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Blackmores Valerian Forte

Blackmores Valerian Forte

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does absolutely nothing !!!

I have had chronic insomnia for 7 years but was sick of going to the doctor to get a prescription every 2 weeks so l was told to try valerian and l took 1 tablet but nothing happened then the next night l took 2 tablets and still nothing so this is just another useless product to make blackmores alot of money !!!

Purchased in April 2019 at Local Pharmacy for $25.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefNo Effect

Does nothing

Had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 months ago. Have been unable to get to and/or stay asleep. Started taking Valerian Forte 13 days ago and it's had absolutely no effect

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store for $15.99.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefNo Effect

Huge size

I had to stop taking them as the capsules are like small suppositories, so large they kept getting stuck in my throat. It's silly because the liquid inside is insignificant. I wrote to the company but they did nothing. They think it's clever marketing, but one day someone will choke on these monstrosities..
As to their effectiveness. They did make me drowsy but I always woke after the first hour since taking them. When I stopped taking them, I no longer woke after the first hour.
I'm now stuck with a bottle full.

Don't bother.

Have been suffering from insomnia for months and thought I'd try going herbal before I see the doc. Took upto 4 at once and it's never made a difference, not even a yawn. Mixed it with alcohol in desperation of sleep, still not a wink. For your comparison, I'm 165cm female who weight about 58kg. Don't bother.

A perfect choice

Great product. Definitely recommend to all those in need of sleep without having big side effects. I found this realy helpful in days of need. Nil tiredness felt the next day.

Good for short term use

Having had terrible sleep patterns for years using this product for 2-3 nights in a row can work really well. Tolerance does seem to build if you use it regularly over a few weeks.

It wont knock you out but does have a mild calming effect. Not enough to forget your stress or overcome caffeine late at night but can compliment a nice warm bath or late night reading before bed very well.

The best Valerian I've tried

Much more effective than the highly reputable Redormin, which I just finished a packet of and am very glad to be back on the Blackmores. Seems like powerful stuff. I never remember falling asleep, it's essentially close my eyes and I wake up hours later. Definitely causes vivid dreams, you'll realise this once you wake up.

It works amazingly!! Love it!!!

It takes less than 30 mins to fall asleep if u take 2 tablets as instructed. I dun feel drowsy at all next morning..plus it doesnt make u oversleep. I take it if i cant fall asleep within 30 mins at night. Hopefully it works in the future too cos this is my very first time using blackmores.

Valerian Forte to help sleep

I have been using this for 10 days, I find most nights it makes me sleepy and I have a good nights sleep. I have had at least two nights were it just did not seem to work but overall I am very happy with Valerian Forte and will keep using it. Interestingly, my husband has been using Valerian and he thinks it is great. On the other hand my daughter says it does not work for her at all. I would say give it a go as the price is reasonable. The Valerian does have a "funky smell" so we all hold our breathe when taking them.

Works but made me very sedated

I tried it for the first time last night maybe i took it very late almost at midnight so I slep till about 11am. It did make me relaxed and sleepy as I usually have an active mind and want to keep reading at night. Even thou it says you will feel fresh in the morning no drowsiness but i felt so sleepy till later the afternoon till about 7pm. Only after that i felt really awake. So i don't think I will take it every night. Maybe ocassionaly when i really can't sleep...

Does not work for me.

I have been taking it every night when I wake up and can't get back to sleep. 2 tablets at a time. I have never felt any effect from it in any way, may as well take sugar pills. I'm aware that it works for others, obviously not everyone though. Valium is far more effective at creating a sense of calm & relaxation that enables sleep.

No effect whatsoever

I took 1 tablet as directed on bottle ie 1 hour before bed, was still awake 1 hour later, so took another one. No effect whatsoever. And yet it is meant to be 'forte' Maybe I'll try the tincture from herbalist

Works for me.

I was skeptical about this product but since I have trouble sleeping sometimes so I decided to give it a go. I took one tablet an hour before going to bed, it's more like a mild sedatives and helps me sleeping better and I don't have ant headache after waking up like some people do. I'm aware that there might be some effect so I only have it only when I can't sleep, I guess that if you have it everyday , you might ha be to increase the dieses which is not what you want.

