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Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus

240 and 300
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Hassle to get fly up

Brilliant tent, but if solo just give yourself 2 hrs to put up if using all panels, and an hour to take down. Watch your head when pulling down the inner. Got separate canvas duffels for each component - bazooka size good for canvas, rifle bag for poles, ammo bag for pegs and footprint. Kept windows open then got inch of rain that night. No problem - mopped up annex, packed up wet and made it home. Bone dry inside inner with good ventilation during downpour - just remember to roll down the window flaps around annex. Home away from home with decent inflating mattress.

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PS: got the full on canvas not lite tent, deluxe front and side flaps - looks like they're just trying to flog off their surplus lite tents.

Lifetime warranty - 'Climatic Conditions'

We have a Black Wolf turbo tent and pitched it at an inland location a few weeks ago. Throughout the night a wind gust came through and ripped the front awning causing the central pole to fall followed by the other poles. This pulled the stitching from the eyelets and ripped the awning. No worries there is a Life time Warranty. Had all the receipts and paperwork so went back to the retailer (who were really good) and showed them the photos etc. Black Wolf stated the damage was not covered as the tent had been exposed to 'climatic conditions' and not covered for the damage. I had to laugh as the inference was their product cannot be used outside and if you do you need to sit with it or monitor the conditions incase something 'climatic' occurs. I don't know about you but I do camp in the outdoors and sometimes it does rain and the wind does blow. I don't set up my tent indoors so I can leave it and do other things. I do wonder if these people hear themselves when they say this stuff. Now Black Wolf did not fix the damage but supplied a fly from another tent which was also damaged so we are up and running again. Still it makes the 'lifetime' warranty a joke and the purpose for buying the tent in the first place.

Sadly Disappointed

Had this tent for 2 years. We found it a good design for family of 4 and had purchased one extra side panel to help with shading the entrance door. But sadly the tent leaks in the rain! My brother had the Blackwolf Tuff Dome Twin which is a lesser model set up only metres away and his tent did not let any water in. Bone dry inside. The locations in which our tent leaked was where the outer fly runoff dripped onto the single layer sections near the windows but above the sturdy tub floor (we were getting puddles in 4 places inside the tent). We explained the situation to Blackwolf but they were not prepared to concede that there may be a design fault and would not help us. Fortunately Ray's Outdoors in Preston gave us the customer service that Blackwolf refused to do. In the past I have found Blackwolf customer service good when we have had issues with Backpacks and have happily repurchased from them several times. But I feel really disappointed with their lack of consideration this time. I know that tents are not impervious to all rain conditions but when there are two tents side by side with the same conditions and the more expensive one leaks I would be looking into it further and questioning why.
Leaks aside, what else would I like to say:
1. It is not a real quick pitch. I would say there was maybe 5 - 7 mins difference between pitching the Turbo Lite and my brother's Tuff Dome Twin. It feels negligible to me.
2. It's pretty heavy. We separated the poles and pegs from rest of tent to make it manageable. It is also big to store. The Tuff Dome Twin is half the storage size and a lot lighter.
3. We chose the 240 Plus style so that we could get a rear window for extra ventilation. I think it would be good if they could add a rear window into the square versions (if they haven't done so already). With the plus version you have the extra poles and the extra time to get the tensions right as the floor space tapers in a little as it narrows at the back.
4. Our first trip in this tent was Tassie in May. We had some cold nights and even with the roof vents open had a lot of condensation. I think a canvas version would reduce this somewhat.
5. Love the gusseted windows but that is becoming more common. Would be an advantage to have some windows closable from the inside if it gets cold. Also, it was nice having the little pockets for unused guy ropes. Some extra pocket inside for storage would have been good too.


After first use was very disappointed with tent. Leaks in light rain and dew. Screw holding one leg base on was sheared off when tent opened for first time. We have to take it back to where we purchased and they will fix it, somehow. Bought one side to front awning. Very disappointed with this as water flows through the material.

