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BankWest Zero MasterCard

BankWest Zero MasterCard

2.6 from 27 reviews

Regional bank with regional mentality

Excellent for overseas use love the the zero foreign transaction fees and the app. With no branch anywhere near me it is a pain to deal with on the phone as I’d checks have to be done with Aust post and we know how bad they are

No service. No answers.

Applied for a card on-line and was rejected 60 seconds later. Semi retired owned our house 3 sources of income no loans or outstanding debts. All financial details given. Told didn’t meet lending criteria. Rang to ask why - told this was private info under information privacy laws and would not be disclosed to me!! Went to 28 degrees and was immediately accepted. Poor form BankWest.

Terrible customer service, conflicting information and lengthy process

Took 20 days to get a decision. During this 20 days I had to provide 3 months bank statements have my ID verified at branch. First they told me approved when I chased them for update, then I received a call telling me it wasn’t approved. I was told they couldn’t update me on 2 occasions because it was being handled by the ‘back office’ Got approved with virgin in the end, much easier process and took 1 week. Your loss Bankworst!


HORRENDOUS service!!!! Been trying for MONTHS to get a matter resolved. Keep getting charged late fees even though payments are set up auto and always on time. Cannot get this fixed. This month over $100 of additional fees!!!!! are they kidding me? this is THEIR issue, NOT me not paying my bills. I advise everyone to avoid this bank like the plague! Have to give one star as there is no minus score. Otherwise its a minus 10 from me!

Minimum service, no customer protection, ING & Amex are way better

If you just use it as a basic functioning card, and fingers crossed things never go wrong, it will probably be ok. Their app is very backwards and payment is still processed in the most old fashioned way. Does not support Apple Pay. Nothing compared to the American Express app on my phone.
Applied for the card for a trip to Europe wishing to take advantage of paying no overseas transaction fee. Used this for a trip in Italy and got scammed off by a dodgy travel company - paid but didn't receive any service. The transaction dispute with BankWest took ages and eventually, got a cold letter in the mail saying basically it was my problem not theirs. Called the customer service line ask for a detailed explanation, however, just got a cold 'it's your fault'. I did not apply for your credit card for you to tell me everything was my fault. I used Amex for similar scenario, the dispute team was super understanding and got my money back. I was disappointed after this rude conversation and asked to close this credit card, surprisingly the customer service member sounded delighted - He was more than happy to get rid of a customer than helping. Took him 2 minutes to close my card and tell me to leave. Shocked by the attitude and service and don't think I would use any of their product again.

I used ING direct when i was overseas, i have withdrawn money from the ATM with no ATM fee, no foreign transaction fees. No drama, service team are fantastic.

I agree with the other retiree.

Zero debt,.good credit rating, money in bank, plenty of assets.They kept promising the card would arrive before leaving for OS. Last day still no card and after many calls not even the courtesy of a call to say no deal. Result no card, no service. It,s not "My Bank" and never will be.

Uptight Credit Limit but Can't Complain When There's No Annual Fees

Originally I was aiming for the Zero Platinum Mastercard which has a minimum credit limit of $6000. However when I applied through their online application form, it only granted me a maximum credit limit of $4000. I tried to get around this by contacting them when I had to verity details for conditional approval, but they could only do what the computer told them to do. So now I have the Zero Mastercard which has no annual fees but not like the Platinum which offers no foreign transaction fees and travel insurance. I think it's a bit uptight given that I'm with ANZ for a credit limit of $7000. Excellent credit score (I checked to be sure) and good income etc. I'll be cancelling my ANZ card anyways because I'll save $58 a year on annual fees and hopefully BankWest will offer credit limit increases in the future and a Platinum upgrade down the track.


I recently applied and was refused a bankwest mastercard with no reason given (sensitive information). I am a 59 yo self funded retiree of 11 yrs. Like another reviewer holding substantial liquid assets, high levels of superannuation, owning outright 4 properties and an unblemished credit rating one would think a very good credit risk. Apparently better off earning a regular wage and saddled with debt to be considered creditworthy.

Biased against retirees

Having recently retired and spending lots of time overseas, I applied for the Bankwest platinum MasterCard as a back up overseas credit card. I own my own house (worth 750k) have a couple of hundred grand in the bank, new car, perfect credit rating etc but what I don't have is an income. I only wanted a 5 or 6 k limit. Not good enough for Bankwest. Ignored all my cash and house value wouldn't give me a card because I had no income. Put up as many roadblocks as they could until I emailed them and said don't bother. Not even the decency for a response. Its as if they believe you are worthless after age 55. Funny, they are not the only bank out there, although they clearly believe they are.

