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Billion BiPAC 7800N

Billion BiPAC 7800N

4.3 from 18 reviews

Did it's job.

Switched out from the ISP provided modem and this worked well for the years it served until upgrade to NBN. Would try other Billion modems as this did a good job. The range was great and just stopped short in back of the backyard. Did not get to test Voip capabilities.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Greatest workhorse of a router

This router has served me well for years. If it wasn't for the need for inbuilt VOIP capabilities, I'd still be using it right now. Highly customisable and the wifi reach is great. I can usually be in my driveway 10 meters away and I'd still have at least 1 bar of signal

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Very disappointed - Do NOT buy if if you use it for business

I am a network engineer and just fount out that most of its products do not even have a basic feature - stateful firewall to restrict the WAN IPs. Called the Au support, the guys did not even know what I was talking about. Rang Taiwan support, terminates the calls after playing a short music. "Thank you and Good Bye!"

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Perfect for those a long way from exchange or on bad copper lines

This modem is the best I've ever used. The Broadcom chipset in the modem provides faster and more stable sync speeds than any other modem I've used. The SNR tweak is not totally strait forward for the non tech minded but has increased out connection speed from 3mb to about 4.5mb while still being stable. I've had ours for several years now and haven't had any wifi issues that others have encountered, but if I did I'd happily buy another billion with Broadcom chipset.

Great till it died.

This was a fast reliable and 'always up' modem Router that handled our eclectic mix of windows/Mac devices and network drives/printers. I was very happy with its performance for about two and half years.

Then is started being odd. The printer would go offline for days at a time. iPads wouldn't connect to the wifi anymore (only iPads - everything else worked fine), and our NAS slowed down. It would seem it had succumbed to the glue sniffing issue these routers are becoming infamous for. I replaced it with a shiny new D-Link 2890AL/LE - wow, all the problems vanished, and even with a supposedly slower link the internet connection seems faster!

Ah my trusty 7800N, you were good in your day but I'd rather have replaced you for better specs than a design flaw that made you die not long out of warranty. Shame on you Billion and I have changed brands because of this.

That said - if you need a 300N modem router for 2 years this really does run well.
Stable, configurable, great in it's day.
Design flaw kills it just outside of warranty

Went well until the WIFI burns out

I was very happy with this router until the WIFI burnt out on it, after some research it is quite a common problem with this model. Prior to this it worked well though and was my favourite router, after having been through a few in the past that just didn't perform very well with a number of people using it. I wouldn't recommend it though a router should outlive its usefulness not burn out..
firmware features

Set and forget - just the way you want it - ability to attach external antenna

I wanted a robust modem with removable antennas as I have the modem in the garage in a box and this weakens the signal strength. So chose this one after reading many reviews etc. It did not disappoint. Actually I set it up with an external antenna and now have full signal strength and have forgotten about it and have not had to visit it the garage - which is exactly what you want.
Robust i.e. does not need attention. Removable antenna to allow fit of external antenna

Excellent for a normal home wifi

Have used the BiPac7800 N now for almost 2 years. Had done a lot of review and research as I had never had a wireless router and with growing pieces of IT hardware around the house and with kids wanting to share, wireless was the way. Installed it myself - by just reading the manual and compaing to my earlier wired ADSL modem settings and the FAQ section on Bigpond (Yes - you need help with Tesltra - you do it yourself :) Have moved house and still use it - amazing wireless quality and security. Have never used another brand - but will never try another. If you looking for help from Billion - I never found it - but there are amazingly a lot of other users who have articles on the web.
With 3 kids screaming around the house - it took me about 20 minutes from the box to full use
The design - A bit too clunky - but who cares.

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I thought I will give an update. I am now connected to the NBN (FTTH) with Telstra (Since April 2014) and use this as a router rather than an ADSL modem and just had to change from ADSL to EWAN and off I was with its benefits again. The only drawback was the non-availability of using this for the VOIP functionality - but then Telstra is not giving away its password for the configuration settings either.

The service was great and the goods got to me in 48 hours

When i had Open network 824RLW, i had been great modem
But after 5 year, it was starting to slow down
i went out and got NB6plus4w to replace it
As open network had closed down
But after read on here, that Billion made open network 824RLW
So i order a Billion BiPAC 7800N to replace the NB6plus4w

The best modem i have ever own, i dont have problem like my last modem
Which was a netcomm NB6plus4w. I any one going to buy modem look at the Billion BiPAC 7800N - (802.11n
I got sick of drop outs and trying to port forwarding the modem for games. I find this modem connection much quicker. I have find my net speed to be much better


After having a total hardware failure of a TP LINK modem/router after 18 months, I searched long and hard on options available in the market. I am not experienced in networking, so am interested in plug and play type systems that are simple and can do most of the networking I need.

I have a tab, smartphone, PS3; so I needed a good modem that gave great all-round speed and is reliable and easy to set up. Plugging in the device, and opening the webpage to log in, I found it fairly easy going through the easy/quick set up. I needed my ISP modem settings, but once I gained those the setup was fairly easy.

The modem reboot when changing settings is a little slow, however, the results are outstanding. I have had the modem/router for a week and have not had any issue. Throughput from my network devices seems to be excellent throughout the entire house.

I must admit that I too had an old TP LINK ADSL modem, which consistently hung, causing much frustration. This modem/router has had no such issues.

