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"0" stars: Nothing but Thieves!!!

Same issues as the other Reviewers: payments for bids packages are readily accepted and processed however when it's time to redeem and pay for "winnings", they suddenly have problems accepting payments; "failed payment" prompts appear advising to contact Customer Support. Who then question your ability to pay and ask if you have enough money!.
Continuous delays and excuses follow for not delivering the item "won" and paid for: "technical problems", "logistic issues", "backlog". Bottom line: NO ITEMS DELIVERED (since August 2016) but still being actively auctioned.
RED FLAG: suspect computer generated bidders or insiders are used as there are at least 4 consistent "winners" who win identical products repeatedly in all auctions.
Complaints to customer support are useless as they have no authority. After months of requesting, demanding and escalating complaints I finally got through to a "Manager"- [name removed] - who failed to follow through, refused to respond to emails, then I was LOCKED out of my account. All money and bids placed lost. My ID still appears as a bidder and as a previous winner (despite having no access to credits paid to my account or having received any won items.
Further Misrepresentation to the Public include delays which mislead you into thinking that something is being done, "please be patient" is only a tactic to surpass the time limit for reporting complaints to Credit Card Companies for intervention.
Bidtoro site shows they abide by a "code of conduct". It's certainly not any professional or legal code as there is NO TRANSPARENCY, hallmarks of Fraud, breach of Civil Law and Trading Standards.
The reporting and escalation process is convoluted and designed to frustrate consumers. The site leads the public to believe they are an Australian company when in fact they are a subsidiary of an umbrella company based in Isreal. The show the "Operator and Management" Systematic Trade Ltd is located in Leigh on the Sea (U.K.) but they actually operate out of Gibraltar which isn't governed by U.K. Laws.
If anyone knows how to start a Class Action Suit, count me in.

Bidtoro Biggest rip off ever

I tried to claim my winnings.
At first they ignored my requests. Then I go a message you got failed payment. I checked my account and the money had come out. I phoned them and got through. I sent an extract of the transaction from my statement as requested and that issue was resolved. Then I got told I was under investigation for collusion and my account was suspended for two weeks whilst they did their investigation. I emailed them as to what the result was as I had colluded with no one. Then they said there were no winnings under my account. I told them to check under a different email. This was a second account that BidToro provided with me as my emails started going to them from a new email account which had replaced the original one. Then they told me I was in breach of the rules for having two accounts. I explained that I did not create a second account or ask for a second account and that they had done it and I never used them at the same time. They said I was disqualified my account is still locked and I haven't received my wining which I won from January - April. They won't response to any of my emails. I think they have blocked my email so they don't get my messages. I still have credits in my account but can't access it to find out how many and seek a refund. I have another email address that they keep sending me messages that I have won an IPad or don't miss out bidding on TV closing soon. My advice steer clear.

Total Ripoff, Avoid it like the plague

I had won and paid for the Galaxy phone on Bid Toro in July 2016 filled in all the details. Told it would take 30days and I'm still waiting for it. I contacted Customer Support and your given the runaround and replied with "Our logistic department is doing its best to provide all clients with their prizes as soon as possible" and nothing else. It does't take over 3 Months to send a prize.

I have Shared and post on other media sites because we are still being fooled and ripped off and I"m still getting the same run aroundI havent heard from them so After contacting them again on the 5th Dec and their latest response from Bidtoro.....more excuses from them. DEC 06, 2016 | 11:10AM UTC [name removed] replied: Dear, Thank you for contacting us! Let us apologise once again for the inconvenience and belated reply, as I was waiting for an update from the logistics department. We have been notified that there has been a delay due to the suppliers. Our company has of recently changed suppliers and has already started clearing the backlog. I am unsure of how long this process will take, but If I get any update on your winnings, I will inform you as soon as possible. We have forwarded your request to our logistics department and you should receive a direct reply from them. If you don’t hear from them any time soon, you can contact them directly at logistics@bidtoro.com Furthermore, you are, of course, entitled to your opinion about our site, but please note that should any knowledge of libellous remarks be found we are fully within our rights to pursue the matter in any legal way that we see fit. We are fully aware of the negative remarks on different social sites and we choose not to reply to them. With over 1,000,000 registered users on our site, the percentage of negative reviews is minimal. Unfortunately satisfied users very rarely write a positive review and it is mainly cheaters OR users that did not receive the refund that they thought was due to them that give a negative review and we have no wish to embarrass them by stating the true facts online for everyone to see. We hope that the above clarifies our position and thank you for understanding. Many thanks and we wish you well. Best regards, BidToro Support Team

Scam to the max!!!!

