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Flaming Coals Cyprus Grill Spit

Flaming Coals Cyprus Grill Spit

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6 reviews

    Great quality product


    Bought the Deluxe version from their online store. Delivery was really quick, 3 days from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. The BBQ was easy to assemble taking about 10 minutes and instructions were easy to understand. I have used it a few times and it works really well. The build quality is excellent.

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    Great service, fast delivery.


    I brought 2 heat strips for the alfresco area recently. Delivering was very fast (2 Days) unfortunately I wasn't home at the time, so I got it delivered again at a different address. They messed up the delivery, Jarrod from BBQ split roast was on to them very quickly. Definitely would shop from them again. Thanks Tony

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    Built well

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    Kon Mac

    Kon MacSydney

    The best investment I ever made in Cyprus Grill Spit


    I bought the Delux Cyprus Grill stainless steel spit used it for Christmas & New Years the best investment I have ever made 3 types of meat was cooked perfectly at once. The staff at flaming coals were true to their word it was delivered three days after purchase and very very helpful with everything. Highly recommended seller who ever is looking to buy any type of BBQ - Spit or Cyprus Grill Spit they also carry a wide range of parts and add on's Top Top pricing and quality and I've done my resurch give them a call first. Well done ddq spit rotisory's. Very very happy customer and two more family members have also bought one too. Regards Kon M.

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    GordoSydney, NSW

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    Flamin Good


    Fired it up on the weekend for it's maiden voyage at my sons first birthday, all was well did a fantastic job even with the smaller motors it still managed to cook a 4.7 kg piece of rump and a 6 kg piece of lamb, flavor was awesome, my only criticism would be the spacing between the rods on top as the meat would nearly collide just have to make sure you either tie the meat or keep it well offset from each other, but still after some shifting around all good.

    Must say its very well built and was easy to put together.

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    Friendly service and the product delivery was fast and efficent.
    We bought the delux model and it was simple to assemble and is super easy to use and clean.
    The meats we have cooked so far have been amazing!
    It was the perfect birthday gift.
    We highly recommended this product.

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    Questions & Answers



    How to slow down the rotisserie speed?

    1 answer

    Build a better mousetrap!

    Someone gave me a 240v spit motor which turned out to be a 24v windscreen wiper motor and reduction gear mounted in a box powered off a transformer and rectifiers.
    Apparently its a popular arrangement for garage door controllers.
    Apart from fitting a computer fan running off a mobile phone charger to stop it overheating and burning out the windings (happened to every bbq spit motor I purchased), the other major mod I made was to fit a light dimmer and switch to control the speed.
    Being a mechanic this sort of electronics should not be beyond you. I've got the rpm down to about 7.5 rpm.(note: help line excerpt)
    If the motor looks like stalling you have a couple of options.
    Use counterweights on the spit, ie, offset your meat (if you have more than one item per shaft), or add weights to the bbq prongs to even out the highs and lows in rotation speed.
    If you are handy with wire strippers and a screw driver and the spit motor is a universal brush type that runs on 12v, you have another option to overcome varying loads that cause the spit to stall at very low speed and burn everything in less time than it takes to say "Holy s##t! The spits on fire!!".
    Fit a couple of electrolytic cap's to the 12v rotisserie motor (if you have this set up with a transformer powering a 12v universal type electric motor).
    You'll know you need capacitors to smooth out the pulses to the dc motor when you set the light dimmer to min speed and the motor buzzes.
    The amount of increased torque the spit delivers after fitting capacitors is such that your hand on the shaft cannot stop it turning - at minimum rpm! Truly amazing.
    If you're brave enough to go down this road drop me a line and I'll clue you in as to how its done the easy way. It's as easy as pie and does not require any messy soldering.
    The light dimmer speed control method does not work on bbq's with synchronous motors, which are miniature versions of what you find in pool pumps. Clock timers have this arrangement. Their speed is tied to the rpm of the alternator rpm at the power station. You'll have a synchronous motor on your drill press and bench grinder. These motors speed is fixed unless you can buy some very expensive kit that plugs into the mains that can change the mains frequency to the motor. So if you have a mini synchronous motor spit you're stuck with one speed.
    Universal brush type motors that you can control the speed by varying input voltage are those used in 240v power drills and grinders and yes, car windscreen wipers.
    I tried a clock motor powered spit once that was synchronous motor with geared reduction that was 240v but heat worked it's way through the gears and cooked it.
    Wasn't running that computer fan at that stage but I have it wired now so fan runs even when spit is not rotating.
    Haven't had a burn out since.

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    CategoryCharcoal BBQs
    Price (RRP) $529.00
    Cooking Plate / Grill MaterialStainless Steel
    FeaturesGrill and On Wheels
    Colour / FinishStainless Steel
    Dimensions 1250 x 1040 x 600 mm
    Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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