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Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin

240, 300 and 270
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Leaks like a sieve

Had this tent for about 6 years, its a good tent until it rains then the floor leaks and it wets everything inside. We have resorted to putting a tarp on the floor to avoid everything getting wet. Would recommend to go with another brand.

Terrible tent, Crap Warranty

Absolute worst purchase. Blackwolf is a joke, i liked the design, but I bought based on their warranty claims. Severe condensation issues with design from the beginning, and then a major issue with tent where most of heat seam tape has peeled off over both the tent and fly.

When this happened, no problem i thought, had it a few years but until this year it had only been used twice, it has a lifetime warranty and I still have the receipt. Figured Blackwolf will stand behind their products, but no, that couldn't be further from the truth. Blackwolf's warranty advice was the seams only last 5 years, go buy some seam sealer and fix it myself. Not even an offer of an at cost replacement.

So clearly the Blackwolf lifetime warranty is for marketing purposes only.

I have since purchase a different brand tent, that get this, works as a tent. Hey, it doesn't have a lifetime warranty, but lets be honest, neither does blackwolf either

My advice is don't buy this tent, and don't believe the Blackwolf "lifetime warranty" lies.


I had an issue with tent in first 12 months parts replaced straight away no issues. this week also had another issue with pole, 7 years old and warranty as good as the first time, part sent out with out issue and within 5 days.

I would recommend this brand to anyone, I have also purchased a swag since and 2 friends have also purchased them from my recommendation.

A little dearer than other brands but I have not enjoyed a simple warranty like this from any other company.

Keep up the great service Blackwolf My 1st choice in outdoor equipment

awesome tent and so easy to set up

this is a great tent it is so easy to set up and take down we had an issue with the poles and the screen door and they replaced it without any hassles and it didn't even take a week I didn't know about the lifetime warranty but that is awesome to know now. It can get a bit hot if you have no shade and don't put the cover on the outside but other then that it is pretty cool with all the openings like windows, doors and air vents. we have experienced some moisture on cold nights but we just found out that we need to have the air vents open at the top and that should help with that. Definitely worth the money we paid for it :)

D rings rusted, zippers failed after 2 years and 3 trips.

We purchased this tent after friends recommended it, from Anaconda at Ashmore. The tent has been great, no leaks and easy to set up and pack up. On our third trip with this tent we spent 5 days beach camping at Straddy (QLD) where it rained every night. This would have washed any salt spray from the tent. On the day we got home the tent was set up and hosed down with fresh water, and allowed to dry over the next week (hanging from our indoor cloths line).

On the next trip (about 3 months later) we noticed the front zippers were stiff and the D rings had surface rust on them. I thought a $1000+ tent would have stainless steel D rings but apparently not. I freed the zippers up and lubricated them. No problems - planned to replace the D rings at a later date.

The following September (about 4 months later) we use the tent again and the zippers are so corroded that they both fail (note this is on one side of the tent). I work in science and the damage to the zippers is not just 'rust', the zip carriage is reacting to the metal use for the zip - these zippers are not made for outdoor use. The carriage actually disintegrated.

I returned the tent to Anaconda Ashmore (who are very good by the way) the manager warned me that Blackwolf will take around six weeks to have a look and get back to me.

I rang Anaconda last week who were surprised that Blackwolf had not been in contact with me as they said they had. I have also rang and emailed Blackwolf and never had a response.

The 'Technical Support' contact sent through the following email to Anaconda (who forwarded it to me):

-----Original Message-----
From: R------ N-----
Sent: Tuesday, 26 April 2016 3:00 PM
To: M------ K--------
Subject: RE: Anaconda Ashmore : Turbo 240 twin lite tent faulty - Clarke -

Hi M------,

After reviewing the photo's I believe that this is not a manufacturing issue however more of a care and maintenance issue as it does not look to have been well looked after.


R------ N-----
BlackWolf Technical Support
Phoenix Lesiure Group
5 Aero Rd
Ingleburn, NSW 2565
Ph: (02) 9829 8121
Fax: (02) 9829 8141

The tent is in perfect condition apart from the zippers on one side, and the D rings - and they have the hide to say we have not taken care of it!

If you are considering buying one of these tents, check that they are using quality D rings and zippers. We are\were really happy with this tent, apart from these two issues.


Weeks later and still no response from Phoenix Leasure Group (Blackwolf). Also, was reading the paperwork that came with the tent last night and it states that when used on or near a beach the tent should be washed woth fresh water - exactly what we did!


Final Outcome:


I have spoken further with R------ in Technical Support in Sydney, with regards to your Tent.