No customer service

Applying for a credit card from Bankwest I waited about 3 weeks and checking on the progress twice by phone and once by email I still have no reply. I told the customer service all I wanted to know was yes or no and they promised to get back to me. Two weeks later and still no reply from them. This is disgusting service to someone with a faultless credit history (this should not matter) to just giving me an update. Nil customer service in this case.

Atrocious Experience!

BankWest would be the hardest bank in the world to deal with. They absolutely go out of their way to make it too difficult to open up an account with them. The process is onerous, intrusive, and a waste of time. There are better products out there, with Banks that actually WANT your business. I won't ever bother trying to deal with them again, and I suggest you don't either.

BankWest red tape

I asked to have my zero MasterCard upgraded to a platinum zero card. Although I'm retired and get a small centrelink pension, I'm relatively wealthy. Unbelievably, BankWest put all kinds of roadblocks in the way to avoid increasing my credit limit from $2000 to a measely $6000. I was not amused especially since I've been a customer for 65 years and I've taken out four mortgages and never missed a payment. Customer loyalty means nothing to BankWest. I told them they can stick their platinum card. I have accounts and credit cards with other banks, none of which have shamefully treated me like BankWest.

Bankwest only care about themselves and profit

In 3 years had a 20% income reduction, now pay increase for 2 years and none coming. All costs of living have skyrocketed included a recent 20-33% transport fare increase.
Tried to have card cancelled to go on to long term plan. Other provider agreed in 5 minutes.
They said no, have their own set of rules making it impossible. The extortionate interest kept getting charged, the fees are being piled on. Paid more than the minimum required only for it be swallowed by the interest, fees and charges they deem applicable. They ending up charging more than the minimum.
Only want all of their money even if it means going without food for 4 weeks and having to walk over 20km to get to work. Will not take any payments unless its the entire about. Have been fleeced in in $1000's of dollars in interest fees and charges and the card balance it self is under $5,000.00.

Highly Recommend this-Anything to Avoid 28 Degrees MasterCard

I'm comparing my experiences with a previously held product ( being 28 Degrees MasterCard ).
I keep my overseas travel costs on a separate card to the one I use for my Australian life.
This is to protect/minimise fall out from needing to cancel cards due to fraud whilst overseas.
I always pay the full balance owing on an issued statement, at least two business days before the Due Date. Interest Rate % charges are therefore not a concern or factor when I select credit cards. Efficient customer service is one of the leading factors, plus I look for Fee-Free cards. The added attraction with this BankWest card is NO International Transaction/Foreign Currency fees for purchases.

Zero Master Platinum - Excellent card

FEATURES - annual fee-FREE, travel insurance-COMPLIMENTARY, Foreign Transaction fees-FREE, 55 days interest-FREE. Even though it has higher interest, it does not matter for people who pay their balances in full by the due date. What else do you want? I have just applied for the card and I have recommended the card to many of my friends and most of them have switched over to this card. I will be getting my card this week and I am excited to do the first purchase with this card.
I used my credit card overseas and it was crystal clear and simple. Now I have been using it for the past two years without any hassles. Excellent and simply superb! I am happy that my friends who switched over to this card are having the same opinion as mine! Thank you BankWest!

BankWest is just a pain in the ares

Unprofessional dealings on the phone. Calls me on the phone from 'private number' and hung up on me a number of times without leaving a message. Not dealing with them ever again! Stay away please.
No Fee, 55 days interest fee period, quick access to customer care
Interest fee is higher those who do not pay off in full can get affected.

Awesome credit card for those who pay within the 55 days!

Platinum version is the way to go, no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees (for international purchases, eBay, PC Steam account, etc.), free travel insurance (look into this one, have not used it yet), 55 days interest free.
Never paid a cent in 6 years for anything, I always pay it off via Bpay from my mortgage account 2 days before due date, fantastic!

A very happy customer

I have been a very happy Bankwest customer for 3 years+, still using their home loan, transaction accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, direct debits, no complaint at all.
One thing I am different from others, I do NOT use phone banking, as human makes mistake. I use internet banking most of the time, and sometimes over the counter. I do not experience any problem at all. The staffs are friendly and efficient.
I find Bankwest internet banking setup is very neat, easy, and can't fault it, only Comm bank is on par. I would rather not use anymore Westpac internet banking. Citibank is ok.
The home loan officer was very efficient, helpful and on time, I didn't encounter any problem at all.
I have used many big four banks' products before, you name it. From my experience, all banks are the same, the main difference comes from the people, it's the staff that you're dealing with, and the staff do move from bank to bank.
Happy banking!

