreen to use on my toddler at daycare as the chemical one they were using there was not doing his eczema any favours! Since using the Wotnot sunscreen, his eczema has almost

UV Natural SPF 30+ Sunscreen

Latest review: I’ve always been careful when out in the sun and have always used “non-natural” sunscreen. I was excited to see this natural sunscreen and decided to use it going surfing. I applied it half an hour pr

Clinique Super City Block

Latest review: This product seems good when tried on my hand but then when i purchased it and tried it on my face it felt very thick and heavy like foundation and is very sticky and after an hour it ran into my eye

MooGoo Natural Sunscreen SPF40

Latest review: This is the only sunscreen my family can use without getting burnt. It is thick but does rub in, we don't use if for whole body just face and chest, maybe arms but we have never been burnt and we

Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion

Latest review: I have been badly burned using this brand of sunscreen, despite reapplication every couple of hours or so, when others who used different brands were fine. I definitely would not recommend this

Ego SunSense Daily Face SPF 30+

Latest review: I used to use this every day for so many years but since the new foluma introduces i can no longer use this product as it gives me break out and

Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen

Latest review: Having viewed this site am concerned with the comments contained, & would like to share my experience in using this product. Having always been an avid outdoor person, I have never encountered

Nivea Sun Spray

Latest review: This product worked ok to protect our skin however it permanently stained our clothes. I soaked them several times in good quality stain remover however couldn’t get the stains o

Ombra (Aldi) 50 SPF Sunscreen

Latest review: Used this once and would never use it or recommend ever. Face felt like i had acid on it. My face was red and burned for hours after. Very very

Cancer Council Ultra Sunscreen

Latest review: Terrible sunburn as everyone else seemed to experience. Australia - you should sue the manufacturer. It’s abhorrent and dangerous to sell t

Coles Suncare

Latest review: After using this sunscreen for the first time both my partner and myself developed an angry red rash that broke out on our necks whenever we sweat. This rash persisted for weeks after first use. It

Banana Boat Sport SPF 50+

Latest review: I’m a golfer and I could not work out why my trousers and shirt collars were discolouring. I discovered 12 months later that whenever my bare arms were touching my trousers the fabric would s

Sunsense Sensitive

Latest review: I researched quite a bit to find a good sunscreen and whilst having to pay a lot more for this one I wrongly decided that after reading reviews and the price tag must mean it's good. It claims it is

Cancer Council Sport Sunscreen

Latest review: Used this sunscreen yesterday for the first time, I ended up with a red and bumpy rash on my face the morning after. My husband also did not like the product and said it was very greasy. Now I know

SunSense Sport SPF 50+

Latest review: Terrible..will never use again. My 3 children used this and all are burnt terribly. Where they didn't apply sunblock properly they didn't get burnt. Only the areas on their body that had the

Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50+ Clear Spray

Latest review: Went out for the day to the zoo and applied this as soon as we arrived! Stayed at zoo for under 2 hours and my 7 month old has very badly burnt legs even though i lathered this on! Not happy with

Hamilton Sensitive Sunscreen Range

Latest review: We have tried over 10 different brands of sunscreen on my 2 year old daughter. All of which she has reacted to and broken out in rashes and hives (including cancer council sensitive and toddler and

Ivera Sunscreen Lotion

Latest review: This sunscreen is the best sunscreen for your face and body, its light and goes on well, I've been using it now for over a year. I use it as a base under my make up and it feels great. I usually dont

Cancer Council Day Wear Face Sunscreen SPF 50+

Latest review: I've spent a very long time looking for a high SPF sunscreen from a reliable brand which is totally non greasy, does not leave a white zinc residue on the skin and is reasonably priced. This brand

Kinesys SPF 50 Fragrance Free

Latest review: I have been using Kinesys clear zinc for 6 months now and I have honestly noticed improvements in the overall texture of my skin. The superior sun protection this product offers is one thing, but to

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