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Flordis ReDormin

Latest review: I have struggled with sleep issues for a long time and generally relied on Oxazepam for a good night sleep. I've tried a few alternative products, none of which worked, but this product genuinely

Nature's Own Complete Sleep

Latest review: I use these occasionally when I need them, about once every couple of months. They definitely help me to get to sleep, i sleep well, and I feel fine when I wake in the

Blackmores Valerian Forte

Latest review: Had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 months ago. Have been unable to get to and/or stay asleep. Started taking Valerian Forte 13 days ago and it's had absolutely no

Caruso's Sleep More

Latest review: Great product, excellent results. Helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep, it does promote more dreaming however I don't see that as a negative. I am comparing its performance against other natural

Fusion Health Sleep

Latest review: Didnt experience anything. Gave it 2 weeks but still 0 sleep. Plus the smell of them made me want to gag don't waste your

Nature's Own Complete Sleep Advanced

Latest review: Took it for about 4 nights, until I knew they weren't working. Only ever got a few hours of sleep a night. Only side effects was that I was grumpy from the lack of sleep and knowing they weren't

Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula

Latest review: I will be throwing these capsules away. I had the worst night's sleep ever. I had chest pains and also felt sick. ( I never get sick). Glad to see it helped

Cenovis EasySleep

Latest review: I got nauseous, vomiting, shortness of breath, trembling, diarrhea. Still feeling sick. It's terrible and very high dose of 2000mg. Recommended to have 2 tablets, but I think 2 is a lot. I felt like

Otifleks Good Sleep Earplugs

Latest review: I bought the Good Sleep buds over a month ago and I must say they are the best thing ever. My husband snore like anything and keeps me awake and wakes me but since I have been using the buds I sleep

Bioglan Melatonin

Latest review: After nearly 10 years taking endep I had become totally dependant on it to fall asleep. I was desperate to get off it because it's really low quality sleep that was causing other sleep related health

Bioplus Sedacalm

Latest review: Gentle, and work so well-cant recommend them enough! My 12 year old daughter has them to help with school anxiety-stops nausea feeling in the morning and has sedasleep gentle remedy at night to go to

A.H. Beard Nox Smart Sleep Light

Latest review: Have never used a sleep tracker in the past, all the brands products integrate well and the app is very easy to use. Really impressed overall, and would highly recommend to anyone

Nature's Sunshine Kava Calm

Latest review: This product is so beautiful, it has no side effects of drowsiness the next day and makes it seem like you are sleeping well naturally. I have an amazing nights sleep each time I take this before

A.H. Beard Sleep Dot Mini Sleep Tracker

Latest review: Bought this for our daughter and with the same sleepace app it tracks your sleep. I'm not sure why this isn't part of every household. You can almost predict their mood without given the data of

A.H. Beard RestOn Sleep Tracker

Latest review: I used the tracker in conjunction with the light, very accurate tracking of all my sleep details, and easy set up and connectivity. App is very informative and easy to use, pairs well and allows full

Rhino Med Mute Snoring

Latest review: It's a small device that fits into your nose and help you sleep. It keeps your nose airway open. It's very strange fitting into your nose and like it's going to slipout. It takes a few goes to get

Brauer SnoreEze Oral Spray

Latest review: My snoring has been really loud. I have sleep apnoea an usually wake up with a sore palate and feeling exhausted. I woke up with a really sore soft palate that was still sore up to mid-afternoon. I

Bioplus Sedasleep

Latest review: Promotes gentle sleep without a hangover next day. Couldn't give 5 stars - only God is perfect...... Left no after affects even using it for days. Couldn't find anything wrong with it, tho didn't

Jarrows Sleep Optimizer

Latest review: I haven't always had insomnia. I was prescribed a new medication about eight weeks ago and unfortunately a side effect of this medication is sleep disturbance for some people. After five weeks of

Lush Sleepy

Latest review: Saw this product talked about on FB. Thought I’d give it a try as problems with my sleep pattern. Useful for travel, helps with relaxing. Used it a lot over last couple of months and I’m pretty imp

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