No Fee, No Fuss

I joined Bankwest after my home loan finished and my Nab Visa was going to start charging an annual fee. I have had no problem with Bankwest, applying online was a breeze and everything so far is good.

The only downside is PayPass, I don't for the life of me know how someone thought less security was a good idea on credit cards. Paypass should be banned. My financial security is worth more than saving a few seconds at a register.

Bankwest (and all banks for that matter) should have the option to have cards without PayPass after all, the customers make your money. Don't we count?

One more thing, showing the Bankwest processing date shown online is useless to customers, we don't care when YOU process it, please change it to the transaction date! It makes it hard to know what some transactions are when the shown date is 2-4 days after the transaction date.

-Deducted two stars for Paypass.

Edit: Two times in one year my card was compromised. Maybe it was bad luck but in all my years of banking, only Bankwest has had this happen. Hats off to the fraud department for catching it before I even knew about it. Well done.


Got a credit card from BW years ago before the new credit regulations came into effect. I had my credit limit increase many times however, there is one time which I through the same process, 2 payslips and letter from manager. After a month, rang them up, they told me they had sent a letter which declined my credit increase which I never had received. I asked them [censored word removed], nobody rang me or advise me in writing. They said, I should have got the letter. They told me to reapply in 3-6 months time. [censored word removed] anymore, applied for other banks credit card and got the product and service I originally expected.
Interest free days, low annual fee or zero depending on the type
Incompetent, rude and lazy staff on the phone

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Questions & Answers

I used another credit card for overseas online booking/purchase and the card company sent a security code to my Australian mobile phone which I could not access -- this made the card is useless for online transactions overseas. I wonder if BankWest Zero MasterCard has the same or similar feature? If yes I will not bother to apply the card?
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Hi, am overseas at present and using the BankWest premium credi card platinum. Every time I us it I am asked if I want to make the charge in euro or ayes dollars. What should I do? Does it matter? Thanks. Roger
2 answers
Hi Roger I believe it will not matter. Whilst you are overseas, the credit card will take the country's currency for your transactions and it will automatically do the conversion rate to AUD for that particular day and that will reflect on your bill. I was in India last year. I did my normal shopping with my credit card and all transactions were done in Indian Rupees (INR). Bankwest converted INR to AUD for that particular day and that was seen on my iphone app and the bill. Let me tell you what, it was SPOT ON!! Finally, I was happy, shopping was happy and Bankwest was happy! Hope I have helped you atleast a bit. Thanks MathewsHello Roger. You should always accept the charge in the local currency where you are, as the retailers (shop, restaurant, etc.) own financial institution, may charge you a foreign transaction fee for paying with Aussie dollars. BankWest do not charge foreign transaction fees at all, they use the international currency exchange rate applicable at the time of the transaction. So when in Europe, pay with Euros and enjoy no fees. Cheers.......Robert.

I have a new bankwest zero gold card which I got for overseas travel. I already have purchased my ticket (not with this card) however if I use it to pay for car rental in England but pay here and it costs over $500 am I eligible for the free travel insurance. That is the only reason I got it and actually wanted the platinum card and somehow seemed to be downgraded to the gold card. I may or may not use the card overseas does this matter?
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The International Travel Insurance policy is available to Bankwest World MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard and Gold MasterCard cardholders. The cardholder’s spouse and/ or dependent children also become eligible for this travel insurance policy when they meet the eligibility requirements outlined below: Step 1. Purchase a return overseas travel ticket before leaving Australia Step 2. Spend at least A$500 of your prepaid travel costs (includes cost of return overseas travel ticket and/ or airport departure taxes; and/ or prepaid overseas accommodation/ travel; and/ or prepaid overseas itinerary items) by one or a combination of the following methods Step 3. Charge at least A$500 of your prepaid travel costs to your eligible credit card account and/ or; redeeming your Bankwest More Rewards points; and/ or paying with redeemable travel agency flight vouchers obtained by converting your Bankwest More Rewards points.


Zero MasterCard
Card TypeMastercard
Minimum Credit Limit$1,000
Maximum Credit Limit$25,000
Minimum Income $20,000
Additional Cardholders 3
Additional Cardholder Fee $0.00 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate17.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee2%
Late Payment Fee$25.00
Annual Fee$0.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.95%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$4.00
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate21.99% p.a.
Release dateAug 2006

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