If thinking about a tent, buy a Coleman Instant Up. We had one, but wanted something larger. The Coleman does not leak like a sieve, and we found to be a far superior tent, even though it was a fraction of the price of the Black Wolf.

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Retailer fixed leg and discovered that two other legs were also dodgy and were repaired at same time. Expensive tent, only to need repair after first use. At least Tentworld fixed the problems promptly.

Blackwolf 300 plus tent

Great in dry weather, fills up with water when it rains very disappointed I wouldn't recommend this tent, I've been out with others with cheaper tents which handled the rain a lot better then the black wolf 300 plus I own

Terrible Tent

Inner tent leaked and fly / awning ripped apart in moderate rain and wind. Blackwolf will not replace or repair under warranty. The tent was only used twice. Have since bought and used an Oztrail Tourer 300 Fast Frame tent in torrential rain and thunderstorms. Unlike the Blackwolf the Oztrail was rock solid and didn't leak and is a fraction of the cost of the over priced Blackwolf. My advice is to stay away from Bkackwolf products. Poor quality and workmanship and poor customer service.

I love this tent!

The tent is the older 2 pole awning model. As a single mum (2 kids), this has been a fantastic tent. I needed a tent that was quick and easy to set up with whinging kids at the end of a long day, big enough for 6 months of travel and light enough to lift onto the roof of the car with no help. As a result of the weight I ended up storing the pegs, poles and fly separately and found it easy to maneuver. We bought the tent 4 years ago, and traveled for 6 months. Since then we have used it sporadically and it is still working well with the exception of one pole that is difficult to connect on the rear "plus" section. I could fix it but it's not really necessary.

During our travels the one down side was the poor water shedding. The tent never leaked but on rainy nights I would have to lower the front awning and get up periodically to empty the pool of water that collected on the rear "plus" section; 20L+ at times! I was really worried it would rip with all the weight but it didn't and still doesn't leak! I now have a pole with a protective cap to elevate the roof of the rear section so that water pooling shouldn't be a problem. I have yet to test it as we haven't camped in rain lately.

During our time we spent 1 month in Alice Springs 0c winter nights, a month in Darwin's humidity/heat a few nights in gales where I thought the tent would take off and about 3 weeks in the WA South West with constant rain. One night in Exmouth the wind turned 180 degrees after we went to bed. I was sure the tent would rip or blow away as the whole thing was ballooning and rocking wildly even with all the guideropes pegged. Other campers with canvas tents were surprised to see our tent still standing the next morning! We always set the tent up on a shade cloth but I'm very impressed with how well the floor has held up. It is only now starting to show some signs of wear in the door way. Condensation was only a problem when we failed to ventilate properly.

I love the weight of the fabric compared to cheaper tents. All our zips are still working well. We use the light hooks to connect a line to hang our towels. The height is fantastic but we will soon need a 300 model to accommodate my growing children. The tent is great value for money when you consider what we have thrown at it and that it is still working like new.

Over all, I love this tent and will definitely buy another. I look forward to having the 3 pole awning to reduce issues with rain.

Great for family of 4.

Easy to set up & pack up with a bit of practice. Fly works well, used in hot or cold weather, to keep heat down & condensation out. Tall enough to stand up & get changed. We use 2 singles & a double self inflatable mattress & still have room to move. We have had this tent for a few years now & have had no issues with it. A well designed & made tent. Worked really well in the High country.

Love it.

A really good tent, and I've had plenty of others over 40 years of tent based camping.
Easy to erect and pack up.
Excellent workmanship and materials.
Gussets on windows prevent rain from blowing inside if you have the window flaps open in wet weather.
A well designed and made tent. Worth EVERY cent.

