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Ivera Sunscreen Lotion

Ivera Sunscreen Lotion

5.0 from 8 reviews

Ivera Sunscreen is amazing!

This sunscreen is the best sunscreen for your face and body, its light and goes on well, I've been using it now for over a year. I use it as a base under my make up and it feels great. I usually dont like putting sunscreen on my face and my favourite face creams don;t come in SPF, so this is an amazing solution. The kids have worn it too and its been great on their skin during the summer. Only wish it was in more supermarkets.
Its really light and doesn't feel greasy on

Best Sunscreen Ever!

What a perfect product.
Perfect consistency, long lasting on my skin. I Have tried many other products but none ever compare to Ivera sunscreen. Also, it is non greasy and it is great for wearing under the make up . Doesn't rub off on any stuff as it gets absorbed so quickly . Strongly recommended.
Non greasy, long lasting, super quick absorption

Ivera Sunscreen

Very good sunscreen. After applying it, I really liked that it didn't leave a thick layer over my skin, like some other sunscreens do. Another thing is that it is not a greasy product or leaves the skin with a greasy look or feeling. I could feel how it gently was absorbed, without any sensation of stickiness. Great to use!
Not greasy sensation and that it contains Vitamin E and Aloe

Perfect sunscreen

Just what I was looking for, the perfect sunscreen and highly recommended. I needed something that would be non greasy or sticky, so I could use it and not feel like I would get attracted to the sand or any marks on my clothes. Its very light and gets absorbed quickly, didn't rub off on my clothes. Highly recommended!
Light, non greasy, non sticky

Ivera sunscreen lotion

Ivera let's talk safe sun, in personal experience and after using ivera sunscreen on my kids I felt it doesn't leave a white film on the skin, doesn't cause breakouts and face doesn't look over shiny n it's refreshing. As suggested even by the dermatologists and after reading a sad story in the newspaper about a young father dying as he never use to apply sunscreen and even with a rise of melanoma incidences everyone who are exposed more to the sun I recommend Ivera as a choice of product to be safe.
Inexpensive, protects from UVA light

Great product!

Great sunscreen, providing awesome protection on the skin without feeling oily or looking ugly on your skin. Your skin will not feel sticky and that makes it great for your everyday use.
Also it is water resistant for a few hours which makes it a perfect choice for the beach.

Great product for a great price

I brought this at a market recently for my son because it was cheap and I'd been on the look out for a good product and I don't think I'll bother going back to anything else now. Its not greasy so it can be applied quite easily and its not sticky. The sunscreen has almost no smell so it won't react with my sons sensitive skin. I've found that the sunscreen that they use at my sons daycare (a generic supermarket brand) can cause him to get rashes and he comes back very sticky. I'll be sending him with Ivera from now on.
Not greasy, very light, no smell, Very cheap compared to similar products
Nothing on the branding saying its safe for kids, but it is very safe

Love it!

This sunscreen is great! It is easy to apply and does not leave a thick film like other sunscreens. It feels light on the skin and is quickly absorbed. We use it for the whole family. I am lucky to have found it and highly recommend it to others for everyday use. It provides excellent protection from the sun.
easy to apply, provides excellent protection from the sun, feels good on the skin

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Sunscreen Lotion
Release dateFeb 2013

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