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Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula

Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula

3.1 from 18 reviews

Money well spent!

For some time , after working various muscles, they were getting really stiff and sore to the point of seeing a Rhuematologist who diagnosed poor sleep as the problem. These tabs get me to sleep most nights (not always) and allow deep sleep in between toilet stops. Muscle pain is slowly going as my body now gets proper rest and rejuvenation time. Worth persisting if they don't help first go. The alternative is to live with the problem.

Purchased in May 2019.

Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement

Kept me awake all night !

I will be throwing these capsules away. I had the worst night's sleep ever. I had chest pains and also felt sick. ( I never get sick). Glad to see it helped some.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
Side Effects Mild side effects
Symptom ReliefFelt Worse

Take with food

Take with food

Cause this pill is so condensed. And packed in tightly.

It may be hard on your stomach to break down the pill.

Worked for Me!

Had been having very bad REM Dream Enactment, and worried sick that this could be the onset of Parkinson's Disease as suggested in the literature. Was suggested taking Melatonin or other sedatives but looked for a natural alternative and this sleep formula was offered. Have been taking it for more than 2 weeks and have slept soundly without causing any physical harm to myself as in previous episodes where I hit my head and caused injury without realising this. It worked for me, and have had good uninterrupted sleep without any injuries.

First night kept me awake!

Really needed a good sleep after being sick and having to work. Kept me up most of the night.

Other reviewers also said this. What a joke.

Im cant afford to loose any more sleep will not be taking again.

First time I tried it I was feeling sick in the stomach all night.

it was a type of nausea I had never had before I also had shocking dreams though I was not fully asleep it was a terrible night and I am not up for trying them for a second night like some of you are, but I wish you all the best, :)

I Also Used This To Get Off Temazapan

I am so happy to finally be taking a non addictive substance that is enabling me to sleep..For years I have relied on Temazapan every night and believed I could not sleep without them..and I was right so I kept taking them..Recently my Dr said " no more pescriptions " so I went to a chemist looked at all the formulas and decided to give these a try..no reducing Temazapan just cold turkey and from the first night they have worked for me..Very Happy Indeed.

April 5th 2017 Update: I am once again writing to endorse a great product

For the past 3 months I have been taking Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula Tablets ..and it has worked magically for me..This was in place of my previous sleep-aid for the past couple of years being Temazapan where I felt I was addicted for life..Okay so I started with two Blackmores then phoned their Naturopath to seek advice with my dosage ( self prescribed) I was advised to take two for a couple of weeks and then come down to one a night..I can report success truly I can after taking a prescribed drug for so long I was able to come right down to this natural way of easing myself into sleep..I am so grateful to have found natural relief.

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It is now nearly six weeks since I came to the end of using Temazapan and replaced this with Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula..i have gradually begun a sleep pattern which is more conducive with having a natural good nights sleep..Of-course coming off prescription drugs to sleep is not easy but I seriously found this Blackmores Product was so easy for me to get used to and it worked and continues to do so..I did start with 2 a night for a month now I am back to one a night..I continue to be Very Happy with this product.

Worked for me first night

Read everyone else's reviews after purchasing, and saw it worked for some and not others. I fell asleep easily enough, and stayed asleep until my husband woke me with his snoring, and I went back to sleep for a bit. I think I would have stayed asleep if not for my husband. I feel a bit achey and tired this morning, but I got about 6-7 hrs sleep in total so worth it for me. I suffer insomnia due to anxiety and stress, tried lots of natural products and this seems to b the best so far.

Calms racing mind.

I have been taking these for almost two weeks. Have suffered from poor sleep for years due to over-active mind. Pop one an hour before before, calms mind and find myself becoming quite sleepy. Wake up feeling like I have actually rested and slept.

Crappy first night- amazing sleeps since!

Just like a lot of people giving low scores I had a horrible first night- up every hour, couldn't sleep, felt ill. I always sleep bad but this was horrendous! But I was determined to have not wasted a fortune so I tried a second time.
The next night, and every night since, I have slept like a baby! I am sooooooo grateful for these pills and recommend anyone buying them to try a few nights before giving up or writing a crappy review.

Exactly the same.

Took 1 tablet 1hr before bed tossed and turned all night minimal sleep, felt nauseous, diarrhoea and groggy all next day. Obviously don't agree with me either. I guess it depends on person to person obviously have good results with other people. Would like to find another alternative other than prescribed meds or analgesics from over the counter.

This stuff works

I Used this to get off Diazepam and Temazapam as I regularly have trouble sleeping. It has worked great an I am really sleeping well now . My advice give it a try . I was sceptical at first due to cost and other stuff like valerian not working but I gave it a try and I would highly recommend it .

I wouldn't use again

I used it last night to help me get some good night sleep but I ended up tossing in bed in hungover state for about an hour. For most of the night I was asleep but not that deep. I could feel I'm somehow awake. It's feels I was in between deep and shallow sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I was groggy and not refreshed at all. It works somehow but the feeling the morning after is unbearable.

I love this product!

I've started taking executive sleep formula as I was struggling to get to sleep and was feeling exhausted during the day. Since taking the tablets I fall asleep very easily, stay asleep all night and wake the next day feeling great and full of energy. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from sleep problems.

Works really well

I started using this product last year when work pressure was building up and I was finding it hard to switch thoughts at bed time. I took it for a few days in a row then and stopped once I was out of the stress phase. I went back to the tablets again last week as I was not waking up rested and relaxed . This product is good and I will keep using it as needed. The best thing is, it clears your mind and you wake up feeling refreshed .
clears my mind and I feel good when i wake up in the morning.
Expensive if you are considering taking it regularly

What a terrible night!

Took 1 tablet 15minutes before I went to bed. Drifted in and out of sleep for the first 2 hours, and then was jolted out of sleep when my stomach started churning violently. For the next 2 hours I was in and out of the toilet with nausea and stomach cramping. No diarrhoea at this stage. I was shaking and shivering and got quite distressed. Finally managed to sleep until 7:30am. Still had some cramping in the stomach when I woke up and diarrhoea twice. There may be an ingredient in the tablet that I am allergic to. I did not have anything different for dinner last night.

Did not work, upset tummy (nausea and diarrhoea)

Doesn't work

My doctor recommended this as an alternative to a medical prescription.
It did not help me to go to sleep at all. For the price it is no value to me. Will never buy again and will tell my doctor not to be conned by claims by the sales reps.

Expensive and doesn't live up to their claims

Not working with one tablet on my 1st trial. Still not working with 2 tablets.

I was on medical sleeping tablets which make me feel lousy in the day time. Went to the chemist for natural remedy and was recommended this product. Tried my 1st (1 only) tablet 30 mins before I go to sleep. Didn't have much effect. Took another tablet 3 hrs later; still no effect. Ended up taking my usual sleeping tablet and slept very well. Gave the product another go the 3rd night 2 tablets instead of one; managed to fall asleep but woke up after 4 hrs; took another 2 tablets but struggling to go back to sleep. Very bad experience and I would recommend this product and I will not buy this product again.
Natural remedy
Did not help me to sleep better at all as what it said on the pack.

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Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula
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