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Baumr-AG SX82 24" E-Start

Baumr-AG SX82 24" E-Start

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WTH is this a toy

This is the most useless saw just put in the rubbish bin, won't start release arm broke my small Skill start every time, fuel leaks must be made in Russia. Don't buy.

Purchased at 12 Volt Direct Online store.

The saw I received would not start from new. The chain brake is jammed. Edison’s are refusing to help.

I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased from a supplier, that I now use as the benchmark for the worst service I have ever received. Edison’s are to be avoided. The chainsaws are rubbish and unusable from day one. Like many below, I am now struggling to get any help from them. The chainsaw is still unused, my others still doing all of the work.

Purchased in June 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Save yourself a headache and wasted time

Chainsaw was shipped to me faulty and would not start . Handle on start cord broke on first day after trying to start faulty chainsaw. Start cord broke not long after. Fuel line was split and filter was not attached/ present. I had to an open an ebay case just to get a reply. Spend a bit more get something better and save yourself a lot of time and effort. I will review Edisions service on their listing after the outcome of paypal case that is still open as they still have the returned chainsaw and my money.

Purchased in March 2019 at ebay edisions for $210.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Absolute rubbish

When I received the chain saw it would start so it had to go to the repair shop. Now it starts sometimes the plastic trigger and choke doesn't function and it uses more chain oil than petrol. It will only cut vertically and stalls if you try to cut horizontally. Total waste of money under powered when trying to cut a large log and example of landfill exported from china..

Purchased in May 2017 at Edisons for $299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use

SX82 Baumr AG pro

Mine is not a n e-start model. I bought mine 4 years ago when my old faithful echoe’s coil died and can’t find one. I also own an old homelight 20” which has been a beast to use but has no chain break (yes it is that old) an it died the same time also. Having no money at the time and I’ve been cutting firewood for years as it is the only heating source I have, whilst living on property.
I bought this saw with the intention of still rebuilding my other saws as I have the knowledge and to use the bummer only for a stop gap solution. For the money yes it has had it’s problems but if you are like me with some mechanical knowledge, without being dangerous, I honestly can’t complain about this saw value for money. And yes it has been cutting boxwood, red gum and mountain ash. I’m on my third chain now, and since I’ve acquired a 18” Stihl 029 second hand and spent $650 on it, the bummer is more powerful for felling and will use it to cut larger sections. I also now have (my favorite CS 6701 echo 20”) so now I use three. Bummer fells and cuts large, echo does mostly the work, stihl for smaller cuts as it is the smallest. Yes I cut lots of firewood for myself and other family members. Cheers

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Absolute rubbish, don’t waste your money.

Cord was left in my hand after the first pull, absolute nightmare to start. Money better spent at the pokies.
Nothing but Chinese rubbish dumped on Australian shores.
Warranty is non existent.
Got it started once, cuts very well but you need a miracle to restart.
Perhaps go to Bunnings and get yourself any brand at least you are covered with a satisfaction policy.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

It really is crap

I,m a wood turner!I use my saw to cut burls of trees! Got this saw gaintz 24" 92 cc!!man it started first time easy after that it never starts or starts and stops when you start to cut!!!you a just everything, start to cut and it all shakes loose again!!hate it!!time to get a still or husky again!!never buy one of these prices of crap!!I,m a pensioner and this hurt,I saved for awhile to get this crap!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Replacement chainsaw is a crap as the first one

So my first chainsaw seized after just a couple of uses. Edison's sent a replacement (postage at my cost), which I used for maybe 10 minutes before stalling and is now impossible to start. A mate has one that he swears by, but from my experience, 2 duds from 2 is enough for me.

Cheap chainsaw

Of course these saws are not in same class as a stihl or husqvarna but I know you still will have problems with those saws and I can't justify handing over $1500 the counter to buy one I have a sx62 an sx82 and a sx92 they are all ok for weekend work but I wouldn't use them for professional logging. The sx62 chain lock keeps locking on the sx82 thottle spring keeps breaking and I had to replace the oil pump on the sx92.

not the best

Iv used the saw for about 2 hours and the chain kept locking up??i pulled the plug lead off to check the plug and the lead seperated from the spark plug and its end, the rubber vibration mount fell off from bottom of the handle,, doesnt match my stihl 38 magnum in power (72cc)

economical Chainsaw improved but still with faults

I have just purchased my fifth SX82 bummer as Stihl/Husqvana chainsaws in this size are not an economic option for me at about 10x the price in this size saw. The first 3 bummers lasted about 12 months (first one replaced under warranty after 11 months) but the common faults have been fixed in the new model (vibration mounts failed, E-start kept tangling/breaking, screw in cover damaged carby) . Number 4 has been operating without fault for 5 months (an improvement on the old models), so I got number 5 for when number 4 breaks. Faults with the newest model include a very week dog that will get bent the first time it is used, and this will allow the exhaust to press against the wood scorching the wood (the exhaust can cause bark to catch fire). The chain adjustment system is a good idea but not assembled correctly - be sure to lubricate the thread and wind it to the extremes to free up the thread while holding the screw in place before assembling it onto the saw, or you may damage the mechanism. E-start in not fitted to the new model and this makes for a much more reliable pull-start. The Truesharp chain is sharp and will cut meat but works best if lightly sharpened with each fill of fuel. A Stihl chains will cut more wood between sharpenings once the original has worn out but takes longer to sharpen. Number 4 saw will be fitted with a 20" bar and given much more work now while number 5 will be a spare and used with original the 24" bar for falling trees. (anyone need a spare 24" bar? I'm getting a collection.)