Im usually quiet a vigilant person when it comes to surfing the web, but let my guard down for a moment and bang!!! got suckerpunched, what im saying is dont jump into this bidding site SCAM!! SCAM!! SCAM!! i brought a bronze account and started bidding right away!!. I noticed that something was fishy and had one of those "its to good to be true moments" it certainly was!! made sure to cancel the visa card right away, if you had payed like a did for the account, and noticed something odd about it to the point you realized you got scammed like i did, dont bother trying to get your money back from these people, just cancel the credit card right away!! ASAP i mean ASAP im just sharing my experience in hopes someone reads it and takes my advice and puts it into practice.....God Bless, Peace

Cyber thieves

Bidtoro will give you nothing but heartbreak. They make unauthorised withdrawals from your account and if you happen to win an auction you will never see the item. Then they use a variety of excuses why the items aren't sent, technical error, bank dispute or even blame the Customer. Do not sign up with this lot..not only will you be disappointed but you will be another victim.


Pathetic scum! Tried to opt out, cancelled my card and they still took my money. Disputing it with my bank, after e-mails to bidtoro were ignored. I feel like an idiot. Never again.

DO NOT JOIN! check you credit card withdrawals ASAP!

I made 2 x $36 bid pack purchases in a day before I looked up scams. I immediately checked my credit card transactions and YES they are trying to make 2 much bigger withdrawals. I've reported this to my credit card company and inconveniently had to cancel my credit card. I returned to the website to look for an unsubscribe option or view payment details but nothing. I decided to change my contact details etc but suddenly the page kept closing. So many people are handing their money over. DON'T DO IT! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM SITE!! Even as I write this my page is moving around after scanning, deleting history, cookies etc. Not worth the hassel!!

Huge scam

Used it for 5 mins one day and realized its a huge scam. Sent an email to cancel my payments and they still kept taking money from me. I asked to have a refund and they rudely refused. Huge scammers. Save your money and don't join their site.

(SCAM) Rip off murchants

Hi, i became a member of bid torro last december 2015, where i excitedly won a samsung 4k t.v paid aproximately $56. I paid for it and its now 6-7 months later, no t.v, serveral times i tried to phone them, can't get through, go on their facebook site, their response is, this is a diferent section of bid torro and we will foward the message on to them. Go a reply to an email that i sent last month.....letting them know i still havn't received the t.v, their reply was, " that they are delayed in their deliveries. Well i am still waiting.

I have won several prizes, t.v, i phone 5s, i phone 6, PlayStation 4, Xmas box 360, etc.

They have done maintsnence to their site, where I was locked out of my site for several weeks, when I contacted them to fix my account up, they seemed to of just created a whole knew account, none of my previous winnings werRegardsCr4r e listed.
Really tired, sorry

Regards tia

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Hmm amazing, I am locked out of my account again. Last time they had site maintanance for several days, then several people including my self, couldn't log in, then I contacted them to fix it, which they did. They have me a new password and logged in all my winnings were gone, lucky I knew what I had won a do it was still on their systems, so I had proof of what of had won and they returned all my list of winning products to me on the new account that they created, they didn't actually fix my original account. I wasted several hundred in all, paid $50 and won the t.v . Which I paid the bid amount of $56 and then put $100 and won nothing, you get free bids as well, All in all, If I had an option I would not have given them a 1 star. Customer service is appaulling, phone number provided appears to not be valid, products won are never received, website is either in doing maintanance or lock me out of my accounts. They lie and make excuses and list can go on and on and on. Don't be as stupid as myself getting an account and wasting money on bidding get on prizes, your never going to get Regards Tia

I won a PS4!!!!

