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Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle

Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle Questions & Answers

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I accidentally swallowed a few mls of betadine throat gargle - is this a problem?
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I gargled using betadine mouthwash and spat out residue with very black stringy bits, that also remained on my tongue. Is this a problem?
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Why is the gargle clear when I spit it out sometimes?
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Can you use this on open wound cuts?
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I wouldn't go putting a throat gargle on a open wound ( it's not iodine for specifically for that purpose ) - instead I would recommend to seek professional advice from a medical professional such as doctor or if the cut isn't too bad, a nurse or the pharmacist at the local chemist should be able to help though, as wounds can easily become infected - I would advise a journey to the doctor.It’s different concentration or strength. Better get the one specificly designed for open wound.It would probably have the same effect but would sting quite badly because it seems to have some other ingredients (not just iodine). These aren't listed on the label but from taste it seems to be some sort of alcohol.

I m having allergy in year 4 to 5 months i m having dry cough I toolk many medicines but very little impact ....can I use betadin.....I m having i duess pollution allergy
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I think betadine is for mainly sore throats You have a few options - that's if you've already tried benadryl for dry cough syrup 1. Go buy and use codral from behind the chemist counter but, be aware - you will have to produce your drivers licence as the ingredients are sometimes used for bad things 2. Have some fisherman's friend menthol lozenges - don't bother with the green ones - only the yellow and the white pack ones as they provide a good heat If symptoms persist - I would recommend to go to the doctor.It cant hurt to try and see if it feels good. I myself don't have allergies so unsure. Chemist best place to ask and tell your symptoms.

I have an IgA deficiency and have almost constant respiratory infections. My doctor has had me use the Betadine gargle - only 4 drops twice daily, indefinitely. Is this safe?
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It seems like you could benefit from one of those rock salt room businesses as this should help your condition greatly but, to directly answer your question - the doctor's suggestions shouldn't do you any harm however, I would recommend to buy some spring water from Europe and drink just under a litre an hour for at least 3 days straight and see if that helpsBrian - what qualifications have you to suggest this solution? And why spring water from Europe? Mountains source? Drinking almost a litre an hour for 3 days sounds weird!! My insufficiency continues as do the infections. Thanks for your answer. NenBottled water should be alright as well but, it's not as good. The human system can handle up to 900 mils of water each hour . No - I'm not a medical professional Anyway, best of luck

Is this for adult only? Do they have in kids varian? Thanks.
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No they don't have kids because you can't swallow it..must gargle then spit out. Most kids couldn't gargle or may swallow it. It is that good that to be honest I will get my 6 year old to gargle it..since I've seen him gargle bath water he will be able to do it! It is not recommended I would assume though. I can't see an age on the bottle.

I cannot have ANY artificial sweeteners. Does this product contain artificial sweetener?
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Hi Glenda, you may wish to contact the manufacturer Sanofi-aventis.... All the bottle label of the Concentrated gargle states "contains povidone-iodine 7.5% w/v Equivalent to 0.75% w/v available Iodine". Good luck!The box does state that it has Saccharin. I'm also allergic to artificial sweeteners but I'm able to use this since it's not being swallowed. I've had no reaction to it.

I'm 18 weeks pregnant, been told by dr to gargle 4 times a day, is this safe?
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If your doctor suggested it then I imagine it would be. I can't see why not. There is a fair bit of Iodine in the wash but you are not swallowing it so it should be ok.I was advised the same while pregnant with twins as I couldn't have anything else. Since you're not swallowing it the amount of iodine you're allowing into your body is negligible. You would be fine.

Can it be taken with a history of thyroid?
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That is something you will probably need to refer to a medical professional for advice. Alternatively I would suggest speaking with the drug company customer service team.No my sister has thyroid issues and is sick alot because it is so out of whack but you can't use it with this problem.

When you spit out the betadine after gargling and you see darker red stringy bits in it, is that the germs or bacteria in ur throat?
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Yes it would be the mucus that collected as there is nothing solid as such in Betadine. Hope that answers your question. Good luck.

Is this good for annoying cough?
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No its not good for annoying cough only when you have a sore throat when you dont have a sore throat anymore than stop using it as it will not be effective if you use it. Cough is nonspecific reaction to irritation anywhere from the pharynx to the lungs. Personally for me I just take honey 100% 1 spoonful morning afternoon and just before bed you buy from woolies or coles or where ever as it smooth the lining of the throat it works for me but it also depends on the person.Another option besides keeping yourself warm is buy a lozenge called Fisherman's friend - it's absolutely outstanding although it's not a miraculous cure - it sure does helpIn my opinion I would say yes..!! I had sore throat and tickle and even a cough it will reduce your coughing It helps when there is any issue in the throat. I have not ever gotten as bad as a cough just sore throat and bamm it was eased right away and then gone next day. Use it 3-4 hourly without fail even when it feels better do it few more times to be sure its better or it'll creep back on you.

Hi, Is it any good for the gum inflammation?
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I don't think it good for gum inflammation.. I would either floss an brush teeth an get some Listerine mouth wash use that if that doesn't help I would go to your local dentist as it could be a underlying issue with your teeth. I know when I get some gum inflammation its something that I ate hard meat that stuck in between the teeth an obviously meat an debris rots causing inflammation.

Could Diflam mouth and throat wash be an alternative to Betadine in the United Kingdom?
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Sorry, I really don't know. Yes i have been using diflam. It is good and effective for sore throat too. Hope this will help you.Yeah - I sometimes use diflam though I found the difflam lozenge to be better with the numbing agent - another good product is the loftus fisherman's friend losenges

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