Please note that our Warranty does not cover: Reasonable or excessive wear and tear, is not a manufacturing issue however more of a care and maintenance. .e.g. Rust etc.

However, R------ has kindly offered, as an ‘act of good faith’ to provide you with a brand new replacement inner, at no charge, to swap over with the existing tent.

If you could also please confirm that the model of your tent was a Turbo Lite Twin 240, and I will have the replacement inner organised to be shipped into the Anaconda ------- store so you can simply swap it over.

If you have any further questions or queries please feel free to contact either myself or R------- in Technical Support.


M------ K------

Phoenix Leisure Group P/L
Ph / Fx (07) 3272 ----
Mobile ---- --- ---

Great - except for leaks

Have read quite a few comments about leaking Black wolf tents. Ours too has leaked in heavy rain - always in same back corners, no amount of rejigging the frame or fly will help. But run some wax along those pesky seams and the problem will be solved. Apart from this have had no problems - great in high winds.

Not a bad tent but has quality issues for it's price

I bought this tent after previously buying K-mart Jackaroo tents. I have actually always found these tents to be excellent for the price. I camp on the South Coast of NSW which can get very windy. The Jackaroo Tents have never let me down in storm and tempest conditions, however, I find that after about 5 years of 2 weeks a year camping, the material starts to break down due to UV from the sun. Last year after my trusty 5-year-old 10 man Jackaroo packed it in (cost me $250 on sale), I attended the Camping and Caravan show at Rose Hill and after looking at numerous tents, I took the plunge after a good sales pitch from Kangaroo Tent City and purchased the Turbo Lite twin 300 for just under $1000. I was impressed with it's design and ease of putting up (the one thing I didn't like about the Jackaroo - particularly the small bag it is stored in which seems to be made only for packing at the factory!).

I used my Black Wold for the first time about 3 weeks ago on a 12 day camping trip down the South Coast of NSW. I found it fairly easy to set up for the first time with the excellent instructions (both written and video). On the first opening and closing of the main screen door, I noticed that the flyscreen was starting to 'pull' and frey around where it was stitched near the zipper in a number of spots. This was not caused by forcing the zipper closed, it was just through normal use. This has never happened on any of my cheaper Jackaroo tents so obviously I was very disappointed with this happening on my one day old Black Wolf.

During this time I had one very rainy and windy day. Some water managed to enter the tent through the floor seams (which the instructions warned about due to it being new) but when it rained again a couple of days after, no rain entered so I think that won't be a problem. There was some condensation but I followed the instructions regarding the roof vents and windows and the condensation evaporated very quickly.

The Tent handled the wind well and unlike other tents at the camping ground, didn't collapse and stayed pretty much as erected. However, when I was taking down the tent, I noticed that the awning material that came into contact with the 'newly designed centre ridge pole' had nearly worn through by rubbing against the pole. This is a very poor design as there is no re-enforcing of the material there like on the rest of the tent where the poles come into contact with the material of the tent.

Today, I took the tent back to Kangaroo Tent City and I was less than impresses with their response saying that the mentioned issues were likely due to 'set up' issues but would refer it to Black Wolf for their assessment. I have been camping all my life and have used many different tents and know how set one up and am fastidious that I set them up correctly. I await Black Wolf's response before going on a rant.

Overall, though, I think the tent is OK but definitely not worth the price when compared to much cheaper tents that, in my experience, are more durable than this one. I await with anticipation for Black Wolf's response to my warranty claim bearing in mind it has a 'life time warranty'.

Over a month since I returned my tent for assessment......still waiting for a response.Well yesterday I got a call from Kangaroo tent City stating they had received a replacement tent for me. Picked it up today. I hope it doesn't have the same problems as the one it replaced. I have to say I was not expecting a new tent so well done and thanks Black Wolf. I would have thought they'd repair the old one but maybe it's cheaper to replace.