Great space, well built but a couple of minor issues

We have the turbo lite 300 plus. We've camped in this tent for over 30 nights in all sorts of conditions and it has held up well. It's relatively easy to put up, Packs down into the bag without too many problems. Withstood 60km/h winds at Umina, 60mm rain in two hours and numerous other trials. There are a couple of issues - the water drips down off the awning at the front during rain right near where you get into the tent. We have two sides and the front which stops this from being an issue. The back end seems to leak small amounts of water in the back corners but a couple of towels seems to fix this. I've had the entire bottom of the tent pooling in water with no leaks through the floor, so it's only water dripping down the sides. Without these minor issues it would be perfect.

Not really a 1 person up and down

Camping with a 7 year old and a 10 week puppy this wasn't as easy as it looked on utube. Have to be careful that you fold it exactly right as my 7 year old managed to snap a leg and the turbo part. Replaceable but... however, water proof and warm. The little edge that is supposed to keep it clean is just a 7 year old trip hazard. You need help to camp with the family tent- don't do it alone or with 7 year old and puppy help.

Super easy to put up

Used our new Blackwolf Turbo Lite 240 Plus for the first time and found it incredibly easy and quick to put up especially for 2 girls Lol. There was sufficient room in the back section to have to king size dune mattresses, and the awning was most welcome when it rained. There are heaps of guide ropes attached so no worries about it blowing away. We would highly recommend it!!!!
Ease of erect and dismantle
Expensive - buy it on sale

240 plus

Wife and I have used it a few times. We are Bikers and have the tent and tarps in a trailer that we tow behind the bike. The size to weight is excellent. Setup is in no time. We have a Coleman double mattress that fits in the rear section. The main section is for changing and if the weather is bad, Dinning. The extended front awning is great to sit under and do our cooking. It took a couple of tries to get the packing right but like most men, when i read the instructions and checked Youtube for hints, i found it very easy to quickly pack away.
Simplicity of design to give heaps of room with little weight.
Haven't found an issue with it yet.

Fantastic family tent

We have just come back from a very wet Easter camping trip. The weather flooded other tents and destroyed tarps around us, but our four kids slept through the deluge under our black wolf turbo light plus. There was one seam where water got in, and we put a towel down in that corner, but some people were wading through their tent by then. The bit i like best tho is how easy and fast it is to put up and down - basically goes up like a big umbrella, throw the fly over and peg it out.

One adult (and ideally one moderately helpful preteen) can put up the tent in about 15-20 minutes (that's from bag to guy ropes pegged out), and can take it down and pack it up in a similar time. I also like the fact that it fits into its bag easily. Speed is of the essence packing up in the rain - why is it that some camping manufacturers make their bags for sleeping bags, tents etc just that tiny bit too small?!?!
Easy and quick to put up and down.
Front awning pools water unless you lower one pole.

great tent

Realized that at the back there are loops that go on horizontal bar under the seams that would keep It tight. Used once on a windy Knight didn't need extra pegs it would have to be a blizzard to use them. Will add more when I use it more. Thanks
Goes up and down quickly front room i can stand up. Store our gear and sit down inside easy.
First time was hard to put in bag at home. Second time easier.

Turbo lite 240 plus

Have just bought a Turbo lite plus 240 - have not used it yet so cannot comment on the tent in use. However it was very disappointing to find that the weight as listed on the website was incorrect - the tent was listed at 16.5 kgs but the packing carton listed the gross weight at 24kgs. Contacted Black Wolf and was told that the error was a typo and it was amended to 19.5 kg.
But the carton only weighed one kg - the tent weighs 23 not 19.5
yet to determine
incorrect weight

What a beaut!