Good bones, CRAP organs

Okay so these saws are like taking a Ferrari chassis and dropping a 1981 Corona engine, electronics and bodywork on top of it... You've got good bones, but the rest is a huge bag of crap..

These saws are clones of the Husqvarna 362, which is a great saw!

The good: The Engine, crankcase, piston, cylinder, barrings, clutch, sprocket, flywheel etc, "good bones"

The Bad: Gaskets are garbage, top plastic is melty and cheap, decompression valve sucks, coil is crap tastic, oil pump sucks, worm gear is a bag of broken parts, needle barring is grindy, handle WILL brake off, chain brake wobbles and doesn't function without modification... oil cap leaks, petrol cap leaks unless tightened to extremes...

What i had to do to get this saw working? Had to strip the saw down, split the case, replace the crankcase gasket re-assemble the case.. ordered new aftermarket and OEM parts to replace "The Bad" items.

So yeah $206 for the saw, $110 OEM and aftermarket parts ... $316 later I've got basically a Husqvarna 362/365/372 with a bunch of aftermarket parts..

Worth it?? NO .... and yes.... but mostly no.... It runs it cuts, If you're mechanically minded just got to huztl and buy a saw kit...

Worth a go

I have used a few saws over the years (stihls n Mac's) but am not a logger. Used a new SX 82 on a 60' red gum and no real issues. Pro's plenty of go (maybe not total 82cc) still more the enough to drive 24" bar. Easy start the best of any saw I have used outright - decompression valve works well, vibration dampeners work well 10 hours use an arms leg n back not broken, easy idle adjustment, easy clean pull down clean, oil n re-assy in 1.5hours after big weekend of use. Cons, choke lever attachment poor fit, bar nuts wrong style virbrate loose, chain is a joke, all different size cutters n raker hieghts, big saw fuel moderate for its size but not amazing.Conclusion if you spend approx $100-150 on simple upgrades - quality chain, chain files, bar nuts, plus face shield ear muffs n gloves, supplied PPE is below par in my mind, you then have a saw for the general land/home owner which will handle that good size log for the fire or tree down in the back paddock well under the brand name $. Time will be the other tell tale n at this time spares are no issue n priced well too.


Next to useless , i cut with a 75BBT and after having a good run i bought the 82 , it worked ok for a while but now it is a waste of time putting it on the ute . The 75 is still going strong . Dont judge chinese saws just on this make . I am going to buy another BBT 75 .

Baumr-AG sets a new low in shoddy quality and design

I have some experience with cheap Chinese made chainsaws and overall that experience has been quite good within reasonable limits for duty of use, so worthy of a 3 star rating at least. The Baumr-AG 82cc 24" Bar Commercial Chainsaw changed all that by setting a new low in quality and reliability.
- Within the first day the handle on the recoil start broke
- Overheats severely within 20 mins of use
- Crankcase plug fell out, very poor fit by design
- Difficult to start
- Leaks oil (but they all do)

This chainsaw is fundamentally flawed in its design and the "commercial" duty claim is an outright false claim.

It's hard to justify the cost of the name brand chainsaws, especially for occasional use, but don't be tempted by Baumr-AG product as it is simply not fit for use and so it's false economy. Given my previous experience I'll probably try another cheap Chinese chainsaw of different design and make and hope for a better experience.

Questions & Answers

my sx82 is not getting fuel to the carby in order to start. It will fire on aerostart, so it is not the spark
2 answers
Hi my problem (among other things) was there was no metal weight filter attached to the of the end fuel line so the cheap rubber fuel line just floated to the top and was just sucking in air. You might try emptying the fuel tank and make sure there is a metal weight attached to the fuel line Other than that, if you're game, pull off the covers and check the other lines are not cracked or disconnected.Hi Eric i can tell exactly what is wrong check your fly weel you will find the timing has sliped the wood ruff key way in the crank shaft moves which causes the machine to backfirs an will not start no matter what then you undo the bolt holding the flywheel on you will se on the washer it has been moving around you will need luck to repair i can tell you you more likely get the runaround buyer be aware

New Generator Baumr BM-x20i Cannot start it, would appear the petrol is not getting into the chamber
No answers

I cannot start the Baumr - AG generator BM-x20I new never been used
1 answer
Throw it out, nothing but rubbish.


Baumr-AG SX82 24" E-Start
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Price (RRP) $519.00
Bar Length61 cm
Weight9 kg
Engine Displacement82 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity700 mL

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