just ok expected more for the price

We have had our Black Wolf Tent for 4 years now. The first time we used it we made sure there was plenty of ventilation due to reading many reviews about condensation issues and haven't really had that issue as we make sure there's good airflow in the tent. We have had the condensation issue when we haven't opened the top airflow flaps so I don't reccomend doing problem but really I don't think one should have to do all this when spending $1600 on a "weath this unless you want the walls dripping wet. To compensate putting a tarp up above the tent stops thiserproof" Tent. In comparison to my old spinifex tent which i bought on special for under $300 on sale I'm not all that impressed. The Window covers aren't long enough because it definitely leaks when raining heavily. This left me very dissapointed. The design of this tent may need a bit of a rethink because I expected no leakage and no condensation for the price. when the weather is good I can't complain. The three rooms and awning give us plenty of space. It is really easy to put up. My partner and I put it up together and it only takes minutes to peg it all out and pop it up. It is a heavy cumbersome tent but not as bulky as say a canvas tent would be. It fits in our tinny with all our other camping gear which we have a huge amount of. I am on the fence with this tent as I said before i prchased a very cheap tent under $300 and was more than happy with the 3 years we got out of it. Our black wolf is on it's 4th year but hasn't even seen as much camping as our first tent and its wearing and tearing pretty quickly. The poles are corroding on the surface after 4 years. It does leak and condensation needs to be combated. Otherwise it's a heavy duty tent and does the job. Head height is a little low on the sides im 165cm tall. The awning room is great for setting up the kitchen area or for the dogs. Worth the extra $$$ for the extra sides so you ger 4 rooms.

Best big tent I can find

I'm a single mum with three kids under 7, and I'm only 5 feet tall. This tent is wonderfully spacious and I can set it up AND pack it up by myself. Thus far, I've done so over half a dozen times and it's only gotten easier as I get that bit more practiced each time. I have the 2013 version with the three-pole awning.

We've camped in summer and autumn; there has been high wind and a good bit of rain on both occasions and we had no issues with leaks. Condensation overnight happened but was minor. The hooks and zips and pockets have been subjected to quite a bit of rough treatment from the kids and there has been -no- problems with anything. Nothing has broken, ripped or anything else. I have the front panel and two side panels for the awning and have no trouble putting them on or taking them down.

The first few times I packed it up, I chose to pack the fly in a separate bag as I couldn't get it all folded small enough to fit neatly. However, the last couple of times, having got better at it, I've been able to comfortably pack tent, poles and fly back into the original bag without straining. (I really recommend watching the blackwolf videos on setup and packup, particularly how they fold/roll it at the very end.) Now the separate fly bag I bought holds the groundsheet and spare tarp, so that works really well.

On the negative side - the front awning is too small to suit me. It's 3m x 1.8m, and I want more space. With a smaller tent, I could more easily pitch a tarp over the whole lot, but the tent itself is so big, that it is a challenge to do so. Also, there isn't enough ventilation to suit me on hot summer days. It is also a challenge to fit on many sites, needing about 9 meter length wise (to accommodate guy ropes), and 7ish width wise.

On the speed of setup - it is true it is a fairly fast tent to setup, but with one person, it still takes a while. With a second person to help with the U poles over the side rooms and holding awning poles while guylines are staked out, it does cut down the time to pitch a lot. Similarly with the takedown - a second set of hands makes it much faster with less walking back and forth.

I do like it, it does work well. However, I do plan to replace it with the Blackwolf turbo 450, as I think it will suit how the family camps a bit better. But I would recommend any of the turbo tents; you just need to choose the right one to suit you.

Tenting around Australia for 6 months

Half way around now and have put this tent to the test from WA to NT QLD and heading to NSW . Can set up entire camp including beds , fly and kitchen in 15 minutes . Can withstand high wind when all secured is useable with out the fly for even quicker setup . Very roomy for 2 x 2 family . Sturdy material and zips . Condensation burns off in the morning sun doesn't help if you need to leave early , we put tarpolin under the tent to keep underside grass sand and water free when packing . We have bought a separate bag for the fly as the one provided for the whole kit is comically too small for the job I don't think it will last the rest of the trip as the zips have pulled away from the bag . the awning provided is small and the second entrance and awning is unnecessary and has never been used and just flaps around in the wind ,would rather efforts been put into a design with a bigger awning on one side. Both horizontal poles at end of tent rooms have bent and broken through use and need replacing . It has been a very good tent for the heavy use we have given it , I can recommend it for occasional use but can't see it being much use by the time we get back . Overall I'm very satisfied with its performance and look forward to seeing some new designs to improve minor faults .4 1/2 stars .

Good tent, but it has it's flaws...

On the positive side:
The tent is easy to set up, after practice. There are many elements to the pitching; a plus is that Blackwolf, BCF, and others, do provide videos with pitching and pack down tips. So that's good.
I watched these a lot! The tent seems to be made out of a quality product. It has a good ventilation system, we experienced very little internal condensation. There was often heavy morning dew on the tent, there seemed to be little issue with this ever passing to the inner tent, when it does, it is minor.
Pitch the tent fly as is, if the weather is fine, with little to no chance of rain.