Bought a Turbo plus lite 240 in Dec 11 and used it for road trip around Vic, NSW and QLD over Christmas hols. Very simple to erect and put away, nice and quick with good instructions (I watched a video on Youtube on how to erect it). The canvas is lightweight but still much better than usual tent canvas. First night away had massive thunderstorm and rain for 4 hours - leaked around read support bar and bottom of windows but really, most other tents would have collapsed under the deluge. Fitted two large adults and two teenagers in and all bags etc. with plenty of space. I have been camping for 40 years and this is the best tent so far for space, ease of erection and putting away (even the bag is big enough so you don't need to give yourself a hernia trying to put it away!). Unfortunately, we had an issue with a split seam about one support and some marks on the canvas. Black Wolf have replaced the tent (even got an upgrade to the 300 size as was out of 240's) - excellent customer service - second to none.
Tent is more expensive than many other models but you are paying for quality and especially for customer service. (We bought from Outdoors Online - thanks for your help Tony!)
Space, ease of erection, height, colour,
Door didn't have double zip therefore you couldn't leave just top open overnight so feet got wet when we just had the fly screen up. Also it is worth buying the extra big fly as the basic one doesn't provide much shelter from the sun or rain.

300 lite Turbo 2012 model

Only used once so far but we are experienced campers. Very quick to put up once you have worked out the extending poles which can be a bit tricky first time. Amazingly big inside, we had 3 stretcher beds and all our bags comfortably. The floor seems thin compared to other tents we have had but we didn't get any tears. We had a lot of rain and stayed dry but did get condensation inside. There are windows with water proof gussets which will need to be opened to prevent condensation. The fly doesn't come all the way to the ground, otherwise it would have rated 5 stars.
Quick to put up, good value for money, well designed, hinge joints appear sturdy.
Not much. Fly doesn't come all the way to the ground, floor feels thin (but did not tear)


Our friends put up their tent that they spent $370 on and must have been kicking themselves they didn't spend more and get ours. This tent retails for $1200 in some stores but we did some price matching online and then went into Anaconda where they beat the best price by 10%. We got it for $700. For the price difference between $700 and a normal tent at $370, I'd go the $700 anyday. It's that fabulous.
So easy to put up. Completely waterproof (we hosed it first at home as per the instructions). It's like a tardus - when you look inside you can't believe how big it is. We have 2 adults and 2 young kids in it. Beds fit very well. Lots of space. If it's not going to rain, we wouldn't even bother putting up the fly which means tent would be finished in 1 minute!
Got a small tear from pulling the fabric too tight - along the edging. BUT.. tent is so fabulous, I'm not worried about taking it back to get fixed. I'm sure it won't be a problem to fix.

Nice and dry

I dont seem to be able to have the rear of the tent nice and tight as in the photos. I will have a look on you tube and see what the problem is.
Easy to put up,even in the rain.
Not so easy to fold a wet tent and pack it in the bag.The awningis put up high enough for me to miss my head he water runs back,if low I get a wet head.

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For what its worth, i was having a similar problem getting the rear of my 240 plus lite tent to look right - I think it was due to the way i pegged it out. I should've pegged diagonally one way and then diagonally the other to get an even pull. I also had the rear wall pulled too tight. Once I fixed that, the problem was resolved.

Questions & Answers

How do you attach the roof pitch bar on the 3 pole awning of 2013 model 240 lite plus?
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By memory haven't put it up for too long. It goes from around the middle of the tent through the loops on the ends &I put it through the upper window loops to make it stand up a bit better. I then put another two loops on the original ones to roll up the window.

We are looking at buying a Turbo 300 twin lite, we have noticed that it only comes with normal flyscreen, as we live in Darwin we are a bit concerned that it might not be midge proof. Can anyone help, let us know if you have had any problems, thanks in advance?
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Hi Bundy As an ex Darwinite and an owner of a Black wolf tent - I would avoid this tent, not because of the screens but lack of airflow - the windows are quite small and not to floor level. well made tent but not for the tropics corrieHi, We have a Turbo 240 and its not insect proof. The zips do not close to form a seal at the front so any midge, insect or reptile can enter the tent.


Turbo Lite Plus 240Turbo Lite Plus 300
Room TypeMulti-RoomMulti-Room
Price (RRP)$1200$1400
Sleeping Capacity78

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