Cannot rate this modem router any higher, big thumbs up!
Easy setup, great wifi speed.
It is a little on the big side

A rock solid adsl 2+ modem router

Simple to set up and configure
Wireless range and connection is fast and stable
Ability to tweak SNR ratios to optimize line speeds
Comes with Firewall
Basic and Advanced configurations for beginners and experts
Excellent for TPG Internet.

Overall, this is one of the best modems I've had.
Before purchasing this modem, I ha=d considered the Netgear DGN3700 for the dual band, however I've heard that it has firmware stability issues.
Based on the popularity and reviews on Umart.com, I chose this one.
Beast, Solid, Powerful, WiFi works well through multiple walls and 1 level down
one of the ugliest looking modems out there

Very good, but there is a known flaw with wireless hardware.

This is a great product in terms of functionality and reliability until a problem that will affect some units after a time. It is a hardware issue and basically renders the wireless ability redundant. All other features work nicely enough, so it will always give you solid ADSL and Ethernet switching ability. Mine broke after close to 2 years. Not a bad run, but for an expensive product, there are some average components inside which is disappointing and I think this showed up in the the wireless hardware failure that I and many others have encountered after a time.

Perhaps newer models are alright, but be warned if buying second hand in particular.
Loved it when it worked.
Now it's just a spare technology sitting in the cupboard. For near top price product, components not really top notch.

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I had the same or similar problem with the WiFi - if there was a power failure, the WiFi would not work; had to power off and leave off for 12 hours and then it would come up OK.

Finally - a decent modem/router combo that just works

I've owned several routers over the years- a Dlink DSL-G604T (OK) a Linkysys WaG54g-V2 (good) and a Linkysys WAG120n(very bad). The Billion replaced the latter and has been up and installed for nearly 3 months. I have never rebooted it yet. That says it all. Strong N wireless that works (unlike the last Linksys), gigabit lan speeds, complex but intuitive interface and it doesn't get too hot like many. Want a proper solution for Home- this is it.
Just works as advertised
Its not pretty!

Outstanding Modem/Router

The Billion BiPac 7800N is an amazing router. It has the capabilities to download at high speed over wireless and through an Ethernet connection.
Even with 4 mobile phones, 3 Laptops, one XBOX 360 and a desktop computer all running simultaneously, the speeds remained constant better yet, the wireless range is absolutely amazing, managing to maintain a strong signal throughout the entire house.
Great Value for money, Great wireless coverage, Great download speeds, WPS for beginners


The 7800n just works. It has good performance. The web interface is not as friendly as netgear, and has some curious omissions. You can control access by mac address, but you cannot assign a logical name to them - so if you don't know what is what, you don't - written by a techie. On balance, all the basics just worked and the other reviewers have it right. It fits between basic and high end products in price, reflects basic features, but absolutely works a charm and with the best of them. I would not hesitate to recommend it.
Good performance, good wireless range. easy basic setup including auto config to the ISP
advanced setup presumes you know someting about networking.

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Yup, you need to know more than average user to consider advance.


Love this modem. My ADSL speeds went from 3.7Mbit to 4.6Mbit over a 20 percent improvement and remarkable for 4.5km line which was probably laid in the 1950s.
Easyish to set up for a newbie but more importantly for tinkerers like me all the options hidden underneath where you can tweak to your hearts content for that extra few percent improvement. Wireless is good too. I have not had 801.11n before but compared to 801.11g it is a godsend working at the other end of the house where g would suffer regular drop-outs.
Faster ADSL speeds. Solid wireless connection even across the house.
only 2Ghz wireless

Fantastic modem

Have just replaced my dead netgear dgn2000 and wish i had bought this Billion a long time ago.Straight away i can see the difference and stream HD files from my PC through my WDTV without any lag.Very happy,easy to set up,took less than 5 minutes.
Impressive capabilities,ease of set up,can stream HD

Excellent router and great value

Recently had to change the modem/router I use in my small business. The 78oon is fast, seems very reliable and was a breeze to setup.
Fast, easy to setup, value for money, as future proff as it can be.

Questions & Answers

Is this unit NBN compatible??
3 answers
http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2346781 I only use it for ADSL so can't be sure but read the link above to learn a bit more. Hope that helps.It wouldn't be fast enough for NBN speeds. Get a nice AC router for better performance but even then your not utilising NBN to the fullest. A nice network cable would be best but who wants to be tied down these days? Really as good as this modem was (for 2 years) it is very old now - I'd look for a modern alternative.I use it as a router behind the NBN modem. The EWAN port is max 100MB/s speed while the NBN is meant to be a minimum of 100 MB/s speed. Short answer - it works.

My Billion BiPac 7404VNPX has ceased working. I have 3 lights registering on the front - power, DSL and internet. The internet function and wireless function from the internet have ceased working. Is it in need of a firmware update or after three years has the wireless function just died completely. I had no troubles with it before and turned it on after a month away. It does not work with the Ethernet cable connected. Others suggest that this is an issue with Billion modems after a few years they just die.
2 answers
I have not had any issues with my Billion so far nor have I needed a firmware update. Sorry I can't offer more assistance but I would not know what is wrong with yours.It sounds like the glue issue to me. Unless you've played with the firmware needing an update wouldn't stop it. If its 3 years old grab yourself a modern replacement with AC WiFi and live for the (relative) speed. Sometimes it is better to move on. Good luck.


BiPAC 7800N
Price (RRP)200
Product TypeModem and Router
Modem CompatibilityADSL2+
Wi-Fi Type802.11 b, 802.11 g and 802.11 n
Ethernet Ports5

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  • GTIN14: 04719170002238

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