Negatives in the field:
Where the tent seems to fail is in the design of the outer-fly.
The window ends of the outer-fly fabric do not extend down to the ground level, they barely cover around and down the sides of the corners. Consequently during sustained or heavy rain, the tent does leak.
It was certainly NOT a problem with condensation; the tent held up well in this regard. As I do like many of the other features of this tent, I developed a solution that I could live with. If there is likely to be rain, then I also pitch small silver tarps over the window panel of both the side rooms. If you wanted to try pitching one large silver tarp over the entire tent; then I'd think that should work too. I have tested my solution, and I know it works. The second night it also rained, I had pitched the tarps over the end rooms, and they no longer leaked. I have family video of the leaking, and then of the solution.

Yes, I did get in contact with Blackwolf and spoke to a representative. First of all, they wanted to blame condensation, which I knew that it wasn't. Condensation does occur inside the tent, but appears as a fine film of moisture, rather than water. The tent has really good ventilation. It was puddles of water in both the side bedrooms, nothing was touching the sides of the tent, we always make sure of that. Blackwolf wanted to take the tent for testing; which would be fine, but Umm, I already did that in the field, and I have a record of it. That was also unacceptable, as it would've left us without a tent for our Long Weekend camping trip - which we'd already paid for.

Easy to set up!

Love it at first..until the tape on the seam all started peeling off! When rain lightly, water start seeping in on the seam and on the walls. I didn't mind spend so much money for it. But felt rip off!!! I thought it will last at least ten or more years.:(
Easy to set up!
All the tape on the seams came off, very expensive and bad warranty!!!

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life time warranty is bad?

Good tent with the usual likes and dislikes.

We are a family of 5 with kids 14..12..10..and have had the Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin 300 for 2 yrs, having used it 6 times.
I am 6ft and find the centre has adequate room to change clothes in (apart from stretching my arms upwards), but erecting this tent is easy for 2 adults, though a little more effort is required in packing it away (as with most tents).
Being in Queensland, the tent does get hot and does sweat inside (rain or shine) though covering it with a tarp helps eliminate the elements of nature plus opening the window/door flaps helps. Have had quite afew tents (of different materials), and have had the same problems along the way.

I treat all my camp gear like its brand new and never fail to unpack/clean/dry out everything straight away when we return home.

On our fourth expedition, i noticed as well that some stitching on the fly and entrance flaps have come loose with a little tear along the seam as well.
All in all, good tent but for those wanting the ultimate tent..get a caravan or book a cabin.
Easy erection, good room/space area, no problem really
Nothing that other tents experience...gets warm inside..had sweat drips inside..some stitching coming loose..big tent to store away.


Lots of good things but I wouldn't recommend this tent. The condensation issue is too much of a problem. We met other people with the same tent and same problem.
This tent is easy to put up and can withstand strong winds. The three room design is good.
We found this tent sweats a lot in wet weather. We used it in rain at Cradle Mountain and the inside walls were very wet. In the end we had to abandon camping and get a cabin. When we rang up about it they said to open more windows but that's hard to do when it's wet.


Good family tent. Easy to put up. Worth buying for convenience and size but can be too big for some camp sites.
Big. Lots of room, my husband is 6ft and he can stand up inside. Seperate rooms good when more than two people sharing.
Hooks for lights and pockets good. It is a tent you can live in for a week with plenty of room.
Really easy to put up and pull down for one person.
Very hot inside during the day, especially in summer. Can be improved with a tarp over the top for extra insulation.
Heavy for one person to carry.


love this tent cant wait to use it again very easy to put up and down by myself but is a little heavy to carry by urself

storage bag to tight

Questions & Answers

How many people out there have been mislead into believing the Black Wolf Turbo tents are heavy duty poly cotton canvas?
4 answers
I'm not sure... I bought the Turbo Lite - which is Ripstop Polyester PU; and has never been categorised as canvas. Have you written to Black Wolf with your query?I have been in contact with them previously about an issue I had, they are useless.Depends on which type of tent you have? Turbo or Turbo lite? http://www.blackwolf.com.au/product/Turbo-Lite-300/214/category/37 Turbo lite should be 150D Ripstop Polyester PU 2000mm as per the details tab. and http://www.blackwolf.com.au/product/Turbo-300/86/category/37 Turbo tents should be heavy duty rip stop poly/cotton as per the details tab. The accessories for the side and end panels are usually available in both fabric types.

Is the fly wire midge proof, it seems like its just normal fly wire, would you recommend it for NT conditions, I'm considering the Turbo Lite 300 Twin
1 answer
Hi Bundy, We're currently away with a camper trailer for a year so I can't recall whether it's midge proof, but the Black Wolf products are pretty good so I imagine it would be. I think you could put it up in the dry season without a fly and it would be really quick. It's just not as good in wet weather. Cheers Katy


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Sleeping Capacity10+10+

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