The least effective preparation out there

This product caused me to give up on valerian having any effects whatsoever. after combining with personally ineffective sleep aids (promethazine, doxylamine diphenhydramine, alimemazine, cyproheptadine, mirtazapine and diazapam) i still noticed nothing. After a test with the above drugs to no avail (I have severe insomnia and ptst with a crazy ineffective metabolism(suspected poor 2d6 and 3a4) I ended up consuming half the bottle still to zero effect. After years of assuming valerian was just another thing that only works on the elderly or metabolically fortunate I discovered chewing the organic root & tinctures actually work well and to this products description, and both were more effective than 40mg diazapam!

OK for mild sleep disorder

I always have interrupted sleep due to having a cat and I found Valerian Forte to help me getting back to sleep after waking up. However it does not always work. Some nights are better than others. I am sticking with it for the moment though as I have not found any alternative.
It works sometimes
Expensive for long term use

It works but... Read on.

It works. If you've had a rough time with lack of sleep, anxiety and other issues it will brake through and give you allot more breathing room to sleep. Valerian is kinda like grass but for cats. I think weed may have a similar effect but who knows. Basically it sedates you and can be strong dependant on how sensitive you are. I have underlying ortho static intolerance and when I don't sleep for days my symptoms turn into pots or postoral orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. For me valerian is strong 2g a day is allot. I'm thinking of braking it to get pure 1g and may be enough until I can fix the underlying sleep problem. Once your body settles into the drug like 3 days or 4 days of taking it, it generally calls down and u get better quality of sleep and less anxiety. It can occasionally cause a bit of tachycardia and mild chest discomfort. Overall much better than alternatives.. Maybe melatonin is worth a look also.
Strong, works, gives you room to sleep in your mind
Tachycardia rare occasion, chest discompfort


I took 1 as directed before bed, i went to sleep quite quickly so it helped in that way, however, within an hour I was wide awake again, the next night i took 2 tablets, and within a few hours i was wide awake again. I would not support this supplement.
put me to sleep quickly
did not last for any more than a few hours

It works or me

I was going through a stressful time and was panicky , on edge and could not sleep, i took valerin forte and in about 30 min i felt calmer and able to think staight . Took them am and pm which also helped me sleep better. Thank you Blackmores for a great product.
The anxiety subsided
Don't like the smell

Only OK

This was the first brand of a sleeping aid I've tried. Although they seemed to work a bit at first they did not have a lasting effect. The price wasn't too bad but I don't think they are worth persevering with so I will move on to another. The tablets have a strong odour too.
Seemed to work at first.
Tablets really smell

peacefully sleep

I have always suffered from anxiety so getting to sleep at night was a nightmare,this got worse after I went off a anti depressant, so got advice from a drug site who suggested I try VALERIAN !! I bought these tablets took I X 1000 MG in the morning then 1 X 1000mg at night for a week ,after this time I was able to get a good nights sleep, but now have found taking 1 1/2 tablets of VALERIAN FORTE 2 hours before going to bed at night works best & I get excellent sleep,I think this product is fantastic so tell anyone who will listen that has problems sleeping, that the product is worth its weight in gold !!
good price & reliable

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Questions & Answers

Can I take a second tablet if I'm still awake after 3 hours
3 answers
Talk to your doctor or chemist but it did not work 4 me at all and l tried 2 or more tablets at the same time until l used up all the tablets in the bottle and l have very bad insomniaI have to admit that I took a second one at 3 am and got up at 5 because I was just not getting to sleep going to see doctorHi Lyn, you might be better suited to a different product. Please give our naturopaths a call on 1800 803 760 (freecall in Australia) and they may be able to give you some good advice about sleep health and help you to work out if there is something more suitable for you. Wishing you some rest!- Julie

Can I take two tablets in ones night as one doesn't t do anything? Help
3 answers
I can only speak for myself. I've taken two in one night before, and no problems.I usually took 2 and it was very subtle but did work. I would only use it on nights I needed it.Thank you. I have overdosed on Magnesium so desperate with my Restless Leg Syndrome I took 4 as 2 was not working. Woke up violently ill thought I was dying. Lasted four days!!! So I don t want to risk it. So thanks

I took valerian forte on going to bed awoke 3 hours later, this is my pattern, can I take another valerian forte?
1 answer
Sometimes I took 3 tablets, didn't seem to make me drowsy or sleepy.


Blackmores Valerian Forte
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