You would think i should be happy, guess what! i'm not I have been waiting since January and they still havent delivered to me.
check out my posts at this address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVZwWyud5z0
i have posted Bidtoro's excuses why they haven't given me my PS4. they put it down to delivery/distributor problems, but they keep on auctioning new ones.

They would get no stars if that was an option

Bidtoro Scam

I won multiple auctions waited over 4 months for the wins to arrive. Once I questioned the wins I was accused of cheating, when asking for proof of the claims nothing was sent and still ongoing. They lie to avoid sending wins that are paid for.

BidToro scams

. I registered on Bidtoro and then their web site wasn't working for my account. I was winning a bid and because the account wasn't working properly I lost the bid and a lot of money. I sent over 17 emails and rang them twice but they said they fixed it but didnt. I asked for a refund for the money I lost on the Auction i was winning and they refused saying I Enjoyed using their site. Once you register they take money out of your credit card monthly without permission

SCAM - Avoid, Avoid Avoid

I actually won ( if you can call it that ).
I purchased a Bronze membership and was the winning bid for a Samsung S6. I was required to pay the purchase bid price as an extra and provide a copy of my passport and a utility bill. I did both. I chased them up repeatedly. Their Facebook staff are not connected to the organisation so useless dealing with them even though they are responsive. Never received notice of dispatch. Fearing the scam, I challenged the next membership deduction with the bank. They then said they would not send the phone because I stopped my membership. Said they would refund my purchase payment, but that has not happened.

These people are thieves, avoid at all costs.



I was the top bidder for apple ipad air. You guess(bid) up to $29 at 0.01cents at a time. I was number 1 rank at 28.91 log on 15 hours later my bid is gone. I bid 28.91 all the way upto 28.99 and it said all my bids werent unique. My bid is gone checked the top 100. if my bids werent unique how come theres is?

I rang customer service the number's not connected Ive been everywhere on the net outside their website and facebook but I cant find anyone who's won anything.

They take your money to bid and you never win. Beware ppl with gambling problems this site will get you.

Don't believe the timers. 2 good 2 be true coz it is!

I bought the bronze bids and thought the prices were pretty good till you start bidding.

Sometimes one bid will cost you 20 bids or less or more depending on description.

The product will have a max bid of say $25.00 with 5000 bids remaining with a timer.

You can bid from much lower. However bids are not displayed.. that's how they get ya. It could start from 1cent and each bid costing 20 bids. You bid a few times n gooonnnne.

You might think that's ok. But they don't let you bid higher then say $20 if the leader is on $5.01. It seems to go up by 1 cent to get maximum bids out of customers.

If you still think its ok..

I was winning at the max bid of $5.00. I checked again this morning and im like 18th position like honestly what?

Even if your winning it then depends on how many bids you've placed.

Soooo not worth the time n money.

Questions & Answers

Has anyone been contacted by a bidtoro.com Representative? If so, what was the outcome/resolution? Did you get any "won" items or your money back?
2 answers
they don't have any real contact and when I email customer Support I get the same run around that they are on back order and waiting for logistic to sort out but they dont give me anyone else to contactIn my experience bidtoro is a big scam and kept taking my money. I had to go to my bank to stop it and secure my account. And noone from bidtoro ever answered and my bank had no luck getting my money backBIG SCAM

Hi I just joined bid toro on Saturday already have $43.07 withdrawn from my card even though I had the option of unsubscribing which I did after an hour of getting nowhere with the bidding. Is my only option to block the withdrawals from my account. Would like to hear from you guys for some help
2 answers
Hi..Did you email them straight away to cancel your membership and Contact your bank to cancel the card and that it was an unauthorised transaction. You should share and get your friends to share it on Facebook and other social media sites which is what I didI contacted the bank to bar withdrawals from them. Bid toro are a bunch of crooks. I had withdrawals made against my account that I didn't make. I didn't realise this until after I had supposedly won an auction and they refused to send it. Had months of messages to them, but they always came up with excuses. Lost my money, but learned a huge lesson. Steer clear of these thieves.

Are the phones locked or unlocked so does it take all networks?
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